BowieQuest VI: Crimson Skies
Developer(s) Fandraxonian Enterprises
Publisher(s) Fandraxonian Enterprises
Platform(s) Fandraxo
Release Date(s)
May 12, 2020
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Series BowieQuest
Predecessor BowieQuest V: The Apocalypse
Media Included Fandraxo Card
 BowieQuest VI: Crimson Skies, commonly shortened to BowieQuest VI, is the unofficial sequel to BowieQuest V produced for the Fandraxo system. It is said to show the future of Bowie before his reboot. Despite the game being non-canon, Smaranas appears later on in the new series, known as ETM-01.



It has been 10 weeks since the fall of Bananas.  Retired, he joins Bowie's team, ready to take down enemies, but he has a suspicious smile that may hint otherwise?...But the Apocalypse has happened in another form. A secret surmon by Bananas, done during the final battle in BowieQuest III, finally happens, and awakens a new beast from underground. It tosses its hand into the sky, and grabs on to a ledge, and glares with deep crimson eyes. The bears were asleep, but the young one in blue, Ashe, wakes up and goes down the stairs, only to be blocked by an invisible wall. He is all of a sudden in a glass of water, being held by the demon of the underground, Smaranas, which reveals himself to be Bananas' father. After a witty discussion with Ashe , the young bear is "drank and slurped up" when he wakes up from his "dream". The house was split in half as the dimensions appeared to be torn apart by the chaotic monkey. The air all disappears, slaughtering many animals and taking down everybody and everything that either has lungs or relies on air. Smaranas then goes to the top of the world, and prepares to fire the Hyper Blast, which would take out the world in just one single shot. The bears all looked ahead of themselves, and found themselves in the twisted, insane mind of Smaranas, who is trying all he can to block the bears with his mysterious trickery powers. Bananas is gone, examining a stone, which may be the key to defeating Smaranas...

Heroes Uprising Storyline

(Playable: Bowie, Ashe, Samantha)

Bowie, Ashe, and Samantha leave their treehouse and go into the Rainy Jungle area. Smaranas appears and reveals that he's going to take away all the oxygen. As he speaks, he starts up the Air Annihilator and begins to suck all the air in a vacuum, although slowly. The trees in the jungle wilt away and mechanical, green trees take their place. The bears begin to chase Smaranas throughout the jungle. After going through all the traps, the trio fight a large bear, and manage to defeat it. The team eventually finds the Rivalry team, which block the way to the Geargrind Works, citing them as dangerous. Bowie doesn't object and decides to find another way into the works, by means of going through the Battlefront Canyon. Before they head into the canyon, the Young Ones appear and hand Bowie a very strong weapon that only blasts when air is restored.

The bears set off into the Battlefront Canyon, with Smaranas on their trail. Midway through, Smaranas fires a large laser at them displaying the power of the Hyper Cannon. However, it misses and creates a hole in the canyon, leading to the Lost Temple. The Rivalry team, who have made their way through the works, shove their way through the heroes into the said temple. Smaranas, angered, attempts to fire the cannon again, but it fails on him and causes his powers to go haywire, forcing him to go back to his base.

Eventually, the hero trio make their way into the Geargrind Works, and shut it down, cutting off some power to the Air Annihilator, causing air to roam free for a while. The trio head into the Diamond Cave, where the Works used to get their power. Inside, they find Buddy, a sister of Robert. After a small discussion, Buddy points to the Crystal Fortress, which is another source of power for the Air Annihilator. Right after this event, Smaranas barges in and fires the Hyper Cannon, creating a large hole in the caves that leads to a long lost mine. From above, Smaranas mocks them.

After the small adventure, the trio get into the Crystal Fortress and set the Odd One Out team free from their imprisonment there, allowing them to escape. The heroes manage to make it to the core and shut down the base, that is after fighting the Crystal Lord. The Rivalry team then make it in, and Paul speaks that Buddy wants to see them immediately. However, the entrance to the caves is blocked off, so they must make their way through a Cyber Highway. After making their way through this vast area, they pop out of Buddy's computer and head into the Lost Temple, where Smaranas holds a new amount of power for his Annihilator.

The trio eventually solve the puzzles and shut down the power source there after fighting a corrupted pharoah of teddy bears. The Odd One Out team make it in and inform them that Smaranas hasn't given up yet, and that his Annihilator is constantly gaining strength. Bananas mentions that the nearby volcano will blow, and that is where the final source of power takes place. The trio head there immediately with the Rivalry team close behind.

