BowieQuest V: The Apocalypse
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Platform(s) WiiULogo
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D Platformer/Puzzle
Series BowieQuest
Predecessor BowieQuest IV: Rise of the Monkey Gods
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc
 BowieQuest V: The Apocalypse, often shortened to BowieQuest V, is an upcoming game made by Zentech Studios for the Wii U system.  It is the final game in the BowieQuest series before the official reboot.  It stars Bowie as he has to resurrect Vortexaine to defeat Bananas whilst preventing said monkey from destroying the Sacred Forest, which gives teddy bears their life.  The game follows a unique gameplay pattern, unlike other Bowie games, whereas Bowie and friends use unique weapons as well as their elements to defeat enemies, and find five keys to win a level.


After the defeat of the Monkey Gods back in BowieQuest IV, Bananas betrayed Bowie and prepared to start the Apocalypse by waking up Vortexaine, this time prepared compared to how he was in BowieQuest III.  Bowie and friends were blown out of their home forest, and were forced to start from Peaceful Palace.

Ripe and Fudgebuckets later met Bowie again in Havoc Hills.  Bowie instantly took down Fudgebuckets, but Ripe got into her machine and prepared to attack the bears.  However, she was defeated.  Fudgebuckets was later tooken on and defeated in Mega Metropolis.

After clearing Mega Metropolis, Paul attacked Bowie and tried to bring him down, once again tricked by Bananas.  Once the ancient bear was defeated, he joined Bowie's team and threatened Bananas to give up.  The five then continued on to Chaotic Canyon.

Upon clearing the Rusty Ruins, Gary attacked and wanted to pull Bowie down to the Underhell.  After a huge battle between Bowie and Gary, the latter joined Bowie and the entire group moved on to Misty Mountains.

Once the Sacred Forest was reached, Bananas sent all he had to defeat Bowie and friends.  However, everything failed and Bananas woke up Vortexaine.  However, before it could attack, Princess made a wish at the Vortexaine Shrine to switch Vortexaine to the greater good, as legend had it that Vortexaine used to be good.  Vortexaine then decided to bring down Bananas, and an epic battle commenced between Vortexaine and Bananas, with the former winning.  Bananas than resided from evil for good, knowing that Bowie is impossible to beat.

Everyone then went to the Bear Forest, and enjoyed cake and ice cream.  After a discussion with Vortexaine, Paul went back to his home and slept in his bed, satisfied that all was now well, and awaits to have many new fun times with Bowie and friends.


Gameplay is much different from that of its predecessor, BowieQuest IV: Rise of the Monkey Gods.  You start in a level and you try to find five keys to win said level.  There are many puzzles to solve to find these keys though, so the player must attempt to be very cautious and aware of their surroundings.  In levels, you can collect weapons to destroy your enemies or items to help you progress in levels, such as the grappling hook.


Simply, the left analog stick is used to move.  Holding the Y button makes you move slightly faster.  The A button is used to jump in a level, and if pressed again in mid air, the character will perform its aerial move, which is different depending on the used character.  B is used for attacking with an elemental power.  B can be used in combination with the X button to combine the effects of elements and used weapon.  X, when not being coupled with B, can be used to either fire your weapon or to use an item.  L is used to switch between items while R is used to switch between weapons.  The right analog stick is used to rotate the camera, which is necessary sometimes for finding extra areas.  The touch screen can be used as an alternative shortcut to switching items and weapons.  The start button allows you to pause and the select button will show your progress in a level.


Story Mode

In this mode, you go along with the story and go through the stages of the game in order from Peaceful Palace to Sacred Forest.  You'll find out a lot about the game's plot.

Time Attack!

In this mode, you'll go through any stage or boss you want to, and your objective is to go through it at the fastest time.  There is a leaderboard for this mode, and leaderboards include "Regionwide" and "Worldwide".


In this mode, you'll play with two, three, or four players to find the most amount of keys in a level, or to find as many keys as possible before the time limit gives out.  The amount of keys in a level is 9 for two players, 13 for three players, and 17 for four players.

Playable Characters

Due to the enormous size of BowieQuest V: The Apocalypse compared to BowieQuest IV: Rise of the Monkey Gods, the roster size has shrunk from twelve to eight.  Each character plays in a different way and uses a different element and weapon.

