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Bowser's Flare' is a storybook written by Jelly Ultra.

Part One: The Party’s Over

A crescent moon rose over the Mushroom Kingdom while crickets sang their songs. In the capital of the Mushroom Kingdom, Toad Town’s houses were practically deserted. Everybody was at Princess Peach’s castle, where music was booming and light was piercing the dark night sky. The party was well underway when peace became pandemonium. A pop song by Chanterelle called, “Spots on a Mushroom” was playing full blast and Toads were bopping to the music. At a table, Toadsworth was talking to Tayce T. and her sister, Zess T. about fossil fuels. Peach was dancing with Mario exuberantly while Daisy and Luigi were residing to a nearby room. Suddenly, the floor shook violently. Glasses shattered to the ground as the music was cut off abruptly. Peach stumbled a bit as Mario looked around. Everybody screamed as a wall of flames appeared in the center of the room. Many people scurried out of the way as something began to form in the flames. A large silhouette formed in the flames clearly, and stepped out. The whole room gasped as Bowser stepped fully out of the flames and grinned evilly at them all. As the wall of flames sizzled into a cloud of smoke, Bowser looked through the crowd and his eyes immediately fell on Peach. “Hello, Princess.” Peach’s breath caught in her throat. “Nice party. How come I wasn’t invited?” Peach backed up slowly, signaling to everybody to head to the doors. Bowser noticed this and said, “Don’t even think about it.” He raised his hands high and roared, “TROOPS! STOP THEM FROM ESCAPING!” In a storm of triangles, squares, and circles, a mob of Goombas, Hammer Bros., and Magikoopas appeared. The effect was immediate. Toads screamed and ran towards doors in a mass mob. Mario grabbed Peach's hand and ran towards the door. Luigi copied him with Daisy, as it was their responsibility to get the princesses to safety. Bowser looked through the crowd and spotted the four. He charged up a fireball in his mouth and fired it with extra energy. It zoomed through the crowd, getting closer every second. Peach turned and saw it a second before it hit. It hit the floor between the four, and they were all thrown through the air in the resulting fiery explosion. Mario flew up past the stairs leading to the third floor and smashed into the wall; Luigi shot over the Toads and Bowser minions, crashing into a door which broke off its hinges as he flew into the room; Daisy was launched to the ceiling and landed on the chandelier in a heap; Peach flew towards the main doors and was about to hit them when a Magikoopa waved it's wand, creating a shield ball which surrounded Peach, saving her from hitting the doors. Bowser, tired of the tight space said, "Magikoopa's! Transport all these Toads to Toad Woods! Capture them there!" In a storm of triangles, circles, squares, and screams, the room became empty except for Peach, Bowser, Luigi, Mario, and Daisy. The shield ball disappeared and Peach fell right in front of Bowser. She looked up. "Hello, Princess." He said. "It looks like it's just me and you." “Where are my guests?” Peach said looking around, fear present in her voice. “What have you done to them?” “In Toad Wood’s.” Bowser said, his autumn colored eyes piercing her. “Now that everyone’s gone, how about me and you have a little talk.” “Mario!” Peach screamed, shivering under Bowser’s gaze. Peach turned and looked past Bowser to see Mario on the floor in front of a Star Door which led to the third floor of the castle. Peach tried to stand up, but Bowser loomed down to where his face was right in front of hers. Peach fell back in fear. “This is us time.” Bowser cooed. “Let’s not mess it up by adding a retired plumber.” “Daisy?! DAISY!” Peach screamed, looking around. Bowser looked around too, faking a panicked expression. “Oh no!” Bowser said in a high pitched voice. “Looks like she isn’t here.” “Luigi?” Peach whispered. At this Bowser burst into laughter. “Who cares about him?!” Suddenly, he let out a cry of surprise as a huge crystal bumped him on his head. Peach and Bowser looked up to see Daisy on top of the chandelier, unscrewing another crystal. “I do!” She shouted, and shoved the crystal out of its socket. Bowser let out another cry as it his head. Daisy leapt off the chandelier. Despite that she was wearing a dress, Daisy hit the ground, rolled, and jumped off one foot. She landed next to her sister. She straightened up and grinned at Peach, who could only look at her in awe. “Oh, isn’t this my lucky day.” Bowser said to the two sisters, rubbing his head. “I get to take home both Toadstools.” Peach smirked and Daisy let out a sarcastic, “Yeah right.” “You know, if you don’t come willingly, I can take you both by force.” Bowser said menacingly. “And how do you suppose you’re going to do that?” Daisy asked giggling, sass present in her voice. Bowser scratched his chin, a thinking expression developing on his face. “Well, let’s see…how fast can you run in those heels?” Peach and Daisy exchanged worried glances and then shrieked as Bowser roared. They immediately started running for the doors. Bowser ran after them, his eyes burning red. Peach got to the door first and was about to shove it open when it caught fire. Her and Daisy backed up, screaming. “Leaving already?” Bowser asked. “We haven’t even had tea yet.” Peach and Daisy then started to run past Bowser, but were thrown in opposite directions by walls of fire. Peach crashed into a wall while Daisy fell to the ground with a small cry. Bowser opened up his mouth, and inhaled. “Peach, look out!” Daisy screamed. A stream of fire swam towards Peach, but she dodged it by rolling out of the way. Bowser turned towards Daisy and ran after her, his claws gleaming. “ENOUGH!” Peach bellowed, and blew a kiss at Bowser. A heart appeared between the connection with Peach’s lips and hand, and hurtled towards Bowser, growing larger. It crashed into Bowser cheek, exploding into a pink energy blast. Bowser was thrown to the side. Daisy got to her feet, her face reflecting Peach’s previous awe. Bowser smashed into a wall with a shocked roar. Peach gestured for Daisy, and they both ran for the stairs. They both ran up the stairs in quick succession and bent down to examine Mario. The moment Peach touched him, his eyes popped open. “What happened?” He asked, sitting up. Peach looked at Daisy and she nodded. Daisy ran down the stairs and ran in the direction of the room that Luigi had fallen into. Peach helped Mario to his feet. He looked at her and his eyes widened. “What happened to you?” He asked. Peach smiled weakly. “Oh nothing. Just got a few flames fired at me but, I was quick.” Mario was still looking at her worried when Daisy stumbled out of the room below them, supporting a tired Luigi. Peach, still holding Mario, walked down the stairs to meet Daisy. “Are you alright, Luigi?” Luigi looked up at her, a lopsided grin greeting her. “I’m fine. Just a little dazed and tired…” Daisy smiled but turned around when she heard a sound. Bowser was rubbing crumbled wall off his head and starting to get up. When he saw the group of four, his eyes instantly locked on Mario and Luigi. He glared, his jaw tightening. Peach felt Mario’s arm tense and Daisy saw Luigi’s hand ball into a fist. With renewed energy, both men got in front of the princesses in one stride and went into battle poses. “Oh, isn’t this nice?” Bowser started. “I get