Bowie & Fandro: Harlequin Stars is a crossover of the BowieQuest and Fandro RPG franchises, developed solely by Crimson and published by Zentech Studios. It is for the Zentablet platform.

The story starts off more serious and more efficiently than other games that Crimson has made, which has been praised by various audiences. Following that, Bowie & Fandro: Harlequin Stars is a first person shooting game, something rarely created by Crimson.


It all started on a foggy night in the midst of August, whereas Endal was searching through the skies for sources of energy for his next evil scheme. At this time, Blobstar was suffering greatly from a chemical reaction that is rotting the planet and destroying its people. Around midnight, Endal spotted Blobstar in its suffering state and decided to use it as a base for his plans.

Endal worked for two and a half hours building a split bomb, a type of explosive that splits a planet into thirty two identical pieces. Eventually, the monkey finished the invention and immediately pursued Blobstar. Upon arrival, he splits the planet with the bomb, which awakens Fandro from one thousand, three hundred and four miles away. Angered, Fandro takes out his gun and was about to depart from his house when he saw the place in ruins. The blob hops into a small rocket ship, and makes his away around the planet, searching for the cause of pain and destruction. Upon bumping into Endal, he is greeted with a flash of lightning and the strike of a dagger. Heavily damaged, Fandro tries to lump away.

As Endal was about to finish him off, KrunchKake jumps in front of Fandro and takes the blast, not suffering any damage whatsoever. The king throws himself at Endal and engages into battle with him, confusing Fandro as KrunchKake's blood runs with evil. However, Fandro makes his chance to escape and takes a spaceship with him, flying off into the midst of space, searching for a temporary home...

Meanwhile, in the Western Forest of the Stitch Kingdom, Bowie was studying a meteorite from outer space when Fandro crashed down onto his experiment, knocking Bowie and the rock away. Dazzled, Bowie gets up and finds himself face to face with Fandro. The two have a quarrel, which is easily interrupted by Endal, who returns from his destructive journey. Fandro and Endal have a quarrel of their own, which eventually angers Bowie enough to pin both of them down to the ground. It took approximately fifteen minutes for Fandro and Endal to explain everything clearly.

Seconds afterward, the skies warp about and a wormhole appears out of thin air, taking in Bowie and Fandro easily, but strangely leaving Endal on the ground. As the two exit the wormhole, they are greeted by KrunchKake, who prepares to murder them.

To be continued...



Character Description Stats Abilities
The sheriff of Western Forest, and the original earth element teddy bear.  With a warm heart and a tendency to help others, Bowie can prove to be a good hero.  He's also powerful too, like, miniquakes are deadly.






Character Description Role