Bowser's Origins
Bowsers origins
Developer(s) Ghostrealm Studios
Publisher(s) Ghostrealm Studios
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Single Player.
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone.
Genre(s) RPG
Series Mario series.
Media Included Wii U Disc
 Bowser's Origins is an RPG in the Mario series that shows how Bowser decided to invade the Mushroom Kingdom. It takes place one year before Super Mario Bros. It is the first game released for the Year of Bowser.

Storyline (WIP)Edit

One day, Bowser is sitting inside his castle , thinking about how the Koopas have been constantly isolated. He knows that the Toads live peacefully under Princess Peach, and Bowser wants the Koopas to live in peace as well. He then decides to kidnap Peach and force her to sign a peace treaty, but he knows that he can't do it alone, with his Koopas, Hammer Bros. , Spinies , Lakitus , and Buzzy Beetles . He goes to the Goomba Woods and manages to recruit the Goombas to his cause, followed by the Piranha Plants in the Venus Fly Mountains, and then finally, the Bloopers and Cheep-Cheeps of the Sea of Shrooms. 

With his army assembled, Bowser sends his forces to construct castles in various locations that will serve as staging areas for Bowser's armies, as well as foundries to construct Bullet Bills, Warp Pipes , and Firebars. Several Toads attack one of the foundries, and Bowser has to fight them off. After that, Bowser is told that they need an ore known as Flamarium to power Firebars, and Bowser has to go get it from Dark Land himself. He ends up fighting a Magmaargh for it. He eventually obtains the Flamarium, but he is impressed with Dark Land so much that he vows to build a castle there eventually. Upon returning, Kamek tells Bowser that he is training a group of seven Koopas in the magical arts, which Bowser approves of.

Bowser then decides to begin his war against the Mushroom Kingdom. He attacks the town of Shroomport, and ends up fighting their mayor. 


Picture Name and Description
Bowser is the King of the Koopas and seeks to prepare his army to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom. He wants his people, the Koopas, to live peacefully and be able to do whatever they want.
Kamek is Bowser's advisor and assists him in preparing his army. He is also training Koopas in the magical arts, which would later be known as Magikoopas.
SMBDIY Goomboss
Goomboss is the leader of the Goombas and pledges them to Bowser's cause, in order to help his people rise up. He dislikes the Toads, as they treat his people like dirt.
Petey Piranha leads the Piranha Plants of the Venus Fly Mountains and makes the decision to have them join Bowser because the Toads just see them as plants and Petey wants to prove them wrong.
Gooper Blooper
Gooper Blooper rules the Bloopers and Cheep-Cheeps of the Sea of Shrooms. His people have been hunted and fished for by Toads, and Gooper wants to eliminate them because of this. He joins Bowser to fufill his goal.


The battle system is fairly similar to that of Mario and Luigi games. Bowser has four moves, as shown below.

Move Name Function
Punch Throws a punch at a target enemy.
Fire Breath Breathes fire at a target enemy, and has a chance to burn them.
Special Attack Uses a Special Attack. You start with Koopa Corps, and can learn Goomba Storm, Piranha Plant Platoon, Blooper Batallion, Hammer Squad, Lakitu Lunge, and Koopa's Fury.
Koopa Energy Bowser starts with 0 Koopa Energy during a fight, and builds it up through dealing and receiving damage. When his Koopa Energy reaches 100, Bowser is Enraged, increasing his damage dealt for three turns.

Bowser starts at Level 1, but he can level up through battling. He can equip two pieces of gear at level 10, three at level 20, and four at level 30. At level 40, he unlocks the Koopa's Fury special attack. The types of gear Bowser can equip are Shells, Bands, Fangs, Rings, and Accessories.