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BowieQuest VI: Dark Forces Rising
A poster made for the final game in the original Bowie the Teddy Bear series.
Developer(s) Electric Enterprises
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Spring 2015
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Series BowieQuest
Predecessor BowieQuest V: The Apocalypse
Successor BowieQuest α

 BowieQuest VI: Dark Forces Rising is the concluding game of the old series of BowieQuest, being developed by Electric Enterprises instead of Fandraxonian Enterprises. Some loose ends plan to be tied up in this game. As the title states, a new evil is rising in the Bearverse, much worse than Bowie's rival, Bananas. The game is rated E10 and will be released in early spring of 2015.


Opeing: Dark Forces Rising

The game begins with the happy ending of BowieQuest V with Bananas switching to the good side and a big celebration. After the celebration ended, everyone went their seperate ways, except for Bowie and Bananas. They waited a while longer to leave. As they waited, however, a large robot appeared and said that it captured the Great Teddy Spirits, who watched over the Bearverse and kept everything in order. They also oversaw that Bowie protected the Bearverse and the inhabitants, but now that the five Spirits were gone, the world could be destroyed at will. Bananas and Bowie then embarked on possibly their final adventure.


Gameplay is similar to that of Mario & Luigi. You can choose to be in control of either Bowie or Bananas at a time. When having Bowie be in the lead, he can use his rock powers to destroy boulders that may lie in their path. If Bananas is in control, he can use his PSI powers to lift or move objects.


When coming in contact with an enemy, a battle begins. Bowie and Bananas have the same movesets, including Melee, Powers, Team Attack, and Spirits. Powers varies between Bowie and Bananas. Bowie uses his rock powers, while Bananas uses his psychic powers. Team Attack involves both Bananas and Bowie, performing an extra strong attack against all enemies. Spirits are earned after completing a location, and they work similarly to Star Spirits or Crystal Stars.



A star next to a character name means it is unlockable.

Image Name Description Type Special Power
Bowie - BowieQuest RPG Bowie Bowie is a green teddy bear who has saved his home from Bananas many times before. In this instance, however, he and Bananas must cooperate to stop a new evil that has risen. Rock Element BQIV Rock Fist
Bananas ACL Bananas Bananas is a monkey that was once Bowie's main rival, but switched to the good side after his last defeat. Thank goodness, too, because I think his psychic powers will be a great help on this final mission. PSI Element BQIV Psychic Slam
Ashe - BowieQuest RPG Ashe* The overweight son of Bowie was in World 1. He is a part of your team when you find him and can replace Bowie in the field or in battle. Aqua Element BQIV Aqua Storm
Robert2 Robert* Found in World 2, Robert believed that Bowie and his team were villains, as it was hard to tell in the darkness. After a fight, Robert realized that it was actually Bowie and not an imposter, so he joined the team. He can replace Bananas at any time. Power Element BQIV Mega Punch
Samantha - BowieQuest RPG Samantha* Bowie's somewhat hot wife joins the team in World 3. Inside of a volcano, she was very glad when she found Bowie and Ashe. After learning about their journey, she joined the team. Samantha can replace Bowie or Ashe. Fire Element BQIV Fire Frenzy
Metal Bowie Metal Bowie* Bowie's metallic counterpart and servant to Bananas, he had to be fought in World 4 due to a malfunction. After defeat, Bananas ordered him to help out the team, so he reluctantly joined. Metal Bowie can replace Bananas or Robert. Metal Element BQIV Charge Beam
Shelia - BowieQuest RPG Shelia* Ashe's mischievous sister is found in World 5. She had created a tornado that had gotten out of control, so Bowie had to rescue her. When rescued, she joined the team. She can replace Bowie, Ashe, or Samantha. Wind Element BQIV Tornado Toss
Vortexaine No Shadow Vortexaine* Once an aid of the final boss, she rejoined Bananas to defeat the final boss when the team was in peril. She can replace any member of Bananas's team in the game. Dark Element BQIV Dark Vortex


World Name Desription Boss
Bear Forest A calm area with few enemies and also where you find Ashe. Regal Rampull
Deficient Desert A run-down desert where you fight Robert and convince him to join your team. Mummimimic
Vicious Volcano A large volcano where Samantha is rescued from the rising lava. Giga Roller
Rusted Rainforest A mechanical jungle that got worn down over time where Metal Bowie got a malfunction. Metal Bowie
Wild Windpark A large, dusty field where Shiela lost control of her wind powers and created a tornado. Prince Twister
Darkness Realm The final location where the Dark Forces are fought and Vortexaine gives you aid for the final time. The Dark Forces


  • Spirit Goon - A minion of the new Dark Forces created from a piece of the Teddy Spirits and corrupted.
  • Dark Goon - A common minion of the Dark Forces. It can go invisible and attack you when you aren't expecting it, making it hard to guard.
  • Roller - A common enemy that attacks by slamming into its opponents.
  • Flashulb - A lightblub that flashes violently. When you get too close to it, it'll paralyze you and then try to ram into you.
  • Ropire - A flaming rope that attempts to squeeze its opponents to death.
  • Ramplull - A sleeping bull that gets violent when woken up. If it attacks, its power is so great it depletes a lot of your HP.
  • Slashion - A robot that attacks with its sword-shaped body. It causes massive damage when it attacks.
  • Pantings - A pair of pants that will swing its legs at the player, which will sometimes cause a burn.
  • Megapede - A huge bug that tries rolling into its opponents at full force.
  • Puzzle Slicers - Puzzle pieces that try to slice into their opponents. Dodge them, and they'll kill themselves.
  • Bananon - A banana robot that attempts to blow up in your face. Prevent that by kicking it away with any weapon.
  • Platino - A huge rolling plate that attempts to slice through opponents in the air.
  • Icube - An ice cube that is able to freeze you if you get too close to it.
  • Hotauce - A bottle of hot sauce that attempts to burn you with its contents.
  • Mummimoney - Mummified coins that all try to roll or slice their opponents. They can also attack with fire somehow.
  • Red Paper - Red paper. It does nothing. However, if you destroy it, many enemies come in and attack, including more paper. It's best to just run from the battle.
  • Lighnion - A lion that attacks with bites and paralyzing electrical powers.
  • Realibear - A real bear that can claw, scratch, and bite at you.
  • Mirrorear - A bear that is only seen in mirrors. It performs the opposite attack that a Realibear would use.
  • Soulime - A lime with a soul. It gives you a hint on how to do something, then attacks you. If it hits you with a huge green blast, you lose half of your health. Take out quickly!
  • Chairon - An evil chair that attacks with its legs. Try to take out the legs first!
  • Shadon - A shadow that tries to take over your body. If it does, any attack you perform will end up attacking yourself. Take enough damage and it will escape.


  • This was made for Crimson's second weekly challenge.
  • While games are currently being made for the new BowieQuest series, this game is the official conclusion of the old BowieQuest.
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