This is a list of characters in Bowser's Story.

Main Characters

Image Character Description Voice Actor Debut
King Bowser Koopa is the king of the Koopa Kingdom and ruler of all Koopa Troopas. He is the main character of this series, and is usually shown as the main villain who kidnaps Princess Peach and tries to get her to marry him. However, in this series, his casual life is shown more. Kenny James

Image Character Description Voice Actor Debut
Larry Koopa SMWU
Lawrence "Larry" "Cheatsy" Koopa is one of the main characters in the show, and is one of the more major Koopalings. Larry is a sneaky cheater who cheats to get himself out of trouble, and sometimes into trouble. He is currently the leader of the Koopalings. John Stocker
Morton Koopa Jr Solo-0
Morton "Big Mouth" Koopa Jr. is one of the main characters in the show, and is one or the more major Koopalings. Morton is a talkative Koopaling (hence the nickname Big Mouth) and often talks so much that he often needs to get physically damaged (usually by Roy or Risen) to be quiet. He his named after his grandfather Morton Koopa Sr. Kenny James

Image Character Description Voice Actor Debut
180px-Peach - Mario Party 10
Princess "Peach" Toadstool is a nuetral character in the show. While she is mostly antagonistic, she is nice to the Koopalings, despite hating Bowser. This makes her be shown as a neutral character, but more toward the antagonistic side. Samantha Kelly Coming soon!
The Toads are neutral characters that are shown in the show as caretakers and assistants of Princess Peach. The are very loyal to the princess, but are often shown to be lazy and don't go straight unto jobs unless instructed to. When Bowser kidnaps certain Toads, they often hang out with the Koopalings, making them slightly antagonistic, but overall neutral. Samantha Kelly Coming soon!

Image Character Description Voice Actor Debut
233px-Mario - Mario Party 10
Mario is the main villain of the show and is the hero of the main series. Mario is often foiling Bowser's plans and therefore angering him, causing a huge rivalry between the two. Mario does not often appear in this series, but is overall counted as a main character, albeit a villainous one. Charles Martinet Coming soon!
Luigi - Mario Party 10
Luigi is Mario's cowardly, overshadowed brother who also acts as an antagonist in the show, but is less antagonistic to Bowser than Mario. He still foild Bowser's plans, alongside Mario, but is less antagonistic and menacing to the Koopa Troop and is widely regarded by them as a wimp. Charles Martinet Coming soon!

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