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BowieQuest II: Revenge of Bananas
Developer(s) Fandro
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Age Rating(s)
60px-ESRB Everyone 10+.svg
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Series BowieQuest
Predecessor BowieQuest
Successor BowieQuest III: Dark Vortex
 BowieQuest II: Revenge of Bananas is the second installment of the BowieQuest series.  This game concentrates on Bowie and friends trying to stop Bananas and a new bad guy from ruling the Bearverse again.



Everyone was celebrating Ashe's 5th birthday in the Bear Forest, and they were all eating pretzels, Ashe's favorite food.  Bananas disguised as one of many guests and gave Ashe a present.  When Ashe opened it, Metal Bowie came out and knocked Ashe, Shelia, Samantha, and Paul down.  All of the other guests besides Bowie ran away.  Bananas gloats at his success, and runs off with the Candies again.  Robert and Jonathan attempt to stop Bananas, but are captured and taken to Bananas' base.  This is the beginning of Bowie's next adventure.

Chapter One: The Rise of Bananas

Bowie runs off into the forest and his eyes see Ashe locked up in a cage.  When Bowie bounces up there, Thomas, Bananas' main assistant, took Ashe away and locked him up in "Heezy's Trunk Arena".  Bowie then goes and tries to collect fifty Golden Tokens.  

After collecting 12 of the tokens, it shows two monkeys, neither of which happen to be Bananas.  The two monkeys happen to have a relation with Bananas, the black one (Fudgebuckets) being Bananas' brother and the brown one (Ripe) being Bananas' cousin.  Bananas then comes on-screen and mentions how good it is to have some of his family back.  Then the three plan scheming against Bowie and friends.

After collecting 25 of the tokens, it shows Bowie going through a hole in the ground and encountering Thomas.  After a short battle, Thomas lays off where Heezy lives, and Bowie is granted access to the second half of the hub world.  Bowie then continues his search for Ashe.

After collecting 36 of the tokens, It shows Ashe trying to escape his cage, but Metal Bowie is stabbing him every five seconds with his blade.  Ashe lays down in exhaustion and sleeps in the cage.  Bananas is then shown evilly laughing at this and plans to awaken the Great Darkness, which has yet to be named.

After collecting the 50 needed tokens, Bowie fights Heezy and frees Ashe from his imprisonment.  After the two reunite, they see Bananas, Ripe, Fudgebuckets, and Thomas evilly laughing as they hold a cage with Samantha inside.  Then Bananas says that when the Great Darkness arises, Bowie cannot stop him at all.  Then Bananas jumps out of the area with his family.  Bowie and Ashe continue their chase...

Chapter Two: The Oasis Search

Bowie and Ashe enter the oasis and find Samantha locked up near the Pyro Pyramid.  But when Bowie attempts to free her, Metal Bowie returns and knocks Bowie aside, leaving Ashe alone, thinking of him as weak.  But Ashe punches Metal Bowie in the head, breaking off the part.  But Fudgebuckets comes and repairs him, then takes Samantha's cage.  Then the black monkey gloats about the Great Darkness and says how it will stop Bowie from ruining everything.

When 12 of the tokens in this place are collected, it shows Fudgebuckets coming out of the washer and telling Bananas that he will screw Bowie over.  Bananas disagrees and says that how he, the genius, will stop Bowie first.  Fudgebuckets gets angry and prepares for his fight against Bowie.

After 25 of the tokens here are collected, Ripe is seen coming with a lot of cash, saying how they can rebuy Mechanical City and reuse it as a base.  Bananas says that it's a great idea and that Bowie will never suspect him being in there again.  Fudgebuckets murmurs his last words before fighting Bowie.

When 36 of those tokens are collected, Fudgebuckets is shown on a cliff, and then he jumps down and attempts to attack Bowie.  Bowie ducks in slow motion, then kicks the crazed monkey away.  Bowie runs inside the Gyro Pyramid as an escape attempt.

When 50 tokens are collected, Bowie fends off against Fudgebuckets in "Fudgebucket's Dungeon".  After a grand defeat, Bowie frees Samantha from her imprisonment.  Inside the cage, Jonathan was also revealed to be in there with her.  Fudgebuckets jumps back to where he came from, and Bowie and the crew swim off to the Hostile Island hub.

Chapter Three: The Savage Island 

The four bears reach the island and take a good look around and find Paul standing on top of a pole.  He smirks and says that Bananas has no evil plan...but Bowie isn't fooled.  He tries to swipe at Paul, but the yellow bear teleports to somewhere that Bowie couldn't remember.

