Bowie Union(also known as Bowie & Bananas: The Robotic Legacy) is a spinoff entry of the Bowie franchise made by Locked Gaming. The game starts the R11 Timeline, which is techincally non-canon to the series plot.

The game takes place during the Robotic Invasion of a mysterious villian who wants to takeover the world. It defeated Bananas and his minions, who is then forced to make an union with Bowie in order to stop this new threat.



The game is a mix of a third person shooter platformer role-playing game. The player switch teams (Bowie's or Banana's) and each team member has a special element, a special ability and a special stat. For example, Bowie has the ability to manipulate rocks and his special element is Earth and his special stat is Trust, which is upgraded once Bowie wins a battle with a memeber from the other team. Trust allows Bowie to perform Dual Moves with members from Banana's team.

The player can get different weapons and use against the opponents, the weapons can be guarded for a later use and they can be upgraded three levels, in each level gaining new abilities and powers. The main game focus is combat, the player takes control of one team member from one of the team and the CPU controls one member from the other team. There is twenty different kinds of weapons and 200 weapons totally. Each team member manipulates each of the weapons differently and each combat style is easy to learn but hard to master.


Bowie's Team

Character Description Ability
Bowie The heroic bear teams up with his archenemy to save the world. He is an average hero, he has average stats and his speciality is melee weapons. His special stat is Trust, in which he increases his trust on the team members of Banana's team. Earth
Control and manipulate rocks and other earth elements, such as the ground, in which he can cause small earthquakes.

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