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Bowser Jr. actually exists, and it can be found in real encyclopedias. You may read more about it on the following wiki(s):
Prince Bowser Koopa Jr.
Bowser Jr.
Species Koopa
Living Town Mushroom Kingdom
Class Main Villain
Dark Prince
Main Weapon(s) Paint Brush
Main Element(s) Normal
Relative(s) Bowser (father), Clawdia Koopa (mother), Koopalings (siblings)
I always knew that stupid koopa wouldn't stay in the koopa troop for long. He's almost as annoying as that plumber in Peach's Castle!
Bowser Jr., Kenny Koopa: The Original Saga

Bowser Koopa Junior, usually shortened to Bowser Jr., is one of the 28 Koopalings and is current heir to the Koopa throne. Bowser Jr. is Bowser's favorite son and clone. Bowser Jr. was originally tricked by his father into believing that Peach was his mom, and Mario was an evil kidnapper. In fact, Mario wasn't the kidnapper; he was trying to rescue Peach. However, after being beaten by Mario, Bowser Jr. confessed that he knew Peach wasn't his mother all along. Regardless, Bowser Jr. shares the same ambitions as his Dad, defeat Mario once and for all. Bowser Jr. has never been in a game without his father. Over the past few years, he has become more and more important in the Super Mario series.


A day with Bowser Jr

Bowser Jr is the protagonist in A day with Bowser Jr, where he constantly battles with Nerdy, his Mario-worshipping enemy. However, in Two Koopas for a throne, Ludwig becomes a rising menace and Bowser Jr begins learning more about how he became the heir to the Koopa throne.

Kenny Koopa: The Original Saga

Bowser Jr.'s Stats
Baby Bowser
Location Bowser's Castle
HP 500
Defense 450
Koopa Points 1000

Bowser Jr. was always suspicious of Kenny Koopa's ways: The way he controlled the Koopa Troop, and the way he always spared his enemies. Now he's going to face his rival soon.

Super Mario Bros.: Pokémon Odyssey

Bowser Jr. will be appearing as an enemy character in Super Mario Bros.: Pokémon Odyssey. Ironically, his father will be playable hero character, so as to why Bowser Jr. is an enemy character, while his dad is a hero character, is unknown. It is still unknown what his exact role is.

Super Mario Legends


Bowser Jr.'s artwork for the game.

Bowser Jr. will appear in Super Mario Legends, as evident of a recent Magazine Article and official artwork released by WiiSmarts Inc. He is confirmed to be an enemy character, and it is also confirmed to be playable later on.

Mario Rugby League

Bowser Jr is a player on the Bowser Villains team on the multiplayer wii sports game Mario Rugby League. He is a strong character, he has average speed and skill. His special skill is to shoot fire balls out of his mouth for an extended tackle.

Mario Singalong! Series

Bowser Jr makes his debut in the Mario Singalong! Series in Mario Singalong Rocks! to unlock him you have to complete Story Mode once, he returns in Mario Singalong Down Under! where you must unlock him the same way, he returns in Mario Singalong Legends! where you must again unlock him in the same way.

New Super Paratroopa Bros.

Bowser Jr makes an appearance in New Super paratroopa Bros. It is uncertain that if he is going to be a Boss.

If so, Bowser Jr. might be a playable charater, if that happens, Bowser would be against his son and maybe will have another son.

Even though Bowser Jr. thought Princess Peach was his mother, he finds out she isn't. Maybe Princess peach would be a boss or not in the game at all.

Bowser Jr. is also going to continue his "Throwing shells" attack to defeat enemies. Yet this game is still on development.


All Of Bowser Jr's Stats
Name Bowser Jr
Attack 145/243/284/304
Defense 165/256/300/351
Swift 132/172/200/230
Stamina Points 304/354/404/434
Hp 1873/2873/3450/3910

In K-Koopa, Bowser Jr takes a major part in the game, Being a boss of all of the Fortresses. He is encountered 4 Times in the game, Once on the Airship Koopair, Secondly in a fortress in The Canyon of Sand, He appears a third time as a boss in the Badland's Wasteland inside the Ruins of the Airship Koopair. His Final encounter is in Bowser's Grand Fortress as a Miniboss. Bowser Jr was actually who was envolved in the planning with Bowser, Bringing up the point about re-creation of the Mushroom kingdom in Bowser's Image.

Super Duper Bowser Junior

Bowser Jr. appears as a default character in Super Duper Smash Bros. as a member of the Mario Series.

