Bowser's Domain is The eighth world of Super Mario World U. The world features two different parts, an area above the ground and an area that is underground. There are 14 levels, 8 levels in part 1 and 6 levels in part 2. There are two fortresses, two castles, and does not feature any Mushroom Houses. Boom Boom is the boss for the first tower, Kamek is the boss for the second tower and the final castle is where Bowser is fought two times.


Part 1 - Lava Ruins

Bowser's Domain-1 Molten Magma Sea

Bowser's Domain-2 Meteor Mountain

Bowser's Domain-Fortress ???

SMWU W10-2

Bowser's Domain-3 Burnstone Falls

SMWU W10-3

Bowser's Domain-A Volcanic Cavern

Bowser's Domain-4 Airship Fleet

Bowser's Domain-5 Koopa Forces Frontier

Bowser's Domain-Castle Bowser's Castle

Part 2 - Crater Caves

SMWU W10-Bowser

Bowser's Domain-6 Lavaworks Lagoon

Bowser's Domain-7 Red Hot Rising Crater

Bowser's Domain-B Spinecoaster Lava Tunnel

Bowser's Domain-Fortress 2 Kamek's Mighty Mansion

Bowser's Domain-8 Underground Railroad

Part 3 - Bowser's Castle Area

Bowser's Domain-Castle 2 Bowser's Keep

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