to face the Mario Bros. and then get my prize.” Peach backed up slightly as Mario let out a low growl. “You were always fair, Mario.” Bowser added, his teeth gleaming. “Oh, if it isn’t Mr. Lean and Green!” Bowser said, his eyes locking onto Luigi who glared back. “Going to finally show me what you’re made of?” Luigi held out his hand and a ball of electricity appeared in the center. Luigi closed his hand into a fist with a furious motion. The ball of electricity exploded into a shocking blast. Luigi looked at Bowser, his lips curving up to form an evil grin. “Well, I haven’t got all day.” Bowser said, tapping his foot on the floor impatiently. “I want my prize now.” Intensity from Mario, Luigi, and Bowser was constricting the air between them, making the room seem unusually quiet. “Now, any last words before I finish you two?” Bowser asked. “One,” Mario said, his eyes staring at Bowser. “And it’s BURN!!!” A furious stream of fire ran from Mario’s hands and shot towards Bowser, lighting up the air with red, angry stokes. Bowser, as shocked as he was, opened his mouth instantly and inhaled. Mario’s stream of fire flew right in Bowser’s mouth. Bowser clamped it shut, his eyes twinkling happily. He then opened it again. Mario’s stream of fire was turned into a ball, and Bowser began adding his own fire to it, making the ball larger and larger. “Oh god….” Daisy said, her hand immediately latching onto Luigi’s arm. “Mario…what do we do?” Luigi asked, mesmerized by the glowing ball of fire. Mario, hypnotized by the ball of fire himself, mentally shook himself and screamed, “RUN!” He grabbed Peach’s hand and ran with her towards the stairs. Luigi did the same to Daisy. Bowser, his eyes shining red, fired the ball with an angry roar. They had all climbed up the stairs and were right at the door when Peach saw it. The enormous ball of fire feet from them…inches from them… Peach crashed through the doors with no regard for human emotions or pain. Mario, Daisy, and Luigi fell in with her. They didn’t even fall to the floor, but instead stumbled to the point they were half-crawling, half-walking. The ball, not being able to fit through the door, crashed into the wall supporting it and transformed into a wave of flames. They all ran up the stairs, the wave of fire chasing at them, hungry for their flesh. Peach fired a heart at the doors standing in their way, knocking them off their hinges. They ran up the two flights of stairs, their feet getting weighed down by the full force of their bodies. The group was slowly gaining more distance away from the wave of flames, sweat pouring down their foreheads. Bowser looked up at the ceiling, his expression slightly bemused as he listened to the groups hurried footsteps. Before the group knew it, they were on the balcony of the castle. “What now?!” Daisy screamed, her figure slowly falling to the ground. The wave of flames has slowly started to disappear and had completely fused out. But the group still had Bowser in pursuit… Peach then gasped and fell to the ground, her hands scrabbling across the stone floor, searching for something. “Peach, what’re you doing?” Mario asked, breathing very hard. “Guys, there’s a way out of here.” Peach said, feeling around the floor. “Only way I see is to jump.” Luigi said, gesturing over the balcony. “No no…there’s a secret passage on this balcony.” Peach said, now moving her hands a little erratically. “Like a trapdoor?” Daisy asked. “Sort of.” Peach said. “Except this one is magical. It’s embedded here on the floor somewhere… it’ll only reveal itself by a touch of a family member of the Toadstool bloodline.” Peach felt around and gasped when she saw a glint of light shine beneath the palm of her right hand. Peach got to her feet as the glint of light began forming the outline of a star. The star shined a bright white. “Come on guys! Time to jump in!” “I’m not sure…” Luigi started but let out a small shriek when he heard a roar that sounded like it was one floor below them. With all hesitation gone, Mario, Peach, Luigi, and Daisy jumped into the white light. It enveloped them in a warm feeling. They couldn’t see anything or speak. They felt themselves being lifted into the air. All of a sudden, they rocketed down. The warmth disappeared to be replaced by a calm room temperature as the quad fell to a hard ground. Peach opened her eyes and cried out when she found that all she saw darkness. “Get off me! Get off me!!!” A shrill voice screamed nearby. “Oh, sorry Luigi.” Came Mario’s voice. “I can’t see anything!” A scared Daisy screamed beside Peach. “I’VE GONE BLIND!!!” Peach put her hand on what she thought was Daisy shoulder, but actually was Daisy’s kneecap. Daisy shrieked and must have swung her hand through the air, as Peach was slapped in the face. “Daisy, it’s me!” Peach shouted angrily. “Oh, I’m sorry.” Daisy squeaked. “Where are we?” Mario asked. Peach felt the ground and said out loud, “I think stairs.” “Yeah that seems just about right.” Mario agreed. “I just wish we could see.” All of a sudden, a flash of blue light sparked the air. It disappeared to be replaced by a calm blue glow. Everyone looked at Luigi, who had a small ball of electricity on his pointer finger’s tip. “I’m just helping out!” Luigi shouted defensively. Everyone looked around and sure enough, they saw that they were standing on stairs. “Where are we?” Daisy asked, looking around. “Well, this secret passage way is a magical one. What we’re in right now is what a wizard architect liked to call a, “transportation void.” “Okay…” Luigi registered. “How do we get out?” Peach looked past him and said, “I guess follow the stairs.” Luigi got to his feet, and timidly started to lead the way. “To what destination does this lead?” Mario asked. “The castle grounds?” “Maybe…maybe not.” Peach said. “You see, this void could lead anywhere.” Luigi gulped. “And what do you mean by anywhere?” “When I say anywhere, I’m talking about… all the way to Rogueport.” “Liar.” Daisy said. “Truthful all the way.” Peach defended. “To elaborate, Merlon did have some say in how this castle was built.” After what felt like hours of walking down an endless flight of stone stairs, the group appeared to reach an exit. “Well, I think this is it.” Peach said, looking at the gnarled wooden door that stood in front of them. Peach grabbed the doorknob, turned it, and pushed the door open. The quad was greeting by a wave of fresh cool air that smelled of grass and a dewy night. They all walked out the door. Luigi turned and gasped to see the door standing in the ground, nothing supporting up. He saw the stairs in the open doorway, but when he looked behind the door, he saw nothing. “Weird…” He muttered as Peach closed it. The door faded away in a yellow glow. “Where are we now?” Daisy asked. Mario looked around and grinned. “Believe it or not, we’re on Goomba Road.” They all breathed in the purity of nature and then grew quiet for a moment. “Well, where do we go from here?” Luigi asked, putting out the ball of electricity. Peach took a deep breath and said, “We go to Toad Woods.” She looked her sister in the eyes as she said this and was suprisedto see her own strength reflected in them. “We’re the only ones who can save all those Toads and stop Bowser’s minions.” “Are you sure about this?” Mario asked, looking at Peach and Daisy with concern. “As sure as I’ll ever be.” Peach said and Daisy nodded in agreement. “Yeah let’s do it!” Luigi shouted, electricity sparking from his fingertips.

