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BowieQuest III: The Dark Vortex
The logo of the game
Developer(s) Teddy Bear Enterprises
Publisher(s) Hammy Games Inc.
Platform(s) Wii U
Age Rating(s)
Teen (T)
Genre(s) Mix
Series BowieQuest
Predecessor BowieQuest II: Revenge of Bananas
BowieQuest III: The Dark Vortex is the third game in the BowieQuest series, preceeded by BowieQuest II: Revenge of Bananas.  The game leaps from the traditional adventure genre of the BowieQuest series into an adventure/puzzle mix.  Each character is played differently and has different abilites.

Like the first two games, Bananas attempts to rule the universe with one of his brilliant inventions, but this time he takes his genius to a whole new level.  He creates a dark vortex that has mind and immense power that Bowie must stop at all costs before it gets well out of hand.

The series takes a step up in maturity and is more dark than it's predecessors, featuring more combat and dark humor that separates it from the others.


Bowie starts out by going through a forest when Bananas lights it on fire. Bananas mocks Bowie and brutally wounds him and then prepares to nuke the forest from Aquis. Bowie then tries to get out of the forest as soon as possible by following Bananas' destructed path.


Bowie fights off the legendary bird as well as Gary and manages to get to Icainole. Up a mountain, Bananas is making a deal with a bear known as Dr. Frosty. If Dr. Frosty destroys Bowie, he can get a lifetime supply of milk chocolate. Ashe then leaps out of a pit of snow and skids along an icy path to Aquis. However, Dr. Frosty is trying to shoot him with his snow gun. Angered, Bowie climbs the mountain.


Bowie defeats Dr. Frosty and then manages to skid down the mountain towards Aquis. Bananas resides at the other side and awaits Bowie's arrival. As Bowie enters the main passageway, Samantha pushes him out of the path of a burst of water. The two sigh and hug each other, and then a toxic gas is shown filling the tube. Both bears go separate ways in an attempt to fight Bananas.


Eventually, Bowie reaches Bananas and fights against him and wins. However, he takes off in his jet blimp, and Jonathan finds Bowie in time. Jonathan and Bowie board the Jonathan Potato and take off to fight Bananas in the sky. After a long battle, Bananas shoots Bowie and Jonathan out into the desert. Bowie sees Bananas' blimp fall onto Milone. Bowie decides to see what's up.


Bowie finds Bananas' base at the mountaintop, out of reach. Bowie tries climbing but fails, and finds Paul. After a short duel, the mountain breaks into two and Bowie is forced to climb or die.


Bowie manages to get to the top and fight Bananas for the last time. After defeating his metallic exterior, Bananas reveals his psychic ghost form and attempts fighting Bowie that way. However he is defeated, and he escapes into a dark reality. Then the skies grow dark...

Every other story must be completed to see the next part.


The gameplay of BowieQuest III is different from its predecessors, featuring gameplay depending on the character instead of having near identical gameplay for each character.


You use the analog stick to move and you can press A to jump.  In the air you can press A to do a double jump or press B to do a straight forward dash.  Groundwise you can press B to slide on the ground and go under tight spaces.  If you press X when you land on a wall you'll stick to it for a half second and you should press X to jump from wall to wall.  To attack you can use Y, and for Bowie he can use his rock moveset from BowieQuest II and Samantha can use her fire moveset from BowieQuest II, and the old Y actions are now used for the Z button.  L and R can be used to give you a rear view.


Combat bears are slower than action bears.  You use the analog stick to move and you can press A to jump.  In the air A again will allow you to stomp onto the ground and B will allow you to give yourself a mini shield.  On the ground B and X can be used for attacking, and a list of actions can be seen here.  Y can be used to look behind you.


Shooting bears use the analog stick to move and press A to jump.  A shooting bear may descend slowly in the air by holding A after jumping.  B, when pressed, shoots a tornado/ball of ice (depending on the bear) and when it's held a laser of wind/ice will appear.  After the laser is used it must recharge for five seconds, but you can continue shooting tornadoes and balls of ice.  L and R control camera.


Puzzle bears have high difficulty.  You use the analog stick to move, but you can't jump.  Instead A allows you to press switches and pull/push levers.  B will allow you to do close range attacks.  To win these levels you have to solve puzzles to escape the area you are in, like ruins or a burning forest.



