Bowser Jr. is a minor character in the game Shadows of the Forsaken. He is first encountered in a quest given out by Bowser, in which the Avatar is tasked with tracking each of the Koopalings and finally Bowser Jr. himself, who can be found in the foyer of Bowser's Castle.



Bowser Jr. is visually similar to his father, Bowser, in that he has yellow scales and a pale belly. He has sharp claws, as well as a few sharp fangs, and a tuft of red hair fashioned like a ponytail. He has arm braces, and a green shell covered in spikes much like his father's. He wears a bandanna around his neck which he has used in the past to transform into a shadowy double of Mario.


Bowser Jr. is the true son, and heir to the throne of, the Koopa King himself. He commands the Koopalings as well as having authority over the Koopa Troop in his father's absence. A wonderful son, he wants nothing more than to fulfill Bowser's evil will and put an end to Mario's heroics. He is known to have tried to kidnap Princess Peach under the false information that she was his true mother, and tried to have Mario arrested by covering the town in goop while masquerading as a double of Mario.

In-Game Information


Bowser Jr. will ally with the player once they complete the [[List of Quests in Shadows of the Forsaken#  (lvl )|]] quest. Each level listed indicates equipment that he gains at said level; he will replace old equipment, but weapons and attacks merely provide alternatives to what he already uses.

Level Weapons Equipment Attacks
1 Squeaky Hammer Fiery Ponytail Claw Swipe (Unarmed)
Jr. Bandanna
Chest Cover Hammer Strike (Squeaky Hammer)
Arm Bracers
33 Koopa Shell --- Shell Toss (Koopa Shell)
35 Paintbrush --- Ink Swipe (Paintbrush)
Triple Shell (Koopa Shell)
Hammer Toss (Squeaky Hammer)
38 --- --- Shadow Mario (Paintbrush)


Bowser Jr. appears in the Find the Koopalings quest from Bowser, which requires that the player locate each of the Koopalings (who remain scattered across each of the different areas withing the Mushroom Kingdom), and then chase down Dark Bowser after conversing with Bowser Jr.

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