Bowser DKC-MOTA!

Bowser returns as a fighter in this game. Bowser is known as the heaviest character in the game but also as the slowest. If he will be strong, will only be because the player. Bowser is a brick and his main element is Fire.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Fire Breath. Bowser uses his fire and inflicts about 25% of damage.

Side Special: Flying Slam. Bowser takes an opponent and jumps. The attack inflicts 18% of damage.

Up Special: Whirling Fortress. Bowser rotate and inflicts 19% of damage. He will jump too!

Down Special: Bowser Bomb. Bowser uses his bottom to hit the opponent and inflicts 20& of damage.

Final Smash: Giga Bowser. Bowser becomes for 15 second Giga Bowser and his attacks inflict triple damage.

Unlock Criteria

Meet him in Story Mode or complete the Event 1: Two Trouble Kings (with King Dedede)

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