Looks like we got some trouble on our hands. Well, it's not literally in our hands, it's actually in front of our, what the heck.

Bowie (Original)
Current Age 17 (Born August 29)
Gender Male
Species Teddy Bear
Location Western Forest
Current Status Alive
Teddy Bears
Family and Relations
Ashe (son)

Flare (wife)

Sabeuxo (Brother, sibling rivalry)

Windi (daughter)

Vulnerable To Water
Green Slimeball (by Endal)
Voice Actor(s)
Joe Philips
First Appearance BowieQuest α

Bowie the Teddy Bear is the main protagonist of the BowieQuest series.  He is the leader of the Western Forest teddy bear tribe, although is sometimes known to be irresponsible.  Bowie's element is that of rock.


Before Birth

Before Bowie was born, his mother was running through the forest as she was being chased by the series' antagonist, Endal the Monkey.  She tripped and was going to be brutally beaten, but Sabeuxo the teddy bear came in and engaged battle with Endal.  Bowie's mother made it home and managed to stitch Bowie together before Endal made it there.  Despite the fact that Endal killed off Bowie's mother, Bowie, who woke up, unleashed a powerful rock attack on Endal, throwing him at least fifty feet back.  Swearing revenge, he hops back into the Monkey Jungle.  After Endal disappeared, Bowie noticed a figure in the bushes that whispered "Danjixrus..." and fled as well before Bowie could get a closer look.

Early Years

Bowie attended Bear School when he was one, like any other teddy bear, and learned the basics of everything.  He excelled especially in science class, and learned of the element powers.  He then learned that he held the power of rock, and can use it to advantage, and can go as far as creating small earthquakes.


Bearnage is the teddy bear's equivalent of teenage, but it starts when a teddy bear is four.  Bowie met Flare, his future wife, at the age of five, and met his usually missing brother, Sabeuxo.  Not much has happened during this period other than Bowie meeting his future family.  Bowie married Flare at the age of 8, which is legal in the case of teddy bears.  A bit later, they stitched Ashe and Windi, their children, together and now they had a big happy(?) family.

BowieQuest Alpha to Broken

Bowie is the main protagonist for seven of eight games, on the mission to destroy Endal (and later on his assistant Thomas who takes over his empire).

In BowieQuest: Alpha, everything was normal, with Bowie simply wanting to stop Endal's evil plot. However, he killed someone by accident and was hunted down by his family, leading him into a trap that turns himself mechanical.

In BowieQuest: Gamma and Omega, after his resurrection as a normal teddy bear, his goal is to simply destroy Endal. Although he finally leads Endal into surrendering, Thomas has taken his role as a villain, leading into a new adventure.

In the final four games, Bowie defeats Thomas and eventually perishes from attempting to restore the world. Endal revives him via his own sacrifice, allowing Bowie to travel back to the past to prevent the Dark Wars from happening.

As of now, he is with a much happier family, having Flare as his wife still and his kids still known as Ashe and Windi.


Game Appearances



Brawl of the Fandraxonians

Bowie is a default character in this game, specializing in power.  He uses rock based attacks and is the main representative of BowieQuest.

His home stage is Western Forest.


Bowie is carefree and strives for absolute freedom.  He is usually good-tempered and is pretty jolly, which isn't too usual for any adventurer.  His attitude only changes remarkably when he's around Endal, which is when he gets serious.



They treat each other like brothers.  They have many adventures together, and they share very similar personalities.  Both view their cultures differently, though.


Flare is a hot-head, but the two get along nicely.  They travel very well together, and they have shared very similar feelings on their lives, to the point where the lives are fairly similar.


She is a greedy teddy bear, but she likes her father greatly.  She askes Bowie to get her lots of things, and Bowie isn't very happy about it.  But he does it to avoid a possible house tornado.


The two have a tough sibling rivalry, but the two pair together very well in a crisis.  Even though they almost never see eye to eye, they share the feeling that Endal is insane.


The two seem to be neutral to each other most of the time, although Oscargen never enjoys the discipline he receives when he's acting naughty.  Oscargen uses his genius to help Bowie out a lot, however.


Endal is Bowie's main enemy.  Believing that Bowie killed off most of the monkeys in his tribe in a previous war, he's tried to kill him from time to time.  The teddy bear in green always defeats him, though, and that drives him crazier game after game.



  • Bowie has several incarnations, but the only true form of Bowie is a green teddy bear that has some patches and a blue scarf.
  • Bowie is said to be the "Chosen One" of Zaxina. This has yet to be proven.