Goomsday is Coming

Bowser Jr. appears as a second-player character in Goomsday Wii, wielding his Magic Paintbrush as a weapon. He seeks to regain the Koopa throne for his father, but cannot face the power of Goomboss alone. He is thus forced to team up with Waluigi and Shadow Mario. His Paint is an extremely useful mechanic in the game, being able to form bridges, ladders, restraints, and even disguises.

Yoshi's Island 3: Chirashi's Island

Bowser Jr. is unlockable at the end of the game when Chirashi rescued him from drowning.

The Mad Galaxy

Bowser Jr. is the first boss of Super Mario World 3: A Galaxy Quest, he appears in his Koopa Clown Car, he also appears in Shadow Mario's disguise in the Onefarious planet.

A Book Trap

Bowser Jr. is the penultimate boss of Yoshi Adventure, he find the Forbidden Pop-Up Book and trapped Yoshi inside the Book, along with Starlow.

Behind the Wheel

Bowser Jr. appears as a default playable character in the racing game Bowser's Castle Racing.


  • Weight: 31%
  • Driving Skill: 58%
  • Item Power: 45%
  • Speed: 81%

Game's Description

The Prince Bowser Koopa II is the son as much of Bowser heir to the throne, together they attempted to destroy the Mario brothers. But they continuous to failure. Jr. has decided to leave alone his "work" and has start to worry about fun!

New Super Mario Bros. 6:The Great Journey

He is overworked here,appearing the most out of all bosses,but not necessarily the toughest in his first boss fights.He is mostly seen teamed up with Alex, but can also work with the other Koopalings,considering he issues orders and is the only one who needs to be taken down in some of the all Koopaling fights.(Excluding the First Airship of Bowserified Grassland,where Ludwig needs to be taken down also.) His attack pattern depends on whether he is fighting alone without his Clown Car or the other scenario's. With his Clown Car he tosses bob-ombs and tries to ram the player,but without he jumps,runs and breathes fireballs.In the all Koopaling fights,he doesn't fight,but actually gives orders.

Super Mario and the 8 Elemental Crystals

Bowser Jr. reappears in this game as the boss of Bowser Jr.'s Bomb Blow Castle, in World 8: Valley of Despair.

Super Mario RPG: The Quest of Koopa

In Super Mario RPG: The Quest of Koopa Bowser Jr. keeps trying to talk Mario into temporary teaming up on their side. He asks Mario "Why would you help your nemises back in the old cartoons?" in the World 1 castle. In World 2 he asks "Your still helping that green alligator koopa? In World 6 he says "I have been trying to get you to temporary team up on our side. My dad is seeking revenge on King Koopa. King Koopa started it. Come on! You allied with my dad before. Oh I guess your going to make the stupid decision to still help that green dude. Well you had an opportunity to join the side with my dad. And you didn't take it. Well BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!

Super Mario Bros.: Fury Combined!

Bowser Jr. appears as the second boss of World 8: Bowser's Castle in this game.

Bowser Super Sluggers

Bowser Jr. is a Captain in Bowser Super Sluggers, He has good Bat and speed.

Mario & Luigi: The Cosmic Duo


Afther Bowser lost Peach he sends his son too led a small group of koopa's too keep Mario away from space. He will first attack Mario and Luigi by himself.

Bowser Jr.

Bowser JR is actually the tutorial boss and is the first to be encountered, and is no real tactic needed. and in a few hits he is defeated.

Abilities: Fire breath: Bowser breath a small firaball does 2 damage

Name Bowser JR.
Bowser JR.
HP 12
Difficult Tutorial
XP none
Coins none

Raised By A Draconic Being, Defeated By A Real Dragon

Bowser Jr. is the fortress boss of World 8. Even though Bowser Jr. spent his life fighting Mario, his opposer, King Ghidorah is the enemy of a much more formidable fighter, Godzilla. Having a much more worthy enemy, King Ghidorah pulled through.

Bowser Jr. Party: Bowser's Revenge

Bowser Jr. is the main character in the game Bowser Jr. Party: Bowser's Revenge.

Super Smash Bros. Brutal Duel

Bowser Jr. has been announced to be an unlockable newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Brutal Duel. His attacks uses his paintbrush and fire for some attcks! He can also transform into Shadow Mario by doing his Down Special. All of Shadow Mario's attacks uses his paintbrush.

  • B: Fire Spit
  • B Side: Paintbrush
  • B Up: Shell Spin
  • B Down: Transform
  • Final Smash: Koopa Clown Car

Mario Party Freetime

It's the unlockable character here. It's non-boss Anything,Jr. wants to transform Robot Jr.


The Turtle's Son


Super Mario All-Stars 3D

Bowser Jr. retains his antagonist role in Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Super Mario Sunshine. He's also going to be included in the Super Wario 3D World DLC pack, replacing Toad.


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