Bowie the Teddy Bear
Gender Male
Species Teddy Bear
Location Western Forest
Current Status Alive
Teddy Bears
His family, Flare in particular, dumb cowboy jokes, sewing, picking out hats for himself, looking cool in front of the enemy
The pest of the west, taking responsibility, the very idea of death, being confused for Unten apparently
First Appearance BowieQuest

Bowie the Teddy Bear is the main protagonist of BowieQuest, and is one of the few mascots of TimeStrike. He is a green teddy bear wearing a sheriff's attire, and is known for his silent, straightforward attitude, rendering him unable to speak whatsoever.


Bowie is a green teddy bear wearing sheriff attire, having many stitches and scratch marks from countless battles against Endal. His mouth is stitched together, rendering him unable to speak. A thin, red ribbon is tied around Bowie's neck, and extends down to his right side.

By the fourth BowieQuest entry, Bowie looks somewhat more aged, with him now having a fairly long beard and dusty clothes as well as more stitches from old age.


Bowie, whilst stern and difficult to talk to, is actually fairly friendly and easy to get along with, and happily supports anyone in need. His inability to talk to others makes him very difficult to discuss plans with, and it can be quite hard to tell what's on his mind exactly.  Despite his overall friendliness, he isn't as merciful towards foes like Endal.


Abilities for Bowie are quite basic, really. He can toss a rope and lasso foes with it and strangle them to deal damage, use the rope to reach higher places, or use it as a jump rope for "physical exercise". He can also toss his badge, held together with a rope, to shred through thin obstacles. Bowie is also very agile and can move very quickly.


Stampede Breakfast 2

Though Bowie is not physically present in Stampede Breakfast 2, King Boo has an alternate costume based on him. He replaces his crown with a black hat, identical to the one Bowie wears.

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Bowie the Teddy Bear
BowieQuest (2013)

The hero of the Western Forest and the sheriff of...a teddy bear tribe??  Wow.  Bowie is actually a pretty silent dude who doesn't talk, but packs quite a serious punch, utilizing ropes to grab or lash at his opponents and spare badges to chop through thin material.  He may be kind of stern, but he's actually a pretty friendly dude.



  • This is like Bowie's fifth reincarnation, after an average green bear, an ow the edge incarnation, a cowboy, a creature in a dumb fiction, and now he's a cowboy again.

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