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Bowser has an army in Super Mario Galaxy: Deep Space. He has an Empire already and also made an Army bigger than a Star System. Bowser was the General and the Emperor, so nothing secret slipped through his fists.


  • Armored Goomba
  • Knight Koopa
  • Hammer Bros.
  • Boomerang Bros.
  • Bomb-Omb Bros.
  • Armored Paragoomba
  • Armored Magikoopa
  • Knight Paragoomba
  • Metal Piranha Plant
  • Cosmic Clones


  • Bomb-Omb Tank
  • Banzai Bill Cannon
  • Chomp Launcher
  • Infantry Deployer
  • Juggernaut Tank

Air Force

  • Bomb-Omb Copter
  • Paragoomba/Parakoopa Jet
  • Chomp Launcher Plane
  • Capital Airship


  • Airplane Freighter
  • Waterbourne Airship

Space Force

  • Airship
  • Koopa Fighter
  • Bowser's Airship

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