Character Artwork Description Type Weakness Stage Type Special Ability
Bowie Bowie New Bowie is the star of the game and he returns to put that monkey to a stop!  He's ready for all action! Rock Wind Action Rock Fist
Ashe Ashe New The fattest of them teddy bears returns to the play!  His birthday was ruined, he wants his revenge against Bananas! Water Thunder Combat Aqua Kick
Samantha Samantha New Samantha, Bowie's somewhat hot wife, is on a rage again as she attempts to defeat the evil monkey! Fire Water Action Flaming Pan
Paul Paul Art Customtrans Paul, the most ancient as well as the most serious of the bears, descends from the clouds back into battle! Thunder Ice Puzzle Thunderdash
Shelia Shelia Art Custom2 Shelia, the greedy mischievous teddy bear, is back for a grand play in the game! Wind Rock Shooter Tornado Toss
Robert Robert2 Robert is here to pack quite the punch!   Fight Dark Combat Big Uppercut
Jonathan JonathanBQtrans Jonathan, the amazing genius, returns with extreme knowledge! Dark Fight Puzzle Dark Void
Gary Gary Fandro Trans Gary is an icy bear with a hostile attitude!  New to adventures, he's a bit excited... Ice Fire Shooter Icexplosion


Name Artwork Description Role
Bananas Bananas BQIII Shine Bananas is the main villain of the story, like in the first two games.  This time, he activated a huge vortex made to destroy all.  Can the teddy bears stop him this time? Villain
Thomas Thomas is the secondary villain of the story, after Bananas.  Unlike the first two games, he dons a knight-like suit and fights Bowie with a sword and shield. Villain
Vortexaine Vortexaine No Shadow The final boss of the game, and the most powerful being to date.  Her true desire is to destroy everything... Villain


Unlike BowieQuest II, and more like BowieQuest I, stages are done in a certain order.  Each stage has a different mission for each character. Worlds are:

  • Frizzliforest, a revamped version of Bear Forest.  It's a beautiful place where most bears live.  You can climb many trees and you can cross bridges made out of logs as well as make your own stuff out of logs.  There are six parts in this world.
  • Icainole, a country northwest of Bear Forest.  It's known for it's subzero temperatures.  Glaciers can be used as slides and wild bears appear frequently in the wild.  There are seven parts in this world.
  • Aquis, a country southwest of Bear Forest.  It is an ocean filled to the brim with sea creatures.  Waters are filled with tricky puzzles to solve and aquriums can be found in many places.  There are ten parts in this world.
  • Desonaland, a country northeast of Bear Forest.  Its sand will blind you permanently if you were human!  Bridges made out of bones and temples full of mummies and dust litter the region.  There are nine parts in this world.
  • Milone, a country southeast of Bear Forest.  It's mountainous and filled with hazards such as spike pits and lava lakes.  Clouds and little oxygen make it hard for creatures there to breathe. There are ten parts in this world.
  • Violent Vortex, an object hanging over Bear Forest.  It's power is so great it can kill near anyone.  There is only one part for each bear in this world, but it's extremely long.
Character Frizzliforest Icainole Aquis Desonaland Milone Violent Vortex
Bowie Breeze through the forest! Take down Dr. Frosty at Glacier's Peak! Encounter Bananas at the area's end! Cross to the desert's edge! Climb the rugged mountain! Engage and defeat Bananas!
Ashe Chase after the Banana Plane! Brave the ice path and enter Aquis! Combat Gary at the end of the aquatic circuit! Collect the pieces of the Bear Plane and attack Bananas! Venture through Milone's volcano! Defeat Thomas the Teddy Bear!
Samantha Speed out of the forest fire under the time limit! Meet up with Paul at Icainole's end! Stop the water overflow! Find your way to Milone under the time limit! Find your way to the Banana Base! Take down Teddy the Bear!
Paul Escape the Bear Forest Ruins! Escape the Ice Palace! Escape the overflowing waterworks! Escape the Lost Pyramid! Collect the Golden Candies and enter the vortex! Cross your way to the vortex core!
Shelia Protect the forest from invaders! Climb Ultra Summit and enter Aquis! Clear out the oil mess at the main pumping unit! Defeat the Pyramid Guardian! Race Gary to the mountaintop! Race Gary to the Vortex Core!
Jonathan Solve the mystery of the forest fire! Solve the mystery of the lost penguins! Solve the mystery of the main oil spill! Solve the mystery of the pyramid raid! Solve the mystery of the missing vortex portal! Solve the mystery of the blocked vortex core!
Robert Combat Teddy the Bear in battle! Defeat the Grizzly Grono! Battle Thomas at the sea's bottom! Bash your way through the underground maze! Break your way through Milone's security systems! Engage and defeat Mechananas!
Gary Engage Bowie at the edge of the forest! Cross the Frozen Bridge! Go through the speed loops! Speed across the scorching desert! Race Shelia to the mountaintop! Race Shelia to the Vortex Core!


