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Bowser's Embrassed
Author 605619
Release Date(s)
9th November 2014
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Medical,Learning Literature
Chapter(s) Chapter 1:Why Bowser are goes it? and other
Minimum Chapter Length 1
Maximum Chapter Length 20
Someone to get over there

Bowser's Embrassed is a fiction of Italian Mafia for Bowser. He is goes to Rome.

Chapter 1 :Why Bowser are goes it?

   Bowser's arch nemesis was named Mario. Luigi really like italian police officer And,They are can't do for a building a Colosseum Mario's spouse named Peach. Peach will goes from Peach's Castle to Colosseum for Last week. Because Bowser like axis power for goes it. Yoshi can cook pizza from Restaurant. Koopa wells don't like here.

   Somemore. Lakitu finds treasure chest of Italian is founded. The prince named Bowser Jr. Nickname Jr.,He is bad learn with Mario and friends. One more time,Koopas was fight with Luigi and goes to Italians prison. 

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