With 12 tokens collected, it shows Shelia shaking her cage in Wicked Cave, and Ripe is yelling at her to stop.  A bone is thrown at Shelia, knocking her off of her feet.  Ripe prepares to kill Shelia, but is called by Bananas to do his laundry before she could do so.  She scorns and leaves the room.

After collecting 25 tokens, it shows Bowie and the gang walking nearby Radical Rill when Paul attacks.  Thunderbolts attempt to hit Bowie and gang, but the four jump out of the way.  Jonathan strikes Paul with his dark power fists, and Paul is knocked aside.  The four escape before Paul could do anything more.

After getting 36 tokens, Shelia is shown escaping her cage.  She manages to do so, and attacks Ripe and Bananas on her escape.  She escapes before Bananas kills her, and hides in Ripe's arena, out of view.  She anxiously waits for Bowie.

Once all 50 needed tokens are collected, Bowie goes to Ancient Mountain and battles Paul.  After Paul loses, he prepares to kill Bowie, but Thomas the Teddy Bear accidentally said that this all going according to plan.  Paul knocks Thomas into Bananas' Base and joins Bowie as revenge for Bananas tricking him.  The five enter a nearby cave, which is the longest they have ever been in.

Chapter Four: The Twisted Cave

Everyone enters the cave headfirst, resulting in injuries.  Paul sees Ripe, who mentions her evil plans and attempts to crystalize Bowie.  Bowie dodges and causes a frog to crystalize.  The five tumble through the caves and begin their exploration.

After 12 tokens in the cave got collected, it shows Ripe storming around looking for Shelia.  After fumbling through the dungeons, she shakes Bananas very roughly and firmly asks him for directions.  Bananas shoves her off and forces her to wait in the arena for Bowie to arrive.

After 25 tokens are collected, Jonathan finds some electric tools and fixes a power circuit, "powering" the caves.  Apparently the caves are mostly metal and have lights, and Bowie is cross at why they weren't lit earlier.  But now the five can explore areas they couldn't before.

After collecting 36 tokens, it shows Bananas typing random keys on the keyboard trying to awake an enemy now known as Dyluam.

After collecting 50 tokens, Bowie fights and eventually defeats Ripe, rescuing Shelia.  Afterwards, they see Bananas and family retreat into the city.  As a result they continue their chase.

Chapter Five: City Chaos


Introduced as playable characters in this game include Jonathan, a small bear with big brain, and Robert, a big bear with little brain.  Simple?  With B, Robert can punch, slide punch, air fist, and ground-punch.  With B, Jonathan can strike, sword slash, uppercut, and do the slice tornado.

This game keeps all of the gameplay of its predecessor, but with new twists.  Y, the special attack button, has been greatly expanded.

When running, Bowie will do a seismic stomp, Ashe will do a water burst, Samantha will run extremely fast on fire, Paul will electrocute the ground underneath him, and Shelia will continue running, but with a tornado trailing behind her.  Robert can do a all-out slam while still, but while running he can do the same thing, but while running.  Jonathan can do a black hole while still, but will become one while running.

While in the air, Bowie will come down instantly and strike the ground, Ashe will do an aerial hurricane, Samantha will do a volcanic spin, Paul will create a shield of electricity, Shelia will toss a tornado in the air, Robert will do a really big uppercut, and Jonathan will slash his sword long-range distance.

While ducking, Bowie will create a large earthquake, Ashe will flood the stage, Samantha will explode, Paul will also explode, but does more damage and damages himself as well, Shelia will create an upward-spiraling tornado, Robert will dig through the ground, and Jonathan will do a super-high jump.

If a weapon is collected, the character will use the moveset of that weapon with B.



Character Artwork Description Advantage Disadvantage Type Weakness Special Ability
Bowie BowieTrans Bowie is the star of the game and he returns to put that monkey to a stop!  He's ready for all action!





Rock Wind Rock Fist
Ashe Ashe ACL The fattest of them teddy bears returns to the play!  His birthday was ruined, he wants his revenge against Bananas!





Water Thunder Aqua Kick
Samantha Samantha Art Custom2 Samantha, Bowie's somewhat hot wife, is on a rage again as she attempts to defeat the evil monkey!





Fire Water Flaming Pan
Paul Paul Art Customtrans Paul, the most ancient as well as the most serious of the bears, descends from the clouds back into battle!





