BowieQuest 2
Platforming game with puzzle elemeents
Age ratings
ESRB2013ECERO A3Rating
BowieQuest 2 2017
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DEVELOPER(S) New timestrike logo
PUBLISHER(S) New timestrike logo
PLATFORM(S) NintendoSwitchLogoV2LogoSmallglowTimeStrike Falcon
RELEASE DATES April 20th, 2019 (all releases)
MEDIA / INPUT Nintendo Switch cartridge, The V² optical disc / Nintendo Switch Joycons, The V² controller

BowieQuest 2: Degree in Origami is a platforming game developed and published by TimeStrike for the Nintendo Switch and consoles, marking the series' debut on the latter system. It was released on April 20th, 2019 worldwide. A year and a half after the initial events of the original game, series antagonist Endal the Monkey effortlessly steals many arts and crafts from nearby Zaxinian Lifts planet Cuttacarna, despite the warnings of henchmen Fudgebuckets and Ripe. When he stations them at his lair and gets obsessed in the arts of origami, an inky demon named Slate emerges after Endal unseals him unwittingly through putting down origami down in a specified pattern. Slate makes a deal with Endal -- in exchange for Endal being able to finally destroy Bowie through the art of origami and also take over the world, he must give his body to the demon. Thinking he could betray Slate later, Endal agrees -- with this unforeseen duo now out on the action and threatening to turn the world into a paper mache empire, Bowie must tag up with his family and put an end to Endal's strange plans once more.

Degree in Origami, in terms of design, follows the roots of the original game with simplistic controls and a hardcore-oriented level of challenge. The game has a hand-knitted look to it, with cartoonish looks that borrow heavily from games like Yoshi's Woolly World and Paper Mario. However, the game introduces several new concepts unseen in the first game, with Papercraft Magic being the most significant of them. New "Magic Dust" spread around Stitchonia can be collected into jars, and can then be used to turn ordinary pieces of paper collected around Stitchonia into helpful instruments with the intent to help Bowie and friends proceed or temporarily make them one with origami so they can overcome obstacles that they otherwise could not as normal teddy bears. Surfaces that could be bounced upon or off of in the original game return, but several different varieties of "surface yarn" were introduced. Some surfaces can be grappled onto with grappling hooks and some yarny ones are thorny and sharp to the touch, and some are rock-solid which prevents them from being penetrated whatsoever.

The game was released as part of the line of Zaxinian Lifts titles, being the second title in the first phase and only being preceded by its predecessor. It was intended to be released on the TimeStrike Neo, but the game's size made it an impossibility to bring it to that system and director Athena Hawkins (tbc) didn't want to give Neo players a smaller, insignificant package, so she started developing a separate title that is to be announced in the future.

As with other early titles, it was re-released by scorpistar⭐, and additionally for the TimeStrike Falcon. The game was followed by BowieQuest 3: Pins & Needles.


There are nine total modes in Degree in Origami, not including DLC.

  • Adventure Mode
    Assuming you're even half-decent at video games, you can conquer trap-filled worlds and break down machines I worked my butt off on! If you're even remotely GREAT at video games, you can kick my butt, too! But good luck, because I will make you cry and scream! Mu ha ha ha!
    Endal, in the instruction booklet

    The primary mode in Degree in Origami, where the player plays through the game's sixteen levels in an effort to fight the wrath of Endal and restore love and peace to Stitchonia as a whole. The player must overthrow Endal's upcoming paper mache empire and put an end to both his plans as well as those of Slate's. Initially this is the only mode available besides options, but as it gets completed, more modes open up. When the player boots up a file, they'll immediately be placed into the tutorial level as Bowie, but once that's finished, they'll have immediate access to all the characters prior to selecting any level. While Adventure Mode is often straightforward and players will just be going through one level after another, they can visit any old stages if they choose to.
  • Trial Mode
    Score Attack, Time Attack, whatever you need to satisfy your appetite for adventure in a way that's not mainstream. The game's tougher than diamond, so why would you even speedrun this game or try to get high scores? You'll just fail... like me! Mu ha ha ha ha! Take THAT!
    Endal, in the instruction booklet

    In Trial Mode, the player can choose any stage they already finished before without having to go through Adventure mode for them. Time Attack can be chosen so the player can get through a stage as soon as possible to get the lowest time possible, or Score Attack can be done so the player can try to get the greatest score that's possible. In Practice, the player can place themselves where they need to test out certain areas, and the current level in Adventure Mode can be practiced on in Trial so they have a better chance of making it through there later. As for the former two submodes, the player can post their time and score records online and nag their friends to beat them. Like with the first BowieQuest, there are multiple leaderboards available: friends only, regional, and worldwide.
  • Challenge Mode
    Ask Roberto so you can take on challenges that you desire to put your masochist needs to! Think the game is real tough? Think again: these challenges are so hard that they'll make you want to gorge my eyes out! ...Then again, everyone wants to ruin my day...
    Endal, in the instruction booklet

    Via talking to Roberto, the player can choose to do Challenges, which are different from the missions that the player can do through Adventure or Trial and put the player in unique maps that are focused almost entirely around the provided challenges. These are specific missions offered to the individual characters of the cast. Unlike in the original BowieQuest, the challenges are not offered online and are part of the core game. Cosmetic prizes are awarded for the player's efforts, which can be used to decorate the jeep that the teddy bears travel in. If the player finished all of the original BowieQuest's challenges on the Switch, Roberto will congratulate the player and award them with a few really expensive cosmetic items. Sometimes, Teddy will take Roberto's place and offer much more challenging missions, which are almost outright impossible.
  • Endless Mode
    Wanna test your skills and luck in a world that never ends? Endless Mode should suit your need for self-destruction just fine... good luck making it through this painful level, it's tougher than keeping ANY relationship! Ha ha ha! Ha... that was tasteless. But who cares when you're the villain?
    Endal, in the instruction booklet

    In Endless Mode, the player will run through a long, never-ending monochrome stage that takes elements and gimmicks from the main stages in the game, with the idea being to get as far as possible. As the stage is always straightforward in design and route, the game can reliably track how far the player has gotten within it. Endless Mode is great for practice or for showing off scores to friends either locally or worldwide. There are four different levels of difficulty for Endless Mode: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Master, all of which mirror the Adventure Mode settings. "Easy" only uses mechanics from the tutorial level and the first four levels, Medium introduces mechanics from the next four, Hard displays mechanics of all stages up to Cyanide Gardens, and Master uses elements from every single main level.
  • Versus Mode
    Not feeling like letting me or any of my minions destroy you, but want to do it yourself? Open up Versus Mode, get a willing friend or robot, and flat-out destroy each other in any arena you desire. It'll be fun, because I get to commentate on your destruction! HA HA!!!
    Endal, in the instruction booklet

    In Versus Mode, two players or more can duke it out in any of the stages that have been unlocked over the course of a save file. Players are dropped into sizable arenas, given continuous health bars, and are to kick the crap out of one another. Players can make usage of their attacks, abilities, and Papercraft Magic in battle in order to gain a lead over their opponents. Items will be dropped onto the battlefield on occasion, with these items intending to either benefit or hinder the battlers. The last one standing in these battles is the winner. The players can select between any of the playable cast for Versus Mode, but they can also select between Endal, Project X or Slate if they so desire. It is possible to select between human and computer players.
  • Butcher Mode
    Take out my waves of excellently produced robots in this fabulous mode, Butcher Mode! Try as you might to disassemble my seas of robots, but you will never prevail over my masterful creations... oh, and those of my minions'! Ha ha ha!
    Endal, in the instruction booklet

    Within Butcher Mode, the player must break through a long line of bosses, of which all but a few are fought in a random order, with the last six being a fixed set of final bosses. The player must lay waste to a boss before they're able to move on to the next one, thrusting as much power as they can towards tearing them apart. There is no time limit, but the amount of health the player heals depends on how quickly they destroy the boss, with unusually fast defeats restoring 75% of health and slow battles restoring only 25%. The player gets a 10% health bonus if they defeat a boss without taking any damage. The player is occasionally given items they can use per every three or four bosses, which can help make life easier. Any of the playable characters can be selected. Bosses from both the main story and from Episode Endal are part of the boss rush.
  • Workshop Mode
    Work on your own original teddy bear here with the scrap parts you've earned over the course of the adventure! ...But, can you not make one for my own sake? I already have enough teddy bears that I wanna destroy... ugh... fine... do what you want... I'm not the idiot, here.
    Endal, in the instruction booklet

    The Workshop can be visited with the player's jeep, which is where they can build the Avatar character. Using the fluff collected from enemies, thread bundles found over the levels, and patches and accessories purchased from the shops as well as cosmetics purchased with Platinum Medals, players can make their own teddy bear come to life and name it whatever they want. The Workshop is where players can color the teddy bear with the threads they've found and stitch them up to perfection. It is also here where the player can design their personalities and abilities and decide on how they should behave in comparison to other characters. Their statistics can also be altered here, meaning that the Avatar can be easily customized.
  • Options Mode
    Options Mode, huh? Just... change the gosh darn settings. Honestly, do me a favor and just wipe your save file. Do me a favor and LET ME WIN.
    Endal, in the instruction booklet

    In options, the players can change all sorts of settings: they can control the volume of music and sound alike, test the buttons of their controller, look through lots of in-game enemies or view an art gallery for BowieQuest that fills up with time. They can delete their save file and reset from the beginning, or copy it to other save files. They can choose to get notifications from TimeStrike about people topping their time / score attack records, too. Additionally, they can choose to have a "theme" for the game's various menus, or have a different narrator for the game's story. Bowie, Ashe, Flare, Windi, Sabeuxo, Dryle, Malvio, and Endal all have their own themes, with the latter four being unlockable.
  • Episode Endal
    Finally, an adventure about ME! Play as your favorite monkey homeboy and play through actually cool levels and do the tasks that you should do! ...Like you know, figuring out why I'm doing all this villainy to begin with! All this destruction! Jeez!
    Endal, in the updated instruction booklet

    By completing the game's main story or by paying a small fee, they can choose Episode Endal, an unforgiving challenge that ties up Endal's reasons for being a villain with the main plot of Degree in Origami. It is treated as its own separate game and takes up its own slot on a memory card. Basically, Endal and a friend must traverse four levels in order to locate materials that the monkey overlord left behind in ruins so that he can gain the materials he needs to aid a group of sorts that he isn't quite affiliated with yet in any way. Endal can use psychic powers, float around, and utilize his own machines to get around effortlessly. Story-wise, it's a little deeper and offers a fully honest opinion on the history of Bowie and his friends, and displays how he predicts them and the history that proves it all.


  • Bowie's Puzzle League
    This game is just a Panel de Pon reskin. Do me a favor and play Endal's Conquest! It's a much better puzzle game and isn't a shameless rip-off! ...Admittedly, it's fun and even I like to play against myself here...
    Endal, in the updated instruction booklet

    Bowie's Puzzle League is a free variation of Panel de Pon that was packaged with the game, only featuring BowieQuest characters. The basic gameplay is identical to that featured in the original game, but the game is aesthetically redesigned to feature BowieQuest graphics and designs, and the characters within have all been swapped with BowieQuest characters. Unlike the rest of the game, this variation of Panel de Pon is in 16-bit. Players can either choose to play through Endless, Time Trial, or Versus modes, all of which emerging from the initial Panel de Pon. There is also a Story Mode which guides players through a set of stages whereas Bowie must free his friends from the clutches of Endal the Monkey. Exclusive to the Nintendo Switch release. More can be found here.
  • Endal's Conquest
    Now THIS game is original! Toss bowling balls up with crate stacks and knock my foes dead with me or one of my furry monkey friends! This has to be more interesting than Puzzle League, I mean it's got ME in the title! I'm even the main character! Mu ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
    Endal, in the updated instruction booklet

    Endal's Conquest is a second puzzle game that was released for free for players that purchased the game. As with Puzzle League, this game only features BowieQuest characters and concepts, but is a fully original title. In it, Endal and his furry monkey friends need to travel underneath columns of crates and shove them up into the air so that a bowling ball is knocked around the air, with the objective being to hit opponents hanging above the arena who will continuously drop crates onto the field. When the bowling ball comes back down, it will destroy any crates it happens to hit. Players need to have columns of crates around so that they can knock the ball up high enough to reach the opponents. If any of the columns are filled up so they reach the top of the screen, one of the bombs on the ceiling will activate and the area blows up, resulting in a game over. Exclusive to The V² release. More can be found here.


Main Game

Oscargen's Briefing

"Nearby planet Cuttacarna gets invaded by professional mechanic and evildoer Endal the Monkey, who gets his hordes of robots and machines to steal as many arts and crafts from the location as possible despite warnings from close henchmen. While attempting to become an expert with origami, Endal unintentionally unseals an inky demon named Slate from its resting location on Cuttacarna, drawing it to its summoner. Endal is quickly approached and Slate offers a deal to him ... in exchange for him helping the evil overlord crush Bowie and dominate the world, he must offer his body and soul to the demon. Believing that he himself could take on the demon if it were to try and take over his body, Endal gladly and confidently accepts the deal, giving a handshake and quickly assembling a paper mache empire with it. They start their conquest by revamping the Ironworks into a factory designed to build arts and crafts, building paper mills and the like around it in an effort to create endless supplies of origami.

Over the course of a week, Bowie and friends watch skyscraper-sized properties rise up in the distance as well as a plastic jungle floor, but make no connections to Endal as they haven't seen him in a long while. When hypnotic televisions from the first game are sent over to the Western Village, however, the teddy bears quickly break them down with explosive weapons and learn that it was indeed Endal behind the new infrastructure in the distance. Reports from Mayor Flare state that the televisions advertised new jobs and come right from a location known as the Formless Fortress, where teddy bears could learn how to handle the art of origami to build new homes, make improvisations on the hot stuff going around, and in exchange built for Endal's empire. Knowing Endal's dastardly deeds from the last adventure, none of the teddy bears fell for this plan and refused. Angered by their resistance, Endal starts the charge himself by bringing many origami soldiers to the Western Village to kidnap and hide the bears. Despite their best efforts, Bowie's family is quickly captured, one-by-one.

Bowie and the remaining teddy bears are transported all the way to the Formless Fortress, specifically inside of the paper mill. When they wake up, they realize they've been captured and put into individual cells. No one, not even Bowie, could escape their imprisonment. Endal is standing outside everyone's cells, and says that they will forcibly work for him and help advance his empire to take over the other existing teddy bear tribes, and that they won't be released apart from being let out to do work for him. When all looks like it's for the worst, the teddy bears mourn and look miserable as night advances for them all. Unexpectedly, a shovel suddenly pierces through the ground of Bowie's cell, with the orange teddy bear miner Dryle appearing to him and explaining that he wanted to pay Bowie back for all the money that was given to him. Dryle is able to help free Ashe, Flare, Windi and Bowie's brother Sabeuxo before the psychic pink teddy bear Malvio warned them that Endal's forces were approaching, forcing them to flee.

The team goes to the other side of the Formless Fortress, breaking in silently with the goal being to rescue the teddy bears in there from disaster. Along the way, they get discovered and fall for a trap that launches them out of the fortress, throwing them back a long, long distance... with Endal and Slate laughing maniacally after them. Turning to the captive bears, Endal unveils his plan to convert the whole world into his crafty empire, and forces them all outside into the different levels of the game to spread his origami madness everywhere. After three days' time, Bowie and friends wake up in the hands of a very distant bear tribe... and discover that their whole territory had been transformed and ruined by Endal. With new allies Sabeuxo, Dryle and Malvio at their side, Bowie, Ashe, Flare and Windi march out in desperate hopes to throw Endal off his throne, unknowingly battling off the forces of a powerful ink demon as well while the tribe they landed themselves in helps them along the way!"

Phase 1: Smuggle Struggle

After returning to consciousness, Bowie and his friends venture into the heart of the Havoc Hills region, with the seven of them being thrown out there by Princess and the Harvest Tribe's other members to test their skills via infiltrating the Volcanic Redoubt. Bowie and company comply, navigating the grassy plains and crossing over the rotating hills of death. Noticing that Bowie and his friends are still alive and well once his camera-eye robots start getting ruined, Endal sends his little assistant out with the bear's unfinished invention, threatening to demote him to janitor if he doesn't attempt to take down the Western Tribe's heroes as soon as possible. Once Bowie and friends make it to a clearing, Thomas descends and attacks the teddy bears, only for his invention to be quickly trashed and force him into retreating. Learning of Thomas' failure, Endal decides it wouldn't hurt to test their skills via building a new mech based on Thomas' machine, lazily remaking it and giving it add-ons. Once Bowie and friends make it to the top of a clockwork tower in Havoc Hills, Endal descends in his END-14 machine and starts speaking to them prior to his boss fight.

After the battle with Endal, the monkey ends up getting defeated and makes a retreat into the distance, where he immediately plots to increase the security of the Volcanic Redoubt's defenses to the point where Bowie and friends can't possibly cross into it. Bowie and his friends, noticing the fortified defenses, return to the Harvest Tribe's home, where it's revealed that several teddy bears managed to escape Endal's Formless Fortress and launch themselves to the tribe's home. Oscargen, a small teddy bear wielding glasses, revealed a jeep-like device that he said could help the teddy bears travel across the lands. The teddy bears quickly get in it and ride their way to the redoubt, making connections with people like Ace and Roberto as they go. The heroes manage to put down Thomas a second time, who foresaw their arrival, before Endal gave Slate a task: blow up the ice wall to throw cold hell on Stitchonia in an effort to freeze everyone to death but the monkeys. Endal then departs to the redoubt in a new mech, where he meets the teddy bears once again.

Needless to say, Endal quickly goes down despite his best efforts, forcing him to retreat from the redoubt but not before he gets hit by a bunch of boulders in a landslide, seemingly knocking him out and forcing Fudgebuckets to arrive and get him down on a stretcher. Bowie and friends venture forward, deciding that traveling across the ocean would give them a chance to figure out what to do about Endal and his origami army. Oscargen informs them that they're going towards the haunted side of Stitchonia... perfect for hideouts.

Phase 2: Oddity Odyssey

Oscargen gives the jeep new features that allow it to motor its way across water. Taking advantage of this, the teddy bears start sailing forward, where they encounter a fleet of varying china dishes floating in their direction. Oscargen addresses the concerns of Ashe and Windi by telling them that they've arrived at China World, an island made completely from china and concrete. Upon arriving, they quickly realize that Endal had taken control of the area with his robots, and they're ambushed by Thomas not long after their arrival. A quick defeat allows Bowie and friends to move onward, attempting to figure out what's next in Endal's plans when they're contacted by one of the Pastry Tribe members, who warn them that Endal plans on knocking out the ice north of them to create a winter wonderland. Just when they attempt to leave the area in pursuit of Endal, they're stopped and they're given a map, making the thought of decision-making not as scary. But as they actually try to leave the area, they're ambushed by a second machine, yet not controlled by Endal.

The breaking of the demon's invention got him to flee wordlessly, giving the teddy bears time to zoom over to the nearby Ersatz Mansion, where they saw three different mechs retreat into it. Once the teddy bears set foot on land, they enter the Ersatz Mansion and take note of its strange qualities. As they attempt to get used to the house and ignore the other teddy bears, Endal is seen discussing his plans with Slate and Fudgebuckets, fuming in rage. However, their approaching enemies force the team to retreat and for Endal to enter a new mech. Bowie and friends kept running through the mansion, having recently trashed one of Thomas' inventions when they came upon yet another one... with a monkey pilot operating it instead of a demon. During the intermission, everyone gets distracted and start playing Go Fish!, prompting the monkey to attack in rage. A quick beating forced the quickly unveiled Endal to retreat, allowing Bowie and friends to escape the mansion and quickly make their way towards the jungle ahead of themselves. As the teddy bears go, they all join Flare and Windi's sudden game of Go Fish!... even Bowie, who uses his "paws" to determine what numbers he's saying.

The teddy bears move quickly once they're told by members of the Ghoul Tribe that Endal has plans to blow up the immediate area in about an hour, having to set dynamite around the Christmas-celebrating region before he can pull the explosive feat off. Motivated, the teddy bears give chase, though Dryle slows down and requires that Flare and Windi put him down on a stretcher as they push their way forwards, into the jungle where there's practically no return...

Phase 3: Hurryin' and Worryin'

With the time ticking, Sheriff Bowie and his roundup of friends know that they have little time to waste before Endal goes completely overboard with his plot. At the same time, Endal commissions Fudgebuckets, Slate and Thomas to track down the location of the teddy bears and figure out where they're going so they can appropriately set up traps to force them to take more dangerous routes. Bowie's party arrive at Cretaceous Park, where they attempt to swiftly avoid the Rex Tribe and the several robotic dinosaurs prodding over the land as they attempt to rush over to the glacier. Things get complicated once they realize that the jeep can't make it over the air, forcing Oscargen to edit it to the point where it can safely dash across the skies, albeit at a pace that would only match Bowie's. Knowing in advance that the teddy bears would make it through without too much trouble, Endal sends over Fudgebuckets to destroy them in a mech that the dark monkey was barely able to finish, but not before Bowie's forces took down Thomas for a fifth time. The power of the explosion flings Bowie and his friends across a long stretch, landing them in the glacier field.

It turns out that they're just about on time, as explosives have been expertly laid around the glacier and a monkey is about to set off all of the explosions! Bowie and his roundup make a Frosty Escapade, chasing down the robotic monkey and evading the icy obstacles in their way. As they do this, they must also stall Thomas and prevent themselves from hitting any explosives unless otherwise told to do such. Everything is cold and snowy in this chilly region and everything seems to be working against the teddy bears in what seems like a forced effort to slow them down. As this is Gary's homeland, the bitter teddy bear leads them through the region, but turns aggressive near the end after constant bickering from some of the bears and lashes out at them, culminating in a boss battle that Bowie and friends quickly gain victory over. As Gary attempts to recover, Endal spits in rage at his destroyed plans and flies above a desert, prompting the sheriff's crew to chase him over the horizon.

As the teddy bears head south, Endal's teammates followed them behind closely, figuring out that they want to head over to the land across the Victory Lake via a chain of islands. Slate reacts by barricading the western entrance with an army of chessman figures from Chess Castle, whom have been constructed out of the bad prototypes from the fortress early in the adventure. Endal plots the route of the teddy bears with their help... Militia Canyon, then the Stone-Cold Bonelands, and as Endal hypothesizes, the Dragon's Crypt. The teddy bears continue to venture forward, unaware of what's to come for them... and suddenly get surrounded by a bunch of soldiers!

Phase 4: Wasteland Demands

Bowie and his gang get surrounded at the Militia Canyon, where they're demanded to hand over their identities or get shot. Having no time to waste, Bowie and his family escape their grasp and run away, prompting soldiers from both sides of the canyon to war with them! As the Western Tribe heroes flee through the valley's passage, Endal and Slate set off explosions to the side that force the teddy bears to move their way towards the dangerous, long-feared bonelands ahead. As per usual, Bowie and his friends encounter Thomas, but also encounter the highly feared Savast and engage in battle with both of them in giant mechs! After a close match, Thomas retreats from his exploding mech and Savast gets away in her surviving own, but is easily caught up to by Bowie and crew and subsequently defeated again. With the war in the canyon intensifying, Oscargen helps move the team into the bonelands, safe from harm from the vile inhabitants of the canyon! Unfortunately, their jeep is starting to give away, with its power proving to die down as the jeep's been moving at a much slower speed than usual. Noticing their slowdown, Endal goes out to immediately attack the teddy bears under Slate's suggestion.

At the Stone-Cold Bonelands, the jeep finally falls apart after having been mercilessly shot down by Endal's upcoming boss mech, requiring Oscargen to try and fix it. As the teddy bears move throughout the bonelands, they get ambushed by a robotic Bowie lookalike, which easily defeats Bowie's group and leaves them damaged. As the teddy bears try to heal, Endal and his group decide that their robot "Project X" is a fitting way to end the tale of the teddy bears and plot to unleash it in the crater just ahead of the heroes. When the teddy bears make it far enough into the bonelands, both Thomas and Endal attack them, but they are scrapped despite Endal's beliefs that their weakening would make them much easier targets. After fleeing, Oscargen unveils that he can't fix the vehicle by itself, but instead merges END-17 with it, making it into an all-new vehicle altogether that can do much better than the jeep could do.

The teddy bears leave the canyon and head towards the crypt, as Endal predicted. Slate, knowing that the Dragon's Crypt is the next destination, heads into the canyon in hopes of being the one to lay the last blow on Bowie and his friends. Wanting to capitalize on the teddy bears' location, Endal sets up a machine which he wishes to use in advance in case the teddy bears get caught up in Tornadopolis, a fabled city that's shredding its way towards the crypt at an unreasonably quick speed. Fudgebuckets, tired of sitting around, forms a force field around the Chess Castle, which will make entry into the fortress and the Mache Empire as a whole much more difficult. Bowie and friends press on, with the aim to arrive at the huge goliath to the south... but little did they know that it'd be a while before they actually got there!

Phase 5: Engaging the Raging

As Endal and Slate hoped, Bowie and his family passed over a fake stone bridge, which broke apart and sent them down into the ferocious Dragon's Crypt! Having woken up a huge mache dragon, the Western Tribe heroes scramble to evade it while also simultaneously putting up with the threat "Project X" that handsomely destroyed them before. In spite of their best efforts, the teddy bears start feeling overwhelmed by the high number of things attacking them at one time, and things didn't improve when Slate introduced themselves into the mix, opening fire on the teddy bears with their "NAROBI" mech. Unexpectedly for Endal and the villains, however, every machine thrown their way got trashed pretty hard following a moment of whiplash from Bowie, prompting both Slate and Thomas to retreat while they still had the opportunity. Ticked off, Endal sets up his machine and sets off after the teddy bears, going behind them and forcing them to travel into the fabled world named "Tornadopolis". Realizing that things are going to start moving downhill if Endal's forces don't take it up a notch, Fudgebuckets orders multiple robots at the Chess Castle to remodel the whole fortress and form a stronger security system within it, and at this point it starts getting rebuilt.

After having escaped the crypt and killing the mache dragon, Bowie and his friends accidentally get caught up within Tornadopolis with Endal! With Oscargen's knowledge that the Abandoned Goliath would be the ideal place to drop off at, Oscargen orders the teddy bears through the city while he drives the reinvented jeep behind them. As they attempt to push through the high-flying city, they get attacked by an angry Thomas and an equally pissed Endal, but they both get trashed with some minor difficulty on the teddy bears' part and are forced to retreat. The heavy winds eventually push Bowie and his family out onto the Goliath up ahead, which happens to be in great disrepair. As the bears venture forward, Endal gets worried about Bowie succeeding, to which Slate gives him flack for, convincing him that their reign is not yet over and that they have several ways to dispose of them. Noting of Project X's destruction, Endal chooses to work on fixing up the robot, giving Savast a chance to exact her revenge on the teddy bears.

As the teddy bears prepare to ascend the Goliath, they take note of their surroundings. Windi notes that in the distance that the Mache Empire is finally visible, and Malvio comments on the impressive armada surrounding the said empire and expresses concerns as to how they're going to attack it. As they get lost in thought, they notice Savast climbing up the mountain, forcing them to give chase and follow suit -- or otherwise fall behind! Back at the base, Endal and Slate start thinking about what they're going to do should Bowie arrive... which is when Slate comes up with a plan, bringing him to laugh maliciously.

Phase 6: Genocide Glide

Confident that the end of Endal's reign is approaching, the Western Tribe ascends the Abandoned Goliath, encountering and crushing yet another one of Thomas' failed inventions. The teddy bears look around the summit and realize that they have no bridge to make it to the Mache Empire with, to which Sabeuxo responds to with the plan of putting the factory ahead on a self-destructive course, which may force its inhabitants to warp away via portals. The teddy bears find the plan to be too "convenient-sounding" to really be worth trying, but decide to go ahead with it after having noticed Savast ascend the tower via using a portal to move forwards. The teddy bears descend into the Goliath, and after messing about with some triggers, accidentally bring it to life! When Savast engages in battle with the teddy bears, the Goliath is used against her to destroy her second invention, but not without a heated battle first! After Savast suffers a harsh defeat, her mech blows into pieces, and the Goliath safely helps the teddy bears travel over to the Cyanide Gardens. After it trips over a few trees in the big acid lake, however, the teddy bears find just a bit of stable ground and scramble before they sink into the acidic pools found in the area!

As the Western Tribe heroes panic and speed through the Cyanide Gardens, Endal sends off Thomas to hold them off and Fudgebuckets to put a halt in the teddy bears' tracks as he attempts to come up with a way to destroy them. As a last-minute solution, Slate hits a button, causing the Cyanide Gardens to blow up and start sinking! In spite of Slate's assurances, however, Bowie and his friends survive the flat labyrinth and put an end to the plans of both Fudgebuckets and Thomas, wrecking their inventions and barely scraping out of there alive. Slate finally admits that they completely underestimated the teddy bears' willpower and wishes to use their best weaponry so they can fully obliterate the teddy bears. The strength of the Chess Castle's fortress defenses intensifies with support from all members of Endal's team, and they focus almost primarily on perfecting the state of their fortress, with the knowledge that Bowie and his friends may arrive soon. Meanwhile, Bowie and his friends have already penetrated the defenses of the Geargrind Works.

