Bowser's RPG Adventure is an upcoming RPG game for 3DS starring Bowser.


Bowser is in his castle, depressed that he can't get the attention of Peach. Later that day, Fawful returns to invade the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser thinks "If I can beat Mario to defeating Fawful, I'll definetly get the princess's affection! GWAHAHA!!!" So he sets off to defeat Fawful before Mario can.


Private Goomp

Corporal Paraplonk

A Cheep-Cheep

A Wiggler

A Pokey

A Spike

A Blue Yoshi that resembles Boshi




Dark Fawful


Blizzard Midbus

Kamek (brainwashed)

A rock monster that resembles an Onix

Tower of Yikk

A brainwashed Monty Mole

Mario (final boss)

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