Thunder Fire Thunderdash
Shelia Shelia Art Custom2 Shelia, the greedy mischievous teddy bear, is back for a grand play in the game!





Wind Rock Tornado Toss
Robert Robert2 Robert, new to the series, is here to pack quite the punch!   Average Fight Dark Big Uppercut
Jonathan JonathanBQtrans Jonathan, the amazing genius, makes his debut here, with extreme knowledge! Dark Fight Dark Void



There are six hubs in the game, and each hub has 10 stages, each having 8 missions to accomplish.  Hubs also have 8 missions to do as well, and there are two separate isolated areas in each world, each having four missions to complete.  For every mission you do, you get a Golden Token.  These are needed to restore the Bearverse completely.  There are 528 Golden Tokens in the game.  Bosses do not give out tokens for defeating them.

Bear Forest Hub
Stages in this world are based on "Green Places", like forests and jungles!
Stage Missions
Green Glade
  1. Apple Collecting
  2. Leapin' Across the Trees
  3. Capturing the Thief I
  4. The Panel Puzzle
  5. Capturing the Thief II
  6. Treetop Invasion
  7. Rescuing the Elder
  8. On Go the Appletons!
Plentiful Pinewoods
  1. Payin' Off the Bridge
  2. Big, Evil Pinecones
  3. Tree Climbing
  4. Board Down the Big Tree
  5. Hidden Behind the Wall
  6. Breakin' Through Rocks
  7. Pinecone Dodging
  8. Wood Rampage
Happiness Hills
  1. Attack of the Grinps!
  2. Metal Bowie I
  3. Speedway of the Hills
  4. Secret of Yogurt Lake
  5. Revenge of the Grinps!
  6. At the Hilltop
  7. Below the Hill House
  8. Metal Bowie II
Flaming Forest
  1. Through the Fire
  2. Underneath the Fallen Tree
  3. Icumme I
  4. The Burning Maze
  5. Icumme II
  6. Escaping the Flames
  7. Forest Bomb
  8. The Remains of the Forest
Jazz Jungle
  1. Vine Swingin' in the Jungle
  2. Lovely Bloomin' Flowers
  3. Token in the Honeycomb
  4. The Hidden Stronghold
  5. Battle Against the Narnars
  6. Slippin' and Sliddin' in the Jungle
  7. The Hole in the Wall
  8. Trouble of the Jungle
Treetop Town
  1. Trouble in the City Hall
  2. Building Climb
  3. The Missing Child
  4. Thieves in the City
  5. Treasure Atop the Town
  6. City Flood Problem!
  7. The Crazy Ape
  8. Thomas the Evil Teddy Bear
Puzzling Plantation
  1. Those Evil Farmers
  2. Tomato Growing!
  3. The Evil Tomatoes
  4. Hidden in the Ground I
  5. Hidden in the Ground II
  6. Hidden in the Ground III
  7. The Mystery of the Crops
  8. Labor Puzzle
Wonderful Woods
  1. At the Woods' End
  2. Treehouse Maze
  3. Grizzlies on the Loose
  4. Campfire Trouble
  5. Thomas' Big Grill
  6. Mystery of the Big Tree
  7. Runnin' Across the Treetops
  8. Thomas' Revenge
Wide Wilderness
  1. Target Shootout I
  2. Battling the Lions
  3. Behind the Shootout
  4. Target Shootout II
  5. Ancient Steps
  6. Lions' Rampage
  7. Target Shootout III
  8. Above the Walls
Terrible Taiga
  1. The Token Underground
  2. Attack of the Grapies!
  3. Tree Trunk Maze
  4. Underneath a Rock
  5. Mystery of the Deep Hole
  6. The Hidden Factory
  7. Oilton Rampage
  8. The Forest Solution
The Forest Maze
  1. The Northern Puzzle
  2. The Southern Trap
  3. The Eastern Challenge
  4. The Western Battle
Tree Leap
  1. Leapin' Across
  2. Atop the Forest Walls
  3. Collecting the Bear Coins
  4. Racing Thomas

The boss of this world is "Heezy", which is a giant sleepy grizzly bear.  He can slash you with his claws, and can produce quakes on the ground.  He falls over sometimes, allowing you to strike his back.