Bowie and his friends start noticing that the villains are panicking, with Flare in particular feeling like the villains are getting bested and deliberately strengthening what they've got left in order to keep Bowie and the Western Tribe out of their working station. Ashe notes that the Geargrind Works is Endal's last stronghold outside of the Mache Empire, and it will have to be destroyed in order to cease the production of the origami monsters being done there. With that in mind, Bowie and his family march forward.

Phase 7: Shadow Rainbow

It turns out that upon heading into the Geargrind Madness, things were already shaky in there from the start -- no self-destruct plan needed! All the workers in the area were panicking due to huge quantities of impossible demands coming from Endal, whom had overworked them due to Bowie being much more successful than initially thought. As Bowie and friends attempt to twist and turn their way through the electric labyrinth, they get ambushed by a rebooted Project X, whom gets scrapped quickly much to Endal's chagrin. Knowing that Bowie and his family may outlive the exploding factory, Endal goes out with one of his mechs in spite of Slate's warnings, and Fudgebuckets watches as the chemicals start flooding the building at unusually high speeds. As feared by Endal, Bowie's family survives the rapidly flooding factory, which is on the verge of exploding. In hopes of holding them off from escape, Endal engages in battle with them at the expense of his own life, but is defeated once again. Realizing that he's still alive, Endal travels backwards into a portal, pleasing Sabeuxo who gets all of the other teddy bears to hop through the portal with him. As Bowie steps through last, the factory explodes, with chemicals flying all over Stitchonia and drenching several well-known areas in toxins.

The teddy bears wind up in the Dark Melody, a hidden area that Exaine ruled once upon a time. Endal loses all contact with his teammates and Oscargen's map quickly becomes useless, giving both sides unwanted disadvantages when it comes to communication. Bowie and friends know that they need to hurry: even though they slammed down many of Endal's machines and hideouts, they still haven't won the game just yet. Nodding solemnly, they travel quickly through the magical region and soon enough find Endal, whom had prepared for their arrival with a mech of his own. As the monkey anticipated, he got brutally defeated by Bowie and his crew, forming a portal back into his homeworld with hesitation. Though he successfully closed the portal before the teddy bears could use it, he opened it back up with greed behind his motivations: he wanted to destroy Bowie personally in the monkey's own headquarters, and personally welcomed him to the Mache Empire.

Meanwhile, Slate retweaks Project X so that he's even more powerful than ever before, knowing that they could very well die at the hands of Bowie in spite of being a demon. In fact, they are so nervous about fighting Bowie now that they fear that their own fight against Bowie's family may not turn well in their favor... so they redesigned Project X whilst sacrificing much of their power to the machine. Fudgebuckets, having worn out his usefulness, dedicates the rest of his power towards restrengthening the already incredibly strong defenses of the Chess Castle. The final chapter has finally begun, with Bowie and Slate about to face-off now.

Phase 8: Dramatic Climax

Things finally start getting really intense when the teddy bears prepare to sabotage the Mache Empire. Dryle notes that this is Endal's last stand: for him, this is all or nothing now. Bowie agrees and leads the charge into the Mache Empire, with both teddy bears wiping out multiple machines along the way. Knowing that he has nothing else left, Thomas charges in with his own machine of infinite power, yet is hastily defeated by Bowie's gang, though they receive many injuries from Thomas' powerful robot. After his retreat, the teddy bears charge even further into the empire, going as far as the city hall when they're abruptly stopped by Slate. Slate commends the teddy bears for their efforts, but threatens them with death and says that they'll spare the teddy bears if they just back off. After Bowie refuses, the two sides clash in a high-power battle, with Endal watching over in the distance. Once Slate falls, however, Endal realizes that Bowie is an incredibly formidable opponent and is worthy of every inch of praise that he gets: he just put down a demon successfully in battle. Enraged, but also inspired, Endal retreats to the Chess Castle, which he electrocutes the barriers to and therefore traps the teddy bears outside of his lair.

Realizing that entry into the Chess Castle is impossible if the barriers aren't shut down, Bowie and friends go to the shopkeeper Ace in order to see if she has anything that'll take down the Chess Castle barrier. After receiving 500 Gold, she hands over the Barrier Destroyer to them, and watches them destroy the Chess Castle's protection momentarily with the one-shot weapon. The teddy bears slip in before the barrier has a chance to reseal itself, and as such successfully gain entry into the Chess Castle. Upon greeting and barely surviving against severely powerful chess pawns from Endal, they come across a barely alive Slate and a reinvigorated Savast, who challenge the teddy bears to a final fight. Despite their best efforts, both fall to Bowie's team within a small window of time, and the teddy bears ditch them in order to reach the last stretches of their adventure and defeat the overlord named Endal once and for all.

Endal built no machine for the first match finale, choosing to challenge the teddy bears immediately without a single word. The teddy bears threw all the strength they could towards Endal, and had a great amount of difficulty in finishing him off. After the teddy bears progress yet even more, they battle two more of Endal's inventions and a reinvented Project X. How this fiasco ends depends on if all the Dark Gems are collected or not: should the player not, Endal will escape the confrontation and use his Supersonic Toboggan to end the adventure, laying mass destruction to Stitchonia as he unveils that he used the power he charged throughout the battle and the whole adventure to fuel his invention. The invention is a powerful weapon that can only be destroyed with the right tools, and they are clearly not in the teddy bears' possession if they did not collect the Dark Gems. Should they have collected the Dark Gems and handed them to Exaine, however, Endal's powers will be more limited during the final fight and the charging of the Supersonic Toboggan will be halted, causing Endal's plan to backfire and for him to be defeated. But the adventure isn't over yet! The teddy bears must follow the ape into space!

Phase X: Supersonic Toboggan

Inaccessible if all the Dark Gems aren't collected prior to encountering the final boss

Assuming Exaine has possession of all the Dark Gems, she will be able to teleport Bowie and his friends to the location of the Supersonic Toboggan, which happens to be piloted by Endal! Before the Western Tribe heroes heads into space, though, Oscargen gave some final tweaks to the jeep hybrid: he made it so that it could withstand and function perfectly fine in outer space! Bowie and friends take the machine up into the depths of outer space, equipped with several weapons that are supposed to break through the otherwise-invincible barrier of the Supersonic Toboggan. It happened to be a long and difficult fight, with Bowie and his family having to break through countless rehashed TMS machines on top of the sheer power of the toboggan, but they were able to break through the Toboggan and shatter Endal's plans to turn all of the paper sheets on Stitchonia into mind-controlling ink bombs! Once the toboggan shatters, Endal plummets down to the planet as Bowie steers Oscargen's machine back down to the planet safely.

The breaking down of the Supersonic Toboggan leads into the good ending.

Bad Ending — All in Vain

This ending is achieved if not all of the Dark Gems have been collected.

The unexpected turnaround by Endal doomed Stitchonia, with the ink bombs formed magically from the sheets of paper scattered across the planet triggering and having their mist take over the minds of the individuals on the planet. The power of the Supersonic Toboggan blasts apart the teddy bears in the Chess Castle, bringing forth Bowie's death and setting the castle on fire. With the fully charged machine, Endal lays mass destruction to Stitchonia and starts working on converting the planet into a dystopia that's only supposed to support his monkey family, which he plans on bringing back to life at the expense of murdering most other species found on the planet. Incredibly dark for an "E for Everyone" game, but is written subtly, with pictures implying that only the monkeys and certain other species are found to be remaining on Stitchonia. Endal maniacally cackles as Stitchonia becomes nothing but the empire he always wanted, but is surprised by a revived Slate, powered by the masses of ink spread across the planet and overtaking Endal's body, controlling him and forming a genocide over every species, making Stitchonia into a Splatterplot clone. Together, the two ink planets wreak havoc on the other Zaxinian Lifts planets, with Slate overtaking a particular ink goddess and spelling doom for everybody.

This ending is completely avoided if the player collected all the Dark Gems and destroyed the Supersonic Toboggan.

Good Ending — Ecstasy of Gold

This ending is achieved if all of the Dark Gems have been collected and if the Supersonic Toboggan has been destroyed.

Endal's seemingly invulnerable Supersonic Toboggan burst into flames after having received enough of a beating from Oscargen's mech, resulting in the machine exploding and having all of its individual bolts and screws scatter through space. Bowie's vehicle shifts towards Earth as Endal plummets to (supposedly) his death, with Bowie and the Western Tribe fully reuniting as everyone is released from the Formless Fortress and can live happily ever after... maybe. The teddy bears celebrate their victory at a bar in the Western Village, where Flare unveils to Bowie that she managed to develop a small teddy bear template for them to raise as a third child... much to Bowie's initial chagrin, but he eventually just smiles and embraces Flare. The whole family joins in the group hug, with even Sabeuxo offering his arms as the camera pans out of the Western Village, with the sun smiling upon them all quite goofily. As they celebrate their victory, Endal manages to get his damaged body out from the Militia Canyon, plotting his exact revenge against Bowie as Slate also rises up from a distance, terribly wounded but still standing. A "to be continued?" shows up on the screen, signifying that perhaps Bowie and his friends haven't gained an absolute victory yet. The credits then roll peacefully.

This ending is only possible if the player has beaten the extra stage as Bowie or any of his friends.

Episode Endal

Endal's Briefing

"In spite of my brilliantly done plans, that rascal named Bowie and his pipsqueak friends somehow managed to outdo me again! I hired a demon, I had several colleagues of mine on the job, and we had invulnerable weapons! We were meant to be straight-up invincible! But somehow, we lost everything to those worms, the Western Tribe... but that's not what matters now. What does matter, however, is that there is a multitude of valuable weapons that I left behind on the wretched planet entitled Stitchonia, which I somehow forgot to use against Bowie in all three of my main endeavors... how utterly foolish of me! Knowing that these weapons would be great additions to the pool of tools that my dream team already acquired, I returned to Stitchonia simply to recollect them. I hired a bounty hunter from Earth to aid me in my journey; her name is Alcyone, and she is one hell of a bother to me. But with my luck, of course I'd get an assistant that's both annoying and troublesome, she's just like that failure named Thomas.

Here's the problem with my gorgeous new plans, however... the locations that I'd hidden these immensely strong weapons at are off the charts! I have to poke around for them, practice a bit with fighting as I've gotten a bit rusty over the past half-decade, and tag along with this insufferable bounty hunter thing 'til I can find all of those tools! I swore that I hid them within some old bases of mine... but anyway, know this! I'm not leaving this planet until I find every single thing that I'm looking for! And as the greatest scientific genius in the world, there is no way that I'd pass up an opportunity to hunt down these weapons and hand them off to the greater good! I want to feel praised for once, to feel praised for my good doings! I want to be feel like a helpful angel that can actually do anything decent for the world! If killing teddy bears won't do it for me anymore, then surely killing supernatural threats will be much easier! Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... (fufufufu)"

Phase E1: Banana-Peel Ordeal

"So, anyway, I started my adventure in the most original way I possibly could! I set foot in the Ersatz Mansion and poked around relentlessly for signs of the first weapon I left behind! Alcyone suggested going through the back door and continuing on from there, but I chose to evade her advice because I hated her guts! Mwah ha ha! I got us lost, but that didn't matter because we did eventually find a way out with my own lead... through my own original plan: the back door! Can we take a moment here to appreciate my genius? Anyway, so we set foot outside of the mansion (without some stupid boss battles attached to it) and found a portal right near it! That demonic bounty hunter claims that she walked over to the portal and teleported us to our destination with her advanced GPS skills or whatever, but let me tell you the totally-honest truth! I walked over to the portal, slammed my tail into it, and teleported us all the way to the Scrap Jungle by total luck! I was lucky that time because life actually felt sorry for me this time, hah! Take that, Alcyone! I'm smarter than you!

The Scrap Jungle was where we headed next, and I recalled that I left one of my weapons buried around this trashy headquarters! Alcyone said that she was able to pick up metal readings and locate the weapon that way, but I told her to shut off her trashy music and focus on the plot, because it's obvious that I knew what I was doing without her! Makes you wonder why I bothered hiring a bounty hunter to begin with. So we raced through the Scrap Jungle and got face-to-face with some weird unknown machine... then I realized that I hired guardians to protect the weapons with! I must have been wanting to test the skills of Bowie or something, but they were obviously no match for me! After I, ahem, singlehandedly destroyed them, I dug up the very first weapon! The weapon is capable of blasting a 3x3 meter block of space into absolutely nothing, so it obliterates everything that's in the span of the block! ...So why is this chapter named "Banana-Peel Ordeal", you may ask? Alcyone kept making the title I intended for the phase to slip my mind, so it was a slippery ordeal to come up with a title at all! Hence the name."

Phase E2: Operation Annihilation

"With at least one weapon in tow, we marched into the Militia Canyon for clues on where to go next. You know, that war-themed zone that never shuts up about its stupid politics that nobody else cares about! Everyone there is messed up, and quite frankly, stupid! I'd even say that some of them are megalomaniacs that have zero reason to exist but bicker and argue over their perfectionist beliefs! Alcyone called me out for being a hypocrite in the typical sweet way she does, but tut tut to that, I say! Everything that I say about myself is 100% certified true information, there is no question about anything I say or you're thrown out of my top-class team! Any objectors to my Endalian religion will be mercilessly destroyed and in the way that this god chooses! Wa ha ha ha ha! ...We didn't find any weapons in the canyon, but we got some pointers towards where the next weapon may be! Alcyone said that she found the location of the next weapon by translating this incredibly long piece of text inscribed onto a wall, but I'm pretty sure that she only did that just so she could think that she's better than me! In her dreams... I will always be your one and only superstar!

We then crashed into the amusement land known as the Ghoul Zone, which is some weird watery location with an amusement park built right above it! What purpose the haunted carnival serves, I have no idea whatsoever, but I guess it was for the hell of it? Anyway, we blitz'd right through the area flawlessly and eventually encountered the second guardian! As you might have guessed, I killed it all by myself and retrieved the second weapon! I suppose Alcyone did something useful *grumbles* by congratulating me on my accomplishment. I told her, specifically, 'No big deal, I am after all the big cheese of this world!' Perhaps it would have been more accurate if I said 'overlord' instead of big cheese but it's too late to dwell on that kind of thing. I picked up the second weapon, which can apparently disrupt computer programming at the click of a button! It's honestly not much of a weapon, but I saw many mechanical figures down on Earth that need a severe punishment with something like this! Alcyone wanted to have it, but I threatened that if she dared touch this thing, then I'd kill her programming! Fufufufufufu! Moving on, we annihilated the guardian here... man, that title was hardly better than the last one."

Phase E3: Thrashin' Smashin'

"After I solely picked up that weapon for myself, we hopped right into the Tornadopolis! As per usual, Alcyone claimed that she tracked where the tornado would be going and knew that it'd lead us to the next spot, but there's no way that she'd be that intelligent! Not after being annoying and a show-off the entire adventure so far! So we traveled through that hell together, I must say that I wasn't very impressed by her taste of music. It almost seems like she picked certain themes to mess with me... at one point, she played "The Ecstasy of Gold", and I almost lost my mind right there. That's Bowie's theme!! You know, that awful slimeball's introductory theme music, written by that one old man for some actually good film! I swore that she was trying to temper with this scientist's heart, trying to rip me to shreds right there... but she thought she was so clever, eh? I tried to show that I'm just as mad and significant as she thinks of herself to be... but when I tried stealing her heart, things didn't go exactly as I anticipated... well, apparently humans have different hearts than animated stuffed monkeys do! Anyway, we got thrown out of the tornado and exactly where I hoped we'd be thrown.

We landed in the plant-infested Evil Ruin and crushed all the botanic life that happened to be residing in that stupid place! I cannot believe that a place so rundown was once what I considered to be a perfect hideout... it looked like total trash! Like Alcyone! Fufufu! We managed to destroy the third guardian and the mother of all that hideous plant life and locate the third weapon. See, the purpose of it is so that any living thing that gets caught by its beam becomes a stuffed animatronic! I've used it multiple times to create my fleets of robots in the past, but the side-effects were so ridiculously bloody and outrageous... my laboratories would always stink of blood! This may seem too far, but I'm going to blame my idea of this weapon on Alcyone! I must have wanted to develop this weapon in the past so I can be rid of people like her! Do you even know how much of a royal pain she can be at times? She tried to defy my scientific genius multiple times on this adventure... she made my brain rot with all of her stupidity! ...But something I haven't said yet is that I do like that she's defiant, teasing me in spite of all my anger towards her... but it also makes me ANGRY!"

Phase E4: Shutdown Countdown

"Three weapons collected and one to go, we headed over to my most recent base that I can remember: the Chess Castle! That place was so well thought-out on my part, the walls glistened with glory and all of my servants were tall and handsome... BEFORE BOWIE RUINED ALL OF IT! Before I go on an endless temper tantrum about Bowie, I just want to say that the Chess Castle looked like a huge mess! Windows were shattered, defenses were malfunctioning, and my robots were hostile towards even me! But I suppose that it was well-deserved, for I lost that epic battle that they were trying so hard to help me on. Alcyone managed to find the location of the very last weapon, but this time, I chose to let her take the lead to see what being a heroine is truly like! And unbelievably, she managed to find the location of where the last weapon was being held! They grow up so fast, you know? We fled over to the Wretch's Hollow and managed to break our way in somehow. I'll give Alcyone some credit for actually getting me there, but remember that I was the one that found the three other weapons singlehandedly!


Anyway, we dove into the Wretch's Hollow to locate that VERY last weapon! We had a timeline to do it or we'd be trapped in that final location forever, so we had to work quickly! I did most of the work, but Alcyone did a sizable amount and did aid in making the treasure hunt significantly easier. After crushing the last guardian machine, I managed to take my last weapon and get out of there with that weird bounty hunter in tow! Why I chose to steal this weapon and a guardian in a separate, forbidden dimension, I have not the slightest clue. This last weapon happens to be a machine gun that can fire rounds of bullets in a spread-out form, able to cover a good portion of the ground rather than just a particular area! No aiming was really necessary! Why I chose to hide this weapon in an alternate world, I really do not know! But with everything I do, I seem to do it with a great amount of intelligence... because I, after all, am the greatest scientific genius in the world! That cut- er, that weird daredevil lady doesn't hold anything against me!

With all four weapons in tow, my adventure came to an end! Read the ending, which I also wrote out, if you wanna know what else happened to me. Obviously!"

Ending — Goodbye to the Past

"So, after I located all my weapons, I got out of Stitchonia as soon as I could and dropped down to Earth with Alcyone! What, after that whole adventure, you really thought that I'd get together with Alcyone? No, she is not deserving of my intellectual genius, as cute and smart as she may be! This time I do not hold anything against saying that, but and deviantArt will make me regret it in the future anyway! What happened instead is that I handed over the weapons to F.A.N.T. and went out to explore the wild, never to be seen again! Well, maybe. It depends on if they stop calling me up for this 'crossover' stuff or whatever or if that Fandraxono guy cuts off all contact with me, but I hope neither side does those things! I don't think people know just how underrated I am as a character, I am the prime cut choice for any and all projects! Throw me into whatever you've got! The adventure I just had with this bounty hunter should be a selling point for me, you can buy my intellect with all the great stuff I pulled off in this single episode!

Remember, even if we don't see each other again, remember that I am Endal, the world's most sophisticated and intelligent scientist, and a gem too worthy for your eyes to behold! Now, let the credits roll! Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal, Endal..."


Levels of difficulty

There are five levels of difficulty in the main game for Degree in Origami. Each variation of challenge plays uniquely and introduce different elements to make them separate from each other. The player does not necessarily have to stick with their difficulty choice throughout the entire game; they can change the difficulty at will but will have to cut 15% of their total medal value in order to transfer a level lower, and will have to cut 30% to cut from the Expert level to the Normal setting. They can increase the difficulty without sacrificing anything, however, and get a bonus of four to twelve free gold medals if they jump to the highest setting, with the amount being dependent on the level the player's at.

The "Beginner" and "Master" difficulties are treated as separate from the other modes, and it is not possible to switch to or from them as they serve as the "tutorial" of sorts and "final challenge" for the full game, respectively".

  • Beginner Difficulty: Items are at half price, the bosses require about ¼ as much damage to be destroyed, and several obstacles are removed from the levels and entire checkpoint and climax segments are removed, shortening the game by a significant amount. All enemies have half their power, with enemies already having an attack stat of one just bumping players back without making them take damage. The TMS bosses are missing and the main bosses are relocated to the end of the beginner segments. However, the player cannot progress to the final boss on this setting; they'll instead be missing when the player gets to them and the player will be left with a bad ending that shows a mechanized, origami-ruled Stitchonia with Slate and (technically) Endal in complete control. Dubbed "simple mode" by TimeStrike.
  • Relaxed Difficulty: Relaxed grants players access to the final boss and extra boss, and lets players choose if they want to venture into the checkpoint segments or not. However, players will have to make it through the action and climax segments. Enemies still have about half their power, yet all enemies and bosses are present where they should be. Bosses require ¾ as many hits to be defeated when compared to Normal mode. Several obstacles are still removed, but nothing major; the mode is designed to not be an experience for players to "rage-quit" on and to be more simplified compared to the other modes. Item prices are about ¾ of what they usually are.
  • Normal Difficulty: Everything is as expected here, with everything working as detailed in the rest of the article. All characters, enemies, bosses, obstacles, stages, items, shop prices, etc. are accurately written down below. Everything is accessible, as with the Relaxed difficulty setting. It should be noted that this is the default difficulty setting, and that players are recommended to this setting by default (although they can still choose if they want to go with one of the other ones first). This is the setting used for the game's demo and in the varying modes of the game, like Trial Mode and Endless Mode, and is designed for a more hardcore audience compared to the other two challenge levels.
  • Expert Difficulty: Things pick up here as bosses have 1.5x as much health, items are priced 1.25x as high and the stages are packed with more enemies and obstacles than before. Medals are more scarce on this challenge level, making it harder to purchase items or purchase items for the avatar. As an added side note, enemies have about twice the power, making combat significantly more difficult than on the previous modes. Obstacles and hazards are more scattered about in Expert mode, though there's nothing new to be found in them: they're all traps meant to kill the players or at least throw them off guard. This is the highest mode the player can jump to until they beat the game with this difficulty only, unlocking Master Mode which happens to be among the most infamous of TimeStrike's challenges.
  • Master Difficulty: Items are not available whatsoever, bonus minigames have completely vanished, and the whole game becomes more like a linear arena of daunting challenges. The player must venture throughout the entire game, not being able to heal anywhere except in the levels themselves or by taking never-replenishing hearts that appear between stages. There are no NPCs to speak of, it is a trip from start to finish all alone... and multiplayer is not enabled for this mode. This mode is a true test of the player's skill, with several minibosses appearing as common enemies for the player and tough enemies being released in earlier levels. All enemies have a general attack increase of 3x. To compensate, the player has about eight lives... with each teddy bear that falls, they cannot use that teddy bear again unless they pass through the next level without losing all health once. If all the teddy bears fall, the player receives a game over and a taunting laugh from a mechanized Endal. The player can quicksave to save progress... the only way.


Degree in Origami features no real overworld; instead the protagonists all ride a Jeep after being provided one by the advanced bear tribe. This Jeep is the size of a real-life one, and the teddy bears aren't nearly tall enough to drive it -- but Oscargen controls it with a remote control. The playable characters can be switched here and they can purchase items from Ace and talk to other teddy bear NPCs. They can also take on tough challenges set up by new character Roberto, replacing Sabeuxo's position in the previous game. The car is constantly moving and seemingly not getting anywhere; but by opening up the map and clicking on a level, they will insta-travel to it, driving in its atmosphere. Whenever the player feels like they're ready, they can climb out of the jeep and enter the level. When they finish the level or otherwise lose a life, they will go back into the Jeep and (optionally) answer questions about the experience in the level. These responses are stored by the game and sent to TimeStrike in hopes the fan-mail provides criticism on the levels.

As time progresses, the Jeep seems to show wear and tear, and it eventually dies after being shot down by one of the game's boss mechs. After destroying the opposing vehicle, Oscargen hijacks the died-down jeep and reinvents it, making it much larger and capable of doing much more. This vehicle is larger in size and allows the player to "level up" their character via inserting medals into the machine. With enough medals, the character will upgrade and learn all-new abilities that enhance their overall gameplay. These upgrades are merely optional and don't do too much on the character, but in some cases the new abilities can be helpful. The player can choose to insert a few coins to use new abilities for a low price, but these are temporary and are taken away from the player after being used in at least three different levels. Paying the full price means never having to pay for it again. The mech also features the game's entire soundtrack, but only features the songs that the player has listened to so far.


Degree in Origami follows many of the same blueprints as its predecessor did, being easy to pick up and play and also being accessible to people of all demographics. However, the game has some hardcore difficulty gameplay, with most of the game never dipping below a moderate difficulty level. The pathways in these lengthy levels twist and turn and bend in many different directions, giving the player many choices as for where to go. Levels are humongous both horizontally and vertically, essentially making the game longer than the original, especially with the introduction of optional bonus tasks that can be done for completion's sake. Should a level have all its bonus tasks accomplished, the level will be marked with a gold star. The game's levels are glorified with different puzzles that require extensive knowledge of the characters, putting the player's skills to the absolute test. Each playable character has their own gimmicks to them and style to them. Degree in Origami is just as every bit of cartoony and expressive as the original game.

Starting the game gives the player immediate access to the file select screen. There are a total of three files they can use, and they can copy or delete them at will, or additionally check their statistics. Choosing a file will paste it into the system's memory, and the game will auto-save as the player goes along, although they can turn this off to save manually if desired. Before they truly start off their adventure, they need to choose the level of difficulty, choose between a continuous health system or a traditional "hearts" system, and also choose between having tutorials and maps on or off. The player can choose to go entirely solo or have co-op action, where the former has the player go all by themselves while the latter allows a second player to follow, regardless if they're operated by a robot or being controlled by a human. Choosing all given settings will plunge the player into the game, where they'll start at the tutorial level Formless Fortress.

The objective per level is to make it to the end, although there are several ways this can be done, all of which are absolutely dependent on the path that the player chooses. Paths often overlap and intercept each other, and cross over in many different ways. In Degree of Origami, however, the pathways are more spaced out and less compacted, with initial playthroughs intended to be full of mystery and wonder. Levels often require that the player move to the right to get closer to the goal, but they may occasionally have to take different directions to appropriately progress. Arrows, alongside certain environmental features, often point out the path that the teddy bears should take throughout the levels. Characters often have their own specific paths as well, giving even more unique places for them to access. The winding paths and crossing pathways are tracked by a map that builds with every pathway explored, unless the player chose to have the map off at the game's beginning. Due to the tremendous size of the levels, it is allowed to be able to quicksave at any point in a level. Once this is done, the game shuts off. When the player returns to their file, they will start off from where they left off.

Spread throughout the levels are all sorts of gimmicks and platforms that the player should study. New to the game are wristwatches named Griff, with one each around the playable characters' arms. They will aid the player with studying, scanning different gimmicks and offering advice on how to use or cope with them via a dialog box that shows near the bottom of the screen, where little of the HUD is used. It will also scan enemies and record them in a bestiary, just like how Bowie filled out his notebook in the original BowieQuest. It will also attempt to track down clouds of Magic Dust, where players can gain the fuel necessary to utilize the new mechanic known as Papercraft Magic. Candies and medals are spread throughout the game's levels, working identically to how they did in the original title. Getting hit by an enemy will send the player backwards, damage them, and grant them temporary invincibility frames. Regardless of the health system used, losing all of one's health will make them lose a life and drop off the stage in a humorous manner. Each character (besides the Avatar) possesses a Deadly Sin, which aids them in gameplay and takes advantage of their personalities.

All levels are divided into three segments: Action, Checkpoint, and Climax. Each segment has varying amounts of action, with the first part meant to introduce players to the landscape and get them used to the unique mechanics in each zone. The Checkpoint section is meant to twist things up, making clever usage of the new mechanics for complex puzzles and compact level design when it's there. Finally, the Climax section is supposed to be the last sprint of the level, which can be very action-paced or be filled with a sense of dread or heart-thumping action. The first and third sections each culminate with boss fights, and the levels are cleared when the latter of the bosses in a level is defeated. Endal usually pilots the Inora-based mechs that engage in battle with the teddy bears, but his position may occasionally be filled in by one of his henchmen, especially for the mini-bosses. The mini-bosses are generally simple boss fights that are easy to track down the weaknesses for, but major bosses often have much more complex battle strategies and more hit points.