Part Two: Bellowing Woods

Toad Woods was off Goomba Road, southwest of Peach’s Castle. The path to Toad Woods started out nice, but as the group trekked further, flowers riddled the path, and the grass became slightly wilder. Trees with chestnut colored trunks and branches began to mark the entrance to the woods as the group admired the purest green leaves that decorated them. As they entered the woods, the group slowly started to become neutral. Thoughts began to run through their skulls of worry, danger, and horror. Mario began to sweat slightly under this subconscious weight as they made their way around trees. After about fifteen minutes of moving through bushes, roaming around trees, and swatting flies, the group finally heard some sign of life. “Guys, do you hear that?” Peach asked, her eyes becoming slits as she tried to hear the sound more. “Yeah… it sounds like… voices.” Daisy said. The group soon found themselves in front of a club of tall bushes. The sounds were loud and seemed to come from behind the bushes. Flashes of light occasionally shined through the leaves. “Well, here goes nothing.” Mario said, and he pushed through the bushes. Everyone else followed. As soon as they were all through, everyone’s hearts seemed to go haywire. Behind the bushes was a clearing. The clearing was filled with screaming Toads, floating Magikoopa’s, Hammer Bros., and raging Goomba’s. The Toad’s were running for their lives, dodging hammers, Goomba’s, and spells that were shooting through the air. A Toad tripped over its own feet and fell to the ground with a terrified squeak. A Magikoopa glided through the air towards him. The toad, scrambling to get to its feet, accidently hit the Magikoopa in the face. A small trickle of blood flowed out of the Magikoopa’s nose. After touching his nose and seeing the blood, the angry Magikoopa shouted, “Useless waste!”He then fired a spell at the screaming Toad. The spell hit the Toad in the back, and Peach gasped as the Toad lit up. Daisy back up slightly as the Toad shrunk and became a mushroom. The Magikoopa laughed evilly. Mario turned to look at Peach and made a double-take when he saw her expression. Rage filled Peach’s veins as the laughter repeated in her mind. Ignoring Mario’s question of, “Are you okay?” she screamed to the Magikoopa, “Hey buddy!” The Magikoopa turned towards her. As soon as she saw who it was, he gasped. “I don’t appreciate what you just did, and I don’t think it was right.” Peach said, the rage filling her up to the brim. “Well, we all have different views.” The Magikoopa said. “Well, looks like you need to learn a lesson.” Peach grinned. The Magikoopa looked at her and laughed. “Me? Learn a lesson from you?” He laughed again. “I don’t think so. Actually, I think you should learn a lesson from me!” The Magikoopa flicked it wand at Peach, and a red jet of light was fired her way. Peach simply side-stepped and the spell went through the bushes. Peach giggled. “Nice try.” With a flick of her hand, a heart went shooting towards the Magikoopa. Before he could even react, the heart hit, and he was thrown into a Goomba, who smashed into a tree. The Magikoopa, before losing consciousness, raised its wand, and a red and orange beam of light went up into the air. It exploded to look like a firework. Right then and there, everyone and everything got quiet. The running and screaming stopped, as did the shouts. All of a sudden, every eye was on Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Daisy. If silence was heavy, everybody would have shattered under the pressure. Peach took a very deep breath, and ignoring the fact that she was a Princess, broke away from the three, and ran into the silent and still crowd. She fired hearts at Goomba’s, which were instantly flattened. They then disappeared instantly in a cloud of white dust. Peach fired hearts at Hammer Bros. who were protected because of their armor. But Peach’s rage added on to the heart’s energy, making them stronger. The Hammer Bros. were knocked back slightly, their armor developing cracks. Peach fired hearts at Magikoopa’s who dodged them, or changed their paths. Peach, noticing this, jumped on a Goomba’s head. Before it could die, she hopped off of its head. The extra momentum brought Peach up to the Magikoopa’s in the air. She happened to be right above one. She raised her hands, and a ball of pink energy and flower petals appeared between them. The Magikoopa looked up just in time to see Peach grin as she threw the energy down on his head. The Magikoopa sailed to the ground, his body a pink comet. The Magikoopa crashed to the ground, the pink energy and flower petals flying in all directions in a pretty blast. Peach landed gracefully. She looked to her side to see a Goomba looking at her, awe present in its eyes. Peach, pleased by this, patted it on its head. The silence had become deadly at this point. Suddenly, a Magikoopa looked around, and became enraged. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!” He shouted to his comrades. “GET THEM!!!” Spells, hammer, and Goomba’s went flying at Peach in a colorful blur. Peach shrieked and shielded herself with her hands as they flew at her. Suddenly, the night sky lit up with a fiery glow, and a powerful heat nipped at Peach’s dress. The fiery glow disappeared as soon as it had come, and the heat was replaced by a gentle breeze. Peach looked around to see piles of small ash and no Goomba’s near her. Peach looked around and saw Mario breathing very hard, his expression strained and angry. The Magikoopa’s looked offended. The Hammer Bros. however, looked enraged. “That was my grand pappy’s hammer, you dolt!” A Hammer Brother screamed at Mario. He threw a rope at Mario. After making contact with Mario’s skin, it bound around him tightly. Mario fell to the ground with an angry cry, and struggled against the rope, which only became tighter. Luigi flew to the ground and tried to pull the rope off, but it wouldn’t budge. Peach ran towards Mario, only to be stopped by the same Hammer Brother. “Now, you will come quietly or by force.” He said. “It’s really up to you.” Peach slapped him so hard, his head armor rattled. “How dare you!” She screamed, and brought her hands up like she was about to make a swing with an object. A frying pan appeared in her hands in a pink glow. Peach fiercely swung the frying pan at the Hammer Brother, who was knocked off his feet by the impact. Peach turned around to look at the Goombas, Hammer Bros., and Magikoopas. “ANYONE ELSE WANT SOME OF THIS?!” She screamed. The clearing stayed silent. “Release him!” Peach shouted to a Magikoopa. “Who do you think I