A picture of Bowser's Betasphere in the Real World.

The Betasphere is a Beta Elements spectrometer, invented by Bowser's top Koopa Troop scientists (with the help of EFG. Inc members). The Betasphere is a machine that is used for finding all of the hidden debugged and beta stuff in games and software. The Betasphere itsely is an aluminum ball pierced with holes. The machine (aluminum ball) can be taken apart in half in order to fit in a Spectroscopy-viewed Card, which is a small ball that plugged into the Betasphere. High-purity germanium detectors are plugged into the holes in the machine's exterior.


  • This machine looks exactly like the Gammasphere, a machine which studies Gamma Rays instead of Beta Elements.
  • Bowser is currently creating a Betasphere the size of the Moon.

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