Bowser is a NEW video game and the first game in the Bowser series, part of Koopompany. It's set for release in 2021 for Xbox Live Arcade and DSiWare.



Dark Matter. Gloom. Sadness. Treason. Bowser dislikes all those things, but, sadly enough, he still needs to undergo this horibble things in the most trilling game ever invented, where Bowser goes on a rampage in the Beanbean Kingdom to defeat Midbus, way over. Bowser wants to fight that raw porkchop for no given reason.


As you get further in the game, Bowser will reveal more and more about his hatred on Midbus. Bowser carries several Poison Mushrooms with him. If Bowser is hit by an enemy, he loses one of them. If Bowser is hit when having no Poison Mushrooms with him, he retreats by running off screen, resulting in a Game Over (in a similar way to Sonic games). The maximum amount of Poison Mushrooms Bowser can carry is 8. Poison Mushrooms are scattered throughout areas, but Bowser will not pick them up if he already has 8 Poison Mushrooms. Bowser has 3-5 flame icons on screen. The player can make Bowser breathe balls of fire by pressing B (DSi)/A (Xbox Live Arcade). This costes 1 (and later 1,5) flame icon. If there are no more icons, Bowser is unable to breathe balls of fire.  Bowser can only jump in some events or certain circumstances.



  • Control Stick: Walk
  • A: Breathe balls of fire
  • X: Throw incendiary bombs
  • Y: Earthquake
  • B: Climb Ledges/Jump (only when allowed)
  • START : Pause


  • Control Pad: Walk
  • B: Breathe balls of fire
  • A: Throw incendiary bombs
  • Y/X: Earthquake
  • R: Jump (only when allowed)/Climb Ledges


  • Bowser Path
  • Bowser's Castle of the Past/Baby Bowser's Castle
  • Thwomp Volcano
  • Dimble Woods
  • Sparkling Waters
  • Rock-Candy Mines
  • Star Hill
  • Midbus Boss Battle


  • Midbus Boss Battle is the game's only "world" that has only one level, this being the boss stage. It also has no map, upon selecting the "world" Bowser fights Midbus instantly.


A sequel, Bowser's Adventure, is in the works. Also, valid plans for Bowser II: The Big Return are confirmed.

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