Bowser Jr.
The Koopa Prince
Universe SSB Mario SeriesMario
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances SSB4
Recent Game 'U Mario Party 10
Availability Starter
Final Smash Shadow Mario/Bowser Fortress

Bowser Jr. makes his second return to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Bowser Jr. still remains in his Junior Clown Car and utilizes various attacks to defeat his opponents. The Koopalings also serve as alternate outfits but each one is given a an extra color swap thus giving Bowser Jr. up to 16 different color variations plus the three unlockable alternate costumes.

Changes from Smash 4

How to Unlock


  • Complete Classic Mode with Bowser on Hard without losing a stock.
  • Play 60 Vs. Matches
  • Clear Event 20 "The King vs The Prince"

Bowser Jr. is fought on the "Inside Bowser" stage.


  • Complete Boss Battles with Bowser on Hard or higher.
  • Play 140 Vs. Matches
  • Clear Event 28 "The Battle for the Kingship".

Bowser Jr. is fought on "Bowser's Castle".


Special Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Clown Cannon 7% uncharged, 18% fully charged Bowser Jr. fires a slow, heavy cannonball from the Junior Clown Car's mouth. It can be charged to increase the cannonball's speed and power.
Custom 1 Piercing Cannon 4% uncharged, 10% fully charged Fires a smaller, less-powerful cannonball that can pierce through multiple opponents.
Custom 2 Air Cannon 0% Blasts opponents with wind. In the air, it can also be used to move backward quickly.
Side Special Clown Kat Dash 4%+speed (collision), 8% (spinout) Bowser Jr. transforms the Junior Clown Car into a kart that speed forward. Changing the direction will cause it to spin out.
Custom 1 Koopa Drift 2%+speed (collision), 1% (spinout loop), 2% (spinout last) When spinning, the kart careens forward, hitting opponents multiple times.
Custom 2 Frounding Dash 8%+speed The Junior Clown Car travels faster but the spin doesn't do any damage. It buries opponents on contact.
Up Special Abandon Ship! 5% (contact), 13% (explosion), 15%/10% (hammer) Bowser Jr. ejects from the Junior Clown Car just before it explodes. He can perform a hammer attack upon falling.
Custom 1 Meteor Ejection 8%/3% (contact), 10% (explosion), 15%/10% (hammer) Jumps out of the Junior Clown Car, and sends it crashing to the ground. The vertical distance is shorter, however.
Custom 2 Koopa Meteor 17% (contact), 15%/10% (hammer) Launches high into the air before the Junior Clown Car explodes, firing him downward.
Down Special Mechakoopa 2% (contact), 9% (explosion) Bowser Jr. drops a Mechakoopa from the hatch of the Clown Car as it walks forward. If it makes contact with an opponent, it will detonate. They can be picked up as items.
Custom 1 Impatient Mechakoopa 5% Launches a Mechakoopa at a fair distance. It explodes shortly after landing.
Custom 2 Big Mechakoopa 15% The Mechakoopa is larger and walks a shorter distance, but it does more damage.

Special Custom Set B

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Lava Bubble 6% (fired), 4% (first jump), 2% (first descent), 6% (second jump), 3% (second descent), 8% (third jump), 4% (third descent) Bowser Jr. fires a lavva bubble which does damage when it lands. It will then begin to jump up into the air and come back down at the same spot it landed at. Each jump goes higher and does a total of 3 jumps. The last jump is the hgihest, does the most damage, and knockback.
Custom 1 Exploding Lava Bubble 12% (fired) Instead of jumping in place, the Lava bubble just explodes upon contact; dealing high damage and knockback.
Custom 2 Meteor Lava Bubble 6% (fired), 2% (first jump), 4% (first descent), 3% (second jump), 6% (second descent), 4% (third jump), 8% (third descent) The Lava Bubble has the ability of spiking grounded opponents on the return trip downwards or meteoring them if it attacks from the air. It is slightly slower than the default.
Side Special Oil Spill 0%, 2.8% (loop) Bowser Jr. ejects a puddle of oil ontot he ground which causes opponents to trip and fall to the ground. He can only place one oil spill at one time. The oil spill also has the added effect of catching fire which does damage instead of tripping. It can be ignnited by a fire attack or item.
Custom 1 Oil Toss 0%, 2.3% (loop) Bowser Jr. ejects a glob of oil that travels through the air and will explode when it lands. It will cause an opponent to slip when it collides with them.
Custom 2 Oil Charged 0%, 2% (uncharged), 3% (fully charged) Bowser Jr. can charge this attack to release a powerful oil spill whose size, fire damage, and tripping duration though it causes more start up and ending lag.
Up Special Flying Car 0% Bowser Jr. takes off intot he air with limited flying capabilities. The attack doesn't damage opponents but will push away opponents as it travels. Bowser Jr. has limited control on where he travels to.
Custom 1 Storming Car 4% It has more distance when traveling and it will expel gusts of wind that does damage and launches opponents. The gusts of wind ejetcs from both sides of the car.
Custom 2 Launching Car 0% Inputting the attack will cause Bowser Jr. to move upwards without having to hold down the special button like the default. It has more control over the trajectory but it cannot be stopped by the player.
Down Special Blowtorch 2.9% (loop) Bowser Jr. turs himself upside down and causes a flame to shoot upwards like a torch. The player can hold the special button down to extend the damage but the flame will grow smaller within time. While it can be down in the air, Bowser Jr. will land on his head and ending the attack will cause delayed landing lag as opposed to the ending lag when performed on the ground.
Custom 1 Slowtorch 1.5% (loop), 3% It is the opposite of the default with the torch extending itself higher as it is held down. However, reaching its end causes it to explode slightly and end; dealing more damage.
Custom 2 Blastorch 8% (uncharged), 14% (charged) Holding down the special button will charge the attack, Letting go will let use a large spear of fire that does more damage if it is charge dup. It will also extend the size of the flame.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Shadow Mario 3% (loop), 5% (last) Bowser Jr. transforms into his Shadow Mario disguise and paints an orange "X" on the screen. Anyone caught in the "X"'s hitbox will take damage. The "X" will clear away after some time.
Final Smash 2 Bowser Fortress 12% (stomp), 8% (bombs), 3.2% )(Koopa Ray), 4% (Bullet Bills) Bowser Jr. hops into the air and enters into the much larger and powerful Bowser Fortress. Bowser Jr. is capable of delivering payloads of bombs that explode onto the stage, firing numerous Bullet Bills that streak forward, Slamming into the stage and releasing a Koopa Ray that does loop damage. Pressing the A button releases 3-6 bombs, pressing the special button releases the laser beam, pressing forward special causes Bowser Jr. to release the bullet bills, and pressing up special causes Bowser Jr. to jump into the air and crash onto the stage.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Jumps up, sits on the edge of the Koopa Clown Car, and makes a tiny breath of fire, chuckling. (Up)
  • Twirls his hammer. (Right)
  • Does a headstand ont he clown car. (Left)
  • The Clown Car spawns its wheels and performs a donut, then returns to normal. (Down)