Power at the volcano was shut down by the heroes, and they take off to the Air Annihilator, while the Rivalry team stay behind and fight off the guardian that prevented access into the Annihilator in the first place. The Odd One Out team appears and mentions that it's near max power and that the power from its previous sources is enough to destroy the planet. Bowie shuts down the Annihilator, Ashe destroys the power chamber and Samantha unlinks the place from Smaranas' headquarters. Smaranas then appears, threatens the trio, and holds his cannon. Bowie then says that he's dumb, and Smaranas, angered, fires what remains of the cannon at Bowie, but the bear cleverly dodges and the blast destroys the Annihilator itself, bringing air back and disabling Smaranas' weapon.

The trio then head into Smaranas' headquarters, and with some assistance from the Young Ones' weapons, plow their way through the base and defeat Smaranas, who put up a grand fight. The headquarters falls into Bananas' old first base, and the trio head back home and celebrate with cake and ice cream. The end for this story.

Bananas, cackling with eerie glee, checks off a box on an unreadable list.

Rivalry Storyline

(Playable: Paul, Gary, Teddy)

Young Ones Storyline

(Playable: Shelia, Jonathan, Princess)

Odd One Out Storyline

(Playable: Robert, Angel, Bananas)

Final Storyline

(Playable: Bowie, Paul, Bananas)


Gameplay is, once again, somewhat different from those of its predecessors. Like the first BowieQuest game, you go through the stages in a certain order. You have to make it from one side of a stage to the other without getting a game over. You use the left analog stick to move and press A to jump, and those with good jump can press A again to double jump. Press B, C, and D to preform a set of attacks, which can be found here. L and R are camera buttons, and the right analog stick functions as a weapon switcher. You can use the touch screen to fire your weapon.  At the beginning of every level, you can optionally hit a switch.  Upon hitting it, a time limit will appear, and you must make it to the end before it expires.  If you get to the end before the time limit is up, you'll receive an extra life.  If you fail to make it on time, you'll lose a life.

Much like in BowieQuest IV: Rise of the Monkey Gods, you can transform into a stronger form.  If you have done mostly destroying enemies, your form will appear in a black color, and you'll be able to preform the Devil Flash, which destroys every enemy in a large radius, and you'll have this power for a short amount of time.  If you have done mostly keeping on health and keeping on guard, your form will appear in a white color, and you'll be able to preform the Angel Blast, which boosts your health, power and defense by a lot for a short amount of time.  If you've done a balance of the two, then your form will appear gray and your attack will boost and you'll preform a somewhat weaker version of the Devil Flash.  To transform, you need to collect a Pure Orb, and press C to use it.  What happens next depends on if you've been mostly on power or on defense or in between.



Bowie is the main protagonist of the game, and obviously one of your default characters.  After the works of Smaranas got into progress, Bowie doesn't hesitate to go on another adventure.  He is a powerful character, but lacks in his defense.


The son of Bowie, and another one of the main protagonists of the game.  No air means no water, so Ashe is very desperate to save the planet from Smaranas.  He's a bulky character, but is very slow.


The obviously not hot wife of Bowie returns in this adventure.  She is worried about the loss of oxygen, as her flames can destroy those in the atmosphere.  She is fragile, but fast and great at jumping.


The first of three rivals that Bowie has ever faced.  Paul knows that the world is taking itself apart, but wants to help out so it doesn't fall apart.  Even though he's tricked a few times in the game.  He's a very balanced character, and is fine for beginners.


The somewhat greedy daughter of Bowie is back in action.  Finding out that the most precious of gems were stolen by Smaranas, she decides to go retrive them.  She's extremely fast, but is the most fragile of all characters.


The overweight, very powerful bear is back on track.  Air is something Robert needs to do battles, and without it he can't fight.  He's super slow and bad at jumping, but makes up for it with sheer power.


The dark, sinister but good son of Ashe.  He's willing to build anything to save the world from its airless doom.  He's average in most stats, but has a slight advantage in jump with a slight disadvantage in power.


The second rival of Bowie, and the coldest - literally and emotionally - of the bears.  Air is what makes up water, which is what he freezes to make ice.  So he's out to save the ice from Smaranas' wrath.  He's powerful, but somewhat fragile.


The young, young princess from a far away land.  After hearing of the loss of air, she wants to finally help in on the action.  She's average in her stats.


