Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. SSB4
SSB Mario Series
Availability Unlockable
Series Super Mario Bros.
First Appearance Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
Home Stage The Doomship
Final Smash Shadow Mario Paint


Bowser Jr., or simply "Jr." as he was only referred to originally in his debut appearance, is Bowser's son, the Koopa King's heir to the throne, and is the secondary antagonist in the Mario series. Bowser Jr. first appeared in Super Mario Sunshine, and has since then helped his father to kidnap Princess Peach and battle Mario and Luigi in many subsequent games. Bowser Jr. wants nothing more than to do his father's evil will, and Bowser's rarely seen emotional side is often brought out by his interactions with his son.
Source: Mario Wiki


- : Clown Cannon - Bowser Jr. fires a slow, heavy cannonball from the Junior Clown Car's mouth. It can be charged to increase the cannonball's speed and power. At the end of its path, the cannonball will drop to the ground, which can hit opponents attempting to recover. (7% (uncharged), 18% (fully charged))

> : Clown Kart Dash-  Bowser Jr. transforms the Junior Clown Car into a kart that speeds forward. Changing the direction will cause it to spin out, dealing more damage to foes than simply charging into them. Spinning out in the air can produce horizontal movement, after which this move can be used again. All Side-B's can be jump-cancelled, even right after hitting an opponent, which can lead into combos and mixups. (4%+speed (collision), 8% (spin-out))

^ : Abandon Ship! -  Bowser Jr. executes a leaping ejection from the Junior Clown Car. The Car slowly falls to the ground and then explodes when the move is used in midair, whereas it will simply explode after a brief period when used on the ground. When Bowser Jr. is out of the Junior Clown Car, he can still attack with a hammer, in which it is one of his most powerful attacks and a reliable KOing option. (5% (contact), 13% (explosion), 15%/10% (hammer))

v : Mechakoopa -  Bowser Jr. drops a Mechakoopa from the hatch of the Clown Car as it walks forward. If it reaches a wall, it will turn around and walk in the opposite direction. If it makes contact with an opponent, it will detonate. Finally, if enough time passes and they have not hit an opponent yet, they will spark out and detonate automatically. They can be picked up and thrown as items. (2% (contact), 9% (explosion))

F : Shadow Mario Paint -  Bowser Jr. transforms into his Shadow Mario disguise and paints a giant, orange X on the screen. Anyone caught in the X's hitbox will take damage. The X will clear away with a final burst after some time. The sheer size of the X makes avoiding damage from the Final Smash difficult. (3% (paint), 5% (explosion))

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