When a file is selected, the player can choose to enable multiplayer interactivity or not. If it is disabled, a secondary player cannot follow the main player at any time during gameplay. Shall it be enabled, however, a partner will be following the player at all times, and it will always be controlled by the game if a human player doesn't have their hands on the second controller. These partners can trail players around to help destroy enemies or help them reach new areas. Multiplayer-exclusive paths aren't really in the game, but a second player can make getting to new locations easier if they have useful abilities that can compare to the ability to fly. In the case of two players, each character's attacks gain new functions to them that allow them to toss players around, similarly to the partner mechanics shown in 1995's Knuckles' Chaotix or 2004's Sonic Advance 3. For example, when Bowie slashes his rope towards a partner, he'll lasso 'em up and then the secondary player can control the direction they want to be thrown in. Should the second player fall too far behind, they'll automatically catch up.

BQ2 Controls

Controls are as follows:

  • Left analog stick: Enables the player to move their character around.
  • Right analog stick: Allows players to choose between the items they have in stock.
  • Directional pad: Allows characters to see above, below, and to their sides by having the camera scroll in those directions.
  • A button: Enables the player to jump. Pressing the action again in the air allows the usage of an air action. It is also used for confirming action commands and for getting through dialogue.
  • B button: Gets the player to attack. Bowie, for example, can lash out with his rope. It is also sued for canceling action commands and as an alternative way of saying "no" to something in the game.
  • X button: Allows the character to use the item they have that's in the front slot.
  • Y button: Allows characters to use a spare action. Bowie can fire out sheriff badges like shurikens this way.
  • L button: Gets the character to hold out a jar in order to collect magic.
  • R button: Allows the character to transform into an origami version of themselves.
  • + button: Allows players to pause the game.
  • - button: Brings up a map for the player to look through.

Yarn Types

A unique feature returning from the original title is that if the player pressed the A button right before landing on just about any solid yarn-based surface, they would bounce up into the air higher and higher, taking advantage of the rebounding yarn. Each consecutive bounce tossed players higher into the air until their bounce was about twice as high as the original trounce. This bounce could be used on slopes to toss players a far distance across pits or to escape danger from bosses. This feature was used in tandem with existing abilities to take interesting pathways or shortcuts that clever players could find if they played around enough with it. This feature returns in Degree in Origami, but with the new addition of players being able to bounce off walls to gain bursts of speed in a short amount of time. A variety of different yarn types were introduced in this game atop the now-named "Rebounding Yarn":

  • Solid Yarn: Thick, impenetrable yarn strands that function as basic ground with their rock-solid bases and structure. These don't animate at all when stepped on.
  • Rebounding Yarn: Basic thick yarn strands that bend downwards somewhat when the player stands on them. These can be used to bounce players up high distances.
  • Rubberband Yarn: Rare thick yarn strands that bend down considerably when the player stands on them. More distance is covered with these than Rebounding Yarn.
  • Slingshot Yarn: Rare thin yarn strands that are held between two poles, one in the foreground and one in the back. If jumped on, the player automatically pulls back and launches themselves to a new area of the level.
  • Loose Yarn: These thin yarn strands function identically to Rebounding Yarn except they snap after one bounce, which can lead to new routes or instant death.
  • Electric Yarn: Volted yarn strands that hurt to the touch. However, if the electric currents are cancelled out, they can function like normal solid yarn, which is useful in certain puzzles.
  • Thorny Yarn: Moderately thick yarn strands that are lined with thorns. These hurt on contact and are rather dully colored compared to the other varieties of yarn.
  • Barrier Yarn: Really thick strands of yarn that can only be removed by strong physical force, meaning that only certain characters or obstacles can break through them.
  • Yarn Threads: Loosely handing strands of yarn that can be grabbed or grappled onto without consequence. Function as if they were swings. Threads hanging off walls can be used to lasso upwards.
  • Yarn Knots: Knots in the yarn can be cut through with enough force, and are often keeping something intact or stable. Breaking them will usually cause in something's collapse.

Papercraft Magic

By holding L on the Nintendo Switch Joycons or holding down on the left bottom trigger of the V² controller, the player's character will hold out a jar and attempt to vacuum "Magic Dust" into it. Having enough magic will allow the player to utilize Papercraft Magic with the sheets of paper they collected by the dozens throughout Stitchonia's levels. To use certain origami talents, the player must have first collected their blueprints, which they will find after every two individual levels' completion. When R is pressed, the player will transform into an origami version of themselves and completely lose all of their traits aside from basic directional movement and the ability to jump as the magic bar runs out. Five sheets of paper are absorbed per transformation. They can then use what they've learned from Papercraft Magic blueprints to get around specific obstacles and take on levels in ways they couldn't in their original fluffy state. Different teddy bears have different origami blueprints to follow, although some particular origami magic is shared between all of the teddy bears.

Individual character usage of origami will be outlined on the playable characters' subpages, but the shared Papercraft Magic skills will be described here. Note that they are all obtained during the tutorial level:

  • Paper Airplane: If the player jumps and presses A, the game folds the player up into an airplane, letting them drift forward a considerable distance. Holding up will make the player move a bit upwards but will slow them down, while holding down will increase speed yet make players fall down fast. Players need to find a middle balance when crossing gaps with this origami transformation.
  • Paper Slide: If the player is crouching and A is pressed, the game transforms the player into a flat sheet of paper and slides them forward across the floor, which can be used to pass through very thin gaps. Should the player be holding themselves against a wall with a small slit that the game sees as passable but is above the ground, the player will be folded and bounced through the gap.
  • Paper Crumble: Should the player be holding down and holding B against solid, non-rebounding ground, the player will crumble up and be able to roll around. They can't jump in this form, but they can ramp up speed and move on an isometric plane to evade attacks and slide through mouse-sized holes in the ground or in the walls.
  • Paper Star: If the player is holding down against any rebounding strands of yarn whilst B is being held, the player will become a five-pointed star that shreds through the yarn, letting them head downwards and past the obstacle. Useful at times for finding new pathways, although the player should be careful to not use it at areas with signs that advise against shredding down.


Degree in Origami retains the bouncy, lively feel of the original game, yet this game is stacked with more action and focus in comparison. Yarn-and-paper scenery return, with a greater focus on the arts and crafts aspect of it all. Surfaces are occasionally made from wood, beds of nails can be found across the globe, pencils can be ridden on like boats, and cardboard walls make up general buildings. Metal surfaces, however, are more common in this game than in the previous one due to Endal wishing to modernize the world in order to properly suit a paper mache empire. While the game retains the cuddly, childlike design features of the last game, there are some features that suggest a level of creepiness in the Stitchonia world, with enemies now exploding fluff upon defeat and certain foes being described with haunting, icily written blurbs.

Pathways for the game's levels still twist and turn a lot, even more so than before, although the levels aren't quite as compact and they're a little more loose, making them look and feel more accurate. In terms of stage design, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is still the main basis for the design, with the quick passageways and corridors easy to navigate. The puzzle segments were inspired by Wario: Master of Disguise this time however, with the characters' different abilities able to help them pass through different puzzles. Faster areas of the game are more straightforward, while the slower areas are often filled with puzzles and traps. The game is filled with hidden routes to explore, with most puzzles able to be skipped by doing different ones instead. The enormous design, again, is supposed to help give an idea of how big Stitchonia really is.

Degree in Origami utilizes a high-definition, hand-drawn look that borrows design inspiration from more recent games, such as Shantae and the Half-Genie Hero, although its animations still resemble 1930s cartoons in general. Retro appeal has been mostly removed, with Endal's machines more based off of Inora icons and properties and characters being expanded on more to differinate them the inspirations that made them up to begin with. The references are mostly gone in order to give the BowieQuest series -- and the Zaxinian Lifts as a whole -- more identity in the game market. It was also done due to the Zaxinian Lifts becoming less and less associated with Nintendo, with Degree in Origami only being available on the Switch because the original game was.

BowieQuest 2's soundtrack remains atmospheric in tone, with upbeat rock music meshing with 30's and 40's inspired sound. Music tracks now contain segments to them, with middle segments often having a different tone than the rest of the song before building up into the upbeat last phase of the song before it loops. R&B sound is more common in the music this time, however, often being present in stages or zone segments where the atmosphere is more downbeat and foreboding. Vocal performances on the soundtrack are pretty much absent with few exceptions, one of the biggest exceptions being Sabeuxo as a whole, who has ominous dark music mixed into the already-present music of the game. The majority of the game features original music, although there are some licensed tracks.



Bowie by Drybones157
JapanFlagTUC ボウイ
USAflag Bowie

HP: 12 · ATK: 6
Bowie, at almost any given moment in the game

Bowie is the acclaimed sheriff of the Western Village, and the eponymous protagonist. Headstrong and determined, Bowie seeks to retrieve his world from the clutches of the evil monkeys and make Stitchonia into a lush paradise once more. Through stone-cold silence, Bowie had vowed to protect his people from time to time again, pulling on stern and aggressive looks much of the time and getting downright intimidating when his family is hurt in any way. Bowie often communicates with head motions, hand movements, and shapes made from his flexible rope. Regardless of the challenge, Bowie is going to make sure that the Western Village -- and Sitchonia as a whole -- are safe from evil masterminds.

Bowie retains his Western look, still donning the cowboy hat and ropes as per usual, boasting red stitches and dark colors cowboy colors to illustrate his toughness and harsh exterior. He may be a fluffy teddy bear, but that doesn't mean he's a pushover: his rope attacks can string and paralyze those he whips, and his sheriff badges can slice open fragile material quite nicely. His statistics are quite well-rounded and he's not really all that gimmicky, making him easy to use. His raw power can really cut through his opponents, too. His deadly sin is Wrath.

  • Specifics | Male ♂ teddy bear, roughly 2'04" in height
  • Likes | His family, Ashe in particular, dumb cowboy jokes, a good laugh, sewing, picking out hats for himself, looking cool in front of the enemy, listening to acoustic music, visiting bars, tipping his hat to old friends, writing in cursive
  • Dislikes | Endal ("The pest of the west"), dealing with stuffed monkey enemies, taking responsibility, the very idea of death, being confused for a particular blue Beorn
  • Theme | "Cactus Desert", by Brandon Fiechter
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Ashe by exo
JapanFlagTUC アシュ
USAflag Ashe

HP: 20 · ATK: 2
Hey, wait for me!! Guys!? I-I'm bleeding fluff!
Ashe, trying to catch up to his faster family

Ashe is Bowie's stitched-up son and an adventurous lad that likes nothing more than fun, games, and snacking. He is destined to become the next sheriff when the time comes for Bowie to step down, and had been working day and night to practice for his dream position. He behaves in a bouncy, mature matter with an extra large side of optimism. When he's distracted from his mission or from his entertainment, he can get a little rude and stubborn, and can behave as if he were spoiled. Regardless, Ashe really wants to help his friends when he can, wanting to use the sword he's been training with to prove he's just as good as his father is at combat.

Ashe upgrades his fluffy blue body to wear a flexible knight-like suit, looking more visually stunning and handsome than before. While wearing no helmet to protect head onslaughts from, Ashe has so much bulk that many weak attacks won't faze him much to begin with. Ashe can absorb water to expand his body and spit it out to deflate it, which are skills used in the majority of Ashe's puzzle-focused gameplay. Water pressure and the rebounding yarn can really help give Ashe a hand. His deadly sin is Gluttony.

  • Specifics | Male ♂ teddy bear, roughly 2'02" in height
  • Likes | His family, Bowie in particular, eating just about any food, chowing down on lots of pizza, being optimistic and finding the bright side, training for combat, hanging around pals, hugs, playing arcade games, obtaining victory
  • Dislikes | Endal ("McStinky"), getting distracted from fun or food, getting kissed, getting called "spoiled", having to hear the agony of both Flare and Windi, hearing arguments, the nickname "Unten", "Battletoads"
  • Theme | "Gold Rush", by Derek Fiechter
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Flare by exo
JapanFlagTUC フレア
USAflag Flare

HP: 8 · ATK: 5
I ain't no mayor, I ain't no mother... I'm this gal that'll whoop your butt!!
Flare, introducing herself ever so royally

Flare is a raw, fierce fighter who both serves as mayor for an important village and takes care of two children like her. This blazin' hot powerhouse woman is unlikely to back down in any fight, even at the threat of death, just so that her family and friends can be safe from dastardly deeds. As one can see, she cares deep down for her relatives and never wishes to see them get hurt in any way. If anyone threatens her or her family, she slams them with her burning spirit to blow 'em away! Her fighting style and personality may be aggressive, but when around her family, she is very mother-like and even playfully mischievous. Needless to say, she's a powerful ally and can help in almost any situation.

Flare wears a white kimono for style and also wears some black-and-red jewelry for beauty impact, and also wears a short chef's hat. Carried with Flare is a frying pan, which she slam into her enemies for high-level damage. This gal is super speedy, able to plow through stages with nothing but her supersonic speed, and she can run on treadmills to activate platforms or open up pathways that no other character can really go to. With her flames, she can light torches and set yarn afire, and use mid-air dashes to go way high. Her deadly sin is Pride.

  • Specifics | Female ♀ teddy bear, roughly 2'03" in height
  • Likes | Her family, fighting for her family, winning long battles, setting goals and accomplishing them, cooking for the family, burning her least favorite people to a crisp, flirting with Bowie, sewing with Bowie jewelry
  • Dislikes | Endal ("Bad-Breath Monkey"), getting hurt, seeing friends get hurt, dealing with stubborn people, not being trusted, vocal extroverts, cold stuff and places, any and all bodies of water
  • Theme | "Glowing Ember's Inn", by Derek & Brandon Fiechter
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Windi by exo
JapanFlagTUC ウィンディ
USAflag Windi

HP: 12 · ATK: 4
But mother, I love him!
Windi, being dragged away from a Appelbomber by Flare

Windi is a super-nervous teddy bear that tends to break things by accident and lose her marbles before bad omens even occur. Stitched up by her mother Flare, she takes absolutely everything to the dead extreme. Should a pin drop, Windi flocks to the shadows and cowers until someone can pick her off of the ground. Scaring her to death or making her drop unconscious is pretty easy, just bringing anything remotely scary to bring her off of her feet. She speaks slowly and cries when things don't go well. Despite her amateurish behavior, Windi is a stealthy teddy bear that can put her fears aside to sneak around with ninja-like movements, and has saved lives she wouldn't be expected to -- including Bowie's.

Windi wears a full-on ninja suit, with everything but her eyes, nose, and palms covered in her own specialized shinobi shozoku. Her palms are instead covered with spiked gauntlets, Windi's only hope of dealing decent damage onto any enemies. Windi needs to plot where to go and move accordingly, as she is intended to sneak through the levels without being caught, and loads of enemies attacking Windi at once can spell out huge issues for her. Her agility is incredible... she can jump almost anywhere. Her deadly sin is Greed.

  • Specifics | Female ♀ teddy bear, roughly 2'03" in height
  • Likes | Her family, watching B-rated movies, sneaking around, feeling good, playing with Ashe, her mother, playing around with decks of cards, pulling pranks on those that don't know better, listening to dubstep music
  • Dislikes | Endal ("Mr. Failure"), Bowie's negligence of her, her stubborn fearfulness, any and all mythical creatures even slightly relating to horror, Cthulhu, Pennywise, the "Echeno" legend, Sabeuxo
  • Theme | "Shadow Ninja", by Brandon Fiechter
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Sabeuxo by exo
JapanFlagTUC 安息日
USAflag Sabeuxo

HP: 12 · ATK: 3
Suit yourself, but I have other things to punch than your jaw.
Sabeuxo, down-talking Ashe's chatterbox nature

Sabeuxo is the on-edge, resilient brother of Bowie who prefers to punish opponents hard for the actions they commit. He is merciless and not afraid to engage in combat if people cross his path or make objections to what he wants to do. He had lived away from Bowie for many years thanks to how depressingly argumentative and violent he became in his younger sibling's life, and the fact that Bowie had always been the better treated of the two while they were still raised by their parents. He ends up joining their party after realizing he can't continue alone, but still speaks with a really cold demeanor and taunts any teddy bear that isn't as brave as he is.

Sabeuxo wears an elegant black coat and has two electric antennae on his head that differ him from the other bears, and also wears many silver medals around his neck. This thundering teddy bear has fairly slow gameplay that focuses on him dealing with onslaughts of enemies. He must trash 'em all with his lightning fast punches and pick up enemies to slam them into others. He can form thunderclouds to jump up to higher areas and use electric strikes to power up generators and other machines. His deadly sin is Envy.

  • Specifics | Male ♂ teddy bear, roughly 2'05" in height
  • Likes | Being alone, beating up well-known people in fights, stooping to low levels to mess with people, writing down lists of insults to call people around him, snacking on potato chips, letting out screams
  • Dislikes | Endal ("Stupidhead"), Bowie ("Faker"), Ashe ("Fatso"), Flare ("McBossy"), Windi ("Pussycat"), Dryle ("Old Yeller"), Malvio ("Freakazoid"), Avatar ("Weakling"), needles, technology, people stealing his spotlight, losing fights
  • Theme | "Arabian Rush", by Brandon Fiechter
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Dryle by exo
JapanFlagTUC ダスティ
USAflag Dryle

HP: 8 · ATK: 8
Y'all just wanna run so fast, 'eh? I can't run as fast as you whippersnappers... whew!
Dryle, getting agitated at everyone's lack of concern for old men

Dryle was once an angry, underpaid miner that had to work with Endal, but decided to pay back the favor Bowie and his family did back in the first adventure where they paid him to get him off minimum wage. While old-fashioned and of a different generation from the other teddy bears, Dryle can still fight pretty darn hard and can throw punches like no one's business, although his specialties really lie in the usage of his shovel, which he can use to slam dunk enemy heads in or dig through the yarn with. He was the mayor before Flare was, and was responsible for teaching her how to run the position and protect the village from morons like Endal. He speaks with stereotypical "old man" stuff.

Dryle looks like a crippled, arthritis-wielding orange teddy bear complete with a white mustache and beard as well as torn miner clothes. Dryle attacks exclusively with his shovel and can bash brains in with them, and can also break things apart with the shovel's sharp end. Dryle can also toss automated dentures to chomp down on multiple enemies and send things flying with the wrong end of the stick. Dryle is slow, but he's also really intelligent and can operate things the other bears cannot. His deadly sin is Sloth.

  • Specifics | Male ♂ teddy bear, roughly 2'08" in height
  • Likes | His family, trying to do the right thing, proving he's still alive and kicking, outsmarting enemies, chocolate
  • Dislikes | Endal ("Cliché Whippersnapper"), getting called old, his arthritis, his back pains, his leg pains, his bodily failures, his collapsing body, having to walk considerably far distances, constant chatter, food in general, Malvio
  • Theme | "The Old Train", by Derek Fiechter
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Malvio by exo
JapanFlagTUC ミイラ
USAflag Malvio

HP: 16 · ATK: 1
Searching... kill... SEARCHING... KILL!!
Malvio, getting over-excited about mass destruction

Malvio, famed predictor of the future on Stitchonia, went mad after witnessing the rise of the mecha jungle floors and seeing foes like Endal and Slate rise to power. She decided to help Bowie and sacrificed her own life to protect him and his family, protecting them from strong blows from the Mache Empire. She half-the-time speaks in incomprehensible sentences and tends to mumble all sorts of things under her breath out of new-found anxiety, seeming to often cast curses or spells on the people around her out of impulse habits. If she dares be attacked, she will retaliate by taking control of others' minds to push them away from her, even if they happen to be her friends.

Malvio is dressed like any stereotypical fortune teller out there, even straight-up having a crystal ball! She has the most unique gameplay, with Malvio floating through mid-air to use psychic energy to move objects out of the way with her psychic energy.  She does not have the physical bulk to break through obstacles that the other six main characters can. She must control the minds of her enemies to aid her and also break their minds when she's done with them. Her deadly sin is Lust.

  • Specifics | Female ♀ teddy bear, roughly 2'04" in height
  • Likes | Bowie's family, Bowie, Bowie, Bowie, Bowie, Bowie, controlling and abusing minds, getting close to Bowie, learning about Bowie, helping out Bowie, seeing Bowie, being Bowie, magic kits, people that are interested in her magic
  • Dislikes | Endal ("Lord Laughable"), getting separated from Bowie, losing control over her powers, her predictions being wrong, her general clumsiness, her guilt of possession of "illegal material"
  • Theme | "Silverdawn Village", by Brandon Fiechter
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Avatar by exo
JapanFlagTUC アバター
USAflag Avatar

HP: 12 · ATK: 4
Uh, hi.
Avatar, every single time a new revision is released

The Avatar is a child teddy bear that the player can create by spending their medals on the supplies necessary to create the character. They can give the character the fluff, yarn, patches, stitches, and accessories necessary to make them into one cool character of their own. Once created, the Avatar tends to lean off a personality basis that would eventually become the core for Genesis. By default, they are cool and collected, and love to play with the other teddy bears. However, their behavior can really be anything from calm to aggressive or from helpful to straight-up cruel. It depends heavily on what personality traits are put into the character.

The Avatar's gameplay is based off of all of the other characters', featuring skills from everyone that allow them to explore any area with their own ease. For balance, however, the player needs to fully master their abilities so they're not flinging themselves off ledges by accident or landing blows they didn't intend. The Avatar is equipped with items like Bowie's rope and Dryle's shovel... they're a neat amalgamate with a lot of handy features and abilities. The Avatar is too pure to have a deadly sin.

  • Specifics | Unspecified teddy bear, roughly 2'06" in height
  • Likes | Whatever you like!
  • Dislikes | Whatever you dislike!
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JapanFlagTUC バナナ
USAflag Endal

HP: 12 · ATK: 8

Now let's get down to business... the weapon I could use to conquer the world should be around here somewhere... you rat, help me out here!
Endal, upon Evil Ruin being entered

Endal is the main star of "Episode Endal". Having been stripped of a glorious empire and wealth long ago, Endal returns to Stitchonia following a five-year absence to gather up his most important remains. This monkey is a psycho that once had the intents of destroying teddy bear civilization and painting a race of monkeys just like him over the landscape to restore monkeykind. However, he has since changed and revamped his image, now wanting to collect a lot of his dangerous weapons spread out over Stitchonia in secret locations to help out a team of heroes that would make great use of the old weapons he once made.

In Endal's story, he can use psychic powers to blast away groups of enemies and lay waste to any area in front of himself. His powers are used to break things apart, yet activate machines and mechanisms from long distances. Endal can use infinite jumps to bounce around the winding stages and take control of his different mechs to make them obey his every command. Unlike all of the other teddy bears, Endal can make use of all of the seven individual sins, which play into his style quite well.

Note that statistics for Endal as an anti-hero differ compared to a villain differ for the most part.

  • Specifics | Male ♂ stuffed monkey, roughly 3'06" in height
  • Likes | Working on inventions to benefit his life, things going as planned, maniacally laughing every time he does something right, bananas, acting like a loon when completely alone via monkey-like antics, Alcyone (privately)
  • Dislikes | Bowie, anything green and bear-shaped, acknowledging his failures, failing, the past he once led, the "chocolate banana" fad, just about everything else
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JapanFlagTUC アルシオーネ
USAflag Alcyone

HP: 16 · ATK: 4

Oh, relax! I'm doing everything I can to make things a snap, there are no psychos out there to kill you. Okay, Endal~?
Alcyone, trying to push Bowie off his mind

Alcyone is a fearless daredevil that'll do about anything as long as she's paid in return, though there are exceptions. This strong gal wants to aid Endal with the promise that he'll give her a big reward for doing such. She is very unlike the monkey overlord, being mischievous and flirty and being a stark contrast to him, and because she's unarguably more sane than he is she is fully capable of helping him achieve what he needs to. Endal recruited her specifically upon filing help on Earth to sneak him into Stitchonia and acquire the weapons he's built, and also wishes to vent about his life story to her due to her being excellent with responses.

While not as strong as Endal, Alcyone is more bulky and suited for combat, able to launch her fingers off like neon bullets to blast enemies apart from far distances. She can also play music to dazzle enemies or alter rhythms to moving objects so they're easier for her to pass through. When not using either of these techniques, Alcyone is a trained assassin that can sneak through anywhere with ease and kill enemies quickly and painlessly. Unlike Endal, she has sanity remaining.

  • Specifics | Female ♀ human, roughly 5'02"* in height
  • Likes | [redacted]
  • Dislikes | [redacted]
See here for more.

All of the playable characters in Degree in Origami the same kind of body frame and feature similar movement and controls, but they are quite different from each other and feature their own abilities and gimmicks. They all start at different points in the levels and usually take different routes, and access totally separate areas. Some characters are designed to appeal to different players, casual or hardcore. Here are their differences:

  • Bowie is the easiest character to use, with rounded stats and straightforward gameplay. He offers some complexity in his variety of different tools and general abilities, but he's not difficult to use and people usually get the hang of his controls in no time flat. Bowie's rope allows him to cling onto ledges or swing around poles and his ninja stars allow him to scale up walls and vertical chambers. Bowie has moderate HP and good offense but is one of the slower characters, making speedy sections tough on him.
  • Ashe is a generally slower, gimmicky character that bloats with water and can reach areas that no one else can using his bounce-reliant techniques and powers. He has a lot of puzzles to solve in his gameplay format and a lot of water is used throughout Ashe's paths in the various levels. If needed to lean against vertical walls of yarn, Ashe can push off of them and roll forward like a massive bowling ball, breaking through tough obstacles and opening rare passages.
  • Flare is extremely fast and uses fire to burst through obstacles and enemy forces alike, although she has to put up with a bunch of slippery controls as a result. Her speed will often help push her through traps the other teddy bears cannot pass, able to outrun almost everything in the core game. Using her supersonic bursts, she can move wildly through the air and destroy almost every enemy in her path with her decent attack power, although her low HP means she should be generally careful.
  • Windi is stealthy and quick, although not quite as quick as her mother Flare. She uses shurikens to run through and climb up levels and uses her generally speedy abilities to evade enemies and avoid being detected. Windi can also use her tornado-like gusts to blow her around the levels or knock enemies away without touching them, or carry items from one place to another with just a quick burst of wind. Her gameplay tends to be solid even if tricky and requiring that she's paying great amounts of attention to her surroundings.
  • Sabeuxo is a murderous teddy bear, with his lightning strikes capable of electrocuting most enemies and powering up the majority of downed machines. He can create thunderclouds as platforms to reach higher up locations while attacking enemies below and precipitating water from them. Despite his attack appearing to be weaker than the bears', they can strike multiple times and attack quick enough to choke an enemy with two punches in a mere second.
  • Dryle is an "ancient" teddy bear, using his shovel to break through tough obstacles and push things along. Dryle can break his way through various fragile types of yarn and find shortcuts like no one else can. He can easily impale enemies with the blunt end of his shovel and toss automated dentures to bite down on groups of enemies, giving him the greatest offensive presence of the different playable characters. Despite his strength, he's very fragile and also quite slow, although bosses are a pushover.
  • Malvio is a mysterious character wrapped in mystery, using her psychic powers to lift heavy objects out of the way and obliterate her enemies using what she can toss at them. She must focus her spirits to defeat enemies and bosses alike, especially as her basic jump attacks only deal 1 hit piont of damage. By collecting several items and holding them up with her mental powers, she can toss several items at her foes to deal way more than one hit point of damage. She has the most drastic gameplay experience of them all.
  • The Avatar is an amalgamate character that is a combination between all the above characters: they have Bowie's rope, Ashe's body change factor, Flare's speed, Windi's shurikens, Sabeuxo's thundercloud creation, Dryle's shovel, and Malvio's psychic powers. For balance purposes, however, the Avatar can only safely carry in three of those abilities at a time, as the character will otherwise falter with the abilities and occasionally not work them out at all, causing premature deaths.
  • Endal is available only in Episode Endal. Using his psychic powers, Endal can navigate the stages via mentally-created flight powers and rip right through his enemies using the same abilities. With these abilities, he can work mechanisms from a distance, and he can also repair broken mechs or properly dismantle them. Endal is the most powerful character, with infinite jumps and high power allowing him to easily dominate stages that would otherwise be really difficult for the teddy bears.
  • Alcyone is a bulky, more speed-oriented character than Endal who can dash through stages at high velocity, often at speeds where she cannot be properly detected by searchlights. Her bullet fingers can be used to take apart enemies from afar and also press down on buttons from a distance using them. She shares all of her level design with Endal, and she's only available in the Episode Endal pack alongside the monkey overlord.

Friendly NPCs

Ace by exo
JapanFlagTUC エース
USAflag Ace
Hey sweetums, welcome to my shop! I'm Ace, and I sell all kinds of good stuffs for ye, I got a bunch of cheap stuff ye'll abuse and some expensive stuff ye'll hate the prices on the more you progress through this game!
Ace, grinning and folding her arms when meeting the player initially

Ace is a Beorn to be frank, but she's not really trying to hide that.  She looks plenty like Bowie, but wears a shady costume and a bunch of jewelry.  She holds multiple items in her shop and will give them to the player if she's paid a high price.  At times, the items will go on sale, but this is only if she feels that the player was doing a fantastic job.  She holds several photos of Hanoo in her home for some reason.

Despite her claims to be a teddy bear, she is actually a green Beorn that closely resembles a cross between the bodies of Unten and Bowie himself. She wears just lovely white-and-red mage clothes and wears a pair of moon crescent glasses, and also wears long stockings that reach up to what you would usually consider to be her knees. She also has two fangs that always show up on the right side of her mouth.

