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BowieQuest IV: Rise of the Monkey Gods
BowieQuest IV Logo
The logo of the game.
Developer(s) Teddy Bear Enterprises
Publisher(s) Hammy Games Inc.
Platform(s) Wii U
Age Rating(s)
Everyone 10+
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Series BowieQuest
Predecessor BowieQuest III: The Dark Vortex
Successor BowieQuest V (TBA Title)
BowieQuest IV: Rise of the Monkey Gods is a 3D platforming game developed by Teddy Bear Enterprises for the Wii U system.  It will be published by Hammy Games Inc.  The game rises back to the cheerful tone of the first two BowieQuest games and features the older, loved style of the teddy bears.  The plot is based upon Bananas summoning the monkey gods to annihilate Bear Planet and kill all of its inhabitants with monkey stink bombs, but the plan backfires and he is forced to work with Bowie to stop the awakened gods.

Some elements in this game are said to return in the BowieQuest reboot series.



The plot continues on from its predecessor.  After Vortexaine was destroyed, Bananas swore revenge, and mentioned something about a legend for the next time he wanted to destroy Bowie.  Bowie and his friends laughed and said that legends like the ones Bananas wanted didn't exist.  But he was to be proved wrong.

In Bananas' base, the evil monkey himself creates a device that would awaken the monkey gods.  Unknown to him, Thomas was playing baseball in the most dangerous part of the laboratory.  A baseball from Thomas smashes into the device, but the machine doesn't break.  Thomas was sent to his room, while Bananas sits down and brainstorms...

Meanwhile in the Bear Forest, Bowie was fighting Paul in karate when Bananas' airship levitated above the region.  The maddened monkey opens his glass dome and reveals his newest plans to take over the planet.  As such, he fires a beam from his device at a mountain, awakening the Seven Monkey Gods.  However, the damage on the device caused it to slightly malfunction, making the gods want to rampage and destroy everything.  The eldest god, Sinnor, fires a death beam at Bananas, who barely survives and faints.  The Gods then went upon the Dark Shrine and began their intense rampage.

In the hospital, Bananas was recovering from his mishap when Bowie comes and wants to join forces.  Bananas stares at Bowie while saying, "Have you lost your marbles?".  But when he realizes that even he and the rest of his species are in danger, he accepts Bowie's offer.  The two then look out and above, and prepare their long journey...


Gameplay is similar to the third's gameplay, but it is a mash up of adventure and RPG.  You level up (max 100) and learn new moves as you go.  When you come into contact with an enemy, the style becomes RPG.

When you receive maximum Legend Power, which can be received upon collecting 6 Legendary Shells, you will transform into your more powered form, which boosts your stats and makes you look more menacing/intelligent.


In action gameplay, you have to go from one side of the stage to the other as soon as you can.  This gameplay also features high speed action and very little combat.  Bowie, Shelia, and Gary have this type of gameplay.


In shooting gameplay, you have to make it from one side of the stage to the other whilst fighting enemies.  You are not very fast, but you have lock-on ability.   Samantha, Princess, and Teddy have this type of gameplay.


In combat gameplay, you have to destroy every enemy in the stage as soon as possible.  To compensate with the gameplay better, your health bar is bigger.  Once every enemy is defeated, you fight a mini-boss.  Metal Bowie, Ashe, and Robert have this gameplay style.


In puzzle gameplay, you have to solve many series of puzzles to collect a set number of items (i.e. five computer chips).  Gameplay is slow but you have as much time as you want in most of the stages.  Paul, Jonathan, and Bananas have this gameplay style.

Speedway FreaksEdit

In this mode, you race around with jet boosters, and must try to go around the track before your opponent can.  Along the way you can attack your opponents to hinder their progress.  You can do this timed or untimed.


Team GoldEdit

Image Character Description Stage Type Element
Bowie The current leader of the teddy bears.  He's ready to rock and roll!  After Bananas awakened the monkey Gods, the two join forces after the gods nearly kill Bananas. Action Rock Element BQIV
Samantha The maybe hot wife of Bowie.  She has a hot head and is with Bowie to stop the Gods.  Her fiery powers can burn down plants easily. Shooting Fire Element BQIV
Paul The rival and brother of Bowie.  He's super ancient and is very wise.  He's really good at tossing electrical balls of power at his opponents. Puzzle Thunder Element BQIV
Metal Bowie The robotic assistant of Bananas.  After Bowie and Bananas joined together, he was furious about it, but regardless helps anyway. Combat Metal Element BQIV

Team SilverEdit

Image Character Description Stage Type Element
Ashe The fattest of them bears leads the Silver Team.  He wants to defeat the Gods to teach them a lesson on what they do when they destroy his cake... Combat Aqua Element BQIV
Shelia The greedy sister of Ashe is on the Silver Team alongside Ashe.  She likes to use her wind powers for mischievous reasons. Action Wind Element BQIV
Jonathan The smartest teddy bear alive.  He likes to use his dark powers for his own little scientific experiments.  Of course he hates it when he gets a new rival. Shooting Dark Element BQIV
Princess The maybe future princess of the planet.  She has a growing interest in Jonathan and to prove her might joins the Silver Team. Puzzle Crystal Element BQIV

Team BronzeEdit

Image Character Description Stage Type Element
Bananas The enemy of Bowie who right now is joined up with him.  To defeat the Gods he needs everyone's help, including Bowie's.  He uses powerful psychic powers for attacking. Shooting PSI Element BQIV
Robert The big, strong ally of Bowie.  He boasts about his power and uses it for near anything.  He rarely sleeps. Combat Power Element BQIV
Gary The cold sided ally of Bowie.  He uses his ice powers to freeze his enemies.  He always speaks with a bad attitude and is rarely happy. Action Ice Element BQIV
Teddy The bear of death joins Bananas' team.  He thinks that he can kill the gods in one blow (he may as well die trying). Puzzle Death Element BQIV


Limegreen PlainsEdit

Limegreen Plains is the first area of the game.  It is divided into eight parts.  Five of these parts take place outside on the plains itself but the other three take place inside the cave that has its part scattered all over the region.  Leaveonon is the god of the area and has grass like powers.  The area is overall simple and very cheerful, and has the least amount of threats.

Aquatic CavernEdit

Thunder AlpsEdit

Thunder Alps is the third area in the game.  It is divided into fourteen parts.  Nine of these parts take place outside the Alps, and the other five take place inside it.  Thundradius is the boss of the region, and attacks with electric powers.  The world is very long, but the primary obstacle is falling off into the abyss below.

Energetic MetropolisEdit

Shiver IsleEdit

Trapdoor MansionEdit

Humid VolcanoEdit

Oil LabsEdit

Underground MazeEdit

Roasting CloudsEdit

Enemies and BossesEdit


See here for a list of moves.