Bowie Ashe
Bowie is the starring protagonist of the game, and is the leader of the teddy bear tribe.  With the powers of rock, he can take down many on-ground enemies.  He's happy and cocky, but always looks out for his friends.  He's a great, fast physical attacker, but has very poor defenses.  His element is rock, as mentioned, and his weapon is the Bowie Bow. Ashe is the son of Bowie, and steps up in this game as one of the deuteragonists.  He's pretty fat and lazy, but is a great defense and battle and takes pride in his flab.  He's a great defense field, but has very poor speed.  His element is water, and his weapon is the Ashe Arrow.
Samantha Shelia
Samantha is the somewhat hot wife of Bowie, and is one of the deuteragonists.  She's very short tempered and rages about just about anything.  She is very speedy and offensive, with a wide range of moves.  She has poor defense and handling, though. Her element is fire, and her weapon is the Samantha Sickle. Shelia is the somewhat greedy daughter of Bowie, and is very playful.  She enjoys flying in the sky and causing some mischief.  She is very fast and jumps very high, but is poor in power and defense.  Her element is wind, and her weapon is the Shelia Switchblade.
Paul Jonathan

Paul is an ancient teddy bear that sits as the primary rival of Bowie, also known to be his brother.  Wise and old, he gives all types of advice.  He's also somewhat gullable.  He is average in most stats, making him a fine choice for a playable.  His element is lightning, and his weapon is the Paul Pike.

Unlocking Method: Defeat him in battle.

Jonathan is a young genius, being perhaps the smartest teddy bear alive.  He experiments with everything and is always displeased when somebody disturbs his work.  He is average in all stats, making him an average player.  His element is darkness, and his weapon is the Jonathan Javelin.

Unlocking Method: Rescue him in the world "Chaotic Canyon".

Robert Gary

Robert is a huge teddy bear with lots of bulk.  He can take anything down with his sheer power, and does several rounds of pull-ups and push-ups.  He is extremely powerful and defenseful, but has extremely low speed and jump.  His element is power, and his weapon is the Robert Rifle.

Unlocking Method: Rescue him in the world "Cool Clouds".

Gary is one of Bowie's rivals, and is very sneaky and mischievous.  He enjoys ruining parties and acts like the stereotypical teenager.  He is very fast and defenseful, but has average power and cannot jump, requiring switches and slopes to bring him up to different elevations.  His element is ice, and his weapon is the Gary Grenade.

Unlocking Method: Defeat him in battle.


Bananas woke her up to trigger the Apocalpyse, and she was ordered to attack Bowie.  However, the wishes of Princess reached her, and she turned to the greater good.  Will she bring Bananas to an end?

Note: Only Playable in the final phase of Bananas.


World No. Name Picture Description Levels Difficulty
1 Peaceful Palace A simply beautiful palace set out as the first location of the game.  Flowers bloom, waterfalls make a mighty roar, and there is little difficulty here. 5 Easy
2 Havoc Hills A hilly region with a war going on overhead.  Find your way around these hills and get the keys without being blown away by weapons. 6 Easy
3 Dusk Desert Smoking hot, even at night, the desert will try to swallow you whole.  Quicksand is featured in this region and dust storms attempt to take you down by surprise. 5 Medium
4 Mega Metropolis An enormous city filled with cars and buildings, this will make it hard to find the keys.  You can enter buildings and find some hidden secrets. 5 Easy
5 Chaotic Canyon A canyon that has many scorpions and other dangerous animals.  Venturing in this area is difficult because of all of that is dangerous in this zone. 7 Medium
6 Frozen Forest A frozen wonderland that is part of the famous Bear Forest.  Snow fulfills every corner of this area, and snowmen along with deer and other dangerous creatures. 6 Easy
7 Jazz Jungle A jungle filled to the brim with alligators, snakes, and water hazards.  Move to the beat and find those keys, or find yourself as a snack! 8 Medium
8 Rusted Ruins Old, rusted ruins with many different puzzles to solve.  Lava seeps through many cracks of this old place and switches and doors are everywhere. 7 Hard
9 Misty Mountains Mountains that are covered entirely with mist, enemies can attack when unexpected!  Take shelter in some of the tiny caves in the mountain, as avalanches are common. 6 Hard
10 Cool Clouds Residing around 4 miles from the ground, these clouds can make you airsick.  Bulls and strong winds attempt to blow you off this world of clouds... 9 Medium
11 Vile Volcano A magma filled volcano that has many challenging puzzles, and some must be solved quickly as the lava might rise and catch you!  You'll need all the luck you can get, as this is no easy world. 8 Hard
12 Sacred Forest The final area of the game, and it's filled with many bombs and obstacles.  At the end Bananas is preparing to destroy this forest, stop him before it's too late! 10 Hard