Location: Heezy's Trunk Arena

Sandy Oasis Hub
Stages in this world are based on Desert and Underground levels!
Stage Missions
Barren Badlands
  1. The Evil Bone Dragon
  2. Scattered Bone Collecting
  3. Hidden Inside the Rocks
  4. A Boiling Battle
  5. The Hidden Passage
  6. Thomas' Bomb Toss
  7. The Melting Badlands
  8. Climbing the Badland Tower
Terrible Tomb
  1. The Token at the End
  2. Whack-a-Mummy I
  3. The Tomb's Secret
  4. Whack-a-Mummy II
  5. The Token in the Sun
  6. Below the Grand Tomb
  7. The Crazed Mummy
  8. A Token in the Sand
Oasis Overview
  1. Fudgebuckets Lays an Attack!
  2. The Secret of the Pond
  3. The Other Secret of the Pond 
  4. The Token in the Tree Branches
  5. Appleton Attack!
  6. Catching Lizards
  7. Thieves in the Desert
  8. The Mini Pyramid Puzzle
Dusty Desert
  1. Dangerous Pits
  2. Quicksand Escape!
  3. Up the Slopes
  4. Mystery of the Sunken Ship
  5. Teddy's Toll
  6. Nighttime Chaos
  7. Battle in the Shrine
  8. Lost Dune
The Wild Wastelands
  1. Rampaging Elephants
  2. The Hole of Gold
  3. Secret of the Nut Tree
  4. Sewage Valley
  5. Collecting the Ripe Fruit
  6. Takin' Down the Big Ape
  7. Mystery of the Golden Pyramid
  8. Fight of the Gods
Perilous Pits
Splash Spring
Blister Bowl
Scorched Shrine
Pyro Pyramid
  1. Escape Fudgebuckets!
  2. The Hole in the Wall
  3. The Treasure Under the Rocks
  4. The Fire Challenge
  5. Pyramid Puzzle
  6. Token At the Top
  7. The Room in the Center
  8. Boulder Escape!
World of Trophies
  1. The City in the Sky
  2. The Lost Weapons
  3. Battle Against Shadoo
  4. The Power of Teamwork!
Dessert Desert
  1. The Dessert-Eating Contest
  2. Frosting Skating I
  3. Frosting Skating II
  4. Secret of the Cake

The boss of this world is "Fudgebuckets", which is Bananas' brother.  He can use his tail as a gun and throw bombs from great distances.  If he falls over suddenly, you can attack him.

Location: Fudgebucket's Dungeon

Hostile Island Hub
Stages here are based on beaches and water levels!
Stage Missions
Amazing Atoll
Sandy Seaside
  1. Washed Up
  2. Crab Crowd
  3. Starfish Collector
  4. Boater Bowie
  5. Treasure Ahoy!
  6. Bubble Bounce
  7. Back To Shore
  8. Crab Cave
Crazy Coast
Icicle Isle
Aerial Archipelago
Ominous Ocean
Salty Sea
Sandy Seabed
Radical Rill
Atoll Aquarium
The Jiggly Jungle
Cloud Cluster

Paul is the hub boss!  He can do semi-earthquakes and fire thunderbolts at you.  He can also curl into a ball and try to slam into you.  You must strike his back.

Location: Ancient Mountain

Wicked Cave Hub
All stages here are based on cave and ice levels!
Stage Missions
Quartz Quarry
Icy Igloo
Ghostly Grotto
Pyro Pits
Cold Cavern
Big Burg
Magma Mine
Creepy Crypt
Ghastly Glacier
Frosty Floe
Minecart Madness
Golden Glacier

Ripe is the boss of Wicked Cave.  She can breathe fire, water, and electricity.  They are all long-range attacks.  However, she cannot be damaged by normal means.  You must fire rockets at her to cause damage.

Location: Ripe's Glacier

Mechanical City Hub
Stages here happen to be based on cities and futuristic ideas!
Stage Missions
Crazy City
Metropolis Maze
Toxic Town
Sandy Settlement
Violent Village
Furious Future
Cryptic Castle
Stone Stronghold
Dusty Destiny
Final Fate
Rapid Revenge
Blockhouse Base

The Dark Amp resides as the boss here.  He can electrocute the ground, and the player must jump to a platform.  When high enough, the play must jump on the boss while avoiding all of the electric attacks.