Character Selection Screen

  • Bowser Jr. jumps slightu into his Clown Car and says "HAHA!"
  • Swings his hammer forward with a mean glint in his eye.
  • Pumps his fist into the air while says "HYAA!"

On Screen Appearance

  • Flies in onto the stage in the Junior Clown Car and makes a face at the camera.
  • Lands from the top, explodes, wipes away the ash from his face, and gets ready to fight.
  • Appears as Shadow Mario and then swipes his paintbrush; transforming into Bowser Jr..

Victory Animations

  • Drives the Clown Car around like a go-kart, then stops and pulls out a hammer.
  • Jumps out the Clown Car, hops in celebration a few times, then poses.
  • Gets out of the Clown Car and rubs it with his right hand.
  • Jumps up in the Clown Car and spins around while holdong up his hands.
  • Shoots three cannonballs up into the air and celebrates. However, they crash down and bonk him in the head three times.
  • Jumps out of the Clown Car and breathes fire into the air.

Losing Animations

  • Bowser Jr. looks forward while clapping with a frown on his face.
  • Looks angry while holding out his fist forward and baring his teeth.
  • Spins around while sitting in his Clown Car; dizzy.

Victory Fanfare

A [flourished remix

Idle Animations

  • Places his hand over his eyes and looks around
  • Jumps impatiently in his vehicle
  • Both Bowser Jr. and the Clown Car sticks out thier tongues.
  • Bowser Jr. pats the Clwon Car.


Bowser Jr.'s trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.

Bowser Jr.

Unlock: Classic Mode

Iggy Koopa (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Wendy O. Koopa (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Sunshine Junior

Unlock: Boss Battle


Dark Junior

Unlock: Boss Battle


Morton Koopa Jr. (Clown Kart Dash)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop


Lemmy Koopa (Laba Bubble)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop


Larry Koopa (Dark Blue)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Roy Koopa (Dark Red)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Ludwig Von Koopa (Up Taunt)


Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Dry Junior

Unlock: Complete a Bowser Jr. Character Challenge

Shadow Mario

Unlock: All Star Mode (Easy or Normal)

Bowser Fortress

Unlock: Unlock all Bowser Jr. trophies


Alternate Costumes


Color Title Color Notes Status
Green Bowser Jr. Default outfit for Bowser Jr. Starter
Olive Bowser Jr. --- Starter
Cyan Larry Larry Koopa as he appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii onward. Starter
Dark Blue Larry --- Starter
Red Roy Koopa Roy Koopa as he appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii onward. Starter
Dark Red Roy Koopa Roy Koopa as he appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii onward. Starter
Pink Wendy O. Koopa Wendy O. Koopa as she appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii onward. Starter
Purple Wendy O. Koopa --- Starter
Green Iggy Koopa Iggy Koopa as he appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii onward. Starter
Lime Iggy Koopa --- Starter
Black Morton Koopa Jr. Morton Koopa Junior as he appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii onward. Starter
Browm Morton Koopa Jr. --- Starter
Yellow Lemmy Koopa Lemmy Koopa as he appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii onward. Starter
Orange Lemmy Koopa Lemmy Koopa as he appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii onward. Starter
Blue Ludwig von Koopa Ludwig von Koopa as he appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii onward. Starter
Teal Ludwig von Koopa Ludwig von Koopa as he appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii onward. Starter
Sunshine Junior Green Model based off Bowser Jr. in SUper Mario SUnshine with the hankerchief. Locked
Dark Junior black Resembles Bowser's Dark Bowser palette swap. Locked
Dry Junior White Based off Bowser's Dry Bowser alt costume. Locked