  • Roller - A common enemy that attacks by slamming into its opponents. Takes a single hit to defeat.
  • Flashulb - A lightblub that flashes violently. When you get too close to it, it'll paralyze you and then try to ram into you. You must defeat it by using a weapon against it.
  • Shadum - A shadowy piece of gum that attacks by latching onto its opponent and slowly draining HP. You can get out of it by rotating the analog stick. To defeat, you must burn it with fire.
  • Ropire - A flaming rope that attempts to squeeze its opponents to death. Pick up the rope and quickly swing it towards a wall to paralyze it. The only way to defeat it is to throw it off of the level or into a bottomless pit.
  • Ramplull - A sleeping bull that gets violent when woken up. If it attacks, its power is so great it depletes a lot of your HP. Destroy it with several bops to the head.
  • Slashion - A robot that attacks with its sword-shaped body. It causes massive damage if it attacks, so destroy it with fire, or weaken its attacks with water.
  • Pantings - A pair of pants that will swing its legs at the player, which will sometimes cause a burn. Tear it apart with any weapon.
  • Megapede - A huge bug that tries rolling into its opponents at full force. Counter with a just as powerful roll towards this enemy, and send it flying towards a wall.
  • Puzzle Slicers - Puzzle pieces that try to slice into their opponents. Dodge them, and they'll kill themselves.
  • Bananon - A banana robot that attempts to blow up in your face. Prevent that by kicking it away with any weapon.
  • Platino - A huge rolling plate that attempts to slice through opponents in the air. Dodge it, or pick it up during its attack and toss it at a wall to destroy it.
  • Icube - An ice cube that lays motionless on the ground, until you come nearby. Then it will rise up and try to make you slip. Kill it with fire.
  • Hotauce - A bottle of hot sauce that attempts to burn you with its contents. You can pick up the bottle and throw it at a wall or blow it up to open walls.
  • Mummimoney - Mummified coins that all try to roll or slice their opponents. They can also attack with fire somehow. Destroy it with their own fire, which can be done by using mirrors.
  • Red Paper - Red paper. It does nothing. Destroy it with fire. However, if you destroy it, many enemies come in and attack, including more paper.
  • Lighnion - A lion that attacks with bites and paralyzing electrical powers. Defeat it by pushing it into bottomless pits.
  • Mirrorear - A bear that is only seen in mirrors. Defeat it by doing something that your mirror counterpart can't, then watch it fade away. If defeated, a door opens to somewhere.
  • Soulime - A lime with a soul. It gives you a hint on how to do something, then attacks you. If it hits you with a huge green blast, you lose half of your health. Take out quickly!
  • Chairon - An evil chair that attacks with its legs. Destroy the legs with any weapon, then take apart the main base.
  • Shadon - A shadow that tries to take over your body. Take it down by shooting it, and then counter its attack to make it hit itself, destroying it.


  • Mechouse (Peaceful Palace Boss) - A huge, lazy mechanical mouse that sleeps on a semi-thorny bed. When it wakes up, it'll try to roll into you. If it misses, it'll fall asleep, revealing its weak spot, its belly. Attack it to damage it, and it will wake up and try to smash into you again. Halfway through the battle it'll begin to swing its powerful tail at you.
  • Mechider (Havoc Hills Boss) - A mechanical spider with Ripe in the cockpit. It will attack with the threads from its legs, then attempt to bite down on you. Destroy the threads with ninja-like movements, and attack the cockpit with any weapon or your own fists. Halfway through the battle it speeds up by 50%.
  • Mummimmi (Dusk Desert Boss) - A mummy that attacks with wrap attacks. If you are wrapped up, rotate the analog stick repetitively to escape. Burn it from fire from the lamps, and after several burns it dies out. Halfway through the battle it will start using paralyzing glares.
  • Fudgebuckets (Mega Metropolis Boss) - Fudgebuckets will leap at you, breathe fire, and use long distance punches. Grab on to his tail and swing him towards a wall to cause damage. Halfway through the battle he will begin dodging your attacks by jumping high into the air.
  • Paul (Rival Boss)(Mega Metropolis) - Paul will attempt to paralyze you, then use electrical attacks. Knock him down with anything you got.
  • Canyon's Cannon (Chaotic Canyon) - Avoid all of its cannonballs, then pick up a nearby cannonball and stuff it into the blaster. After 8 cannonballs have been stuffed into the blaster, it will destroy itself. Halfway through the battle it will begin locking on to you.
  • Freezear (Frozen Forest) - A bear that attempts to freeze its opponents with its frost breath. After several hits it will begin using long distance slashing.
  • Monkape (Jazz Jungle) - A fast moving monkey that uses speedy attacks. It will try to pick you up and toss you back onto the ground to cause damage. Halfway through the battle it will begin breathing ice for some strange reason.
  • Ruinot (Rusted Ruins) - The ruins will become one and act like a huge robot. Climb up one of the legs and try to make the robot destroy itself by having it punch its parts. To do that, stand on one of its parts and let it try to hit you, but jump out of the way at the last second.
  • Gary (Rival Boss)(Rusted Ruins) - Gary will use very icy attacks, and then try to use stealth to hit you. Halfway through the battle he will begin freezing the ground, making it harder to fight him.
  • Cludd (Misty Mountains) - This cloud god will attempt blowing you off of the mountain while you try to get to him. When you get to the actual arena, it will try to smash you with its hands and use fiery spiral clouds to do severe damage. Halfway through the battle it will start trying to blow you away again.
  • Bananas' Airship (Cool Clouds) - Bananas will fly off in his airship, and you will follow on Jonathan's little airship. Attack Bananas' Airship with the grappling hook to damage it, and avoid all of the offenses from the airship. Halfway through the battle it will begin using a huge beam, avoid it to prevent defeat.
  • Fierna (Vile Volcano) - A goddess that attempts to burn you up in flames. Take her down with any weapon besides fire. Halfway through the battle she will begin making the room rise with lava, beginning a chase-battle thing.
  • Bananas (Sacred Forest) - Bananas will start off by using psychic attacks, and will teleport around the room when you get too close. Use long-distance weapons to damage him. Halfway through the battle he will begin using black voids and summoning monsters.
  • Lord Bananas (Sacred Forest) - Bananas will then transform into a supreme-looking monkey after his first phase is done. He will use all the same attacks, but will then begin using slash attacks and eye laser beams. Spikes will emerge from his body and attempt to hit you. You cannot hit him, so you just have to survive the battle for five minutes.
  • Final Bananas (Sacred Forest) - After his "fall", he reveals that he is still invincible and attempts to trigger the Apocalypse. However, Princess goes up to the Vortexaine Shrine, and wishes for her to realize who she was in the legend and what she was meant to do. Vortexaine woke up and prepared to attack Bowie, but the power of Princess' wishes reached her and made her realize she was for the greater good. She then decides to stop bananas and put an end to his evil once...and for all. Bananas attacks precisely as he did in Phase 2, but you can this time damage him...with the Fiery Finisher. Spam this weapon and bring Bananas to an end, and make him give up evil once and for all!