  • Specifics | Female ♀ teddy bear, roughly 2'02" in height
  • Likes | New visitors to her shop, chatting away, selling items, making profits, describing her items, serving young lads and lasses, flirting with her shoppers, yawning, Bowie and his family
  • Dislikes | Coupons, losing sales, getting sold items, people attempting to flirt back with her, anchovies
Raiden by exo
JapanFlagTUC ゼウス
USAflag Raiden
Perhaps I can teach you the error of Endal's ways, youngster! You can do... this technique to counter most of Endal's troopers!
Raiden, teaching the player how to use advanced techniques

Raiden is a mighty, giant teddy bear with a rough exterior but a lot of interior warmth. While posing as a big teddy bear that's better than all the others, he simply wants to work the teddy bears to a point where they're beyond his level of power and can take on Endal without an issue. He may look like he's laughing at you, but really, he's always trying to laugh with you. Don't underestimate his powers though... his electricity strikes hard.

Raiden is a golden-yellow teddy bear who's constantly flashing between gold and blue, wearing steel armor that makes him look like a sort of Greek god. He wears a gentleman-like mustache and wears a crown that dedicates his loyalty to all the teddy bears around in the world of Stitchonia. His main goal on the journey is to teach players on how to use their advanced techniques achieved via upgrades and also teach them how to use Papercraft Magic.

  • Specifics | Male ♂ teddy bear, roughly 2'10" in height
  • Likes | Demonstrating advanced techniques and papercraft magic, hearty laughs, good attitudes, displaying his egotistical nature, himself to uncomfortable degrees, claiming to be a god
  • Dislikes | Being treated as lower than a god, facing and putting up with criticism, getting sweaty, being told he's a fake
Oscargen by exo
JapanFlagTUC ジョナサン
USAflag Oscargen
Howdy partner! Whoa, what's that? Ya wanna learn about the Havoc Hills region? That's simple... basically...
Oscargen, about to describe "Havoc Hills"

Oscargen is a very young scientist who happens to be extremely intelligent. He is a small brown teddy bear that wears grey glasses and wears a scientist outfit with a dark monochrome palette. He describes himself as "adorably handsome" and is a hands-on kind of guy, having invented the majority of the game's items that are available in the shop. He is really good friends with Bowie's children.

He drives the Jeep (and later machine) throughout the game, and offers advice to the player for the levels and also for shopping. While he's driving, he often comments on the scenery of the world around himself, describing everything in overly-scientific, pristine detail and going out of his way to comment on the hazards and structure of those areas. He can give a good idea as to what to expect.

  • Specifics | Male ♂ teddy bear, roughly 1'09" in height
  • Likes | Offering his scientific advise, getting into long conversations about the game's levels, going shopping, his own looks, inventing stuff, driving the jeep, altering the jeep to his liking, saying "ya" instead of "yeah" or "you" to be cool
  • Dislikes | Being ignored, people falling asleep due to his long vents, having to purchase his own items from Princess, having to resort to anger, every single vegetable out there
Princess by exo
JapanFlagTUC クイーン
USAflag Princess
Oh, you need maps, dearie? My pleasure~! Pick one, any one, although you gotta pay a fee.
Princess, offering maps and winking

Princess is a young beauty model that won't ever tell her official name, regardless of the circumstance and pressure she's given for never doing so. She is the princess-in-waiting of the teddy bear tribe that Bowie and friends fell into the hands of, and came along on the jeep because she wanted to share her hip tribal stories and talk all day about her silver-and-bronze outfit. She looks a lot like Oscargen...

Fortunately for the player, Princess knows all the maps of the individual levels, and can hand some out to players for a small fee if they feel that the exploration isn't really for them. By studying the maps closely, the players can figure out what obstacles lay ahead of them and study the placements of enemy layouts and medals. If the studying is done near Princess, she'll comment on how "absorbed" they are.

  • Specifics | Female ♀ teddy bear, roughly 1'10" in height
  • Likes | All kinds of sweets, winking and giggling, staying around friends, having discussing, participating in gossip, handing over maps, feeling smart by pointing out all the different locations on maps
  • Dislikes | Eating vegetables, facing up against bigger people, dealing with angry peeps, getting called ugly, having to raise her fists
Roberto by exo
JapanFlagTUC ロバート
USAflag Roberto
So you wanna take on... that challenge? Looks spooky!! You s-sure you don't wanna pick... that one? ... Okay then... good luck, buddy!
Roberto, nervous for the challenger

Roberto is a big bear who looks as if he has muscles -- but really, they're just inflatable ones.  He ain't really macho.  He has a bunch of challenges set up for the player to take on and dares them to go through them, offering them prizes like game demos and rare items if they finish them.  If you really do a mission well, Roberto will get furious and attack you for a quick, easy-to-win battle.

Roberto's charcoal black in appearance and has sharp red nails on his claws. Despite looking menacing, having sharp teeth and narrowed eyes that add to a fright factor, he is actually quite a nervous guy and tends to stammer when challenging the player. He may look like he's a bad guy when you approach him, but he becomes concerned for your safety when you try any mission. He's just lookin' out for ya!

  • Specifics | Male ♂ teddy bear, roughly 2'11" in height
  • Likes | Offering challenges, claiming how strong he is, offering prizes, seeing people make it through his challenges alive, keeping his challengers safe if possible
  • Dislikes | People making it through his challenges with total ease, watching people offer to take on his challenges, having to detail what the missions are, the idea of eating meat, attempting to keep his fake muscles a secret
Teddy by exo
JapanFlagTUC テディ
USAflag Teddy
You succeeded my challenge? How pathetic of you to waste my time with cool stunts. I came here for the losses, not the bragging champs.
Teddy, scorning the player after they win a challenge from him

Teddy is Roberto's bigger brother and is an even bigger challenge than he is -- a dude with actual muscle. This macho bear only comes up on the player by surprise, with his demonic face screaming at the player for not saving their game assuming they turned off the system without saving beforehand. He also yells if the player cheats the system and removes access to places that can only be worked by honest players.

Compared to Roberto, who already looks fairly scary, Teddy has rotting yellow fangs and his body is thick and screaming a cherry-red color. His claws have really long nails... much bigger than they actually need to be. Despite looking and acting much "edgier" than his smaller brother, he gets really concerned if Sabeuxo in particular takes on his challenges -- not because he's concerned, but because he knows he'll beat him...

  • Specifics | Male ♂ teddy bear, roughly 3'03" in height
  • Likes | Offering his harsh challenges to the teddy bears, taunting them, thinking they won't pass his stuff, watching his competitors fail, eating meat shaped like the heroes, wrestling competent fighters, still taunting them if they haven't mastered a challenge
  • Dislikes | People winning his challenges, people mastering his challenges, people who get cocky, people who think they can take him on, people that beat up his brother Roberto, people that don't save the game
Buddy by exo
JapanFlagTUC バディ
USAflag Buddy
Hewwo, I'm Buddy! I can change the difficulty of the adventure if you so please, little bear, but you gotta pay a small price if you're making it easier!
Buddy, offering to alter the game's challenge setting

Buddy is the smaller sibling of Roberto, being a floppy little weak teddy bear that lets the player adjust the difficulty of the game, though warning them of the dangers or consequences of changing the difficulty level of the game. He claims to be an expert on this topic and can speak on for several minutes at a speed that typical human minds cannot properly read. In fact, the player is better off skipping his dialogue.

Buddy is a brown teddy bear that possesses just about as much bulk as his brother Roberto, though he has no nails for claws and wears a baseball-sponsoring t-shirt. He looks generally kid-like in nature and tends to be positively dancing and posing for the teddy bears around himself to see. He ends to get scared when faced up close and curls into a ball on the floor, especially if "bullied" by Sabeuxo and Dryle.

  • Specifics | Male ♂ teddy bear, roughly 2'05" in height
  • Likes | Helping the teddy bears out, giving out warnings, people actually taking the time to read what he's saying, baseball
  • Dislikes | People attempting to straight-up scare him, when his text is skipped or for the most part, when the game is made harder
Ozzy by exo
JapanFlagTUC ジェームス
USAflag Ozzy
Hey there, kiddo! I jam out to a lot of things... including the OST! What's an "OST", you may ask? It stands for "Outstanding Sick Tunes", which this game has many of! Wanna jam?
Ozzy, offering the player a chance to listen to the sound test

Ozzy is a teddy bear that's nabbed some record players from Endal, having started up a small studio where the player can visit to jam to any of the game's OST tracks... well, the ones they've heard in the game so far. He tends to be kind of drunkish and messes up a lot of his lines, and hiccups at the worst possible moments to make his sentences seem non-sensical. He has a typical rockstar attitude otherwise, really rocking his shades and appearance.

Ozzy is a blue teddy bear that rocks angled black shades and wears a bunch of ragged pop star clothes, with many tattoos engraved into his fur. Unlike the other teddy bears, Ozzy has a full set of teeth and isn't afraid to display them when he feels like he's rockin'. He personally plays any song the player requests him to, at any pace and in any style they so choose.

  • Specifics | Male ♂ teddy bear, roughly 2'07" in height
  • Likes | Playing his sick tunes, playing for the player, drinking some weird stuff, pulling the peace or metal hand signs, getting hands-on with stuff, people enjoying his music enough to not switch within 15 seconds, being happy
  • Dislikes | When his tunes are switched quickly, his discs getting scratched, his drink running out, having to play non-metal tunes for the majority of the time someone is with him, getting ignored
Hanoo by exo
JapanFlagTUC パブロ
USAflag Hanoo
Aw, was the item too expensive to get? Don't worry... I think I can cheer us up!
Hanoo, following that up by flapping his arms around in a silly way

Hanoo is a floppy blue teddy bear that the player can speak to on the Jeep / boss machine.  He always appears to be in a dilemma and often asks the player to help make him feel better. With each situation that the player helps Hanoo in, he'll become slightly stronger. The moment he becomes his strongest, he will award the player with an amazing item and tell them about obscure techniques from now on.

Hanoo is light blue in appearance and looks considerably floppier than the other teddy bears, lacking their stable shape and form and bouncing with every step he takes. He often is seen leaning on walls and stuff to support his weirdly arched body and tends to flail his limbs around whenever he gets really excited. He apparently really likes chocolate? But do teddy bears eat...?

  • Specifics | Male ♂ teddy bear, roughly 1'03" in height
  • Likes | Showing off his floppy body, doing Mexican dances, chocolate, all of his friends
  • Dislikes | Being sad :(
Angel by exo
JapanFlagTUC ガーディアン
USAflag Angel
Oh, umm... thanks for saving me! A-again! Here's a minigame, sweetheart... j-just pray I'm not in a cage again! Spoiler alert, I will be...
Angel, kissing the player's cheek

Angel is a lovely, often bouncy and cuddly teddy bear that Endal sometimes has captive around the levels. She can be saved if the player is able to break through her cage, and drops the player in a bonus game after being saved -- but not before kissing the player first, however! She can appear up to three times in a level, although she gets really embarrassed if she's saved all three times.

Angel is a ghostly white teddy bear that wears a golden halo above her head, always seen giggling and/or smiling. She has long black hair and is often seen flying about with her pristine wings. She wears black eyeliner on her face, but this gets ruined whenever she cries -- which is almost always whenever she's found struggling in Endal's cages!

  • Specifics | Female ♀ teddy bear, roughly 2'04" in height
  • Likes | Her teddy bear heroes, getting saved, giving out hugs, giggling and grinning, flying around at high speeds, eating cupcakes and eating up sugar-filled foods, brushing up against her heroes affectionately
  • Dislikes | Scary people, the idea of talking to Sabeuxo or Dryle, getting kidnapped, her face make-up getting ruined, having to deal with cages 'til she's rescued, tardy rescuers
Ninjoss by exo
JapanFlagTUC ニノ
USAflag Ninjoss
Honestly? I have no idea why you're asking me to do your dirty work. ...But okay. Only if you entertain me!
Ninjoss, taunting the player for a challenge before she steals from Endal

Ninjoss is a ninja that disguises themselves as a male throughout the adventure, offering to help steal money and valuables from Endal for a small price: the player must go through a challenge she desires them to go through. Ninjoss used to work for Endal, but felt really guilty about it when she saw the kindness of Bowie's friends, so she joined them in disguise and hid her real name from the bears: Nina.

Ninjoss wears your typical shinobi shozoku, but has a purple body and has red beads for eyes, and is often seen holding shurikens or something. She often keeps her hair back and tidy as if to make up the idea that she's male easier. Ninjoss is friendly enough, but if confronted she can seriously get all riled up and can get super angry, super quickly.

  • Specifics | Female ♀ teddy bear, roughly 2'03" in height
  • Likes | Apparently nothing
  • Dislikes | Stealing stuff, having to put up with hiding her identity, forcing people through things, dealing with those that are incompetent, having to keep her hair tidy, all sorts of foods and beverages, people who behave like crybabies, the idea of technology in any shape or form, all of Endal's robots and the monkey himself
Gary by exo
JapanFlagTUC ジェラルド
USAflag Gary
I can go on and on about how much I hate that brainiac ape, but he's not important. Let's talk about something actually important... like why your cowboy outfit is so hopelessly generic.
Gary, being cold as per usual

Gary is a really cold individual that hosts absurdly hostile ice powers, and is a very reluctant ally of Bowie's. He may not look the type, but he is just as desperate about keeping Endal out of their world as Bowie happens to be. He can be recruited for adventures for a small fee, where he will keep his distance ahead of the player with the idea being for the player to use him as a guide through levels.

Gary is a cyan teddy bear with white markings and a giant diamond engraved into his chest area, always having a cold demeanor to him and speaking with every negative term possible. He's often seen smashing something or bullying another teddy bear on the jeep, even Teddy of all the bears. If he's asked to come along on adventures, he'll roll his eyes and hiss. How pleasant!

  • Specifics | Male ♂ teddy bear, roughly 2'07" in height
  • Likes | Being pessimistic, bullying other teddy bears, freezing up people to shut them up, retaining his cold and "cocky" behavior
  • Dislikes | Optimism, people who live better than him, people who stroke their egos, those that can't take criticism or anything of the sort, people that dislike him without telling him why
Exaine by exo
JapanFlagTUC ボルテックス
USAflag Exaine
Can you... help me? Collect... the black gems. And give them to me...
Exaine, sobbing hard and leaking black tears

Exaine is a miserable, broken teddy bear that has the power to summon and strengthen black holes, and is constantly sobbing black tears. If any one teddy bear could go out of their way to collect the game's sixteen black gems (one in each level) and give them to Exaine, she would quickly recover over her issues and use her restored soul to grant the player access to the realm where the real final battle is.

Exaine has a black body with black markings, being covered in expansive, expensive jewelry and leaking black tears all of the time. She often looks sad or just straight-up miserable, and is often seen surrounded by a well of her own tears. Exaine speaks with an unusually deep, almost unnatural tone of voice that can make her really intimidating, but it sounds more normal when you connect with her heart...

  • Specifics | Female ♀ teddy bear, roughly 2'10" in height
  • Likes | Nothing due to her neutral stance on everything
  • Dislikes | Nothing due to her neutral stance on everything

Bad Guys

JapanFlagTUC バナナ
USAflag Endal
You killed 'em? How wonderfully TERMINAL, Fudgebuckets! I love it!
Endal, gloating over what he thought was Bowie's death

Endal is an insane monkey that wants to deliberately rule the Western Forest and Stitchonia in general with an iron fist, having teamed up deliberately with the demon Slate to overtake the world with a paper mache empire. With his new degree in origami, Endal plans on teaching the bears a lesson for interfering with his totally perfect plans by bringing his mache plans out to the world. Endal can be best described as severely incompetent with his teammates and really lazy, but when he's dedicated, he's really dedicated.

Endal is often seen looming over his opponents, cracking malicious grins and doing the "ahaha"s and "fufufu"s he's long been known for doing. He wears a lot of mechanical armor this time around in addition to his long overlord cape, really bringing out that evil factor from within himself and laughing his guts out whenever he even remotely succeeds at something. He is what you could consider a twisted twist between the Dr. Eggman of the old days and the one of the new days: he's funny, but also completely insane.

  • Specifics | Male ♂ stuffed monkey, roughly 3'05" in height
  • Likes | Working on inventions to benefit his life, things going as planned, maniacally laughing every time he does something right, bananas, his servants, the idea of ruling the world, creating his "epic boss stuffs"
  • Dislikes | Bowie, anything green and bear-shaped, the sheriff's family, teddy bears in general, acknowledging his failures, failing, his minions screwing up miserably
  • Theme | "Dark Astronomer", by Derek & Brandon Fiechter
Savast by exo
JapanFlagTUC ロニー
USAflag Savast
Sure, you may be the planner of world domination, but what world will there be for you to rule when I destroy it?
Savast, evilly gloating over her totally flawless plans

Savast is one of the last surviving monkeys as well that works for Endal whenever he's extremely busy, filling in when he can't do something of importance. Unlike Endal, who wishes to rule over all, Savast wants to destroy everything, and is simply using the male for her own plans. Ultimately, she wants to work on building a race of monkeys with Endal with the intents to destroy every fiber of Stitchonia. She wishes to command and have control over everyone, but often fails.

Savast is a pink monkey wearing a kimono and a bunch of karate gear, being totally suited for battle and always ready to strike when necessary. She speaks in a gruff voice that's angry and snappy in tone, and tends to shout when she's speaking to people, no matter what situation she happens to be in at the moment! She's really goofy and tends to stammer when heated, but not because of embarrassment -- because she tends to try and find the right words to sound smart, imposing and intimidating, but usually never comes off as any of them.

  • Specifics | Female ♀ stuffed monkey, roughly 3'03" in height
  • Likes | Thoughts of world demolition, betraying others to reach her goals, wishing to have control over each and every person to achieve her destructive goals, laugh maniacally, count her chickens before they hatch, heavy metal music, tearing at herself when things go wrong
  • Dislikes | Getting pitted with court cases, dealing with justice, having to put up with the teddy bear heroes, having Endal stand in her path to her goals and wishes, people that think they're better than her
Fudgebuckets by exo
JapanFlagTUC ファッジバケット
USAflag Fudgebuckets
Ah, fudgebuckets! Do I really gotta clean up yer murder messes, too, Endal?
Fudgebuckets, moaning and complaining

Fudgebuckets is the main reason why the evil with Endal happens.  While it wasn't explained in the first story, Fudgebuckets gave the idea of capturing and enslaving the teddy bears in return for proper monkey civilization and also world domination atop that. And Endal completely liked his plans!  Fudgebuckets speaks with a bad French accent and helps Endal strategize most of his plans.  As such, he is quite intelligent...and extremely dangerous.  When he fights, he fights with extreme vigor.

Out of everyone in the cast, Fudgebuckets stands the tallest and can be compared to the height of a 4'00" human... which is big for a stuffed black monkey, mind you! Fudgebuckets wears a skull-and-bones eyepatch over his head and wields a long, jagged sword that he often uses in his inventions. Apparently, he and Ripe were once pirates out on the seas for years before Endal abruptly kidnapped them and made them work for him and his countless waves of mass-produced robots.

  • Specifics | Male ♂ stuffed monkey, roughly 4'00" in height
  • Likes | Endal to an extent, reading up on mythology lore, dipping himself into the world of horror, his big memory, his likeliness to pirates, pirates in general, the open waters, sailing, wearing his eyepatch
  • Dislikes | Anyone that defies him, Endal to an extent, being defeated by those that are shorter than him, being treated as a weakling on Ripe's level
Ripe by exo
JapanFlagTUC 熟した
USAflag Ripe
Never mind that there's a world to conquer, how about we just... relax? Play some pool? Get naked? ...Actually, we're already naked.
Ripe, being typical

Ripe is the younger sister of Fudgebuckets and is completely anti-war, wanting it all to stop as it tears at her brain the amount of damage Endal and her brother do.  She used to pretend her loyalty to Endal, but now that she was caught doing such, she no longer does anything much important, as Endal now has his eyes on her at all times.  Whenever the chance is given, she does accidents that she believe would benefit the teddy bears rather than hurt 'em. By this point, the bears know to trust Ripe.

Ripe is slightly shorter than Endal and has the longest limbs of all the stuffed animals, with her hands reaching the ground even when standing at full height. She tends to usually have her eyes shut and only opens them in surprise or in worry. She lacks many symbolic design elements, but stands out from her pirate friend Fudgebuckets by being friendly and open to the teddy bears, meaning that she has remorse that the other villains in the cast do not have. She has been stated as inspiration for Dryle coming out as more heroic.

  • Specifics | Female ♀ stuffed monkey, roughly 3'02" in height
  • Likes | Being helpful to the teddy bears, being able to outwit Endal, proving she's not useless, eating bananas, Endal on his better days
  • Dislikes | Slate, Endal for the most part, Endal's violent tendencies, the monstrosity her brother Fudgebuckets has become, violence in general, war
Thomas by exo
JapanFlagTUC トーマス
USAflag Thomas
You FOOLS!!! I, the uniquely named "Thomas", will destroy each and everyone one of you! Incompetent machine No. 1, attack!!!
Thomas, sending out TMS-01

Thomas is a mostly silent teddy bear that seems to be almost incapable of having any personality whatsoever. He mindlessly wanders throughout Endal's headquarters, often toppling over and causing minor mistakes while creating new inventions. Despite appearing completely stupid, he is always ahead of the monkeys and sets several traps throughout the game's levels, sometimes seen doing this as implied by a shadow, and pilots thirteen machines in the whole game. What is his real goal? Will we ever know?

Despite being a constant chatterbox, Thomas is often mysterious as his origins are fully unknown and he has a lot of... awfully useful abilities unique to him, like everlasting endurance and the ability to construct many well-working inventions within short periods of time -- without any help. He is also an antagonistic teddy bear, making him one of the only teddy bears out there to outright resist working or aligning with any tribe, which has gained him massive notoriety with his once-allies.

  • Specifics | Male ♂ teddy bear, roughly 0'11" in height
  • Likes | Eating oranges, the feeling of success, working on his "uber secret plans"
  • Dislikes | Being treated as useless and weak by Endal, the heroism his threats present, being treated as a "teddy bear gone wrong", his master being defied, being called a "midget", working on inventions against his will
JapanFlagTUC スレート
USAflag Slate
Your politics are flawed and toxic. Time to put an end to it all with the anarchy that you've always wanted! ...Well, the one I always wanted, anyway.
Slate, right before his final fight

Slate is an ink demon that Endal managed to unseal from its imprisonment. It has made a deal with Endal: in exchange for it helping the evil monkey defeat the teddy bears and conquer the world, he must give his soul to it. Of course, Endal thinks he has the upper hand and makes a deal with this shady monster. What is Slate going to do over the course over the journey? Will it really capture Endal and use his body as a vessel, or will it simply help him take over the world no questions asked?

Slate can shapeshift its form at will, but is primarily humanoid in appearance with the exception of the monkey's tail hanging behind it. It has no real defining features other than constantly regenerating black ink running down its slick body and its flashy red eyes. Whenever it teleports around, a loud noise is heard that lets it go wherever it wants, whenever it wants, to do whatever it desires. Most of the time, it assumes Endal's shape to let Endal build on his extra invention, just in case his main plan fails.

  • Specifics | Male ♂-identifying black mass, with height that's generally not consistent
  • Likes | World domination, absolute corruption, fooling heroes and villains alike, his inky armies, leading the charge, playing around with cards, the nickname "The Devil"
  • Dislikes | Bowie and Endal equally, everyone who supports those two, people who attempt to put his plans to a halt, people who insult his origami creatures and mindset
  • Theme | "The Headless Horseman", by Derek & Brandon Fiechter
Project x by exo
JapanFlagTUC メタルボウイ
USAflag Project X
Mission: Search. Goal: Annihilate. Proceeding with plans... first, I am required to serve my master his morning coffee he never even drinks...
Project X, going over its morning schedule

Project X is the ultimate definition of a Bowie clone, being a mechanical copy of him that can perfectly mimic any move he attempts to make. He has very much the same statistics as he does, but has a lot more health and has a set of moves that Bowie doesn't have, like being able to fire lasers from his arms and launch explosives all over the battlefield. Project X is really strong and fights side-by-side with Endal in the boss fights, often being a part of the machines that makes them stronger, although he can fight standalone.

Compared to Bowie, Project X looks much rougher around the edges, and is fully mechanical with its body assembled from steel and countless gears and parts. It also has several missile launching ports on its body and it can extend its extremely flexible arms and legs as it wishes to cover massive distances. It often looks for Bowie, believing him to be its primary target, but is just as happy to destroy any other teddy bear that it recognizes in its programming... including the Avatar character!

  • Specifics | Male ♂-designed robot teddy bear, roughly 2'10" in height
  • Likes | Nothing, for it is a robot programmed to not feel emotion or any true willpower
  • Dislikes | Nothing, for it is a robot programmed to not feel emotion or any true willpower, but it does seem to be extremely aggressive around Bowie


Throughout the course of the adventure, the player can use the medals they've obtained throughout the game to purchase items from a Beorn named Ace, who tries to exclaim again and again that she is a teddy bear despite her lack of stitches. She hides out in the back of the Jeep and is often seen laying back with a confident look on her face, showing her wide variety of items off to the player and cheekily grinning at them. Should the player speak to her, the player can select and purchase items that she has on the market, and there are many sorts of items to speak of, from one-time power-ups to permanent ones that can really help in a pinch. Lord Fandraxono knows you'll need 'em sometimes.

There is a new mechanic introduced to the shop known as "Upgrading". By upgrading items, both one-time ones and ones with permanent usage, they become more useful and useful for the player. To upgrade a one-time item, the player will need to pay five times the usual price for the item in question. Every subsequent purchase of the item will have the upgrade effects. Items with permanent use need to be paid again by about half the price to upgrade them, but the effects are well worth the effort. Upgrades often increase the duration of an item, add new features or make the power-ups generally more useful, especially in dire situations where they'll totally be necessary for newer players. "Miscellaneous items" can be upgraded via using them 30 times, proving the player's dedication.

Note that items that have permanent use can be disabled anytime.