am to take orders from you?” The Magikoopa responded. “Uh, I don’t think you heard me right.” Peach said, her voice shaking with rage. “RELEASE HIM OR I’LL BLUDGEON YOUR BODY WITH TO DEATH WITH THIS FRYING PAN!” “YOU DARE TALK TO ME LIKE THAT?!” The Magikoopa screamed, and he fired a spell at Peach. Peach swung her frying pan, and the spell ricocheted off of it. It hit the Magikoopa, who shook violently as if electrocuted. “TOADS RUN!” Peach screamed. The Toad’s finally regained motion, and ran for the bushes that Luigi, Daisy, and Mario were in front of. Magikoopas fired spells to try and stop them, but Peach, with a loud, “No!”, raised her arms, and a huge heart that served as a shield protected the escaping Toad’s, herself, and the other three. The Toad’s rushed through the bushes, some stopping to help Luigi with Mario, who kept screaming, “Go, go! Don’t worry about me, just go!” After all the Toad’s had escaped, the heart shield shattered. Angry Magikoopa’s and Hammer Bros. began to surround Peach. The Goomba’s however, stayed put. “Goombas, you are no longer needed here.” A Magikoopa said, his eyes on Peach. “Scram.” The Goomba’s gladly scattered out of the clearing, no longer wanting to partake in this battle which was about to become an all out brawl. “So, going to try and kill me?” Peach smirked. “I would love to torture you but, Bowser needs you in good condition.”As always…” A Hammer Brother muttered. He received a spell to the head that made him seem disoriented. “Don’t talk about our king’s ways in a negative manner.” A Magikoopa said. Peach suddenly heard a cry, and turned around to look at Luigi, whose face was wet with horror. Mario was letting out gasping noises, and the rope was squeezing his throat. Peach turned back to the Hammer Bros. and Magikoopa’s and screamed, “RELEASE HIM!!” “No.” A Magikoopa cackled. Something in Peach snapped, and her eyes glowed pink. “HAVE IT YOUR WAY THEN!” She screamed, and she exploded into a pink blast. Hammer Bros. were fired off into different directions and Magikoopa’s flew into trees. The blast defused and Peach reappeared. She turned towards Mario, and fired numerous hearts at the rope. After five hearts, the rope broke and Luigi snatched it off his brother. Mario got to his feet, gasping for air. “You okay?” Daisy asked. “I’m fine…” Mario choked out. “Guys!” Peach shouted. “We’re not done yet!” The Magikoopa’s flew out of trees and Hammer Bros. ran towards Peach. Mario, with renewed energy, fired fire balls at them, some making contact, some missing. Suddenly, a hammer flew out of nowhere at Daisy. It was about to smash into her face, but was deflected by a flash of electricity. Daisy gasped and looked at Luigi who looked just as shocked. “Thank you.” Daisy said breathlessly. “Don’t mention it…” Luigi said. Spells were fired at the three, which were destroyed by flashes of fire and lightning. “Daisy!” Peach screamed. “I think it’s time to show them the meaning of flower power!” Daisy grinned at her sister, and ran at a Hammer Brother. She raised her hand, and leaves flew off a nearby tree, and flew towards the Hammer Brother. They flew into him, but seemingly doing nothing. They then blew back to their branches. The Hammer Brother laughed. “Was that supposed to hurt me?” Daisy pointed her finger at his armor, which began to fall off in pieces. “But how…” The Hammer Brother began, but was silenced as a tree branch slammed into his back. He was thrown to the air, only stopping when Luigi swung out a fist. Daisy brought up her hands, and a tree began flinging its branches at the Magikoopa’s who were in the air. The branches managed to hit some of them. Magikoopa’s began firing spells at the tree. Bark flew through the air and Daisy became angry. “How dare you hurt Mother Nature!” She raised her hands, and the tree’s roots fired out of the ground. They arched up on the ground and pushed, so that the tree was pushed out of the ground. The roots began to serve as legs, and the tree began to walk around, it’s branches swatting at Magikoopas and Hammer Bros. Daisy began lashing out her hands, the branches swinging in the direction that she wanted them to. A Magikoopa fired a spell at her, but Peach deflected it with her frying pan. Peach conjured a heart, and spun around. Multiple hearts formed a circle around her. “Ready…” Peach said, and the hearts seemed to stop moving. “Aim…” The hearts bent a little, and then vanished. “Fire!” Peach screamed, and the hearts reappeared and fired at various Magikoopas and Hammer Bros. Many were knocked to the ground. Fire balls and bolts of lightning flew through the air as hearts and leaves sliced things up. After many minutes of this, a Magikoopa sent a red beam of light into the air, and screamed, “Comrades! This has gone on long enough! Our Lord will take care of the rest!” As the beam of light exploded, the Hammer Bros. and Magikoopas disappeared in a cloud of triangles, circles, and squares. Peach ran to Mario as Daisy led the tree back to its hole. “Mario, are you okay?” Peach asked, examining him. “I’ve been better.” Mario replied, scratching his neck. “Guys…” Luigi said as Daisy joined them. “Didn’t you hear what that Magikoopa said before he transported everyone out?” Peach turned pale, Mario let out a sharp breath, and Daisy slumped a little. “No… not now… after all we’ve just been through?” Peach asked. Mario looking into the clearing and grabbed Peach as a wall of flame appeared. Bowser stepped out of it, grinning. “It’s about time I found you all.” Without thinking, Peach fired a heart at him. Mario, trying to help out, fired a fireball in Bowser’s direction. The fireball hit the heart, setting it on fire. Luigi, having an idea, shot a bolt of electricity out of his hand at the flaming heart. The heart then sparkled with electricity. Daisy, getting the idea, swept her hand through the air, and leaves flew into the heart, making the heart have the power to cut. Bowser shocked, raised his fist, and when the heart was near enough, punched it. The heart exploded, the fire, electricity, and leaves going with it. Bowser was fired back into a tree, which broke under his weight. The energy from Bowser’s punch and the explosion rippled back towards the group, hitting them with such force, the grass was scorched. Peach screamed as she flew through the air, Luigi fainted as he fell into a tree, Daisy was knocked unconscious instantly as she slammed into a tree, and Mario yelled as he smashed into a tree branch. As the woods bellowed with the blast and the grass rippled from the energy, small figure’s rushed through the woods, speeding towards the clearing.