Tight Rope

A rope that is thrown to be tied around small ledges, carrying the bear up with them.  It lasts for a while before breaking apart.

Grappling Hook

A hook that is thrown into the air.  It catches on to ledges, but only for a short amount of time.  It functions similarly to the tight rope, but the difference is that the effect lasts shorter and the distance it goes is longer.


An item that allows you to scale walls with ease.  Does not work on metal or very hard walls.

Gravity Switch

An item that switches gravity.  It can only be used twice, and it's very rare to find in levels.

Defense Cube

A cube, that when picked up, creates a small shield around you.  It will prevent enemy attacks three times before it blows up, killing any enemy nearby.

Invisible Cloak

When this item is activated, you'll turn invisible, rending yourself unnoticed by enemies.  When you lose a health point, the cloak disappears.


When used, you'll create a portal in one area, and another portal elsewhere.  You can then go through the two portals as a way of transporation.

Flaming Cube

The cube, when thrown, creates a trail of fire.  This trail of fire destroys most enemies it comes into contact with.  It can also bypass barriers and activate switches otherwise inaccessable.

Spiked Helmet

When worn, you'll be able to dodge aerial attacks as your helmet will prevent such attacks.

Metal Mender

When this item is used, it fixes broken pieces of metal.  It is super rare and is not a very important item.


This item is commonly found in water sections.  Once equipped, you'll be able to stay underwater for long periods of time.

Speed Drink

This item can be drunk to massively boost your speed.  The effect lasts 10 seconds, and it makes the character hard to control.  Handle the burning speed with care, as it can get easily out of control.



Bowie Bow

A bow that does a lot of damage upon contact with an enemy.  The bow's accuracy is low, though.

Ashe Arrow

An arrow that always hits an enemy, but does very little damage upon contact with an enemy.  This weapon can be spammed, though.

Samantha Sickle

A sickle that, while it has short range, does a lot of damage upon contact.  It hits rather often, but can only be used once every three seconds.

Paul Pike

A very thin weapon with little power, but it can be spammed.  It can also be used to preform some ninja-like acrobatics.

Shelia Switchblade

A switchblade that does massive damage on anything.  It has horrible accuracy though, so it shouldn't be relied on.

Jonathan Javelin

This weapon goes very fast and does extreme damage upon contact with an enemy.  Accuracy is very low, though.

Robert Rifle

A rifle that always hits a foe when a foe is nearby.  While it's not very powerful, it can be repeatively spammed.

Gary Grenade

A grenade that kills every enemy within a 20 foot radius.  It needs to be recharged for 60 whole seconds every time, though.

Fiery Finisher

The final weapon of the game!  It's the only thing can stop Bananas, use it with all your might!



Compared to BowieQuest III and IV, BowieQuest V: The Apocalypse received critical acclaim.  It gained a 93% rating on Metacritic and a 94% on IGN.  Many praised the game for its gameplay, graphics, simplity, and wide variety of gameplay options.  People mainly criticized the receptivity of going around levels over and over again, but most said that was one of the few flaws of the game.