Location: Dark Amp's Ring

Volcanic Base
Stages here are based on mountains and volcanic areas!
Stage Missions
Vicious Volcano
Pyro Peak
Sierra Stream
Cracking Cliff
Monsterous Mountain
Raging Ridge
Obsidian Ocean
Lava Lake
Magma Mound
Coulee Climb
Molten Mine
Corrupted Core

Bananas is the boss of this world.  He starts out fighting in a suit of armor, he can slash long-range with his sword and toss fireballs.  He can also create small earthquakes.  After you break his armor, he loses his sword, but makes up for it by using psychic attacks and using teleportation.  You need to hit his chest, which is usually guarded.

Location: Bananas' Pit

What's this?  Another boss, called "X"?  He can use every boss' attack and can even use your own, plus his very own attacks.  His unique attacks include making black holes, hacking the arena's systems to attack you, and transforming into bosses for you to damage.  All of the boss transformations are weak, though.  The only way to hit X is to hit him with a special attack.

Location: X's Finale


All enemies from BowieQuest I return, but only Bananas, Metal Bowie, and Thomas return as bosses in the game.  Elbemme has been retired to becoming a shop manager.

Boss Location
Icumme Flaming Forest
Lions Wide Wilderness
Crazed Mummy Terrible Tomb
Bone Dragon Barren Badlands
Eviglobin Icicle Isle
Lions Several Areas
Thomas Several Areas
Dark Matter The World of Trophies
Metal Bowie Several Areas
Heezy Bear Forest Hub
Fudgebuckets Sandy Oasis Hub
Paul Hostile Island Hub
Ripe Wicked Cave Hub
The Dark Amp Mechanical City Hub
Bananas Volcanic Base Hub
X The Ultimate Finale


Item Use Description of Item Field Price in Elbemme's Shop Notes
Pretzel Heals a heart of your health meter. These are rings, besides for the pretzel.  The rings carry sweet weapons, but last only a short time.  The pretzel will heal you, dude... 50 Cookies -
Electric Ring You can use this to toss electric balls. It goes away after 5 second's use.
Aqua Ring You can use this to spit waterballs.
Fire Ring You can use this to breath fireballs.
Rock Ring You can use this to toss rocks.
Wind Ring You can use this to toss mini tornadoes.
Golden Pretzel It heals all the hearts of your health meter. These are very helpful items, dude.  Consuming them or throwing them at enemies will do you good in the levels. 100 Cookies -
Flaming Cookie This beefs up your attacks, doing more damage to bosses. Don't toss it to an enemy.
Drown Coke If an enemy touches this, their defense will drop. Don't drink this.
Green Ketchup If an enemy touches this, their speed will greatly decrease. Don't drink this, either.
Pretzel Sandwich These will increase your speed once consumed. The Sandwich will spoil over time.  Drink it as soon as possible.
Spicy Pretzel It fills all of your special meter. This is like the first field, but everything is upgraded to last 15 seconds, except for the Spicy Pretzel.  That fills your special meter, all the way, dude.


150 Cookies -
E. Ring II It functions like the Electric Ring, but for 15 seconds.
A. Ring II It functions like the Aqua Ring, but for 15 seconds.
F. Ring II It functions like the Fire Ring, but for 15 seconds.
R. Ring II It functions like the Rock Ring, but for 15 seconds.
W. Ring II It functions like the Wind Ring, but for 15 seconds.
Halo It will float above your head, and it will prevent attacks from hitting your head. These are additions to you that will won't last long, but will greatly help you in the levels, dude, so use them wisely. 200 Cookies It will go away if it is attacked five times.
Bowie Toy If bought, it will follow you around.  It will beep when you are around a token, and it will defeat enemies that try to attack you. Goes away when you finish the level.
Fur Pelt This will add to your health meter. If you lose all of the extra hearts, the pelt falls off.
Fire Shield This will surround you with fire.  It will prevent attacks as long as it lasts. It will go away if water touches it.
Darkness Badge This will reflect all non-physical attacks. If a physical attack hurts you, the badge is lost.
Tail Gun This will be attached to you, and it will fire upon touch of the "Z" and "R" buttons.  You can hold "B" to aim. These are permanent additions to you that require the "Z" button.  They are all optional, but will give you an easier time if used.  You can unequip them any time in the inventory, dude.  If you can't buy something, then you need more tokens to unlock it. 300 Cookies This is a weapon that can be carried.  Available after 100 Tokens are collected.
Arm Missile This will attach to your upper arm, and will fire missiles upon touch of the "Z" and "X" buttons. This is a weapon that can be carried.  Available after 200 Tokens are collected.
Rocket Booster This will attach to your legs, and you can fly for five seconds when holding the "Z" button. This is a enhancer that can be carried.  Available after 300 Tokens are collected.
Rocket Drive This will attach to your back, and you can zoom at incredible speeds when holding the "Z" and "Y" buttons. This is a enhancer that can be carried.  Available after 400 Tokens are collected.
Metallic Armor This will halve the damage you get from enemies.  You can take this off/on upon pressing the "Z" and "L" buttons. This is a piece of armor that can be carried.  Available after 500 Tokens are collected.
Scepter This allows you to create floating platforms. - - This is found when Chapter Two is finished.  A scepter can be used up to three times.
Stopwatch It stops everything from moving for 10 seconds. This is found when Chapter Three is finished.  It only functions when a boss is not nearby/active.
Thunder Arrow This can be used to hit targets.  If it hits an enemy, that enemy will be paralyzed for ten seconds. This is found when Chapter Four is finished.
The Duel Sword This allows you to swing a giant sword. This is found when Chapter Five is finished.  It's power is combined with your element power.
Boom Stick Can fire energy shots, which explode upon contact with anything.  It can be very useful for breaking apart walls. Can only be found in the World of Trophies.  Once found there, it can be found in any other place.