Part Three: Castle Rendezvous

Peach awoke in a brightly lit room which she recognized shortly was the foyer of the castle. She sat up slowly, putting her left hand on her head, hoping the throbbing against her skull would calm down. As she was paying attention to this, she barely heard the shocked cries. “Your Highness!” A shrill voice shouted in surprise. “We never thought you’d awake so quickly…” “We?” Peach responded vaguely to the voice. Her eyes widened as over a dozen Toads surrounded her. Two Toads stepped out of the crowd and Peach recognized them as Toad and his sister, Toadette. “Peach, are you okay?” Toadette asked. “I’m fine, minus this headache.” Peach answered, squinting her eyes against the light from the chandelier. Her eyes widened as she became worried. “Where’s Mario?” She asked instantly. “He’s right beside you Princess.” Toad answered. Peach turned to see Mario lying beside her unconscious, his face a slightly pained expression. “Is he okay? What’s wrong with him?” Two Toads walked over and turned Mario over so his back was showing. The back of the overalls were torn and a huge purple and black bruise decorated the skin. As if that wasn’t enough, the skin was also swollen. Peach gasped. “Don’t worry, Princess. We have Medicine Shroom Cream and also a Refreshroom.” Toadette said. Peach sighed, relieved. “The bruise will be gone within in thirty minutes but his back pain will not disperse until an hour has passed.” A Toad dressed in white with a red cross answered. “Oh, thank the stars that you’re here Dr. McToadster.” Peach cried out. “Yes, yes… I heard what happened from a Toad here and was instantly on my way.” Dr. McToadster said, shaking Peach’s hand. “How is Luigi?” Peach asked. Dr. McToadster walked over to Luigi, who lied beside his brother in the same unconscious state, but his expression was almost peaceful. “Oh, nothing is wrong with this one.” Dr. McToadster answered as he examined Luigi. “He’s just had a fainting spell.” “My sister, then?” Peach asked, her voice getting higher with every word. Dr. McToadster walked over to Daisy and as he examined her, Peach held her breath. “SKOLAR’S SPECTACLES!” Dr. McToadster yelled. There were many shouts of horror and Peach actually fell back. “What is it, Allian?” Peach asked, using the doctor’s first name out of shock. “Her…her back is broken.” Peach let out a breathless cry as Toadette grabbed her brother before he could completely hit the ground. “Can you fix it?” Toadette asked. “Yes… does anyone have Shroom Broth and a Life Shroom?” Dr. McToadster called into the crowd. “We have some Shroom Broth in the kitchen refrigerator.” A Toad called out. “I think we might have 10 Life Shroom in the library.” Another Toad added. “Okay, go get them, stat!” Two Toads ran off in different directions as Dr. McToadster gave Peach a look. “Why in the library?” “They’re hidden in magical book that Merlon gave me.” Peach answered. “It was a gift and he said to only use the book for emergencies. If it’s not an emergency, then the book will only open if it’s needed for a dire reason.” “I’ve always liked Merlon.” Dr. McToadster said with a smile. The two Toads came back, one holding a glass jar filled with a brown liquid, complete with two brown mushrooms, and the other holding a pink mushroom. “Thank you.” Dr. McToadster said, taking the objects. He opened the jar and dropped the Life Shroom in. The Life Shroom dissolved instantly into pink suds which turned the broth a creamy white. Dr. McToadster opened Daisy’s mouth and poured the creamy liquid down Dais’s mouth. “What is the broth and the mushroom for?” Peach asked. “The broth is for replenishing, and the Life Shroom is for life and mixed with the broth, it is for regeneration.” “So the broth is going to regenerate her bones and wake her up?” Peach asked. “Yes, but not necessarily in that order.” Peach felt relieved anyway and got up to walk to a window while Dr. McToaster went to put the cream on Mario’s back. Peach wiped her sweaty forehead as she looked out into the night, the memories of the night rushing back in her head, somehow making the headache throb faintly. As Dr. McToadster called for a Refreshroom, Peach put her forehead against the glass, relishing the cold that greeted it. As she raised her eyes to look at the design her breath had made on the window, she gasped as something shot out of the trees from Toad Woods. Peach instantly stepped back from the window as the figure shot in the direction of the castle. Peach was still trying to figure out what it was and the best she got was an disfigured big balloon. When the figure hit Toad town and passed through a street light, Peach nearly fell to the ground with a horrifying realization that it was Bowser in his Koopa Klown. He was making a fiery beeline to the castle. Peach turned around and screamed in a voice coated with panic, “EVERYBODY, CLEAR THE ROOM!” There were many shrieks and cries of surprise as they turned to look at Peach, who already had tears streaming down her face. “BOWSER IS COMING!” She managed to scream hysterically. Like an earthquake had hit, the Toads began to scream and scatter. Dr. McToadster looked very horrified but determined all the same. “Peach, quickly! Help get these bodies to safety!” Peach immediately ran over to Dr. McToadster and grabbed Mario’s shoulder’s, preparing to drag him off to a room. “Toads!” Dr. McToadster screamed. “Don’t be afraid! Repay what the princess has given to you! Help us!” Four Toads ran over to help while one Toad screamed for everybody to run and hide. “We’re sorry Princess!” Toad screamed. “Peach, hide!!!” Toadette hissed, kicking open a door, turning out the room’s light, and throwing herself and her brother in. The door immediately slammed shut. Two other Toads ran into Peach’s bedroom while the last four ran into the library. “We have to get these bodies to a room, now!” Dr. McToadster yelled. Peach in her hysteria, went to Luigi and screamed in his face, “Wake up!” She then slapped him so fiercely that her glove tore. Luigi jerked awake and yelled, rubbing his cheek. “Where’s the fire?!” He shouted angrily to Peach. “Bowser…coming…need to get…safety…” Was all Peach could mutter out. “Get Daisy to a room, quick!” A Toad yelled to Luigi in a shrill voice. Luigi got to his feet and picked up Daisy in his arms with little effort. He then ran to a room and disappeared into it before saying, “Get yourselves to safety.” “Allian, get these four to safety, now.” Dr. McToadster nodded in a determined understanding and called the four Toads, gesturing them to a room off to their right. Peach grabbed Mario’s shoulder and dragged him off towards the doors that led to the entrance floor. A dark shadow covered the floor in front of the window before the window and wall exploded as a enormous figure burst through it. Peach screamed and threw a heart at the chandelier shattering it and making the room dark. She dragged Mario to the door which opened instantly and nearly threw him and herself down the stairs to get away. When she untangled herself from Mario, she dragged him to the kitchen. When they were in, she closed the door quietly and shut off the lights. Maneuvering through the dark while still dragging Mario, Peach found a table and dragged Mario behind it, sitting beside him. No matter how hard she tried, she could not stop the beast of fear trying to pry out her insides. Tears flowed down her face in a silent river, one she would not be able to stop until the warmth of safety and peace returned once more. Peach held Mario’s hand, looking for some kind of comfort. His and did not tighten around her like hers did his. As Peach waited in the darkness for the inevitable, the silence pressed against her ears, making her eardrums throb. With Mario unconscious, Peach knew that Bowser was too powerful, and that all she could do was slow him down. She held Mario’s hand and unconsciously put her hand on his back, feeling something smooth. She smiled as she realized that the Toads had put the cream on. Suddenly, she heard the sound of the Star Door being opened. Her breathing stopped immediately and her heart skipped a