The cocky, third rival of Bowie.  He hates everyone and attempts to steal all their money for the sake of doing it.  He's super bulky, like Ashe, but is very slow and jumps low.


The calm, clear bear that descended from the skies to help retrieve the air in the atmosphere.  She is very friendly and is scared of large foes.  She is very fast, very defenseful, but has the weakest power of all.


The main antagonist of the BowieQuest series until V.  The fall of him caused him to become a hero (?), and he is willing to help.  He's very powerful and fast, but is the most fragile of everyone.


  • Rainy Jungle
    • This is the first stage for all teams.
    • One of the few places with fresh air. The first area of the game, and the only one with trees. There are few dangers present here, but the more common ones are bottomless pits and attacks from snakes. There are seven areas of the jungle, two are maze-like and difficult to bypass.
  • Battlefront Canyon
    • This is the second stage for Heroes, the fourth for Rivalry, the fifth for Young Ones, and the eighth for Odd One Out.
    • The war zone, Battlefront Canyon, is here! It's filled with wars and battles, and you have to pass by without being killed. Falling into bottomless pits is a common thing to do here, so be wary of them. This land has eight areas, three of them including autoscrolling.
  • Geargrind Works
    • The third stage for Heroes, the second for Rivalry, the seventh for Young Ones, and the third for Odd One Out.
    • Everyone's favorite factory with many hazardous obstacles. Conveyors, automatic stairways, and pools of chemicals flood the many rooms of this bustling factory. There are ten areas of this factory, three of them being constantly flooded with dangerous chemicals.
  • Diamond Mines
    • The fourth stage for Heroes, the ninth for Rivalry, the final for Young Ones, and the seventh for Odd One Out.
    • Mines that are filled with hard-stone diamond. Everything is very solid, and traps are set everywhere. In certain areas of this giant world you can ride in small mine carts. There are eight areas of the mines, two of them being solely mine cart sections.
  • Crystal Fortress
    • The fifth stage for Heroes, the sixth for Rivalry, the second for Young Ones, and the fourth for Odd One Out.
    • A fortress with super tough walls! You have to break through these walls, and to do that you need to solve some very tricky puzzles. Steel crushers and saw blades are embedded in the walls. There are four areas of this fortress, one of them being entirely a puzzle to get inside the fortress' core.
  • Cyber Highway
    • The sixth stage for Heroes, the seventh for Rivalry, the eighth for Young Ones, and the second for Odd One Out.
    • Behold the cyber highway! It's a highway made out of high tech, up to date software and the cards are simply files. Viruses will again and again attempt to delete you, but some are just too strong for you and you need to use Antivirus programs to destroy them. There are seven areas of this highway, two of them taking place inside a huge metropolis.
  • Lost Temple
    • The seventh stage for Heroes, the third for Rivalry, the ninth for Young Ones, and the sixth for Odd One Out.
    • A tricky, twisted temple with many spooks hidden inside. You will come across booby traps very often, and the puzzles are maddeningly difficult. There are ten areas of this temple, three of them being large shafts that are lined with trouble.
  • Deep Crimson Volcano
    • The eighth stage for heroes, the final for Rivalry, the third for Young Ones, and the fifth for Odd One Out.
    • A volcano that has enormous bulges of energy hidden inside. Lava is continuously rising and everything is going all out on you. You have to make sure you don't burn up in this large, heated place. There are twelve areas of this volcano, four of them taking place outside of the volcano.
  • Air Annihilator
    • The ninth stage for heroes, the fifth for Rivalry, the fourth for Young Ones, and the final for Odd One Out.
    • Here we are, at Smaranas' Air Annihilator! Air here is being sucked into a huge machine, which converts the air into energy that will fill the Hyper Blast Cannon. There are many, many obstacles here, such as toxic pools of energy, shredders, gears, crushers, blades, enemies with maces, and more! There are nine areas of this crazy place, the final two having you shut down the Annihilator.
  • Smaranas' Headquarters
    • The final stage for heroes, the eighth for Rivalry, the sixth for Young Ones, and the ninth for Odd One Out.
    • Finally, time to kick some monkey ass! Navigate your way through this considerably tricky and difficult world, avoiding the most dangerous obstacles ever known to the teddy bears. Beware of vacuums, which will suck you into a world of nothing! There are five areas of these headquarters, the final being a giant staircase leading to the final battle.