One Time
Angel's Wings "Wait, babe, don't ye wanna try the Angel's Wings~? Basically, if ye hold the A button, ye'll start hovering down real slowly! This is great for precision platformin' and for avoiding traps and stuff ye don't wanna do! Ye'll lose 'em if ye fall off the course, though, so don't be foolish with these great wings!!"
~ Costs 80 Gold / 160 Silver / 320 Bronze. The Upgrades for "Angel's Wings" make the downwards fluttering motions last shorter amounts of time, and Upgrade III lets players use a double jump in case they mess up one of their jumps or need more height!!
Big Balloon "Hey, sugar~! This cute little balloon can lift ya straight out of a bottomless pit if ye happen to fall into one! As ye rise back up, ye can control where yer goin' horizontally 'til the balloon pops, which takes about ten seconds! Do be careful, sugar lips..~. the balloon pops immediately when it hits the ceilin'!"
~ Costs 40 Gold / 80 Silver / 160 Bronze. The Upgrades for "Big Balloon" make the upwards movement of the Big Balloon more controlled by the player, and also add to the duration of the time the balloon will last. Upgrade III makes the balloon invincible to ceiling pops.
Comeback "Hey baby, this is the Comeback~!! This is a special device that can be set anywhere (even in the air) and let ye teleport back to it just when yer about to die! It can help ye try certain parts of the stage over and over again, and te can call it back at any point. Imagine it like it were to help ya with speedrunnin'... whatever that means. Remember: if you die, you lose the item!"
~ Costs 160 Gold / 320 Silver / 640 Bronze. The Upgrades for the "Comeback" simply give the device durability. Upgrade I allows you to use it after having died once, and II and III allow you to keep it after two or three deaths, respectively.
Directional Signs "Hey honey, see this stack of ten signs? Ya can purchase 'em if ye desire! Ye can stick the signs just about anywhere in a level, and ye can choose the directions that read on the signs, and use 'em on future runs to know what routes ye liked and those ye disliked! It's good for those with bad memory~!"
~ Costs 40 Gold / 80 Silver / 160 Bronze. Upgrades give the player more sign choices, with I offering diagonal signs, II offering hazard and alert signs, and III offering signs that can magically heal players if they stand under them.
Horns of a Bull "So, do ya know what bulls are? They got these good horns that they can use to break through some ugly situations, and ye can use 'em too! Using these horns, ye can break through tough obstacles, dish extra damage on yer foes, and negate attacks from overhead!! Careful hun-buns, you lose 'em if ye die."
~ Costs 80 Gold / 160 Silver / 320 Bronze. The Upgrades for "Horns of a Bull" increase the speed and power of the bullcharge, from 1.5x to 1.8x to 2.2x to 2.5x, respectively per Upgrades I, II, and III.
Minimizer "Hey babe, here's a new addition for ye~! The Minimizer!! It's a little costly, but usin' this really dips down the difficulty of the next level ye go to, even if ye keep dyin' over and over! Power-up never leaves 'til ye beat the level or ye visit a different one, but remember that it doesn't work in Challenge Mode!!"
~ Costs 320 Gold / 640 Silver / 1280 Bronze. The Upgrades for the "Minimizer" simply add benefits towards using it. Upgrade I gives players temporary invincibility at the start, II gives the player 20% more health than normal, and III removes about half the enemies.
Paper Stack "Oh darling, ye need some paper~? I can get you some!! I only sell 'em 250 at a time though, so it's either all of it or nothin', hun! Remember that this lets ye do 'bout 50 papercraft transformations, which can be useful if yer really greedy with usin' paper and can't manage it all too well!!"
~ Costs 80 Gold / 160 Silver / 320 Bronze. The Upgrades for the "Paper Stack" increase the amount of paper earned with each purchase, with I adding 150 more, II adding 100 more, and III adding another 100. Very simple upgrades.
Skates "These novelty add-ons attach skate wheels to yer feet, boosting yer speed until ya fall off the course and loose them wheels! Jumping may seem problematic, but we've added a double jump ability to 'em to make 'em work better than in the last adventure! Just be careful to not slip and die, honey~!!"
~ Costs 50 Gold / 100 Silver / 200 Bronze. The Skates' Upgrades generally add new features. Upgrade I lets players skid and change direction almost immediately, II increases the speed and allows triple jumping, and III lets players skid across hazards like lava.
Time Stop! "Runnin' low on time, sweetie? Use this button to pause the time for 'bout 20 seconds, dearest! It'll give ye all the time ye need to pass through the rough bits of the darned levels. It can be used in challenges, but ye won't get the best ratings if ye use one of 'em, so only use if yer a beginner in a pinch~!!"
~ Costs 60 Gold / 120 Silver / 240 Bronze. "Time Stop"'s upgrades simply change how much extra time is given with the power-up. I adds 10 seconds, II adds another 10, and III adds 20 more, giving the player a full minute when used!
Whirlfriend "Do ya got items ye want from a level and wanna keep them yet ya don't feel like finishin' the level? That's what my buddy Whirlfriend is for! Use 'em at any point to be transported out of the stage with what ye've collected. It can make collecting stuff way less of a hassle, friend! Disappears after three total uses."
~ Costs 150 Gold / 300 Silver / 600 Bronze. The Whirlfriend's three Upgrades each add two extra uses to the powerup, allowing the player to use the item as much as nine times before it disappears... because "cloud nine".
Permanent Use
Heart Helper "Hot stuff, these are Heart Helpers! They add +4 to your total HP stock, giving you more of a chance to survive attacks and giving you higher survivability in general. These can make the areas you go to way less of stinkers~!! I know they're super costly, but you really do gotta work for 'em because they're really expensive here on Stitchonia! :<"
~ Costs 1600 Gold / 3200 Silver / 6400 Bronze. Added HP increases by +2 with Upgrade I, with +1 more added with Upgrade II and Upgrade III boosting it by a further +1. Upgrade III adds a +1 power boost to the player's power when their HP is full.
Jet Anklets "Sweetheart, these are Jet Anklets~! Their primary use is to help ye get more trounce in your step, when ye bounce with these on, ye'll quickly notice just how much higher ye go! Ye can use 'em to cover wide gaps and hop up to places ye've never been before!!"
~ Costs 600 Gold / 1200 Silver / 2400 Bronze. Bounce increases by 1.2x with Upgrade I, with Upgrade II and Upgrade III upgrading it to 1.4x and 1.6x respectively. Upgrade III lets players spin right after they jump, giving an effect that is similar to Sonic the Hedgehog's very, very own spin jumps.
Medic Packs "Oh honey, these are Medic Packs! We understand that they're very expensive, but sweetheart, these cause your character to gradually auto-heal (1HP per 10 seconds) and recover from status conditions quicker! They're worn around your hips and supply the energy necessary to fix you right up~! I made them myself~!!"
~ Costs 800 Gold / 1600 Silver / 3200 Bronze. Auto-heal increases by +2p10s with Upgrade I, with Upgrade II and Upgrade III upgrading it to +2p7s and +2p4s respectively. Upgrade III lets players auto-gain a sheet of paper every ten seconds, which can make collectathons less cheap.
Shoulder Shields "These, my husb- er I mean wi- MY FRIEND, are Shoulder Shields! These are meant to be worn 'round yer shoulders, and with 'em on, yer body will become protected by a force field!! Enemies that attack you will still hit ye, but they'll take some damage themselves~!!"
~ Costs 700 Gold / 1400 Silver / 2800 Bronze. Recoil increases by 1.2x with Upgrade I, with Upgrade II and Upgrade III upgrading it to 1.4x and 1.6x respectively. Upgrade III lets players do an "instant-shield" if performed in the air, negating any damage within a split second or something like that.
Thorny Gloves "Mmmm, sugar... these are thorny gloves~!! Fist these monsters into yer opponents, the knuckles sandwiches will really hurt 'em! In short, these gloves help make yer attacks stronger, they add like +1 to yer whole amount... gosh, I can't imagine you being quite so strooong~!!"
~ Costs 700 Gold / 1400 Silver / 2800 Bronze. Strength increases by +2 with Upgrade I, with Upgrade II and Upgrade III upgrading it to +3 and +4 respectively. Upgrade III lets players clear through a whole row of enemies in one go by tossing their Thorny Gloves ahead of them. The gloves come back like boomerangs.
Free Kiss "Oh, so ya want one of these, do ya darling...? Well, I suppose one can't hurt. I mean, ya happen to be sorta cute anyways... Mwah~, mwah~!! Ya deserve it for all the hero stuff ya do for us all, ya know? It'd be a shame if ya didn't get a few kisses! ...Man, I wish they'd kiss back..."
~ Costs 0 Gold / 0 Silver / 0 Bronze. The Upgrades for "Free Kiss" simply multiply the number of kisses the player gets by 2x per upgrade, capping out at eight by Upgrade III.
Lucky Day "Ooh babe, it might just be your lucky day! Throw zero money at me and I just might give you an item you like! You only have one attempt however prior to the next day, so once you throw in your cash ya gotta wait 'til midnight for the next round!"
~ Costs 0 Gold / 0 Silver / 0 Bronze. The Upgrades for "Lucky Day" give the player more gold medals per upgrade, with each adding 2 new ones to the player's stock. Upgrade III offers six per usage of the Lucky Day option.
Mother's Bin "So, 'bout that [Avatar name] person... ya wanna get 'em somethin' nice? I'll let you take a random piece of cloth r somethin' from the bin fer free! Always comes with a free color hue bucket, too~! Can only use this once a day, though!"
~ Costs 0 Gold / 0 Silver / 0 Bronze. The Upgrades for "Mother's Bin" each bump up the amount of items that the player is allowed to receive from the bin, with Upgrade III allowing the player to get four items for the Avatar character a time.
Slot Machine "Spin the slots~! There's a chance that you may be rewarded with something NICE! ...I mean, you'd want to be given something nice, but not necessarily work too hard for it, right? You may get bunches of gold medals from the machine... aim for the jackpot~!!"
~ Costs 20 Gold / 40 Silver / 80 Bronze. The Upgrades for "Slot Machine" each slow down the speed of the slot machine, making it easier to get more gold medals. However, the speed is decreased only by a minor fraction each time.


Formless FortressHavoc HillsVolcanic RedoubtChina WorldErsatz MansionCretaceous ParkFrosty EscapadeMilitia CanyonStone-Cold BonelandsDragon's CryptTornadopolisAbandoned GoliathCyanide GardensGeargrind MadnessDark MelodyMache EmpireChess Castle(Episode Endal) Scrap Jungle(Episode Endal) Ghoul Zone(Episode Endal) Evil Ruin(Episode Endal) Wretch's HollowBowiequest 2 Map
map by Shadow Inferno (tbc)

There are a total of eighteen levels in BowieQuest 2: Degree in Origami, with sixteen fully-fledged levels, four Episode Endal levels, a tutorial zone, and an extra stage, and not counting any DLC levels. Each stage has their own textures, aesthetic design choices, and unique mechanics. All levels but those at the very extremes are divided into thirds, each segment of a level possessing their own backgrounds, foregrounds, aesthetics, obstacles and enemies. The music also varies widely depending on what stage and what segment the player happens to be in at the time.

The first section in a level is known as the "Action" segment, the second is known as the "Checkpoint" segment, and the last is known as the "Climax" piece. The pace of the music is almost always at a moderate or fast pace for the first and third segments, but the middle sections always tend to have slower, more relaxed music. These levels are much larger than the ones in the prequel, with many more secrets and pathways hidden throughout, but these are less compact so they feel less maze-like in general, giving the player lots of room to explore.

The map laid out represents the northern side of Stitchonia's singular continent, with the original game's setting being in the west and the next one (Seas of Inkura) being laid out in the east. The main game of Degree in Origami travels through all of this map except for the center and middle southern regions, which are explored by Endal the Monkey and his partner, who travel through the four levels hidden from the main storyline in the pack Episode Endal.

Main lineup

JapanFlagTUC フォームレス要塞
USAflag Formless Fortress

Tutorial Zone

The darkly lit, searchlight-crowded shapeshifter fortress serves to teach the player the ropes of the game. Jello-like steel shapeshifts in ways that obstruct the player and benefit enemies, and many corridors are laid out with bright lights that alert enemies to a player's presence when treaded upon. No windows unveil the outside world, in their place is a thousand jell cells and a bunch of factory-like rooms colored depressing grey and green colors. Corridors are tight and lined with enemies and many ledges around the level melt away soon after being stepped upon. Unlike the levels ahead of this fortress, there aren't any gimmicks or notable obstructions to speak of, and yarn is never present due to the purely mechanical nature of this level.

Wherever one steps in the Formless Fortress, they will hear the steel ground clang under their feet, hear the crackling of the torch fires, and feel discomfort with the mashing of the heat radiation and the chilly, eerily silent atmosphere. Eerily quiet by nature, and most places are poorly lit, making them pitch-black dark and unpleasant to pass through. When enemies are aware of the player's presence, red lights will illuminate the scene and emulate the look of triggered fire alarms. High-pitched sirens around the place intimidate the player into remembering that they are not supposed to be caught, and instill fear into them so they follow the tutorials of the place correctly.

The tribe here is the Western Tribe. This group of patched up cowboy teddy bears are among the most famed tribes in Stitchonia. They are commonly known for putting down and crushing evil underneath their boots and for their tight cooperation efforts, but are best-known for their superstar Bowie. People from the Western Tribe have been noted for their heroic qualities and their willingness to keep Stitchonia clean, with Bowie and friends having stopped the seven most recent disasters singlehandedly. Unfortunately, the Western Tribe had been captured quite recently by Endal, and they have been forced into working for the monkey overlord, aiding him unwillingly in the Formless Fortress. When spoken to, they seem to behave rather positively towards the player, but also show disgust for where they're working and hate their jobs.

  • SEGMENT: End of the Beginning
  • EXPECTED TIME: 4'05"
  • WORLD RECORD: Flag of China Wang Su — 3'02" (Flare)
  • ENEMIES: Dummy #01, Dummy #02 Dummy #03, Dummy #04, Dummy #05
  • MEDAL COUNT: 100 Bronze, 80 Silver, 50 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Clear the level within three and a half minutes!
  • BONUS TASK B: Stay along the high path only!
  • BONUS TASK C: Find ¼ of the level's medals!
  • BONUS TASK D: Don't open up any tutorial menus!
  • BONUS TASK E: Find the Dark Gem hidden away in the level!
Stage 01
JapanFlagTUC カオスヒルズ
USAflag Havoc Hills

Really Rollin' Hills

Spherical hills of varying colors spin precariously over beds of nails, with several of these hills having gaps and entrances that contain rotating mazes. These circular platforms rotate around giant screws and are also swung around on giant pendulums. Just being on one of these hills will get them to spin around and around, with potential death hazards waiting below! There is a giant clockwork tower near the end of the lush level that must be navigated by climbing the autumn-colored hills, spinning them 'round and 'round with caution to proceed. Other than the spinning hills of death, there are ziplines that can be taken to navigate the level and poles that can be spun around to gain significant amounts of speed.

Lush grass and wheat-like threads poke out of the otherwise perfectly round hills, and rusted nuts and bolts structurally connect everything. Every hill is held together by stitches and nails, and the inhabitants residing in Havoc Hills seem to be built for farmlands and raising crops. The sounds and atmosphere are joyous and bouncy and grasp the fun feeling of the level's nature, but the whirling blades and spinning spike beds below the hills remind players that a misstep is all it takes to lose their life. Skies are azure and not overcast, with only a few fluffy clouds floating about in the high skies. But it is best to be optimistic, for the threats of this land are generally nothing much.

The tribe here is the Harvest Tribe. It consists mainly of elderly teddy bears that have hundreds of stitches and patches on their bodies to keep them up and going, and a good number of them are cranky. They also tend to have somewhat worn bodies, with many holes found in their torn fabric skin and typical farmer's clothes. Members of the Harvest Tribe often have three yellow patches each on their ears, each evenly spaced on their helixes. The farmland boys and gals speak with strong Irish accents and send to wheeze or cough a lot when they're not acting commanding and sincere to others around them. They claim that they are self-dependent and farm completely on their own, hoping to make new fabric to aid teddy bears in need around the world and also to make newborns as desired.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: The Wheels of Confusion
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: Saturn Labyrinth
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: Clock Tower Climb
  • EXPECTED TIME: 11'30" (3'55" / 3'10" / 4'25")
  • WORLD RECORD: Flag of Egypt Nour Mostafa — 8'33" (Malvio)
  • ENEMIES: Appelbomber, Scarecrototype, Bomblebee, Hardwyrake, Cropper Chopper
  • MEDAL COUNT: 735 Bronze, 490 Silver, 220 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Blitz through the Action Segment with a time under 2'40"!
  • BONUS TASK B: Hot potato! Don't go on any small platform for more than one second!
  • BONUS TASK C: Pacifist run! Don't kill any of the robots present!
  • BONUS TASK D: Take the quickest path through the level's clock tower!
  • BONUS TASK E: Find the Dark Gem hidden away in the level!
Stage 02
JapanFlagTUC マグマリダウト
USAflag Volcanic Redoubt

Piston Pumping Overdrive

Molten lava gushes through tubes and tunnels in the Volcanic Redoubt, used to spin wheels to generate infinite numbers of origami soldiers. Pistons around the area help pump this magma around, and threaten to crush players in their way in tight yarny corridors while lava rises and falls in open rooms. Buttons found in the various control rooms can manually rise the lava up or make it fall, and others can control the flow of lava through the transparent glass pipes in the region. Certain vertical chambers throw the players way up on corks that are popped off of lava-spewing pipes. More often than not in walkway corridors, doors will attempt to close down in front of slow players, requiring them to break through or lava may catch up with 'em. Soldier showdowns are common.

The feel of the Volcanic Redoubt is heavy with dread and menace, with all the whirring machines and loud pumping of molten lava making the place feel scarily artificial and tasteless in flavor. The volcano is bursting with life, tossing superheated balls of yarn all around the immediate area but yet the solid fireproof walls do not let the lava penetrate through. Rusted cell bars and dislocation from society make the place feel like a prison, but not all's bad in the greedy factory as most of the floors are safe to travel through and there is a wondrous black blanket hanging above the volcano, with shining stitched stars spread lazily across it.

The tribe here is the Genius Tribe. These teddy bears are highly advanced with working out machinery and have created countless inventions that utilize solar panels and the general power of the sun. They are very clean, slick, and wear protective goggles over their beady eyes to shield themselves from the wild gears they often have to take care of. Lab coats and dresses are often donned on their sleek fabric bodies. They are a highly enthusiastic and intelligent tribe that speak with optimism and vigor, and chuckle when speaking of their plans to others. They are not mischievous or malicious and always attempt to make sure that they're not destroying any nature in the redoubt. While they are super enthusiastic and in shape, their base had been stomped by Endal's forces recently and they ask for the player's help to rid of the origami troops. They're all recognized by their high-pitched laughter.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: Pistons of Pain
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: Lockdown Mode
  • EXPECTED TIME: 14'35" (4'10" / 5'45" / 4'40")
  • WORLD RECORD: Bulgaria Iliyana Dimitrov — 10'08" (Windi)
  • ENEMIES: Chemikiller, Helicoptoil, Slatebreaker, Fuma, Althundtross
  • MEDAL COUNT: 790 Bronze, 410 Silver, 170 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Crush at least ½ of the robots in the level!
  • BONUS TASK B: Pass through the high route in the action segment without falling off!
  • BONUS TASK C: Collect every medal hidden in the boiler room!
  • BONUS TASK D: Slide gracefully under each security door without letting them trap you!
  • BONUS TASK E: Find the Dark Gem hidden away in the level!
Stage 03
JapanFlagTUC ディッシュワールド
USAflag China World

Tectonic-Shifting Continent

In the wonderful world of China World, players slide across slick yarn-like chinaware and bounce off flexible silverware to reach new heights while attempting to evade pools of cake that'll suck players down like they were quicksand! Teacups can be pushed into bodies of fluids and then be ridden as boats of sorts. Tectonic shifts often cause platforms to rock back and forth, requiring precision and aim when jumping around. Dishes hanging right behind the stage fall when approached, requiring players to move swiftly and quickly when possible. Bubbly foam in the giant dishwater lakes can be traversed, but it must be done quickly or players will fall into the toxic waters. Giant sponges cleaning dishes function as platforms, but not for long before mechanical hands slap the player off!

Neatly stacked, glued-together way-oversized dishes make up the majority of the land's form, but dirty dishwater and numerous cooking appliances spread sparingly around the island make China World feel human in nature. The skies are clouded in thick black smoke from the intense cooking atmosphere yet the air smells of freshly baked bread and cake. Running water and ticking of ovens aid the ambiance of China World, and distorted human-like voices can be heard discussing or arguing in the background. When there's no dishes at China World, there is certainly concrete ground that is traveled upon by teddy bear giants, which ignore all the rush and action from the player in favor of making desserts.

The tribe here is the Pastry Tribe. This tribe's members all don black-and-white chef gear and have bunny-like ears, and tend to noisily clang together their pots and pans like spoiled brats. They have tempers that are quick to set off and they tend to have masochist qualities to them... for example, they will gleefully walk through boiling puddles of gravy to get to the next area rather than taking the safe roads. When speaking to Bowie and friends, they tend to hiccup a lot and behave rather drunkenly despite no evidence of alcohol being around, but generally act nice enough to point the way and have intelligent conversations. The pastries they make at China World are often sent out of Stitchonia and delivered to other planets to be eaten, and some of the bystanders will offer the players some of their pastries when they notice they're on low health at the price of a bronze medal.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: Great Wall of China
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: Follow the Teacup
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: Dishwashin' Flood
  • EXPECTED TIME: 13'15" (3'00" / 6'00" / 4'15")
  • WORLD RECORD: Flag of Canada Jake Eisenhower — 10'35" (Flare)
  • ENEMIES: Jonas Plate, Jellocker, Demafork, Fluffa-Grater, Ovenkill
  • BOSSES: TMS-03, SLT-01 "MACAW"
  • MEDAL COUNT: 600 Bronze, 445 Silver, 275 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Collect all 20 Gold Medals found in the cup platforms!
  • BONUS TASK B: Prematurely dash through the checkpoint segment without the teacup! It's possible!
  • BONUS TASK C: Destroy all of the Jonas Plates found in this world!
  • BONUS TASK D: Pass through the climax segment without falling into the dishwater!
  • BONUS TASK E: Find the Dark Gem hidden away in the level!
Stage 04
JapanFlagTUC トラップドアマンション
USAflag Ersatz Mansion

Strange Candlelit Labyrinth

This consistently reassembling mansion is sure to give its visitors a real headache! Some rooms spin and rotate, some have their gravity flip, and some rooms swap doorways and passages with others. Hell, some surfaces from rooms disconnect to connect to other ones entirely. Candles flicker and burn to light the way through the levels, and elevators have multiple platforms that go up or down infinitely. Falling off course is an impossibility in this level as the level loops infinitely vertically, but there are many hazards such as beds of nails and pools of boiling water that ghosts drop from their hands. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the mansion is that some rooms aren't what they seem, and the hallucinations covering them up vanish when players pass through the doors.

Floorboards creak when teddy bears enter the Ersatz Mansion, with witch cackles and ghoulish giggles playing up the spooky atmosphere. Shadows creep about and spy on the player, only turning back when their direction is looked upon, and many eyes from countless locations are watching every move. Ghouls sometimes come about to tease, but hide when they feel threatened and are mostly harmless. The place is old and certainly feels so, with torn-apart wallpaper and holes in the tiled ceilings give the place an abandoned feeling despite being filled with ghouls and spirits. The air is chilly here, shivering is bound to happen due to that and the presence of a thousand eyes looking upon the teddy bears.

The tribe here is the Ghoul Tribe. These teddy bears are actually not "undead" as their name may apply... they just wear Gothic clothes and have very pale, ghostly-like fabric on their bodies. They are often seen shivering and shaking, and when they're talked to, they stammer and get all nervous! They own the Ersatz Mansion and supposedly control the ghosts, but they're so concentrated on their headaches and urban legends that they just don't have control over the mischievous spirits anymore. Members of the Ghoul Tribe are often seen eating dead meat and drinking spoiled milk, and usually don't offer much to players other than asking them to exercise their caution. According to a few, the mansion was once a glorious house of mirrors in a park... but then someone introduced ghosts to the mix and everything changed since. Their paleness gives their tribe origins away.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: A Ghoul's Welcome
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: The Infinite Elevator
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: The Endless Hallways
  • EXPECTED TIME: 16'55" (4'55" / 3'20" / 8'40")
  • WORLD RECORD: USAflag Tritan Brown — 12'37" (Bowie)
  • ENEMIES: Ruggaboo, Willy Wisp, Vroompire, Chandle, Faker Door
  • MEDAL COUNT: 950 Bronze, 700 Silver, 485 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Figure out how to defeat each of the different ghosts!
  • BONUS TASK B: Don't fall for a single prank in the mansion!
  • BONUS TASK C: Find and speak to each of the major tribe members!
  • BONUS TASK D: Walk through at least 50% of the mansion's ground!
  • BONUS TASK E: Find the Dark Gem hidden away in the level!
Stage 05
JapanFlagTUC ジュラシック・パーク
USAflag Cretaceous Park

Steamy Jungle Frenzy

Completely artificial dinosaurs rampage on the steamy, misty mechanical jungle floors, with players having to swing from thread to thread to escape the mouths of the robot dinos. Escaping huge rexes, grinding down Stegosaurus backs, and riding Triceratops make up plenty of the level's design, although plastic tree climbing and vapor-powered balloon travel are also featured here as major gimmicks. Tightrope walking over the park's perimeters and ascending watch towers are also part of the level package. Certain buttons laid out atop wooden watch towers pause the dinosaurs in the level temporarily, allowing the player to use them as platforms 'til they animate once again. The entire level is ebbing with eerie, throbbing artificial life.

Plastic trees pulse with life and root-like tubes transfer heat and moisture all over the park, giving the steamy jungle an unnerving alive ecosystem. Distorted roars and squawks flood the atmosphere as ton-heavy feet rhythmically march on the artificial floors, and the sun shines menacingly above it all, coating the area in sizzling heat. Matching the densely mechanical layout of the jungle are the robotic prehistoric animals roaming the area, especially dinosaurs, that terrorize the fields and seek prey to chew up with their razor-sharp teeth. Many observation towers and scientific labs dot the landscape, with professionals watching and monitoring the behavior of their creations.

The tribe here is the Rex Tribe. These particular bears wear dinosaur caps atop their heads that breathe fire whenever these tribe members experience strong emotion. They also wear gloves and socks with dino digits, with their claws having prominence in their combat. Whenever they fight, they tend to go after each other, claw-for-claw style until one of the combatants has fallen dead. The Rex Tribe members often have their personalities at the extremes, often being really optimistic or super mad depending on the circumstances. Sometimes they'll be really bouncy and hyper around players, while at other times they'll be completely furious towards them. The Rex Tribe has no real significance in the Cretaceous Park, but they know the dinosaurs really well and advise players on how to tame them and make the best of their time at the jungle.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: Treading the Jungle Floor
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: Tyrannosaurus Den
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: Sky-High Park Glide
  • EXPECTED TIME: 14'20" (7'15" / 3'45" / 3'20")
  • WORLD RECORD: FranceFlagTUC Clair Richard — 12'29" (Avatar)
  • ENEMIES: Stegoller, Noahtorious, Dactyloaf, Megaloader, Tyraniker
  • MEDAL COUNT: 430 Bronze, 325 Silver, 100 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Ride at least eight different dinosaurs in the level!
  • BONUS TASK B: Climb at least eight watch towers in the level!
  • BONUS TASK C: Find the spread-out 100 gold medals in the level!
  • BONUS TASK D: Scrape through the level without using any attacks!
  • BONUS TASK E: Find the Dark Gem hidden away in the level!
Stage 06
JapanFlagTUC フロスティエスケープ
USAflag Frosty Escapade

Explosive Iceland Chaos

Frosty Glacier set to be put on a drastic crash course in thirty seconds! Players must quickly slide across thin icy yarn, hop over flaming black ice, and smash through icy obstacles with big boulders in order to quickly proceed! In dark caves hidden around and inside of the glacier, players will have to watch for falling icicles and avoid little machines that attempt to blow icy air upon them, for those mechs can freeze 'em up and waste time. Worse yet, a machine styled like Endal follows the teddy bears and holds the timer to obliterate the glacier's connection with the mainland, and attempts to shoot them down with lasers. Luckily, the mech is slow and hitting it will cause the timer to add 20 more seconds to itself! The maximum time allowed on the timer is 60 seconds. Good luck!

Flashing dynamite packs litter the icy landscape, with every icicle-dotted tunnel and edge of the glacier having bundles of dangerous explosives hanging about and ready to explore whenever players carelessly draw close. As precious time slips away, players must navigate through dark, cold mazes with frozen-over fossils and creatures hidden away in the walls and skate over the sunset-drawn slippery slopes while attempting to evade certain death by continuously pausing a bomb from going off. Blue and black make up the hues of the level, especially from within the glaciers, but many of the available pathways are covered in somewhat transparent frozen walls. Strong gusts and slow instrumentals clash rather wondrously with the frantic nature of the level's design.

The tribe here is the Santa Tribe. These little critters wear elf hats, green-and-red sweaters, and ride wooden sleighs around the stage, sending off children to gifts because... the Frosty Glacier is always in the Christmas season. Kind of ironic, especially because this level is always on a ticking time bomb towards needless destruction. The Santa Tribe members have deer antlers near their ears and all male members have long white beards. These guys are super sweet and kind, but are somewhat frantic-ish when the Western Tribe visits them due to the constant explosives littered all over their glacier having potential to cause mass destruction. They heavily imply that they're actually the people in the Zaxinian Lifts who bring gifts at Christmas time -- just these cute little teddy bears with their magical sleighs! How cute.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: Slippin' and Slidin' Away
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: Dynamite Caverns
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: Icy Rail Grinding
  • EXPECTED TIME: 11'00" (2'45" / 4'55" / 3'20")
  • WORLD RECORD: JapanFlagTUC Akemi Suzuki — 7'48" (Flare)
  • ENEMIES: Freezer, Freezetorch, U-Flaker, Ceiladriller, Disknowman
  • BOSSES: TMS-06, Gary
  • MEDAL COUNT: 370 Bronze, 220 Silver, 155 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Reach maximum speed and attain it for 15 seconds on the ice!
  • BONUS TASK B: Break through every ice-covered shortcut found in the level!
  • BONUS TASK C: Don't touch a single hazard found in the icy caverns!
  • BONUS TASK D: Reach one second until the whole island blows up, but stay alive!
  • BONUS TASK E: Find the Dark Gem hidden away in the level!
Stage 07
JapanFlagTUC 民兵峡谷
USAflag Militia Canyon

Civil War Valley

Cannonballs fly, bullets ricochet, and smoke arises in this war-filled canyon, with enemies in the foreground and back busy with war. However, they're not afraid to fire at the teddy bears! Players must hide in shadowy ground in order to not be seen, and then take a run for their lives when they see the opportunity fit. The real meat of the level, however, lies underground, where ant-made mazes that are easily collapsible reside. These mazes take players to either side of the canyon and are there for getting around frustrating roadblocks. Hidden underground military tunnels may occasionally be crossed, where players will have to fight large numbers of drones in order to successfully get through. On the main roads, tanks and many vehicles will be crossin' through!

Dusty deserts surround the narrow walls of the canyon, with architecture made from rusted metal and bronze weapon material and roads made from rock-solid black wool. Explosions and war cries flood the canyon as the teddy bears march through, kicking up dust as they explode the vast weapon-filled valley, and the feeling of getting assaulted upon by surprise is always present. Underground, everything is compact yet dark, and many traps await within to remind players that there is no safe place in war. Military tunnels have the unpleasant prison feel of the Volcanic Redoubt: they are just as rusted and discolored as they are. The Militia Canyon is a miserable experience that can bring great frustration.