beat. Heavy footsteps went down the stairs and almost by chance, walked in the direction of the kitchen. All of a sudden, the kitchen light flashed on and off, and Peach knew that the power in the castle had been shut off. The kitchen door opened, but Peach could not see anything pierce the darkness. But the footsteps pierced the silence. Peach lay herself against Mario’s chest and looked into the darkness, her mind coaxing her heart to beat quieter. Whoever it was in the room wandered around the kitchen, bumping into things and then, finally, bumped into the table. Peach closed her eyes as the table was moved out of the way. She felt the air around her move as the mystery person leaned in on the spot her and Mario sat. If Peach could melt through walls, she would’ve have done it seconds ago. All of a sudden, the figure’s face touched Peach’s and she instantly leapt back, slamming into the wall screaming. She raised her hand and a heart appeared there, lightening up the area. Peach prepared to send the figure into unconsciousness when she realized that the figure was no other than… “Gourmet Guy!” Peach cried, and she instantly wrapped her arms as far as they would go around his vast belly. “Peach!” Gourmet Guy said in his jolly deep voice. He hugged her back, and Peach gasped for air. Gourmet Guy released her and Peach instantly launched into a question. “What are you doing here?” “Well, I had just gotten back from Boo Mansion, as they made a bet with me that 100 of them could lift me. I won, and we sort of threw a little party. After that, I left and was going to walk to Tayce T’s house to ask her if she could fix us a Shroom Fry, but then I remembered your party. I didn’t realize how late it was, so I thought maybe I could make it to another party. I was going to your castle when something shot out of Toad Woods. The moonlight made me see it was Bowser, and I knew instantly what he was up to. So I ran over here, about to charge through the front doors.” Gourmet Guy took a deep breath and continued. “I knew he would never let me past, so I was debating whether to charge into him, when I noticed a hole in the wall that explained the crashing sound I had heard earlier. So, I climbed through it, remarkably, and was going to look for you, when my stomach got the best of me. I succumb to fear when I’m hungry. So I headed for the kitchens, and, well… here we are!” “Gourmet Guy, we need to get out of here.” “I know, but… what about everyone else?” “We’ll find them on the way.” Peach said. “Could you help me with Mario please?” “Oh, right.” Gourmet Guy said, and in one swift movement, Mario was draped over his shoulder. “Thank you.” Peach said. Now that she had an ally, she felt confidence surge through her, eliminating her fear. She opened the kitchen door to see the room pitch black. “Did the power go out?” Peach whispered to Gourmet Guy, her eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness. “I think so.” Gourmet Guy answered. “I saw Kamek wave his wand and the castle went black. Must be for some sort of advantage.” “I just want this to be over.” Peach said, shaking her head. “And the first step towards that is this.” Light entered the room, making a slender path towards the stairs. Peach was standing right in front of the entrance doors, which she just opened. Kamek turned around, surprised, only to be knocked out as Peach slapped him with a heart. “Serves you right.” She said, turning around. Gourmet Guy’s mouth was a wide O of surprise as Peach closed the doors. “And stay out.” Peach said as she walked through the stairs. “Now what?” Gourmet Guy asked, walking up the stairs carefully, his eyes trying to find the next step. “We have to go find Luigi and my sister. After that, we get all of the other Toads to safety.” “What about Bowser?” Gourmet Guy asked. “Pray to God that he doesn’t find us before Mario wakes up.” Peach murmured. They reached the door, opened it, and entered the foyer of the castle, and Peach saw that it was empty. Peach ran over to the hole in the wall, and was horrified by the huge pieces of wall and glass shards that littered the floor. “Geez, I guess he really wanted to get in.” Gourmet Guy said. Peach nodded. They both got quiet and Peach’s ears suddenly picked up something. “Gourmet Guy… do you hear that?” She whispered, slowly turning around. Gourmet Guy listened and Peach guessed that behind his mask, his eyes widened. “It sounds like… breathing.” “But where is it coming from?” Peach asked and looked around. Her heart skipped a beat as she decided to look where no one ever looks…up. Peach looked up and backed up when she saw Bowser’s crouched on the chandelier, his tail moving gleefully. He grinned when he saw Peach looking up at him, her eyes filled with horror. “G-G-Gourm-m-m…” Peach couldn’t even speak, her brain urging her to run. Gourmet Guy looked up to and saw Bowser also, and ran toward Peach. Bowser, only seeing Peach, leapt off the chandelier prepared to complete his mission. Peach shrieked and shielded herself with her hands. Gourmet Guy quickly leaned over Peach, preparing to grab her, when Bowser made impact with him. Gourmet Guy, surprised, leaped into the air, causing Bowser and Mario’s body to fly off him. Mario slid across the floor while Bowser flew into a wall. Bowser hit the ground with a grunt as Gourmet Guy helped Peach to her feet. Peach stared at Bowser, a strand of hair falling over one of her eyes. Bowser slowly lifted himself up and opened his eyes. Before Bowser had the chance to see Gourmet Guy, he was being bombarded by hearts. A pained rage decorated Peach face as she fired heart after heart at the king yelling body. Bowser inhaled and roared fire in the path of the hearts, shattering them. Bowser then fired fireballs at Peach, who was ready to fight. Hearts crashed into the fireballs, making them explode into fiery blasts. Bowser inhaled deeply, and got to his feet. He then shot a fireball out of his mouth at Peach. The speed and heat of the ball make the floor boards splinter and the wall paper peel. Peach barely had time to react and fire a heart at the fireball when it was one yard away from her and Gourmet Guy. The fire ball exploded, sending a wave of fresh fire at the duo. Peach shrieked and Gourmet Guy took immediate action by shoving Peach and himself out of the way. The wave of fire licked the wall happily as Bowser roared in rage. “This isn’t over yet, Princess!” He then walked into a wall of flame, disappearing from the scene. Peach looked around and spotted Mario’s unconscious body. She ran toward him, panic tightening around her heart. When she realized he wasn’t harmed and, judging by how he was breathing, he was asleep. Gourmet Guy ran over to Mario and slumped him back over his shoulder. Peach blinked several times, trying to get the image of fireballs out of her head. Moonlight shone through the hole in the wall, sending a stream of light in a steady path leading to Peach’s room. “Peach, what now?” “We find Luigi and my sister.” Peach said, and walked into the moonlight, trying to get to the room that she saw Luigi take Daisy into. Before she was completely out of the moonlight, a stream of light smashed into her, sending her flying into the wall next to her bedrooms door. Kamek flew into the castle, his wand glowing white and his vocal chords emitting a dark laughter. “Looks like the Princess has no one to protect her.” Kamek laughed as he glided towards Peach who was trying to sit up. “No one ever attacks me and gets away with it.” Kamek said. “On really?” Peach asked, and she threw a heart at him. The heart smashed into Kamek’s face, sending him rocketing to the floor. Peach got to her feet, rage etched onto her face. Kamek sat up, his glasses cracked. “Y-you dare try to… defy ME?” “Of course.” Peach answered, smiling. “Well… you know what they say… revenge is a dish best served cold!” Kamek sent a beam of what could only be ice towards Peach, but she dodged is so flexibly, Kamek was momentarily frozen. Peach sent heart after heart Kamek’s way, which he shattered by putting shields around himself. Kamek transported behind Peach, and wrapped his hands