Bowser is a character that appears in Super Mario (TV Show) and has a way different story 
Bowser (In Super Mario)
Full Name Bowser
Current Age 34
Date of Birth June 13th 1980
Gender Male
Species Koopa
Location Bowser City
Main Weapon(s) Fire Breath
First Appearance Meet Bowser
Latest Appearance  ???


Bowser was a mistake.He was going to be the ruler of mushroom kingdom, but somehting wrong happened. Bowser was born on June 13th, 1980 (It was on a friday) and it was made by Toadsworth. Toadsworth created a second Koopa as a brother for koopa, or better known as elder koopa today. Toadsworth made it with his magical wand/staff and it was born on friday the 13th which was bad. It caused some opposite thing to happen were instead of him wishing for something good, it would be bad. He wished for a kind, loving, son that would always make sure nothing bad is going on in the mushroom kingdom. And it was flipped so he basically asked for mean,hating, son that would never make sure that the mushroom kingdom was ok but instead destroy it. And he still has a little instinct inside of him telling him that he is the ruler of mushroom kingdom so he tries to take over by kidnapping peach so he can own instead of peach.

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