The tribe here is the Stone Tribe. These teddy bears are little anarchists with camouflage clothing, green navy helmets, and stockpiles of weapons. They are tired of the wars that have overtaken their home for decades and want to fight their way out of them all using their simplistic stones and sticks. They earned their name from their usage of Stone Age technology, preferring to use minimalist tools and only those tools. They speak in generic soldier dialect and are commanding and really blunt with everything, especially with their insults and general demeanor. Some members of the Stone Tribe claim that the valley was once where a great, "supernova" battle had been fought, judging by the several craters around the place, but they think it's just a rumor. The leader wears a silver-and-red coat that is said to be linked to the event.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: Through the Fire and Flames
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: Dusty Underground Maze
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: Military Passage Siege
  • EXPECTED TIME: 17'15" (6'45" / 7'30" / 3'00")
  • WORLD RECORD: Flag of Brazil Luiz Santos — 15'21" (Windi)
  • ENEMIES: Appelbomb-n-chain, Toy Soldier, Cannonoli, Motobeetle, Dust Biter
  • BOSSES: TMS-07, SVS-01 "KRIOS"
  • MEDAL COUNT: 260 Bronze, 130 Silver, 55 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Have at least 50% of the ground intact before Thomas and Savast are beaten!
  • BONUS TASK B: Use the shortest possible paths in the level to reach the climax segment!
  • BONUS TASK C: Collect ¾ of the level's medals! All Gold ones must be collected!
  • BONUS TASK D: Power through the underground maze in less than four whole minutes!
  • BONUS TASK E: Find the Dark Gem hidden away in the level!
Stage 08
JapanFlagTUC リブブリッジ
USAflag Stone-Cold Bonelands

Acidic Skeleton Trails

Pools of acid and merciless yarn-like desert make up the majority of the Stone-Cold Bonelands, while the bones fill in the rest. The teddy bears must fight the blizzard-like winds and hop carefully from sinking bone structure to structure above the acid lakes. Spine-like trails arch over and sink under the toxic fluids, and skeleton-made rollercoasters stretch over the horizon and around the dangerous bonelands. Several structures are also made from bone, and are easily collapsible if attacked with just enough force. Destroying them can both open up and close paths, so decisions should be made wisely. Leftovers from Militia Canyon, like cannons and tanks, can be used to blast from area to area and ride through the acid respectively.

The Stone-Cold Bonelands look like a worn-down, dystopian theme park with pools of acid and bone-dry rides spread unevenly over the area. Bone-made trails snake around the area and lead players to unstable, dangerous rides that include rollercoasters and paratroopers. The air here is unpleasant, smelling of rotten almonds and being accompanied with toxic-green mist clouds. Danger is amok everywhere, with enemies positioned atop unstable pillars and several hazards lined up around rides to threaten careless players. The whole area is haunted and lonely in nature, and dangerous foes tend to sneak up on players that aren't watching their backs in this wild wilderness.

The tribe here is the Goofy Tribe. These clown-like teddy bears wear a lot of white face makeup and wear rubbery red noses and are often seen balancing on unicycles. They often hold balloons, don sharp fangs, and giggle when they know they have an advantage. They act really freakish and tend to spend their days gloating at nothing other than the despair of their audience, whom are often doomed to melt in the acidic theme park. These clowns also happen to operate the rides and attractions of the Bonelands, and their tasks are identical to that of the hypothetical Euthanasia Coaster. While they may be malicious and even pretty much serial killers by their looks, sometimes they'll pass off random items to the player! Even the ones that for-entertainment clowns shouldn't really be giving you... weapons!

  • ACTION SEGMENT: The Ferris Crisis
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: The Shooting Gallery
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: Rollercoaster Havoc
  • EXPECTED TIME: 16'05" (3'55" / 5'55" / 6'15")
  • WORLD RECORD: GreatBritainFlagTUC Piers Wilson — 14'59" (Malvio)
  • ENEMIES: Boneidge, Killerpillar, Transmuticity, Gasiolent, Wingbone
  • MEDAL COUNT: 665 Bronze, 350 Silver, 125 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Create a combo! Attack eight enemies in a row within ten seconds!
  • BONUS TASK B: Destroy all of the green targets found in the shooting gallery!
  • BONUS TASK C: Strike down each of the Killerpillars present in the level!
  • BONUS TASK D: Ride at least twelve different rollercoasters in the level!
  • BONUS TASK E: Find the Dark Gem hidden away in the level!
Stage 09
JapanFlagTUC ドラゴンパス
USAflag Dragon's Crypt

Alive Medieval Remains

The leathery and fluffy texture of the massive crypt hidden well below Stitchonia's surface does not make it any less lethal, for a gigantic mache dragon resides inside! The crypt is split into two floors, with a crumbly and unstable upper floor that overlooks medieval ruins in a deep underground world and a bottom floor where the space is far more open and free but the mache dragon is alive within and breathing fire as words are being spoken. On the upper floor, players need to have great reaction time to stay above the hazards and pay attention to where they step, while on the lower floor they need to ward off the dragon and get to the top floor as soon as possible. Haunted suits of armor and ghostly horses attempt to make the player into prey for the hungry dragon.

The Dragon's Crypt is sinister and medieval ambiance-wise, at least on the upper floor where players can see the windy, dramatic skies above as they venture through the perilous, crumbly puzzles hanging above the crypt. Hieroglyphs and ancient markings are scattered across the walls on the ground floor, with a mache dragon growling and lurking within. Everything is poorly lit, requiring players to turn dials so they can reflect light onto the mirrors to reflect entire rooms. Vines grow through the cracks and plants choke every bit of the lost tomb, and many suits of armor are laid down everywhere, with bodies of teddy bears still embedded in the steel.

The tribe here is the Arthur Tribe. These little teddy bears are all dressed up in silver-and-bronze armor and tend to not show their own faces, deeming those that don't wear armor unworthy of seeing their cutesy faces. They tend to be very egotistical and think extremely highly of themselves, believing they are more significant than anyone else in the world. They will offer to challenge the player multiple times, but will reveal themselves to be jesting before they roll back their heads in laughter. At the same time, the Arthur Tribe's forces are quite weak, and are constantly being torn apart by a fire-breathing mache dragon. So, deep inside they are extremely afraid of the dragon and fear getting crumbled and destroyed by it, but simultaneously mock the player in thoughts they won't be able to break the dragon themselves, yet secretly want them to defeat it.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: Brave Knight's Scramble
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: Dragon in the Lost Ruins
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: Plain Medieval Terror
  • EXPECTED TIME: 19'05" (7'10" / 5'05" / 6'50")
  • WORLD RECORD: KoreaFlagTUC Cho Na-young — 17'38" (Avatar)
  • ENEMIES: Armoid, Spanks-A-Lot, Goldefork, Medievully, Lancelot
  • BOSSES: Project X #1, SLT-02 "NAROBI"
  • MEDAL COUNT: 1150 Bronze, 830 Silver, 510 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Collect 1500 medals total! Whichever ones that are collected does not truly matter.
  • BONUS TASK B: Find the secret room filled to the brim with Gold Medals found deep within the level!
  • BONUS TASK C: Don't touch any enemies on a pacifist run throughout the Dragon's Crypt!
  • BONUS TASK D: Don't get spotted by the mache dragon at all throughout the stage!
  • BONUS TASK E: Find the Dark Gem hidden away in the level!
Stage 10
JapanFlagTUC トルネードタウン
USAflag Tornadopolis

Uprooted Town Craze

Glide through the gusts with lightweight bodies and make use of the unusual gravity to ascend up high distances. Players will hop from levitating building to building, having to make their way through them as soon as possible so they're not shredded apart by the broken glass and walls flying throughout. Large distances can be crossed horizontally and vertically should one be in their papercraft form. As the journey through evolves, the tornado will gain dark colors, simulating a nighttime setting as it tears through a metropolis below. The teddy bears must wall jump off of the huge chunks of debris that get in their way or climb through them in a short amount of time. Players should really be on their feet, or the tornado's huge winds will sweep them off.

Furious, hurricane-like winds spin viciously around the fabled Tornadopolis, once thought to be an urban legend. Structures are made from simplistic cobblestone and wood and are assembled not unlike regular houses. Should players fall off, they'll be removed from the safety barrier of the city and be sucked into the tornado and shredded apart by fierce gales. There is an adventurous feeling within Tornadopolis, with unsafe footing that needs to be traveled across and several chunks of building that need to be hopped between in order to proceed. Yet, the area is undeniably tough to travel through, and the only thing accompanying the player's adventure are mischievous, playful winds that want to kill them off.

The tribe here is the Legends Tribe. These mystical teddy bears are... strangely buffy, featuring six-packs and wearing reflective sunglasses while wearing long cleats. They may not look suited for Tornadopolis, but they know how to surf on the winds and play around in the extremely threatening winds. These teddy bears are capable of flexing their big muscles and posing for anyone who wishes to see their amazing masculinity. They are very chill around the player, and actually offer to hurl them from platform to platform to skip notoriously difficult sections for a few medals. When one of the dark-colored Legends Tribe members is spoken to and paid a small price, they will actually temporarily follow the player and help beat up enemies for them, using their strong arms to wipe them away effortlessly.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: Wildly Windy Expedition
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: Crisis City of the Skies
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: Highway Emergency Exit
  • EXPECTED TIME: 20'30" (6'40" / 9'10" / 4'40")
  • WORLD RECORD: ItalyFlagTUC Aurora Moretti — 17'01" (Bowie)
  • ENEMIES: Chandelierlure, Plane Terrible, Haywyvern, Pergerell, Rackuum
  • MEDAL COUNT: 695 Bronze, 510 Silver, 270 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Use the winds to propel yourself up towards a pile of hidden silver medals!
  • BONUS TASK B: Be a show-off! Run along the rooftops of the buildings with naught but immense speed!
  • BONUS TASK C: Create a jump that'll take you from the vertical low of the level to the vertical high!
  • BONUS TASK D: Hit only one side of the END-19 boss before destroying its other end!
  • BONUS TASK E: Find the Dark Gem hidden away in the level!
Stage 11
JapanFlagTUC 捨てられたゴリアテ
USAflag Abandoned Goliath

The Hero of the Day

This oversized giant is initially scaled from the outside, with players having to deal with winds from the nearby Tornadopolis and the several missile launchers located around the huge, wood-like teddy bear Goliath. On the inside, players have to make their way around the robot's innards and trigger all the switches to make it come to life. The Goliath's insides are very wiry and full of hazardous electric surfaces that can make it a pain to traverse. The robot starts marching forward through a large ocean bed, with players being taken to the outside to help defend its fragile nature from the fiery enemies scouting the Goliath from above. At the end, the Goliath engages in battle with a huge mache monster released by Slate, and the player must then battle Slate themselves.

Vines choke the Abandoned Goliath's layers, with many cracks shining through and rusty machinery showing from within. The enormous Goliath body is a challenge to climb, with certain death awaiting players who fall off the retracting platforms of the giant. Winds are still perilous and can push players straight into danger, and active cannons along the Goliath's outside are particularly good at shooting intruders. From within, players can take note of the incredible wear the Goliath had taken over years, with wires busted and flailing about lethally and several holes found within the "skeleton" of the beast. The only sounds that can be heard are those of weapons being fired off and the electric crackling from within the Goliath's chambers.

The tribe here is the Taxman Tribe. Compared to the masculinity-only Legends Tribe, the Taxman Tribe is full of female-only taxwomen that are taxing the Abandoned Goliath based on how much property space it takes up, and plan on using this money to support evil causes... but no teddy bear works for Endal, so who is the cooperate master of the Taxman Tribe? Anyway, they are quite snide and cold, and usually tend to (literally) spit fire at the teddy bears when the tribe members are asked to stop what they're doing. Members of the tribe are often controlling the weapons set around the Goliath, firing away at the players as they're attempting to disrupt their plans by taking the Goliath away and out to cross over a contaminated sea that would destroy them quickly. They wear business suits only and have their hair tied back all neatly.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: Ascending the Transformer
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: Sweeping the Dust Off
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: A Climatic Battle
  • EXPECTED TIME: 19'50" (8'20" / 6'30" / 5'00")
  • WORLD RECORD: RussiaFlagTUC Igor Kasyanov — 14'30" (Sabeuxo)
  • ENEMIES: Lectorb, Virustan, Mototyrannar, Wormhole, Guard-X
  • MEDAL COUNT: 320 Bronze, 155 Silver, 80 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Find each of the ten gold medals scattered throughout the Goliath's insides!
  • BONUS TASK B: Hop atop strolling boulders to take shortcuts leading up higher in the level!
  • BONUS TASK C: Find the hidden warp point taking you from the outside of the volcano to the inside!
  • BONUS TASK D: Lay a 20-attack combo on the SVS-02 boss within the battle's first minute!
  • BONUS TASK E: Find the Dark Gem hidden away in the level!
Stage 12
JapanFlagTUC 放射性庭園
USAflag Cyanide Gardens

Boiling Toxic Plains

Incredibly dangerous territory where boiling cyanide is the main hazard, which kills immediately upon contact. Players must hop between giant wilting flowers to stay alive, and they can swing themselves atop beams to evade the acidic pools below. Moving fast is advisable, for the structures holding up the level's ground are all melting down and plenty of these structures need to be ascended within short periods of time. Flower petals released from particular flowers travel in diagonal directions and can be used to gain distance through the level. Whatever stable yarn there is, it will bend towards the cyanide pools and start melting down. Lucky players will be able to throw themselves into the factory ahead, others will sink and die.

The feeling of dread is certainly amok within the gardens, with racks of coffins in the distance and skull-related ornaments hanging off of dead, crooked trees. Waterfalls of sickly poison and collapsible infrastructure give off a sense of caution, warning players to be quick or they'll meet their gruesome deaths within the poison pools below. Graveyards dot the hills in the distance and winter trees form a barrier around these gardens. Nuclear power reactors that bear resemblance to Chernobyl can be found sparingly around the stage for players to climb and explore. The threat of death is the real ambiance of the stage: it's all death in the Cyanide Gardens. No hope, no nothing, just a sea of pollution created by Endal's careless affairs.

The tribe here is the Bitter Tribe. These teddy bears wear piercings, have mustaches and hair, wild hair, and wield sharp guitars to make metal music with. They are quite bitter... with the world around them, shouting and spitting vocals poking fun at the environmental contamination while also blaming Endal for it all. They tend to smile and shake hands with the Western Tribe, and often shred their guitars to shatter thick windows, allowing teddy bears to break into buildings. The Bitter Tribe has the least members of all the tribes, with only at least 20 members, and they're all competing to get the best band to participate in the urban legend known as the Zaxinian Amphitheater. They tend to do the horns with their hands when excited or pull "okay hands" when things are going just right for them.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: Cyanide Pool Hoppin'
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: Thorny Petal Climbin'
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: Sinking Steel Castle
  • EXPECTED TIME: 17'35" (4'15" / 3'10" / 10'10")
  • WORLD RECORD: IndiaFlagTUC Aryan Chaudhary — 13'57" (Flare)
  • ENEMIES: Coffole, Disktoneman, Loomstone, Spinemat, Hexy Stix
  • BOSSES: TMS-11, FUD-02 "DATA"
  • MEDAL COUNT: 810 Bronze, 420 Silver, 180 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Clear the stage within fourteen minutes without dying once!
  • BONUS TASK B: Don't call upon any of the Bitter Tribe members for help at any point!
  • BONUS TASK C: Find the ten Bowie dolls spread throughout the level and kick them into the acid!
  • BONUS TASK D: Defeat the mid-boss in less than a full minute!
  • BONUS TASK E: Find the Dark Gem hidden away in the level!
Stage 13
JapanFlagTUC グランドギアタワー
USAflag Geargrind Madness

Perilous Unstable Works

Everyone's favorite factory, with many hazardous obstructions and unsafe rooms aglore. Beds of nails and electric death traps are cleverly placed around the level to shock players by surprise, and loose gears can fall out of place to smash players in their paths. Chemicals are leaking everywhere in the factory and filling it up from the ground floor, so players will need to be quick with vertical ascension and problem solving in general. When machines stop, players need to run atop treadmills to get them working again, and when big, round titanium buttons are pressed the chemicals stop rising up considerable distances. This level is the most fast-paced in the game, and when it's over, the player starts entering the game's final stretches.

Everything at the Geargrind Madness works frantically into overdrive, with loose nuts and bolts firing everywhere and many loose contraptions and inventions swinging about carelessly, and the whole level feels like a continuous mouse trap that never ends. Electricity flows loosely throughout the level, with energy spazzing out in the most inconvenient positions. Everything here is extremely tight and compact, bringing forth a claustrophobic atmosphere that players will have to push through while evading rising chemicals emerging from the overflowing containers in the background. This place is truly dangerous and a test of endurance... too many wrong moves will drown players within the chemicals or find themselves crushed underneath pistons.

The tribe here is the Steel Tribe. These teddy bears are fully mechanical and roam the place in massive numbers, putting stuff away upon Endal's commands and overseeing the work done in the factory. The Steel Tribe's members tend to have sharp, pointy designs and thick, protective battlesuits to protect them from the loose, frantic nature of the place. They tend to ignore visitors, with their programming making them think that all visitors will either leave or burn in the acids found in the tower. However, when spoken to, they will show players the map of the place as that's the only thing they can do aside from say a few unique lines that often make zero sense out of context. If players want, they can try to string all of the lines they have together to assemble a hidden conversation apparently shown between Endal and Slate, foreshadowing the sequel.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: Unsolid Metal Gear Design
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: Unforeseen Pinball Frenzy
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: Rolling Gears of Death
  • EXPECTED TIME: 15'25" (1'45" / 9'10" / 4'30")
  • WORLD RECORD: SpainFlagTUC Alejandro Rodríguez — 12'28" (Avatar)
  • ENEMIES: Admirank, Buckeak, Squakeese, Tripagear, Hands of Doom
  • BOSSES: Project X #2, END-20 "ENGINEER"
  • MEDAL COUNT: 830 Bronze, 630 Silver, 350 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Beat the climax segment within 3 minutes! Outspeed the rising chemicals!
  • BONUS TASK B: Destructive run! Defeat all of the enemies in this straightforward level!
  • BONUS TASK C: Make it through the pinball frenzy without falling down a single table!
  • BONUS TASK D: Collect all of the medals spread throughout the pinball tables!
  • BONUS TASK E: Find the Dark Gem hidden away in the level!
Stage 14
JapanFlagTUC ダークメロディ
USAflag Dark Melody

Lethal Orchestra Hyperspace

A dark world that relies on rhythm and harmonious sound to remain intact. Players will often find a lot of "Silent Blocks", solid obstacles that won't let players through until they break the silence by doing actions such as moving in beat to the music in order to melt them down. By playing notes, new doors can be opened and magical enchantments made to slow the player down will be broken. A unique mechanic special to this stage is that the stage is mostly made out of stable note sheets that can be walked across. If the player is moving to the beat of the music, the note sheets will bend upwards, which can help levitate the player to higher areas or lift up objects/enemies as necessary. If not, they'll plummet straight down slopes into potential traps or even death.

The Dark Melody, its pessimistic name aside, is rather calm and delicate in its ambiance compared to other levels before. Gentle, lovely humming floods the atmosphere, with high-pitched Exaine-spoken vocals accompanying the audible orchestral structure of the area's music. What lethal challenges are presented here attempt to take the pain away by encouraging them after each death... with icy, yet soothing and clean vocals. It should be seen as a pleasant thing, with Exaine encouraging the player to venture forth, but it can also lower their guard for the music-related obstacles up ahead and mess up jumps -- to which she can giggle about. Exaine aside, the world itself is calm, almost devoid of anything really but musical obstacles and clean music.

The tribe here is the Horn Tribe. These teddy bears apparently emerge from the Tubalos planet, having mastered the perfection of Horn play. When any of these teddy bears are talked to, the pitch and tone of the Dark Melody music reshapes and some of the structure of the level changes with that. The Horn Tribe's members are covered mostly by the horn-like armor they have around themselves and they have the big outlet atop their heads to viciously release their sound. The members of this tribe are patient and understanding, and actually offer to change around the instrumental layout of the Dark Melody if players are interested in messing with what instruments play in the song. The selection they make with these bears is permanent until the next time they're asked to change it.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: Psycho on the Keys
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: Professional Music Performance
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: The Challenge of the Opera
  • EXPECTED TIME: 24'20" (8'20" / 7'15" / 8'45")
  • WORLD RECORD: Flag of Australia Thomas Harris — 19'51" (Ashe)
  • ENEMIES: Happy Note, Sour Note, Ampire, Totemidge, Doublerdrummer
  • MEDAL COUNT: 1280 Bronze, 930 Silver, 620 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Bonus task! In this open level, collect ALL of the spread-out medals!
  • BONUS TASK B: Play around! Hit all of the different possible piano keys!
  • BONUS TASK C: Complete this level within the time of 21'00"!
  • BONUS TASK D: Pacifist run! Don't attack any of the enemies in this level!
  • BONUS TASK E: Find the Dark Gem hidden away in the level!
Stage 15
JapanFlagTUC クラフティエンパイア
USAflag Mache Empire

Origami World Assault

A completely paper-made empire with thousands of origami soldiers running throughout, each one marching through the hand-drawn streets. Infinite Magic Dust means permanent Papercraft transformation, so players will be making usage of their many learned skills to blitz through the level and pass through the many nooks and crannies only little paper dudes can get through. Almost everything present here is in black-and-white, but there are crudly drawn colors here and there. Enemies that mimic the player's paper talents are very common throughout this level. Compared to the other stages, the Mache Empire is a rather short level and serves more as the backdrop for the final confrontation than anything.

Almost everything is straight-up made of origami, with the Mache Empire surrounded by a mache dome with little light penetrating through and mache trees and nature flourishing in the background. Monochrome is almost the only color scheme found in the empire, with only shading helping differentiate the structures of this massive, frightening empire. It's like a haunted playing ground meant for children, but paper cuts are frequent and danger is always imminent because the forces of Endal and Slate are at their clear strongest here. This wasteland of origami is the only remaining area to pass through to the Chess Castle, but it is a frightening endeavor and a challenge to the player's skill.

The tribe here is the Darkness Tribe. The teddy bears here emerged from Splatterplot, and are completely inky and gruesome in design... they are almost harmless, yet they usually do not respond when spoken to and moan and groan in total despair instead. They seem to have sharp horns emerging from their heads and huge claws poking out from their furry hands. They do nothing but sulk around with low growling noises coming from them. There are a few intelligent members of this species that are willing to talk, but everything they say seems to be twisted and wrong, with Moonside-like things happening to them each time one of them is spoken to, often with negative concoctions. Some of these teddy bears will speak automatically when approached, so players should just work on avoiding them when possible.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: Assault on the Paper Parade
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: Grand Cardboard Plaza
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: City Hall Confrontation
  • EXPECTED TIME: 17'25" (4'00" / 7'30" / 5'55")
  • WORLD RECORD: GermanyFlagTUC Wilhelm Günther — 15'13" (Windi)
  • ENEMIES: Boxer Box, Paper Trio, Dragavully, Paper-Grater, Crafty Bear
  • BOSSES: TMS-13, SLT-03 "SINN"
  • MEDAL COUNT: 700 Bronze, 340 Silver, 130 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Complete the City Hall Confrontation within 4 minutes!
  • BONUS TASK B: Eliminate all of the Boxer Box enemies in the Grand Cardboard Plaza!
  • BONUS TASK C: Destroy all of the Darkness Tribe inhabitants found in this level!
  • BONUS TASK D: Destroy the five main buildings found in the Mache Empire!
  • BONUS TASK E: Find the Dark Gem hidden away in the level!
Stage 16
JapanFlagTUC チェス盤城
USAflag Chess Castle

Infuriating Factory Madness

The final true stage in Degree in Origami has sixty-four rooms all in total, with eight per each of the eight floors. Each of these various rooms offer a different challenge for the player, and some rooms offer more than one. Some rooms are blocked off by barriers that need to be unlocked by locating buttons in other rooms. Players need to be incredibly wary of the extremely strong enemies here, all of which are modeled after actual chessmen figures. The castle is colored just red-and-black, like a real chessboard, and the walls are all colored in that exact same fashion. At the 64th room is the final boss, who is incredibly challenging, super mean, and ready to make the player throw their controller across the room.

Only the most dedicated could have possibly made it to Chess Castle, which is eerily quiet and abandoned-feeling in tone. Surfaces are made from diamond and precious stone, boards are glistening chessboard tiles, and church-like windows reveal the evil papery world outside, now all covered in Slate's bubbling ink. The pressure to stop Endal merges with the freakish feeling of danger lurking around every turn, and assaults can happen basically whenever they want in these twisted, warped puzzles. Everything is clean and pristine, with no exceptions... built upon the remains of the old Ironworks, this is a gorgeous final level and one that's filled with so much dread and death that not even the most sincere and patient of players can go without complaint.

The tribe here is the Chessman Tribe. There are exactly 32 of these chessmen, with sixteen useless pawn-like teddy bears jumping about, four rooks slithering over the grounds, four knights walking through the corridors, four bishops hovering throughout, two queens on the loose and two kings that hide from disaster when possible. These are just teddy bears covering themselves in what look like giant chesspieces, attempting to hide from Endal's severely superior forces. When spoken to, the player will receive gifts from them before they scuttle away. This is often the player's way of healing throughout the level, as few hidden goodies exist throughout the Chess Castle and they'll need all the help they get. Pawns tend to give off bundles of medals, rooks / knights / bishops hand over items, queens offer permanent items, and kings teleport players forward in the puzzle.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: The Heart of the Mache Empire 
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: A Severe Case of Megalomania
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: Every Single Drop of All You've Got
  • EXPECTED TIME: 26'55" (8'40" / 10'25" / 7'50")
  • WORLD RECORD: MexicoFlagTUC Jesús García — 21'47" (Dryle)
  • ENEMIES: Piercer Pawn, Rattler Rook, Killer Knight, Battler Bishop, Queasy Queen
  • BOSSES: Savast & Slate, King Endal, END-22 "QUIMBLE", Project X #3, END-23 "THREAT"
  • MEDAL COUNT: 1800 Bronze, 1200 Silver, 900 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Destroy all of the enemies in the level, including the queens!
  • BONUS TASK B: Complete this stage within twenty-three minutes!
  • BONUS TASK C: Collect all of the medals present throughout the level's pathways!
  • BONUS TASK D: Complete each boss without taking any damage whatsoever!
  • BONUS TASK E: Find the Dark Gem hidden away in the level!
Stage X
JapanFlagTUC 超音速トボガン
USAflag Supersonic Toboggan

Horrifyingly Herculean Showdown

Have you collected all of the Dark Gems for Exaine and given them to her? She will use their power to launch the player towards the moon, with the glowing gems in their tow. Players must drift up, down and all around through space, however, to dodge the bullet hell-like assaults from Endal's last invention: The Supersonic Toboggan. They must also dodge meteors coming after them and evade a fleet of revived (but really weak) TMS robots, having to dodge all of their attacks for a full minute! Once the player reaches the moon, they can speak to the astronaut teddy bears there as they prepare to be launched to the final battle. Once all of the dark gems are put into the launch device, the player is sent off to the absolute final fight. Good luck!!

From outer space, the player gets a very clear visual view of Stitchonia as a whole, able to see all the locations from the first game, this game, and even bits of the sequel's. Even though the view of the world is absolutely fantastic, the feel clashes with the menacing mood of dread infecting the atmosphere, with the player totally aware that their goal is to destroy Endal's final contraption, which can threaten the world by transforming every sheet of paper into inky bombs that can infect all of the life on the planet and put everyone there under the control of Endal... but only if it fully charges up without Bowie ruining its charge every time! Even though the final battle can look scary and be intimidating, it can be done, if the player puts their mind to it!!

The tribe here is the Space Tribe. These teddy bears rest on the moon... you know, the only footing before Bowie dives into the absolute final battle! They are just normal looking teddy bears in astronaut suits that help the player get the strength they need to face the world-threatening Supersonic Toboggan up ahead of them, converting the black gems collected for Exaine into the power necessary to power the launch pad needed to face on Endal directly. They are as gentle and bouncy as any Western Tribe member. They said to have been transported to the moon in the previous adventure, initially having helped Endal work out a space station but were ultimately left to die on the moon. But they actually got smart and learned cool survival tricks on their own!

  • ACTION SEGMENT: Holy Wars... the Punishment Due
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: Tranquility's Last Stand
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: Beginning of the End
  • EXPECTED TIME: 20'45" (6'35" / 0'50" / 13'20")
  • WORLD RECORD: SwedenFlagTUC Monika Jönsson — 15'21" (Bowie)
  • BOSSES: Supersonic Toboggan
  • MEDAL COUNT: 300 Bronze, 200 Silver, 100 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Annihilate the final boss within 10 minutes!
  • BONUS TASK B: Collect all the medals found throughout the stage!
  • BONUS TASK C: Destroy each of Thomas' machines within a single strike!
  • BONUS TASK D: Don't die once, no matter where you are!