around her throat. Peach shrieked, ducked out of his grasp, and fired three hearts at once at him. The room was instantly lit up in a pink flash as the hearts shattered against Kamek’s chest, sending him flying over the stairway. With a cry of rage, he transported himself out. Peach rubbed her throat affectionately. “He’s really crafty.” Gourmet Guy bounded towards her, his footsteps making the floor rock. “Are you okay?” “I’m alright. I just have to more prepared next time.” Peach started to walk towards the room, her eyes searching the whole room for anything suspicious. They both reached the door, and walked into the darkness. Gourmet Guy had a little trouble fitting in the doorway, and with a “Oof!” and a push, he was through and closed the door. Peach walked around, and before she could whisper “Luigi?” or “Daisy?” the room was lit up in a flash as bolt of electricity shot out of nowhere. It stuck Peach straight in the chest, sending lethal electricity through her body. Peach fell to the ground with a gasp. Gourmet Guy, putting Mario down, charged in the direction where the bolt of electricity came from. Gourmet Guy hit something solid, and pinned it against the wall. The solid figure began to struggle. A yellow light bloomed from behind Gourmet Guy, and he found himself being ensnared by vines. “Let him go!” A woman’s voice screamed. As the light washed over Gourmet Guy and then the figure, Gourmet Guy gasped. Luigi struggled against Gourmet Guy’s arm, trying to pull it off his neck as his face began to turn blue. Gourmet Guy instantly released Luigi, who slid to the ground, coughing and gasping. The vines loosened ever so slightly, and Gourmet Guy turned to see his holder. Daisy stood behind him, conjured vines protruding her hands. She looked very disheveled, her eyes slightly unfocused. When she realized it was Gourmet Guy, her eyes widened and the vines instantly disappeared. “Gourmet Guy?” Daisy swayed a little, then dropped to the ground, her eyes closing slowly. “Daisy!” Luigi cried hoarsely. He was at her side in half a second, her head aginst his chest. Luigi looked up at Gourmet Guy and asked, “Who did I shock when you entered?” “Your princess.” Gourmet Guy muttered, obviously still amazed as what he had gotten himself into. “Peach!” Luigi yelled, and carried Daisy over to Peach, who seemed not to be breathing. Luigi set daisy down, and with a sigh, punched Peach very hard in the chest. Peach’s eyes popped open and she gasped, her hands automatically spring to clutch her chest. “I had to.” Luigi said, looking at Peach with concern. Peach gave Luigi and look. “Oh, nothing like a punch to get the circulation going!” She said sarcastically. Her eyes then fell on Daisy, and she became serious. “Is she okay?” “I don’t think so… ever since she woke up, she’s been like this. What happened to her?” “I don’t know… But Dr. McToadster told me that her back was broken. But he applied some Shroom Broth with a Life Shroom on her back. He said it would help wake her and repair her back but…” Peach stopped, looking horrorstricken. “What?” Luigi urged. “He said not necessarily in that order…” “Oh…” Gourmet Guy whispered. “Her back is still broken.” Luigi said in a sad tone. “But it’s healing.” Peach said. They then heard a groan behind them. Mario slowly was getting to his feet, rubbing his back. He stretched out and yawned widely, his eyes sleepy. “I’m-a tired.” He said simply. Peach smiled but quickly turned white when she saw a speck of a blue robe behind Mario. Instinctively, her right arm shot out towards Mario in a warning. “MARIOOOOO!” She screamed. In a flash, a dresser covered in a pink light zoomed past Gourmet Guy and behind Mario, crashing into Kamek, knocking him into the wall. Nobody knew what had just happened. No one knew how it just happened. They all just knew that they had to get out of there. In a flash, Mario was on Gourmet Guy’s shoulder, and Daisy in Luigi’s arms. They all ran out of the room, Kamek getting up from the floor, readjusting his glasses while clutching his side in pain. “Where to now exactly, Peach?” Gourmet Guy gasped. “If we can make it to the balcony, we can maybe use the passage way to-“ Peach’s sentence was cut off as a brilliant streak of light crashed into her side, knocking her off her feet and sending her flying into a wall. Kamek aimed his wand at Mario and the rest of the group. “One move and the pest dies!” Kamek spat, gesturing towards Peach furiously. Mario looked at Kamek in shock, and Luigi in horror. A pink flash flew across the room towards Kamek, who turned and deflected it, making it crash into the stair banister, breaking it. “Very coy, Princess!” Kamek shrieked, and he started firing spell so fiercely, that it was like the room hadn’t lost any electricity. Peach fired hearts at the spells, the collisions of each making them fuse out altogether. A spell hit Peach in her leg, causing it to be cased by ice. Kamek grinned, and sent a stream of spells directly at Peach, who couldn’t move. There a sharp scream, and before the room could turn dark again, it was filled with light as a swirling storm of fire surrounded Peach. The spells exploded when they touched the fire, the aftershocks shooting back towards Kamek who deflected them into a wall. The swirl of fire disappeared in a flash of red, and Peach looked directly at Mario, who was glaring at Kamek with such rage, his pyrokinesis was making the ground around him smoke. Kamek stared at Mario. “How dare you ruin my moment of joy! Now you will all perish!” Kamek waved his wand, and the ice around Peach leg shattered, and she diapered and reappeared beside Mario in a swift flash. Kamek waved his wand again, and he disappeared. “W-where did he go?” Peach whispered quietly. Kamek’s laugh echoed around them, sounding like there was more than one Kamek. Suddenly, Kamek reappeared…but everywhere. Kamek’s surrounded them, cackling all at the same time. “H-h-he’s created illusions of himself.” Peach gasped. “What do we do?” Gourmet Guy whispered, trembling. “We have to find the real Kamek.” Mario murmured. “When we do, all his clones will disappear.” On a whim, Peach fired a heart at a Kamek, and it went right through him, crashing into a wall. The Kamek’s all laughed again. The group all huddled closer together, and the Kamek all raised their wands. “Get ready to dance!” They all shouted, and spell streaked out of the wands. Peach ducked, Gourmet Guy cowered with a howl, Luigi put Daisy on the ground and leaped over her, getting ready to take any blow, and Mario roared and raised his hands. A circle of red-orange light traced around them, and after the line connected to where it had started, fired roared out. The spell exploded and their energy reverberated back to the Kameks. They each created a force field, making the energy crumble. Mario’s eyes glowed orange as he directed the fire in the air. For a minute, the fire formed a fiery cloud, until Mario began to swirl his hands. “EVERYBODY, GET DOWN!” Mario shouted, and they all moved closer together, lying flat on their stomachs. The fire came down from it’s fiery cloud in what seemed to be a funnel. Mario roared, and the funnel took the form of a dragon made completely of fire. Mario swirled, and the dragon went around, going through illusions of the Kameks, but burning them in the process. Before the dragon could complete its circuit, the real Kamek jumped into the air, flying out of the dragon’s reach. Mario’s eyes glowed red, and then turned blank as he fell to the ground. The dragon roared, and its eyes turned red. Peach looked up, saw Mario limp body, and then noticed the dragon. The dragon looked back, and Peach realized that Mario possessed it. Peach nodded once, and Mario flew after Kamek. Many furious swipes were set into motion, as fired licked the walls. Spells were fired only to be fired back in the form of retired energy. Mario opened the dragon’s mouth, and charged up a blast of fire. Kamek, using this as a moment of weakness, fired various spells into the dragon’s mouth. The spells turned into energy, but instead of going back to Kamek, were added to the fire. Kamek gasped, and