  • Frizzliforest Enemies
    • Pinnedle - An enemy that attacks by sticking up it's needle when you jump over it. It's invincible to all attacks, but can easily be avoided.
    • Freaver - A beaver with a fever, this mad creature attacks by trying to ram into you. It can be defeated by jumping on its head.
    • Grizzlo - A bear that attacks by swiping with its claws. The only way to defeat this monster is to hit it in the chest, and then bash it in the head.
    • Sneakake - A snake that moves at high speeds and then tries attacking. You must use elements to defeat the snake as that's the only way to get rid of it.
  • Icainole Enemies
    • Frostouse - A mouse that attacks at extreme speeds. Generally it likes to bite the legs of their opponents. To defeat it you must jump on its head.
    • Minear - A bear that fights similarly to Grizzlo. You have to attack its head three times now, however.
    • Frozoshark - A shark that leaps out of the waters that tries to eat you. You can't defeat it, you have to avoid it.
    • Wolfozone - A wolf that tries to take apart your limbs violently. You have to kick its butt to paralyze it. If its paralyzed, hit it on the head to defeat.


  • Frizzliforest Bosses
    • Elbemme - A fiery creature that must be defeated by firing buckets of water onto it. It is the first midboss of the forest.
    • Icumme - Elbemme because icy, now you must shatter it by throwing large stones at it. It is the second midboss of the forest.
    • Thundrike - A large electric bird that attacks by flapping electricity onto its opponents. To defeat it you must drain it of its charge by forcing it into a pool of water, then you must jump on it and bash it on the head as many times as you can. After 16 hits it falls. It is the main boss of the forest.
  • Icainole Bosses
    • Frostibear - An oversized bear with missiles replacing claws. He tries to fire them at the bears. If they are too close he attacks with his short ranged swipes. To defeat you must hit him in the head. He is the only midboss of the land.
    • B-Spider - A large mechanical spider driven by Bananas. The legs can spit sticky webs and the pincers can try to grab the bear and slam him/her into the ground. He can only be defeated by breaking his legs and then violently bashing through the abdomen. Afterwards you must destroy the head, aka the cockpit. This is the main boss of Icainole.


  • Healing Items
    • Pretzel - This restores a quarter of your health.
    • Sourdough Pretzel - This restores half of your health.
    • Super Pretzel - This restores all of your health.
  • Shield Items
    • Aqua Shield - This shield allows you to walk across water and it avoids water damage.
    • Flame Shield - This shield allows you to walk through fire and it avoids fire damage.
    • Electric Shield - This shield allows you to conduct electricity and it avoids electric damage.


See here.


Music on the Main Menu Title Data Select Stage Select Options Mode
Hub World Music Frizzliforest Hub World Icainole Hub World Aquis Hub World Desonaland Hub World Milone Hub World Violent Vortex Hub World
Stages: Action Frizzliforest Stage 1 Icainole Stage 1 Aquis Stage 1 Desonaland Stage 1 Milone Stage 1 Violent Vortex Stage
Stages: Shooter Combat Frizzliforest Stage 2 Icainole Stage 2 Aquis Stage 2 Desonaland Stage 2 Milone Stage 2
Stages: Puzzle Frizzliforest Stage 3 Icainole Stage 3 Aquis Stage 3 Desonaland Stage 3 Milone Stage 3
Boss Music Mid-Boss Theme
Boss Battle BowieQuest III
Major Boss Theme Boss Theme...for Thomas the Teddy Bear
Final Boss, Phase 1 Final Boss, Phase 2
It Has Come to This (remix)
Other Music Battle in the Skies Theme of...Bananas' Base/Online Connecting to Internet...
Character Themes Bowie Ashe Samantha Paul
Shelia Jonathan Robert Gary
Bananas Thomas Vortexaine - Unrevealed Vortexaine



  • This is the only Teen rated Bowie game as of far.

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