Bowser (SSBOne)
Bowser SSB4
Universe Super Mario
Smash Appearances
Super Smash Bros. One
Bowser is a fighter in Super Smash Bros. One. He has been playable in every installment of the series thus far and reprises his role in this game.


Main set

Move Name Description
Neutral B
WiiU B Button2
Fire Breath
Breath fire. Change the direction with WiiUButton-CtrlStickL.
Side B
WiiU B Button2 + WiiUButton-DPadLeft/WiiUButton-DPadRight
Flying Slam
Grab foes, jump up, and body-slam them.
Up B
WiiU B Button2 + WiiUButton-DPadUp
Whirling Fortress
Spin inside your shell, and hit foes with your spikes.
Down B
WiiU B Button2 + WiiUButton-DPadDown
Bowser Bomb
Drop down, and smash opponents with your rump.
Final Smash
WiiU B Button2 + Smash Ball (sparking)
Giga Bowser
Transform into Giga Bowser, who doesn't flinch at all.


Amiibo Bowser

Bowser is the king of the Koopas and Mario's eternal rival. He breathes fire, hurls hammers, and uses all sorts of weapons in hopes of taking out Mario. As his size suggests, he's immensely powerful. His plans aren’t always the best, and sometimes he even finds himself on Mario’s side.
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