floated back. The dragon took one more breath, and released the stream of fire which jetted after Kamek which such velocity, the ceiling and ground underneath the path of fire was streaked with burning black. The fire hit Kamek with a explosion, and he disappeared in a blue flash, screaming in pain. The fire disappeared along with him, but in a red flash. The dragon seemed to dissolve away as it let the air carry it out of the window. It then disappeared in a faint glow. Mario awakened with a gasp, his red eyes turning back to their gentle blue. He leaped to his feet and turned toward his brother and friends. “Are you all alright?” Luigi looked at his brother with pride. “I think we’ll survive.” “WE need to get out of this castle, now!” Gourmet Guy screamed in high octaves. “But we still have to rescue the Toads-“Peach started but was cut off-yet again- by a stomp. Peach turned around to see Bowser stepping out of a wall of flame. Mario posture instantly hardened and Luigi arms tightened around Daisy’s body. Bowser saw them and grinned, and before Peach knew what was happened, one of Bowser’s spiked collars from his arm was hurling through the air in Mario direction. Mario couldn’t move fast enough and the spikes were aimed right at his chest. Peach screamed and put her arm out in the direction of the collar, and Peach went to believe what Mario and Luigi had said earlier. Pink glowing flower petals materialized out of nowhere and surrounded the collar, making it glow pink. The collar then slowed down a little, and then flipped back and shot towards Bowser with a speed so quick, the object was blurry to the human eye. Bowser’s expression was one of shock before it turned to one of pain when he collar crashed into his shoulder. The pink glowing diapered as Bowser yanked the collar out of this shoulder blade. Peach looked at Mario and he gave her a shocked smile. Bowser roared, and shot after shot of fireballs their way. Knowing they wouldn’t be able to get away in time, Peach grabbed Mario’s hand and Luigi’s leg at the same time, and then took Gourmet Guy’s arm. The room lit up in a pink shine as they all dissolved into the air as pink flower petals swirled around them. Before Bowser could register what happened, the fireballs smashed into the wall, creating a brilliant explosion which knocked him off his feet. The flower petals reappeared in the Castle Gardens with a silent wind. The group appeared in a pink glow, making no sound whatsoever. The flower petals disappeared and Peach finally gasped. Gourmet Guy ran to a bush and started vomiting, Luigi dropped to the ground, Daisy still in his arms and Mario’s body seemed to made of jelly, as he couldn’t move correctly. “I only used that power when Subspace invaded… I didn’t know I still could… tap into it…” Peach got up and walked over to some roses, trying to relax. The air was quiet except for Gourmet Guy’s vomiting. Peach took in the flowers floral smell and turned around to check on the others when she saw the wall of flame. She immediately ran toward Mario. Her shoe caught a rock and she began to fall. She waved her hands, madly, trying to stop the fall, and the most unexpected thing happened. Gourmet Guy leaped back with a gasp as his own vomit flew out of the bush in a pink glow. Before Bowser could even open his eyes, the vomit hit his face with a sickening splat. Mario fell down with a shocked gasp. Bowser stood stock still for a moment, and then the ground lit up with his rage as he stomped and spat fire out of his mouth. His roars filled the garden, making the cherry blossom trees tremble. Peach grabbed Mario, and said, “Time to go!” She then dragged Mario to Luigi, grabbed him, and nearly crashed into Gourmet Guy. They all then dissolved into pink flower petals as Bowser raged on. They reappeared in Peach’s bedroom. “What now?!” Luigi howled his face white. Even though Peach’s window was closed, they could still hear Bowser’s tantrum. “As I said before, we need to get the Toads out of here.” “Then ourselves.” Gourmet Guy muttered, rubbing his head. All of a sudden, the noise outside went silent. Everybody listened closely, their hearts even being quiet. With a blazing roar, a wall of flames appeared in front of the fireplace. The fireplace exploded as Bowser blasted out the wall of flames, his eyes a raging red. He raised his hand, and a rod with a Ztar on it appeared. The Ztar turned red as Bowser shouted out, “FIRE SWIRL COMBUSTION!!!!” Fire burst out of the Ztar in a swirl and filled the whole room. Peach screamed and shielded herself as the fire surrounded her. She felt it lick her flesh before her body exploded in a blast of energy. Everything went black in Peach’s eyes, and the next thing she knew, she was flying through the air. She hit the ground with a loud “Ooomph!” She opened her eyes to find herself outside of her bedroom. She heard three other sounds and saw Mario, Luigi, and Gourmet Guy lying on their stomachs on each side of her. It was only after a moment she noticed someone was missing from Luigi’s arms… “DAISY!!!” Peach screamed, leaping to her feet. The door to Peach’s room burst open, flying off its hinges. Peach was in its path. Peach turned to look and shrieked. The door was inches away from knocking Peach into a bloody unconsciousness, when the door burst in flame and was blown to pieces. Peach turned to see Mario still lying on the ground, his hand outstretched. He gave Peach a smile. Peach tried to smile back, but her worry for her sister drowned that out. Bowser stepped out of the doorway the same instant, his eyes still the blazing red. “You’re lucky there was a fountain out there, Princess.” He said, his voice a growl. Bowser then jumped, and when he hit the ground, three enormous shock waves shot across the ground. Peach was prepared to jump, but knew that Mario, Luigi, nd Gourmet Guy weren’t. The shockwaves were right at her feet when she felt something wrap around her torso and yank her in the same second with such force, that she had to gasp for air. In a split second, she was lying on the ceiling, vines wrapped around the, the leaves attached to the ceiling. “What the…” Peach cried but stopped when she saw her sister sitting in what looked like a swing made up of vines. “Hey sis.” Daisy grinned. “Daisy! You’re awake!” Peach cried. Luigi, Mario, and Gourmet Guy were in the same position Peach was in, Gourmet Guy struggling with the vines. “I don’t do good being tied up! It cuts my circulation off!” Mario was looking down at Bowser, who was looking around, and Luigi was looking at Daisy in awe. “Peach, I think it’s time we do something with Bowser.” Peach nodded. “You know what to do.” Daisy said, raising her hands. Daisy brought them down a vines spurted out of them, flying towards Bowser. The moment the plant touched Bowser skin, they wrapped around him like a snake. Bowser let out a yell, and tried to move, but the vines had already wrapped to tight. “Go Peach!” Daisy screamed. Peach cupped her hands around her mouth and shouted, “TOADS!!!! CLEAR THE CASTLE!!!! ESCAPE!!!!” Like a stampede in a jungle, Toads came running out from everywhere, flowing like a river toward the door that led to the entrance room. Peach breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the Toads footsteps on the pavement outside. Daisy then let out a shriek as a vine snapped. Bowser growled menacingly, and struggled harder. Another vine snapped. Bowser then let out a ferocious roar, and disappeared as flames surrounded him. The vines then smoldered to ashes. “Prepare yourselves.” Daisy said, and she raised her hands. The vines disappeared, and they all fell towards the ground. Peach’s parasol appeared in her hands and she floated to the ground while Mario and Luigi fired blasts of fire and electricity at the ground making them go to the ground slowly. Gourmet Guy hit the ground, bouncing on his stomach and landing on his feet. When everybody was on the ground, Peach turned to face them. “Guys, play time is over. The time to act is now.” “I couldn’t agree with you more, Princess.” Bowser growled from behind her.

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