Wild Snake

Mad Raccoon

Rabid Squirrel

Red-eyed Beaver

Haunted Tree

Hungry Bear


Missile Seal

Explosive Toy

Evil Clown

Monster Hut

Valley Ghost

Mad Gear

Mind's Eye

Floor Shaker


Little Mecha Monkey

Door Keeper


  • Smaranas Clone (Rainy Jungle Mini Boss)
    • A very, very slow clone of Smaranas that uses very weak attacks, such as tiny lasers and tiny energy spheres. Dies in three hits.
  • Wild Bear (Rainy Jungle Boss)
    • This huge beast attacks with sharp claws, and can also do a headslam into you.  If it headslams into a wall, you can attack it.  Once it loses half its HP, it will stand up on its hind legs and attempt to grab you and shake you heavily.  Avoid this attack and keep following the same strategy; wait for it to headslam into a wall, then hit it with all you got.  After six hits, this huge beast goes down.
  • Metal Bowie Mk. I (Battlefront Canyon Mini Boss)
    • Metal Bowie will use his sharp, mechanical claws and will also ram into you at high speeds. He can also fire lasers out of his chest. After four hits, Metal Bowie falls.
  • Crimson Airship (Battlefront Canyon Boss)
    • You start off this fight by running on a small obstacle course, and then you get on the airship itself.  Avoid all the cannonballs, the flames, and the exhaust pipes.  Once you make it to the engine room, attack it with strong attacks while avoiding the hyper lasers that shoot from the background.  After the engine takes thirty hits, the ship crashes downward into the Battlefront Canyon and explodes.


Click on the expand button for the table of items.

Bear Bomb Rusty Shield Power Orb Aqua Ring

Toss this to make it explode.  It does a wide radius of damage, destroying every enemy caught in its path.

Rarity: Rare

Defends yourself, although it doesn't increase your defense levels by a lot.

Rarity: Common

This orb will increase your power, allowing you to deal extra damage on your foes.  If an enemy touches it, they will become stronger, so watch out.  Lasts until the end of the level's area.

Rarity: Semi Common

If grabbed, you'll be able to go through the air by means of a water trail.  The power of the Aqua Ring only lasts ten seconds, so use it wisely.

Rarity: Semi Common

Shark Jaws Silver Shield Defense Orb Fire Ring

This item is rare to find.  If found, you can pick it up and use it to clamp on enemies with large amounts of power.  This item is brilliant for piercing defenses.

Rarity: Rare

Allows you to take more hits, and helps you develop a resistence to burns and paralyzation.

Rarity: Semi Common

This orb will increase your defense, allowing you to take more hits and have an easier time staying alive.  Lasts until the end of the level's area.

Rarity: Common

If grabbed, you'll be able to cause a trail of fire on the ground that burns up those who touch it.  The power of the Fire Ring only lasts ten seconds, so use it wisely.

Rarity: Semi Common

Power Laser Knight's Shield Speedy Orb Thunder Ring

A rare weapon that can take out a wide amount of enemies.  It will destroy mini bosses and it can deal large damage on the boss fights it appears in.

Rarity: Super Rare

Even more powerful than before, having properties like the Silver Shield's but it can now prevent sleeping and it can slightly heal you as you go.

Rarity: Rare

This orb increases your speed, making it harder for enemies to hit you.  Lasts until the end of the level's area.

Rarity: Common

If grabbed, you'll be able to create a trail of electricity that creates electricity in the ground.  It has a wider range than the Fire Ring, but it shocks enemies instead of killing them.  The power of the Thunder Ring only lasts ten seconds, so use it wisely.

Rarity: Semi Common

Rage Powder Angel's Viel Pure Orb Dark Ring

Once collected, you glow dark red and you gain such an increase in power it's absolutely insane.

Rarity: Extremely Rare

The most powerful of the shields, and heals you heavily as you go.  It also revives you if you die in a level, but it goes afterwards.

Rarity: Extremely Rare

This orb transforms you into a more powerful state.  How the Pure Orb works can be seen here.

Rarity: Super Rare

If grabbed, you'll be able to create a trail of black holes.  These suck and trap enemies in a vortex, allowing you to hit them easily.  It increases your power too, although slightly.  The power of the Dark Ring only lasts eight seconds, so use it wisely.

Rarity: Rare



It has come to this! Bowie, prepare yourself for a grand battle! ¡En garde!
Smaranas, before his first battle