Episode Endal lineup

Stage E1
JapanFlagTUC メチャ・ウッズ
USAflag Scrap Jungle

Wasteland of Lamentation

A desolated, constantly rotting jungle of green and brown colors completely made from scrap metal and torn-up paper, the Scrap Jungle is the first new place for Endal and Alcyone to explore. Players need to grab onto metal hooks to swing around the level and outrun garbage incinerators to move onwards, grabbing keys on occasion to open up doorways and let the monkey and hunter through. There are also plastic roads to be traveled through at high speeds and trash-made buildings to infiltrate. Many robots of varying kinds flourish in the Scrap Jungle, having been inventions Endal left behind in the past to rot. The Scrap Jungle is the gateway between the public domain of Stitchonia and the top-secret, long-abandoned side of it that only Endal is fully conscious of.

The Scrap Jungle is isolated from society, looking dreadful and devoid of true life, with many power plants around the jungle spewing unhealthy clouds of smoke into the air. Piles of ink swamp the place, making it look filthy and unpleasant and adding to the wasteland feel the whole jungle has. Barrels and containers spread around the jungle constantly leak poisonous fluids and gases onto the metal floors, filling the atmosphere with lethal chemicals and toxins alike. Radioactive chemicals really help bring the bad flavor of the jungle, making things look even more dreadful. The best advice at the Scrap Jungle is for players to watch their step, or they'll land in deep trouble.

The tribe here is the Junk Tribe. The teddy bears of this tribe are completely made out of junk and scrap metal and bear some great resemblance to the robot Project X. However, the members of this tribe look far more desolated and broken-down in comparison to that robot, with metal pipes from their bodies leaking substances like oil everywhere. They were all created by Endal, but have ditched their stations in the old jungle base and have formed a cannibalistic tribe where the teddy bears often claw upon each other and consume the torn scrapped metal to become stronger. There is a lot of savagery in the tribe, but they are mostly open about others traveling upon their space, greeting them and pointing the way towards the heart of the polluted plastic jungle.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: Scrap Valley Road
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: Nitrogen Annihilator
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: Burning Plastic Prison
  • EXPECTED TIME: 12'30" (3'30" / 6'15" / 2'45")
  • WORLD RECORD: Flag of New Zealand Harper Smith — 9'31" (Endal)
  • ENEMIES: Armail, Constriyarn, Bongutan, Paperbarker, Scriptrosity
  • MEDAL COUNT: 820 Bronze, 560 Silver, 315 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Find the hidden lower route within the Scrap Valley Road!
  • BONUS TASK B: Find the hidden bonus room holding 250 gold medals!
  • BONUS TASK C: Break through the plastic prison within just two minutes!
  • BONUS TASK D: Break down UKW-01 without using your strongest attack!
Stage E2
JapanFlagTUC ゴーストトレイル
USAflag Ghoul Zone

Festive Phantom Boardwalk

This circus-carnival land hanging above Shiver Lake is a haunted, shut-down location that is overrun with ghosts running the attractions! The players must evade getting devoured from mechanical sharks jumping in and out from the lake, evade a hurricane of the same fluff-eaters, and avoid falling into the icy lake at all costs or they'll be frozen up for good. The whole stage is freaky, with strangely upbeat music playing mixed up with "Entrance of the Gladiators", and many strange constellations flash in the sky representing horror-related images. The rides at this carnival are very loose and fall apart quite easily, forcing players to shake a leg as soon as possible so they don't fall into the lake from the faulty rides. Lights flicker on and off in the haunted zone as Endal and Alcyone balance on tightropes.

Everything here is rusted and haunted, yet neon colors blaze eerily throughout the abandoned place. Twisted, broken pathways twist throughout the boardwalk, with many roads looping and turning around the strange fantasy land. Illusions throughout the levels attempt to lure Endal and Alcyone towards potential exits, but they vanish as soon as they appear and unveil that there is still quite a bit of area to be covered. A chilly mist fogs up the vision of the boardwalk and clouds up surprises that lay in store for the monkey and bounty hunter, making things difficult to see. Despite the entertaining atmosphere of the Ghoul Zone, everything appears to be be a dreadful version of fun as seen by the ghosts of the attractions, making it all equally unsettling...

The tribe here is the Ferris Tribe. This tribe's teddy bears wear Ferris wheel-like collars around their necks and are dressed up in all kinds of white/red/blue makeup, with coloring patterns across their faces making them resemble evil clowns. Members of this tribe also tend to wear rollercoaster track-made clothes around their bodies, which are supposed to be bulletproof and safe to wear. They tend to hold bowling pins in their hands, which they use as weapons to beat up enemies with and can also juggle to other teddy bears nearby them. The members of the Ferris Tribe are genuinely aggressive and attempt to trash any and all visitors that dare come onto their land, and they like to cause destruction with their large supply of weapons and their haywire carnival rides, which they use to murder unwanted guests.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: Chained Ferris Chaos
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: Timber Shiver Lake
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: Carnival of the Sea
  • EXPECTED TIME: 17'05" (6'05" / 4'55" / 6'05")
  • WORLD RECORD: Iraq Sabeen Najjar — 14'04" (Alcyone)
  • ENEMIES: Monghrase, Mausoloxer, Ferricane, Horrouse, Spookeat
  • MEDAL COUNT: 1080 Bronze, 720 Silver, 420 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Ride all of the Ferris carts found in the level!
  • BONUS TASK B: Pacifist run! Don't defeat any of the enemies found here!
  • BONUS TASK C: Destroy all of the 10 Bowie dolls found at the Climax Segment!
  • BONUS TASK D: Clear the level without losing any HP whatsoever!
Stage E3
JapanFlagTUC 悪魔の遺跡
USAflag Evil Ruin

Twisting Vine-Choked Ironworks

The Ironworks haven't completely fallen out of relevancy, as Endal and Alcyone venture into this twisting botanical mess to retrieve a key weapon to the overlord's plans. With the place choking helplessly in vines and carnivorous plants, the two need to rip apart closed doors and tear through air vents to travel into the heart of the ruined Ironworks, chopping through the floral life as they go. Rusted Monkibots lay tarnished and broken in the corners, but become alive and attack their master upon sight! Several of Endal's old robots will attack the duo as well as mechanisms still kept alive by the plants, which have become smart enough to run certain areas of the Ironworks over time. The main goal is to retrieve the weapon and chop down the mother plant to prevent the Ironworks for being used for any malicious purpose again.

The Evil Ruin laying here is dark and gloomy compared to the bright and sentient city it once was, with all areas having suffered accidents and shutdowns with few exceptions. Vines burst and twist through the concrete, upchucking sections of roads and making them into unstable platforms with boiling sewers awaiting those who fall off the streets. The real life featured in the Evil Ruin are the breathing, throbbing vines that give the city new life, with the plants working their hardest to wipe Endal and Alcyone out of existence with their paralysis powder and their whipping vines. However, the Ironworks remain as trap-filled as ever, with several of them being operated by the plants in hopes that they'll crush intruders and keep control of the twisted ruins for themselves. It is a horrifying world that provokes misery in the once-proud owner.

The tribe here is the Rose Tribe. Those in the Rose Tribe are permanently rooted to the ground, unable to leave under any circumstances due to the monstrous roots of the downed Ironworks not allowing them to exit. They have such become overrun by thorns and vines and invader plants, becoming part of the giant mess that the Evil Ruins happen to be. They are not hostile, but are instead constantly leaking tears and constantly asking for Endal and Alcyone's assistance to be broken free, and try to help by shooting out vines to form bridges to cross and ladders to climb. They also try to take out any enemies near the monkey and bounty hunter. Once the boss of the level is destroyed, however, all of the nature complex fails -- effectively killing each and every member of the Rose Tribe.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: The Megalopolis of Evil
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: Siege on Thorn Fortress
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: The Bramblebush Skirmish
  • EXPECTED TIME: 19'35" (4'45" / 5'15" / 9'35")
  • WORLD RECORD: VietnamFlagTUC Nguyễn Trung Hải — 17'40" (Alcyone)
  • ENEMIES: Rusted Monkibot, Omegoid, Whippot, Carnivaws, Endalofye
  • MEDAL COUNT: 500 Bronze, 215 Silver, 40 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Destroy the single Endalofye robot within 1 minute!
  • BONUS TASK B: Plow through the checkpoint segment within 4 minutes!
  • BONUS TASK C: Locate at least ½ of the level's enemies and destroy them!
  • BONUS TASK D: Don't use any psychic powers during the action segment!
Stage E4
JapanFlagTUC 猿の中空
USAflag Wretch's Hollow

Chamber of Mysteries

Only those that tell the truth about their sins and misdoings can enter this region, and only for limited amounts of time. Quickly, Endal and Alcyone must retrieve the final weapon in this dusty valley, having to cross over countless lethal obstacles and play carefully to evade certain death. All the platforms here are running thin and require that action is taken as soon as possible in this final stage, with the monkey and bounty hunter having little time before the gates close, trapping them in forever. Hazards include spinning sawblades, beds of needles poking up and down throughout the stage, and countless crushers that require the two to be careful and safe. The player can embrace the fact that there are zero enemies to be found in this world, which can make the ten minutes they have feel much less hellish.

The Wretch's Hollow is beautiful and quite pristine in spite of the countless death traps awaiting the player's mistakes, being a black-and-blue forest that is inhabited by various reaper-like entities. In spite of limited time, the player can speak to the reapers to temporarily stop time and figure out where to go before the time limit gets set back. As the player progresses through the wondrous woods with Endal and Alcyone, the sky will start flashing between black and yellow and the tree colors will become red as the time gets thinner and thinner, with horrid spooky entities rising up from the ground in attempts to grab in players early if they're five minutes into the level. Once the weapon is stolen and the boss is beaten down, Endal and Alcyone will be teleported out of the hollow, with the gates closing behind them as their journey ends.

The tribe here is the Sin Tribe. Unlike the other tribes, this one is made up entirely with monkeys... but it's almost impossible to tell unless one to look at the tails extending from their reaper-like clothing. They look bony and malnourished, and skeletal in appearance. Their clothes are either white or black, with no exceptions other than the fact that the leader wears a red variation of the suit. They are very nonchalant and only do what they feel is necessary... helping out others figure out where they need to go before the hollows close in on them. While looking grim, they are quite benevolent and are more than willing to temporarily set back time and allow the player to figure out where they need to go. As the time limit is five minutes and the stage requires more than five minutes' worth of play, talking to the Sin Tribe members is an absolute necessity.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: Entry to the Hollow
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: Breaking into the Sanitarium
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: The Weapon Bed
  • EXPECTED TIME: 8'55" (2'15" / 2'55" / 3'45")
  • WORLD RECORD: USAflag D'Aughndré Berry — 5'42" (Endal)
  • ENEMIES: None
  • MEDAL COUNT: 0 Bronze, 0 Silver, 10 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Don't lose a single life in this level, regardless of position!
  • BONUS TASK B: Burst through the sanitarium and kill each of the prisoners being held there!
  • BONUS TASK C: Complete the climax segment within just three minutes!
  • BONUS TASK D: Collect ALL of the 10 Gold Medals! They're located in super-tricky locations!

DLC lineups

DLC NX1 · Switch Exclusive
JapanFlagTUC グランドキングダム
USAflag Cascade Kingdom

from Super Mario Odyssey

This lush paradise is the simplest and easiest of the DLC grounds to explore. The teddy bears must ascend a massive mountain, riding the backs of T-Rexes and scaling up the stone-made architecture laying around lazily in the area. The area feels much like Havoc Hills, but without the constant threat of death hanging below it... it is a nice, simple stage that's supposed to feel relaxing and fun to be in. Uniquely however, due to the teddy bears' small size, the enemies happen to be quite a bit bigger than they are! Therefore, the player must punch the lights out of the Goombas and Burrbos, and steer clear of the Bullet Bills and T-Rexes almost entirely! If the player is Bowie, however, they'll have their hat rebranded with Cappy! Cappy can be tossed to grab ahold of enemies and use their abilities on the 2D plane!

The Cascade Kingdom is a breathtaking, prehistoric dinosaur-themed location found in the Super Mario universe. Waterfalls dot the scenery, as do enormous skeletal fossils and tall stone spires. The whole land is grassy and lush, and feels like a fresh new world for the teddy bears to explore themselves, with no yarn textures or fake plants snarling around anything. The whole kingdom is kept alive with the several native creatures that hop their way through it, like the Chain Chomps and Burrbos that rest in the region. Bullet Bills and T-Rexes may occasionally come after the bears too, so they have to watch out by steering out of the way when they come close!

There is no tribe present in this area due to the level featuring NPCs from its corresponding origins.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: Fossil Falls Heights
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: Cascade Valley
  • EXPECTED TIME: 10'25" (3'55" / 2'15" / 4'15")
  • ENEMIES: Goomba, Chain Chomp, Burrbo, Bullet Bill, T-Rex
  • BOSSES: Madame Broode, Bowser
  • MEDAL COUNT: 520 Bronze, 345 Silver, 185 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Pounce through the Cascade Kingdom without capturing enemies!
  • BONUS TASK B: Enter all five 8-Bit sections found in the level!
  • BONUS TASK C: Defeat all of the Burrbos found in the Cascade Kingdom!
  • BONUS TASK D: Defeat both bosses without taking any damage!
DLC NX2 · Switch Exclusive
JapanFlagTUC サンセットハイツ
USAflag Sunset Heights

from Sonic Forces

This deserted town had been besieged by the ruthless Eggman Empire! The gloomy metropolis area must be run through quickly, as there are multiple Death Egg Robot sentinels hovering around the scene that can crush platforms with their weight alone and spawn lasers from their eyes to hit players from a distance! Sunset Heights takes the teddy bears through a path reeking only of total destruction, with players having to zip along on Grind Rails and use Pulleys to ascend this dangerous level. As players bounce around on the springs, they should also evade spikes and avoid falling into bottomless pits whenever possible. The general pace of this stage is pretty speedy, with players zooming through shuttle loops to gain speed and using horizontal springs to make them blitz across the stage at almost supersonic speeds! It's almost like you're the hedgehog...

Sunset Heights is one of the various stages you'll be pulling through in Sonic Forces, with the background being a post-apocalyptic world that's been taken over exclusively by Dr. Eggman and Infinite. Fire and burning debris can be found all over the area and the buildings are clearly collapsing and falling apart, with windows cracked and black scars being left on the majority of buildings in the area. There are no yarn textures or any sign of Stitchonia-like life around, the area is realistic in mold and everything is falling apart. Several robots run about the scene on their wheels, scanning for intruders -- those are the player's enemies!

There is no tribe present in this area due to the level featuring NPCs from its corresponding origins.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: Ghost Town Blazin'
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: Sentinel-Controlled Limits
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: Park Avenue Escape
  • EXPECTED TIME: 8'40" (2'30" / 2'45" / 3'25")
  • ENEMIES: Egg Pawn, Motobug, Nebula, Aero-Chaser, Death Egg Robot
  • BOSSES: Infinite
  • MEDAL COUNT: 395 Bronze, 260 Silver, 100 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Collect all of the Gold medals spread throughout the stage!
  • BONUS TASK B: Eliminate all of the robots on Omega's route!
  • BONUS TASK C: Race and beat the Avatar to the boss gate!
  • BONUS TASK D: Defeat Infinite without being warped into virtual reality!
DLC VX · The V² Exclusive
JapanFlagTUC ブロッサムレルムス
USAflag Blossom Realms

from Crimson the Roserade

DATA UNKNOWN Sunset Heights is one of the various stages you'll be pulling through in Sonic Forces, with the background being a post-apocalyptic world that's been taken over exclusively by Dr. Eggman and Infinite. Fire and burning debris can be found all over the area and the buildings are clearly collapsing and falling apart, with windows cracked and black scars being left on the majority of buildings in the area. There are no yarn textures or any sign of Stitchonia-like life around, the area is realistic in mold and everything is falling apart. Several robots run about the scene on their wheels, scanning for intruders -- those are the player's enemies!

Blossom Realms is the main setting of the Crimson the Roserade games, and has extremely lush, realistic detail in contrast to the yarn-made, artificial design of the BowieQuest stages. Everything here is as wondrous as it can possibly get, and roses and flowers grow everywhere that can be seen in the action segment of the stage. The castle is dark and rusty, but carries an active presence to it with all the enemies lying within it and the lava bursting through the sides of the area. The cave section is dark and creepy, but is alive with all of the Pokémon resting throughout the length of the stage.

There is no tribe present in this area due to the level featuring NPCs from its corresponding origins.

  • ACTION SEGMENT: Autumn Forest Path
  • CHECKPOINT SEGMENT: Castle Manor Pass
  • CLIMAX SEGMENT: Through the Dragon's Grotto
  • EXPECTED TIME: 12'50" (3'55" / 5'05" / 3'50")
  • ENEMIES: Absol, Seviper, Vespiquen, Haunter, Dragonite
  • BOSSES: Crimson the Roserade
  • MEDAL COUNT: 1200 Bronze, 850 Silver, 200 Gold
  • BONUS TASK A: Collect all of the medals on the forest path!
  • BONUS TASK B: Zoom through the manor within 3'00"!
  • BONUS TASK C: Cause at least 60 different Pokémon to faint in one run!
  • BONUS TASK D: Defeat Crimson without taking any hits!

Bonus Levels

If the player saves the teddy bear Angel at any time in a level, she will peck their cheek in a motherly way and send them off towards a bonus level! Each teddy bear has their own individual bonus level that reflects on their different abilities and gameplay styles, but the objective in each one is to achieve medals and items that the player would want. Each time all of the medals in a Bonus Level are collected, a Platinum Medal is achieved. These Platinum Medals can be used to purchase cosmetics and items for the Avatar character.

JapanFlagTUC ボウイ
USAflag Bowie
Bowie's bonus level takes on the shape of the first game's "Western Village", and in it Bowie has 30 seconds to lasso whatever medals or items he can find into a large treasure chest rooted to the left level boundary. Whatever's thrown into the treasure chest during that length of time is placed into the player's inventory when they return to the primary stage. BONUS LEVEL FOR
JapanFlagTUC アシュ
USAflag Ashe
In this bonus level for Ashe, he will be floating up high into the air but continuously losing water from his body as he goes. Medals and items are encapsulated in bubbles and can be collected as the player moves upwards. Hitting spikes will cause Ashe to deflate and go down. Once Ashe loses all of his water, he will drop back down.
JapanFlagTUC フレア
USAflag Flare
Flare starts off her bonus stage by being fired out of a canyon, and will be continuously running. Flare will have to jump over obstacles and use her flame dashes to get between tight, otherwise lethal gaps. Medals and items are held up in the air for the player to collect, and serve as guidelines as for where to jump. If a hazard is touched, the level ends. BONUS LEVEL FOR
JapanFlagTUC ウィンディ
USAflag Windi
Windi is chained to a pole and there are lots of hazards coming her way, so she has to survive by using her limited jump height and momentum to duck and hop over hazards in her way, but items and medals will also move in her direction, which she'll need to collect. If she gets hit, she loses the oldest collected thing in her possession. After 30 seconds, it ends.
JapanFlagTUC 安息日
USAflag Sabeuxo
Sabeuxo starts right next to a broken-down slot machine. If he uses his electric powers to activate it, the slots start spinning -- players will have to match all three slots if they want to get items, with the third spin being quite fast and hard to correctly land. The player has five tries in total before they're kicked out. Each win makes medals fall from the sky. BONUS LEVEL FOR
JapanFlagTUC ダスティ
USAflag Dryle
This old bear has to pick a spot along a perfectly flat tall mountain of dirt and start digging straight down. Players cannot move left or right, so what they get is up to chance. Dryle usually gets a bunch of medals and some items, so the player is unlikely to come out empty-handed. Once they fall out of the bottom of the dirt, they'll return to the main stage.
JapanFlagTUC ミイラ
USAflag Malvio
The psychic teddy bear will be seen strapped around the minute hand of a giant clock, and at varying paces. The number the minute hand is on will reward the player with that number of silver medals and items. The hand is slow around the smaller numbers, but gets real fast around 7-12. If the hand falls on nothing, the player gets nothing. BONUS LEVEL FOR
JapanFlagTUC アバター
USAflag Avatar
This bonus stage can be accessed only with the Avatar character. Angel will be flying across the sky, dropping lots of medals! The player should try to collect 'em all, it'd really help with shopping at Ace's shop and it can make getting items or upgrading them all the more easy. Once Angel drops all her medals, she winks, blushes, and leaves.


In Degree in Origami's "Challenge Mode", the player can take on any challenge from Roberto in an effort to obtain cosmetic prizes, which are either for decorating the teddy bears' jeep or for customizing the Avatar character. Challenges from Teddy, which are significantly more difficult than Roberto's, allow players to try tech demos for upcoming games or obtain information about the game's development cycle. The challenges change daily, with only one challenge per teddy bear available for the day and only changing when night comes. The game follows TimeStrike's company clock, so the player cannot change the time to their will to get new items.

Roberto's Challenges
* * * Bowie * * *

Tricky Cowboy Swings
The Trail of Tears
Mr. Western Jones

The Lasso Marathon
Stairway to Success
Extinction Showdown

* * * Ashe * * *

A Bloat in One
Swimming With Spikes
Jungle Firefighter

Perilous Pinball
Blubber Bounce World
Dive to Disaster

* * * Flare * * *

Girl On Fire
The Wall of Death
Explosive Escapade

Labyrinth Speeding
Fire in the Hole
Adrenaline Rush

* * * Windi * * *

Frenzy of the Air
Breaking In, Breaking Out
Architecture of Aggression

Spotlight Dodger
Shurikens Aplenty!
Updraft Drifter

* * * Sabeuxo * * *

Ride the Lightning
Over the Clouds
Fortress Siege

Between the Hours
Racing Thunderbolts
The TMS Rush

* * * Dryle * * *

Old Man's Jeopardy
Diggin' the Roulette
Elderly Abuse

Shovelin' Hell and Back
Breaking the Mold
Smoke on the Water

* * * Malvio * * *

Master Five Magics
Forces of Nature
Psychic Gliding Rush

Eyes of the Insane
The Magic Lifts
Yes and No

* * * Avatar * * *

One After Another
END-06 Again
One-Way Deathtrap

Death Imminent
Danger! Collapsing World
Infinite Illusions

Teddy's Challenges
* * * Bowie's * * *

Crystallized Village

Western Graveyard

* * * Ashe's * * *

Razorsharp Rapids

Dangerous Waterfalls

* * * Flare's * * *

Fragile Ruin

Midnight Seismic Stroll

* * * Windi's * * *

Sea of Mirrors

Frozen Labyrinth

* * * Sabeuxo's * * *

The Wrecked Station

Chalky Prison

* * * Dryle's * * *

Tense, Tense Quarry

Sapphire Tomb

* * * Malvio's * * *

Superheated Underground

Mouse Trap Frenzy

* * * Avatar's * * *

Afterdeath Woods

Ironworks Aflame


Roberto's Challenges

* * * Bowie's Selection of Missions * * *

  • MISSION 1 (Tricky Cowboy Swings): This horizontally sprawling sublevel based off Formless Fortress requires that players make use of Bowie's lasso carefully to swing their way around thorny obstacles and above bottomless pits to make it to the goal. Players may often find themselves swinging around platforms often to gain speed and hurl themselves around obstacles safely. Due to the toughness of the level, and also because it's the first mission, the player is given a star regardless of completion time or damage taken.
  • MISSION 2 (The Lasso Marathon): The Lasso Marathon is a short stage that requires the player to lasso five Appelbombs, one at a time, and charge their swings. When the player believes they have reached maximum power, they can then fire off the Appelbombs. The goal is to get five into the bucket all the way behind the massive spike pit ahead of the player, but their job will be considered exceptional if they can lasso all eight present on the marathon platform into it. 
  • MISSION 3 (The Trail of Tears): This mission's pathway is incredibly long, yet straightforward in structure and compact. Bowie has five minutes to finish the mission, and players will have to make Bowie go as fast as possible through the hazardous trail, quickly swinging over obstacles and ascending vertical chambers with the sheriff badge platforms. The clear time is about five minutes, but a seasoned player will proudly come out with over a minute left to spare.
  • MISSION 4 (Stairway to Success): Stairway to Success is a sprawling vertical shaft that is continuously being filled with hide-melting acid! Bowie must use his sheriff badges and hurl 'em at the walls to ascend the stairway. The stairs are rusted and continuously falling apart, so there are few places where standing still won't hurt! Fortunately, the level does not feature auto-scrolling. It usually takes roughly two minutes to finish the challenge, but one can do it in less than a minute and a half!
  • MISSION 5 (Mr. Western Jones): Now here's a challenge for fun: as Bowie, race your way to the end of the long, descending slope making up the level's map -- while dodging a giant rolling rock! The player needs to dodge fragile spikes and shards of glass from the ceiling and hop over multitudes of mericless bottomless pits to make their way out of the area alive. If the player takes damage, that's okay, but that also means that the player won't be able to get the best results possible!
  • MISSION 6 (Extinction Showdown): The Extinction Showdown is a remake of the classic Bowie v. Endal match in the previous adventure, where Bowie and Endal had to raise their popguns and then be the first one to shoot. This version of the challenge players the same, but the player has to get best five outta nine! This can be truly painful as Endal's timings as more sharp in Degree in Origami than they were in the first game. The player is considered to be an expert if they don't fail once!

* * * Ashe's Selection of Missions * * *

  • MISSION 1 (A Bloat in One): In this short stage, Ashe must flutter his round body over and under beds of nails, being careful to not touch anything particularly sharp or he'll deflate. Survival is difficult due to the obtuse amount of hazards waiting about, each ready to deflate Ashe. The challenge gets its name from the fact that Ashe is knocked away with a golf club and must be knocked into a golf course hole in order for the player to succeed. Gold star if the player finishes without taking damage.
  • MISSION 2 (Perilous Pinball): Perilous Pinball's layout can be compared to that of Sonic Spinball's "Toxic Caves" -- on this level, Ashe must simply use flippers to knock himself up to an upper field, and then activate a chute there that'll take him to the boss arena, where he must get between a mechanical tail and a meaty robotic scorpion and beat it with his heavy body. Players get a gold star no matter what due to the obscene difficulty of this mission.
  • MISSION 3 (Swimming With Spikes): In a deep underwater chamber, Ashe must float above pits of spikes and swim as gracefully through the waters as possible. The spike-lined narrow passageways will be tough to pass through with Ashe's body, and they'll have to pass through currents that automatically force them along! This can be a very dangerous mission, with hazards filling the chamber and multiple currents able to push Ashe around. Finishing under 3 minutes results in a gold star.
  • MISSION 4 (Blubber Bounce World): In this particular mission, Ashe will be forever bouncing with a fully inflated body and has to get to the top of a tall vertical shaft in about 45 seconds. The player has to take advantage of the yarn to make some high bounces and get around the area quickly. This sounds super tough, but it is very possible to finish the stage in 30 seconds to master the challenge! It just depends on the pathways the player chooses and the shortcuts they take.
  • MISSION 5 (Jungle Firefighter): Right outside of the Cretaceous Park, the player must control Ashe and use him to put out strong flames that happen to be burning down the park! His water must be sprayed everywhere in order to make the job effective, and all the flames need to be cleared out. The stage is cleared when at least 95% of the flames are put out, but if the player gets every drop of fire gone during the three minute time limit, they'll be considered experts at the challenge.
  • MISSION 6 (Dive to Disaster): The last mission for Ashe has him diving through a five-mile drop where he has to control his deflation and inflation abilities to safely descend down the canyon shaft. The idea is that he has to save his sister from falling into a pit of acid, so he'll have to be speedy enough to catch her before she falls into the pit of lava below. The stage can be completed in 30 seconds, but the player has two minutes total to save the beloved sister of Ashe.

* * * Flare's Selection of Missions * * *

  • MISSION 1 (Girl On Fire): Flare is consistently on fire and has to navigate a series of small puzzles while never being able to stop or turn direction. If Flare hits a wall, she'll be able to turn the other way in an instant. The player must attempt to evade taking damage when possible, as control is temporarily lost, and they may end up throwing themselves into a pit! The objective for Flare is to guide her over a finish line without letting her lose all her health or otherwise die. The player will get a star no matter what.
  • MISSION 2 (Labyrinth Speeding): A long, winding labyrinth awaits for the blazing bear to traverse, with pools of water for her to hop over and walls to ascend. Despite the name, the labyrinth is a straight-forward path that is just incredibly compact and claustrophobic in nature. Flare needs to evade droplets of water and evade taking a swim as she tries to get to the goal without touching the water. Should this be done in less than 3 minutes, the player will be considered an expert at the challenge.
  • MISSION 3 (The Wall of Death): In this mission, Flare has to outrun a constantly moving wall of death, lined up and down with countless spikes! Flare has to hurdle over obstacles and squirm through the air to escape this fast-coming wall! While she's attempting to outrun the wall, she needs to take down the hordes of enemies in her way that will be more than happy to sacrifice their robotic parts to put an end to Flare's life. If she can make it out without taking damage, the player will be surpassed usual expectations.
  • MISSION 4 (Fire in the Hole): This super quick level is pretty tough to complete! Flare, curled into a fireball, must be hurled through the air from a rubberband to land in a hole in the distance. The player must make use of her extra jumps to accurately pass through the spiky traps that hang about loosely in the air, and they can do this by following the black line that winds throughout the level. If the player keeps the same speed throughout the level, they will achieve a gold star.
  • MISSION 5 (Explosive Escapade): In a small, enclosed cage, Flare has about 30 seconds to escape! The player must bash against the sides of the cage over and over to break free, and this can be done by charging up her speed and RAMMING into the walls as hard as she can! As long as the player keeps a good rhythm going, they'll eventually be able to escape the cage before water fills it up! If the player can make it through within 20 seconds, they'll have finished the challenge with glamour.
  • MISSION 6 (Adrenaline Rush): Without warning, Flare will suddenly burst off at the speed of light right through the skies. The player can only move up and down to dodge the several asteroids coming their way. This is not usual gameplay and may take some time to get adjusted to. If the player survives for over a minute, they will complete the stage! Should they take some damage along the way, they won't retrieve a gold star but it'll still be done! Should they love all their health... they plummet to their death.