Along with the original five Candies, there are two new candies.  The previous candies were the green, blue, red, yellow, and purple candies.  The new ones are brown and black.

Candy Picture Teddy Bear Function How it Works
Green GreenC Bowie Seismic Punch Hold B right after you punch, then release to do a long-distance punch.
Red RedC Samantha Fire Spin Hold B when ducking and then you'll spin around like a tornado and throw flames for a couple of seconds.
Blue BlueC Ashe Aqua Jump Press A when you land to do a super-high jump that is fueled by water.
Yellow YellowC Paul Thunder Spin Hold B when ducking to begin spinning.  Release "B" to throw yourself like a bowling ball.  You will destroy any enemies (besides bosses) due to your electricity.
Purple PurpleC Shelia Wind Kick If you press B five times in a row, you'll do a kick that goes 20 feet around you, knocking out any enemies in the way.
Brown BrownC Jonathan Black Bomb If you press B several times in a row, Jonathan will throw a bomb that will explode, destroying anything with its fifteen-feet radius.
Black BlackC Robert UltraPunch If Robert presses B right after he attacks, he will do an explosive punch that will defeat most enemies instantly.


Most music in the game comes from the Sonic series, but there are some exceptions to this fact.

Music Original Game
Main Menu SADX
Data Select SA2
Bear Forest Hub Sonic Rush
Sandy Oasis Hub Sonic Rush
Hostile Island Hub Sonic Rush Adventure
Wicked Cave Hub Sonic 2 HD
Mechanical City Hub Sonic Battle
Volcanic Base Hub Sonic Adventure
Peaceful Level Sonic Adventure
Dangerous Level Sonic Adventure 2
Puzzling Level New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Explorative Level Sonic Adventure
Mechanical Level Sonic 4
Level Clear Sonic Adventure 2
Level Boss Sonic Adventure
World Boss Kirby's Return to Dream Land
Bananas's Theme M&L Dream Team
Bananas's Battle, Knight Form Sonic & The Black Knight
Bananas's Battle, Origin Form Sonic Adventure 2
Final Boss Open Your Heart, Live & Learn, What I'm Made Of Mash-Up
Invincible Sonic 4


There are a variety of weapons in the game.

Character Exclusives
This weapon can be used to slice up enemies. After a strike with the blade, the shadow of the strike will appear, counting as a second strike. This technique can be used to deal two blows with one button press. Exclusive to Bowie.
Ashe can fire corks with this weapon. The corks can reflect off of walls and bounce around until they either reach a target or they bounced off walls 4 times.
Samantha can use this hotter alternative to her flames. It can hit ghosts and invisible targets, which makes it a handy weapon to have along.
Paul can use this to hit enemies from a distance. The chucks can hit up to 3 times a second, depending on your accuracy.
Shelia can whip this around an enemy and squeeze it to death. Once you've latched on you must press the correct combination.
Roberoto Gloves
Robert can use this to greatly increase his power.
Jonathan can use this to paralyze his enemies. If hit enough the enemy will solidify into ice. Two hits will destroy the iced creature.


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  • This game is much larger than its predecessor, BowieQuest I.
  • This game introduces Robert, Jonathan, Ripe, and Fudgebuckets.