* * * Windi's Selection of Missions * * *

  • MISSION 1 (Frenzy of the Air): In this mission, Windi will have to soar up high and destroy all of the enemies in a circle-shaped battlefield. Constant updrafts come up from under vents below the stage, meaning that Windi can fly and glide wherever she pleases. Once the player breaks down all of the enemies, the stage will be completed. It sounds easy, but these enemies are super quick and bounce around erratically, making it hard to survive. If they're all beaten in two minutes, the player gets a star.
  • MISSION 2 (Spotlight Dodger): Windi must crawl over an Acropolis-like level while evading spotlights and detection from enemies. The player must put all of WIndi's stealth skills to the test, as this mission tends to get real rough and a lot of deaths can be reached if the player isn't careful enough. It usually takes about five minutes to get through the stage, but experts can clear it in less than three. It all depends on the routes and doorways that are taken throughout the level.
  • MISSION 3 (Breaking In, Breaking Out): In this custom stage, Windi must sneak her way to a bank, break into it, then break out of it without being detected. When she gets in, she needs to steal the giant diamond sitting atop a pedestal and evade all the lasers and traps that are set around. The player has a 10 minute time limit to do this, but it can be done in as few as five. Seasoned players can actually accomplish it in less than three! It's just that, with time, more people will come, making it harder to cope.
  • MISSION 4 (Shurikens Aplenty!): Windi must ascend an incredibly tall tower that leans left and right violently, which can only remain vaguely intact for roughly a minute! To ascend the tower, Windi must toss her shurikens into the walls and board them to climb up, and she must also use her wind powers to increase her general jump power. It usually takes about fifty seconds to ascend the tower, but seasoned players can do it in about four-fifths of that time. Seasoned players are the ones who get stars!
  • MISSION 5 (Architecture of Aggression): In this mission, Windi must make her way through a bunch of ruins with structures that'll fall down in an effort to crush her! She must be quick to evade getting slammed down upon by the buildings, and prevent herself from being shaken off the tops of architecture so she doesn't fall into the pools of acid below. If she makes it through without taking damage, the player will have experted the level, but otherwise it'll just be a simple completion.
  • MISSION 6 (Updraft Drifter): Updraft Drifter has Windi ascend over the entirety of Stitchonia within a heartbeat! She'll be shot out of the canyon and will have to move up and down to avoid getting hit by obstacles. After three minutes of autoscrolling, the level stops and Windi will safely land on the ledge on the other side! This is a tough mission to complete because of all the random debris being flung around. The player will get a star no matter what, as completing this mission is enough of an obstacle.

* * * Sabeuxo's Selection of Missions * * *

  • MISSION 1 (Ride the Lightning): Sabeuxo must ride rails made from lightning in this mission in order to reach his way across the finish line at the end. While he does this, he must evade getting attacked by enemies and speed through the whole stage in a full minute. With the ways the rails spin around and spread out, it can be very difficult to keep track of the bear's location. The best of players can handle the mission in 30 seconds if they're quick and don't stop moving at any given point.
  • MISSION 2 (Between the Hours): At the right time, Sabeuxo must generate a thunderstorm to shock Endal at the dead of night. Endal will be hovering constantly around his lair, and Sabeuxo will need to charge a generator that'll shoot a specific white carpet with the electricity. If timed correctly, Endal will be shocked and fall with a white flag waving in his right hand. But they only have one shot to do this! If the player shocks Endal within 30 seconds, they'll be considered an expert.
  • MISSION 3 (Over the Clouds): In this mission, Sabeuxo must shoot himself over ten mountaintops without fail using solely his thundercloud-creating powers and abilities. He cannot at any point land on anything that isn't his thunderclouds once he jumps off the starting platform, and he must be careful to evade enemies that go around the course. Once he hits the end pedestal, Sabeuxo wins. Seasoned players can complete this mission within two minutes, but most will take four.
  • MISSION 4 (Racing Thunderbolts): Thomas races Sabeuxo in his TMS-09 invention across the skies, and Sabeuxo absolutely has to beat him to the end. Even though Thomas is quite a bit faster than him, the player can stop Thomas by shooting him with electricity, which temporarily stops him from moving. Sabeuxo must always move to make sure that Thomas never gets ahead of him, and strategize when he's about to enter areas that Thomas will merely skip. The player gets the gold if they finish 30 meters or more ahead.
  • MISSION 5 (Fortress Siege): In this stage, Sabeuxo must utilize his electric powers to trash 200 enemies while also working his way to the core of a fortress to shut down the energy supplier. All of the enemies must be trashed, otherwise the lack of electricity will cause the enemies to go haywire and become too strong, KO'ing him in an instant. If Sabeuxo can handle the entire mission without taking damage, the player will get a gold star for their efforts on the mission.
  • MISSION 6 (TMS Rush): In the "TMS Rush" mission, Sabeuxo must face the entire roster of TMS inventions fought throughout the game. Even though they all have a third as much HP, they immediately start off in their second phase and can be tricky to beat, especially with no healing items in between. Due to the difficulty of the boss rush, a star is always rewarded upon its completion. Hopefully that'll feel like it was worth the effort for those who beat the mission!

* * * Dryle's Selection of Missions * * *

  • MISSION 1 (Old Man's Jeopardy): In this Jeopardy spin-off, Dryle must compete against two other friends to choose clues off of a board and name the question that goes with each clue. The clues are based off of the BowieQuest lore nad plotline, and some of the clues provide ominous hints towards later parts in the game. The player must have answered more questions than both of Dryle's opponents in order to win. Due to the difficulty of the quiz, a star is automatically achieved if the mission is beaten.
  • MISSION 2 (Shovelin' Hell and Back): In this mission, Dryle must shovel down as deep as possible against a team of old friends. If he comes across a tough boulder, he must drill into it before he can progress going on down. His friends are awfully fast, digging through the ground at really fast speeds, so Dryle needs to make sure that he's keeping up with them. The first person to make it down to the bottom is the winner. The player achieves a star if they keep a constant pace going throughout rather than just rushing through.
  • MISSION 3 (Diggin' the Roulette): Dryle must beat an old friend of his in a game of roulette. When Dryle's ball goes around the roulette, the player needs to stop on the pocket right below the green number label with the press of the A button. The player must repeat this five times to win, with each ball spin getting faster and faster. The player must get best 5 out of 9, so they have nine total opportunities. The player gets a star if they can land it just right the first five times without fail.
  • MISSION 4 (Breaking the Mold): Using his shovel, Dryle must break through as much fragile yarn as he possibly can, having to smash through it all quickly or he's going to get burnt by a giant meteor from above! Dryle has about 45 seconds to do this, but seasoned players can do it in 35 if they're quick enough at it. Players should be really careful, however, because there is some yarn in the way that isn't fragile at all! There will always be a patch of bad yarn nearby, however.
  • MISSION 5 (Elderly Abuse): In a very small, compact horizontal arena, Dryle must beat up 300 total enemies within five minutes. Fortunately, all of the enemies have as much as one HP. Dryle must be careful to preserve his low HP and strike down all of the provided enemies. The mission gets its name because his friends dropped him into the enemy chamber for "fun". If the player can destroy all of the enemies within three and a half minutes, they will receive a golden star.
  • MISSION 6 (Smoke on the Water): This cloudy water stage is almost impossible to see through... Dryle is basically a shadow in this stage and has to save his mischievous old friends from the likes of Endal in seven minutes. Players have to make out all the shadows in order to break through the level and locate Dryle's friends accordingly. Once all three are rescued, the level is cleared. Seasoned players can make it through in five minutes, although that requires quite a bit of level memorization!

* * * Malvio's Selection of Missions * * *

  • MISSION 1 (Master Five Magics): In this short mission, Malvio must successfully master five types of Papercraft Magic to make it through the level. There are multiple routes, but the player will always be going through five puzzles to reach the goal. If she can make it to the end within seven minutes, the player will receive a golden star. The player must keep in mind that the challenge of the mission is considerably more when compared to previous missions, for Malvio's style is no piece of cake.
  • MISSION 2 (Eyes of the Insane): Through her ability to see beyond mere mortal perception, Malvio can use routes that theoretically don't exist to get through a maze that would otherwise be impossible. Navigate through the level by focusing her mind to create objects to travel on and be wary of making it through within four minutes. Should the level be passed in less than three minutes, the player will get a glorious gold star for their generally wondrous efforts!
  • MISSION 3 (Forces of Nature): Using the forces of nature (water, wind, earth, and fire), Malvio needs to pass through a long, horizontal corridor filled with many crushers. The player has about twenty seconds to do this, so they should memorize the layout of the stage before they can rush through with it with ease. Malvio has to successfully force pillars off the path she has to travel across. There is no gold star awarded if the mission is completed due to the tightness of the clock.
  • MISSION 4 (The Magic Lifts): Using her magic, Malvio must create platforms to jump around the levels skillfully. The platforms only last for about five seconds, however, so she needs to be quick with creating new ones and ascending distances like no one else possibly could. The player has about six minutes to complete the mission, but it can be completed in as little as two if the player is fast, which will result in them being considered an expert of the mission.
  • MISSION 5 (Psychic Gliding Rush): Using her psychic powers, Malvio must glide over long distances of air to reach the end goal. Malvio must occasionally pause at points so she can fall a small distance before using her magic gliding powers again -- this would be most prominant around obstacles that Malvio can't get around simply by moving horizontally. If the player can finish the level without taking damage, they will receive a star for their efforts.
  • MISSION 6 (Yes and No): In "Yes and No", Malvio will be cursed to move with her controls completely reversed... thanks to that stupid ape Endal! She must travel through the eternity of Havoc Hills' first segment, with the design of the level in reverse, and with her controls reversed. It sounds easy, but she will constantly be moving in a dizzy manner as well! A gold star is rewarded if the level is completed within 5 minutes, but the player will really have to work to make sure they can even do that!

* * * Avatar's Selection of Missions * * *

  • MISSION 1 (One After Another): The Avatar will have to travel through half a segment from each level in the game barring the Formless Fortress and super-secret extra level! The game decides what order the stages are in, but it'll always start with Havoc Hills and end with Chess Castle. The player is expected to take on all of this in about 15 minutes, but a gold star is awarded if they can do it in 10! It may seem excessive, but it's well worth the effort... at least the difficulty of all sections are roughly the same! Things like Havoc Hills can be considered breaks.
  • MISSION 2 (Death Imminent): Hordes of enemies will head down onto the Stone-Cold Bonelands level and attack the Avatar! There are 200 that need to be defeated, and the entire enemy roster has come to attack! The player can touch healing items set throughout the stage to regain HP, but players can't be too cocky as the entire Chess Castle army will attack... and most of their attacks are instant KOs! If the player can finish the stage without getting to critical health (below 25% of total), they will get a gold star.
  • MISSION 3 (END-06 Again): The Avatar will have to fight END-06 from the first game's "Underground" level! The attacks are all about 1.7x as strong and its flames can easily incinerate the Avatar. The player will have to put it down as soon as possible or it will absolutely kill them first. Instead of fighting it again in the Underground, it is fought in an environment similar to the Dragon's Crypt... fitting for the boss. The player will be considered an expert at the mission if they can finish it without taking damage.
  • MISSION 4 (Danger! Collapsing World): In this stage, the Avatar needs to escape constantly collapsing ground... in the stage Chess Castle! That's right, that stage in particular will be falling apart! The player needs to solve at least eight of the puzzles, which ones they are don't matter, before everything breaks apart within five minutes! If the player can do it in four minutes and thirty seconds, they're a certified expert, but that is extremely difficult due to the extreme nature of the level!
  • MISSION 5 (One-Way Deathtrap): The player has a full minute to escape from a toxin-filled maze! The Avatar must put their skills to the test to escape the rushing poison clouds and evade the enemies as they will simply waste the player's time. There is only ONE WAY out, and there will occasionally be dead ends that will fool the player! They can watch out for bad paths, however, by looking at the writings on the wall... the ones that say to not trust that path are actually the correct ones! The player gets a star if they touch all of the wrong routes before escaping.
  • MISSION 6 (Infinite Illusions): Infinite Illusions is the final challenge that Roberto has to present, and it is an incredibly enduring level. This level is Chess Castle, but half as long with illusionary obstacles everywhere to be seen! This level is miles more challenging than some of the earlier challenges and will require the absolute best efforts if one wants to pass through it. Once the level is cleared, the player can give themselves a pat on the back -- the Avatar's skills were used to perfection, the level is cleared, and they'll always have that gold star upon the first clear.

Teddy's Challenges

* * * Bowie's Selection of Missions * * *

  • MISSION A (Crystallized Village): This ruined incarnation of the stage Western Village from the first game is slowly being crystallized, with a giant cryogenic laser emerging from the far left to turn anyone under its fury into solid ice! Bowie must work his way through the village as fast as possible, breaking through buildings and using his rope to swing from building to building to escape the dangers of the laser. Should Bowie make it through without getting half a screen close to the laser, the player gets a gold star.
  • MISSION B (Western Graveyard): At the Western Graveyard, Bowie must navigate through a long graveyard that has the constant threat of a tornado going throughout! Bowie must slice up enemies, whip at them to prevent them from returning to life, and hide under tombstones or hills to escape the F5 tornado speeding around. It should be noted that if Bowie is around the tornado, the air is lighter which allows Bowie to jump higher than normal. The player gets a star if they can finish the mission within 5 minutes.

* * * Ashe's Selection of Missions * * *

  • MISSION A (Razorsharp Rapids): This fearsome remake of the dreaded Dangerous Rapids will really keep anyone on your toes. The player must jump from raft to raft, but never fall in the river or Ashe's body will be shredded alive. There are hundreds of enemies lying about, all of which can bump them into the waters in multitudes of annoying manners. If the player can make it through without touching at least 30% of the rafts, they get a gold star for their efforts.
  • MISSION B (Dangerous Waterfalls): In this original level, Ashe must traverse carefully across a series of rushing waterfalls whilst being careful to bounce from raft to raft on the descending waterfalls. Ashe has very little time to rest; he must constantly be moving or he'll be washed down to the nail pits at the bottom of the falls. If Ashe can make it through the level without going backwards, the player achieves a gold star for pulling off something so difficult.

* * * Flare's Selection of Missions * * *

  • MISSION A (Fragile Ruin): Taking place in the forgotten Midnight Ruin, Flare must navigate her way through the blizzard hurdling over the lava beds before hell freezes over. Flare must be quick to use her fiery abilities to wheel around varying obstacles and the various canyon walls in order to evade the giant blizzard ready to abolish the ruins. Should the player make it through the area without touching a bed of lava, the player gets a gold star. This is because that she wouldn't need to evade the lava due to her element but not touching it anyway would be skillful.
  • MISSION B (Midnight Seismic Stroll): Flare must hop over the many plates present in this ruins-inspired level, having be wary of all the earthquakes going on! Flare must be quick to evade being caught between plates and jump over any cracks in the ground. Flare has only 20 seconds to finish the level, so she cannot afford to be slow whatsoever, meaning that the player needs to rush through. If the player can make it through in 15 seconds, the player achieves a gold star for their efforts.

* * * Windi's Selection of Missions * * *

  • MISSION A (Sea of Mirrors): Windi must navigate a bunch of mirrors that make up a full maze, dodging the many arrows and bullets that try to take her down from within. Windi must find five keys to open a door at the end and must try to finish the level within ten minutes -- or the mirror maze explodes! She must evade ghosts and figure out what paths are real and which ones are illusions. The player gets a gold star if they only take the real paths of the maze (which doesn't count dead ends).
  • MISSION B (Frozen Labyrinth): The Undersea Labyrinth is completely frozen over, but now it functions as an army base of sorts! Windi must infiltrate it and evade the enemies hiding in the corners and sneak through as quick as possible, as there's only six minutes before everyone goes on lunch break! To navigate, Windi should hit corks to flood areas of the labyrinth, then ascend the flooding shafts whilst evading getting detected by the spotlights! The player gets a gold star if they haven't been detected once.

* * * Sabeuxo's Selection of Missions * * *

  • MISSION A (The Wrecked Station): The same train that was used in the Railroad Chase is featured here for Sabeuxo to explore. He must collect 50 train parts while beating up any enemies in his way, and needs to do such within a time limit of eight minutes. The train will start moving from the station at a very slow pace via spiritual control when four minutes are put into it, so Sabeuxo needs to be quick at disassembling the train. The player gets a gold star if they can destroy 50% of the train while they're exploring it.
  • MISSION B (Chalky Prison): The Chalky Station has been turned into a jail center by the teddy bears following the events of the first game, but now it poses as a prison! Sabeuxo must walk his way through and take on the onslaughts of guardians and foes that come his way. However, due to being weakened by a brawl with his brother, Sabeuxo must make it through with just 1 HP! If the player can make it through without picking up any healing items, they'll get a gold star.

* * * Dryle's Selection of Missions * * *

  • MISSION A (Tense, Tense Quarry): Taking place deep down in the Sapphire Quarry from the first game, Dryle must dig his way through the tense quarry as soon as possible for a bunch of drill machines are out to go kill him! Dryle must make shortcuts with his shovel and knock away the drills with his shovel to slow them down. It gets really difficult as Dryle has to travel over hazards, for the drills can float and move about. Should the player make it without taking damage, the player gets a gold star.
  • MISSION B (Sapphire Tomb): Deep down in a tomb, Dryle must dig up ten bodies and make it out before the time limit of seven minutes expires! He must pick up the bodies and put them into a cart to send them out of the tomb. If the time runs out, a bunch of Chess Castle guardians will come in and destroy Dryle for good. The player needs to work quickly with Dryle's slow mobility; there's no other obstacle standing in their way. If they can pick up fifteen bodies before hopping away in the cart, they'll get a gold star.

* * * Malvio's Selection of Missions * * *

  • MISSION A (Superheated Underground): Taking place in the Underground level, Malvio must navigate the huge maze, which is constantly being flooded with magma-spewing geysers! Malvio must use her psychic abilities to generate platforms and shoot her way out as soon as possible, also using her powers to magically glide over chambers with rising lava floors and using the same powers to put lava-pumping tubes to a halt in order to slow down the flood process! If Malvio can make it through without stopping the lava, the player gets a gold star.
  • MISSION B (Mouse Trap Frenzy): Taking place in a chessy cave of sorts, Malvio must evade a bunch of mouse traps and tigers hanging about, taking care to use her psychic abilities to stop predators and let the mice chew through the cheese, her only hope of progressing. If the predators eat the mice, it's game over for Malvio. She must be careful to not be taken by the preators too, though, as the big cats will eat her up too! If she can make it through without any of the mice being eaten, the player gets a gold star.

* * * Avatar's Selection of Missions * * *

  • MISSION A (Afterdeath Woods): The Ember Woods of this game are no longer aflame, but are instead being haunted by a hurricane! The Avatar must blitz through the stage as fast as they can, evading debris and bunches of fallen tree branches to make their way to a log cabin at the end of the woods. This is an exceptionally touch challenge due to everything being tossed; sometimes players will have to jump on the varying debris to get to new areas. The player gets a star if they can finish the stage in 10 minutes.
  • MISSION B (Ironworks Aflame): With the Ironworks on fire and on the verge of exploding any minute, the Avatar character must speed through as soon as possible! They must flip switches to close gates on the explosions and take hidden passages to find quicker ways around the constant explosives. There's no time to fight, so the Avatar must blast through the foes to break out! If the Avatar can make it through without taking any shortcuts, they'll get a gold star. It sounds really difficult; it is, but it can be done with almost perfect timing.


During the course of Degree in Origami, the teddy bears encounter many different and unique enemies, although a few are just variants of old foes with new tactics. The amount of enemies has not yet been determined, although enemies are no longer classed and variations of old enemies are really rare, making most of the enemies unique. Griff wristwatches attached to each character will scan each enemy they defeat, identifying their weak points, habits, locations, and leaving a little blurb related to them. The bestiary can be viewed in-game by pausing and selecting the option from the pause menu. There are five different enemies per level. All entries in this list are enemies that can be defeated, unless noted otherwise.


Enemy Description / Stats
Index No. #01
Dummy #01

Insufficient robots that have weak fists to attack with. They move in straightforward patterns and wail as they attempt to slap their fists into the opponents they can see. Half the time, their fists break off and become unusable! You gotta feel bad for these poor guys, they're just prototype soldiers that Endal sent in hopes that his lazily unfinished creations would defeat Bowie once and for all. These guys are not tough whatsoever, and may break upon contact with the foe. Poor dudes.

HP: 1 · ATK: 1

Index No. #02
Dummy #02

Insufficient robots that attack with hardly working cannons from afar in the Formless Fortress. These machines are really busted and bruised and are sent out by Endal as incomplete servants, as with the rest of the Formless Fortress servants. These prototypes serve merely as fodder for the teddy bears' ability to deal with enemies that can attack from a long distance away. They move only horizontally and vertically, never moving diagonally... just like a normal rook chess piece.

HP: 1 · ATK: 1

Index No. #03
Dummy #03

Insufficient robots that have weak lance-like weapons. They move around at awkward paces in the Formless Fortress and strike whenever they notice an enemy approach them. They seem to be prototype versions of something much bigger and vaguely resemble chessmen knights. It is implied that they've been chosen alongside their other weak comrades to take down Bowie simply because Endal has no need for them anymore, so he's perfectly willing to just toss them away in hopes he can lazily end the bears' quest.

HP: 1 · ATK: 1

Index No. #04
Dummy #04

Insufficient robots that have weak staff-like weapons. They shift left and right in the Formless Fortress and attempt to use the staff to heal enemies nearby... to no avail. These robots are prototypes that Endal never completed as he just wanted to get them out to destroy Bowie as soon as possible, despite their staffs clearly not working. Even though the robots can swing the staff down onto their opponents, it barely does any meaningful damage. You just gotta wonder... is Endal lazy or what?

HP: 1 · ATK: 1

Index No. #05
Dummy #05

Insufficient robots that wield weak gloves to slap opponents with despite their low power. Unlike the other robots, these prototypes actually try despite their still very low HP and offense, and make an effort to look like potential death threats for the teddy bears. Still, they're just as lazily assembled and incomplete as the other ones, even though they can move in any direction and can pose something of a threat to beginner fighters. They reside near the end of the Formless Fortress.

HP: 1 · ATK: 1

Index No. #06

Resilient walking apple-shaped bombs that wobble around, slowly pulsating between red and black colors. The flashing of an Appelbomber gets faster and more repetitive when they've successfully spotted an enemy, tossing themselves towards them and hoping to explode in their very faces. They appear at Havoc Hills and detach themselves from artificial apple trees to spawn. They really hate the worms that infest their bodies, which is why they wanna blow up in the character's face -- to be rid of their infestation misery.

HP: 3 · ATK: 1

Index No. #07

Scarecrototypes are incomplete mechs created by Endal with the purpose of spitting seeds onto foes from afar to hurt 'em from a safe distance! These robots are important to memorize the patterns of, as there are many other enemies that have similar, but far more lethal distant attacks. These scarecrows move stylishly and attempt to tap-dance as they move, so it just makes you wonder why on Stitchonia that Endal would try to make these innocent folk into your local enemies. They're so cute!! Found exclusively at Havoc Hills.

HP: 3 · ATK: 1

Index No. #08

These tiny robots buzz about freely throughout Havoc Hills, seeking out helpless teddy bears and shoving their stingers into their backs! Fortunately they're quite weak, having low HP, but can be found in swarms! They're best left avoided unless the teddy bears are in a sticky situation where the Bomblebees impede their progress and make things difficult. In that case, they should be destroyed to make things much more of a breeze. They're often found in enclosed spaces, plotting the character's demise.

HP: 2 · ATK: 1

Index No. #09

These wiry snakes slither up and down as they march through the Havoc Hill, and start electrocuting as soon as they notice Bowie or one of his friends! The Hardwyrakes then pounce towards the teddy bears with their fangs hanging out, but not before completely spazzing out and unveiling they're about to attack that way! The easy-to-read signs of when a Hardwyrake are important to memorize, as there are many enemies that leave clues as to when they're going to attack. These snakes do more damage than the enemies listed before, so timing is key!

HP: 2 · ATK: 2

Index No. #10
Cropper Chopper

Sentient lawnmowers that hang about peacefully in Havoc Hills, revving up and charging at any intruders they see! Unlike the other enemies, they can shred up the teddy bears and crunch them up into dust! They shake as they move up and down the stage, removing the grass-like threads from the area and leaving desert-like trails in their wake. They should be defeated as soon as possible given the fact that they can rip apart any teddy bear they happen to get their razor-like wheels over.

HP: 2 · ATK: 2

Index No. #11

Chemikillers are squirming worm-shaped enemies that have segments that are spiked and painful to make contact with. They're...familiar. Anyway, these Volcanic Redoubt enemies are usually found swimming in lava, but they may occasionally jump from it to make battle with enemies on land. They will slither closely to them and attempt to knock out their life force with their chemical-worked bodies. Once they're defeated, they'll spill harmful chemicals all over the floor!... don't touch 'em, they're acidic and deal good damage on contact!

HP: 3 · ATK: 2

Index No. #12

These fast and furious enemies, named Helicoptoil, all wrapped up in paper and paper clips, carry bunches of oil overhead with the aim being to throw their load into the lava below. Once their oil makes contact with the lava, streams of lava will rise up from where their oil had touched. In the Volcanic Redoubt, these enemies only throw their load if they've detected the bear's position, attempting to toss it right atop them. They are very puny, however: just a bop to their sorry heads will bring 'em down like poorly constructed paper airplanes.

HP: 1 · ATK: 5

Index No. #13

Slatebreakers are sentient pillars that are absolutely willing to crush the bones of anyone happening to be standing around! Residing in the Volcanic Redoubt exclusively, they will bounce up and down on the ground like pistons, attempting to smash anyone that heads underneath them. Only Flare and Windi can outspeed their otherwise unrivaled speed... in order to get them to shut down, the redoubt's power supply needs to be redirected! When shut down, their "bodies" become vulnerable to damage, with an exterior that's easy to smash apart!

HP: 1 · ATK: 20

Index No. #14

Fuma are fiery lions that leap in and out of lava pits present around the Volcanic Redoubt, with intentions to burn teddy bears alive! They don't do much damage on contact, but can be tough to avoid and one hit does not kill them unless the teddy bear is Bowie, Flare or Dryle! These beasts cause damage when they press against precious teddy bear fluff and usual weapons don't work on them, so elemental attacks are the only way to get rid of these sorry beasts. It's rumored that Fuma wouldn't be so dangerous if people didn't stop removing the industrial lands where they're born...

HP: 5 · ATK: 1

Index No. #15

Althundtross are metallic birds that fly about dangerously, gliding lowly and seeking out prey in the high skies. These aggressive birds found in the Volcanic Redoubt drop when they spot intruders, opening their wings to dish out dangerous thunderbolts! Should they make contact successfully, their rivals will take a fair amount of damage as the Althundtross cruelly laughs. Even more dangerously, they can open their mouths and spit out cannonballs to rain down on the parade of the redoubt intruders, watching them get squished or fall off of the fragile architecture. Ironically, electric attacks work wonders with this thing, bringing it down fast!

HP: 3 · ATK: 2

Index No. #16
Jonas Plate

China World's "Jonas Plates" are famous for rolling off their racks and chasing down the teddy bears in the most Indiana Jones-esque ways possible, chasing after them as if they were giant, unstoppable wheels of death. These enemies aren't so easy to break for our weaker friends, but they shatter instantly if they come in contact with a wall at least half their size. If they hit ya, though, you'll get some tear and tear on ya that'll be hard as heck to shake off... just keep that in mind, bro! ...Or sis!

HP: 4 · ATK: 3

Index No. #17

Jellockers squirm around the China World at an unusually slow pace, with their tiny alien-like bodies attempting to bite down and suck on otherwordly visitors to their land! They will bounce around to jump on unsuspecting foes, albeit slowly and predictably, so they should be easy to evade for even training fighters. If they happen to latch onto a teddy bear, they'll try to sap at their life force and take it straight away from them! For every second they're on, they'll drain one health point, and constant flicking back and forth will shake 'em off. Fortunately, just about any attack will deal 'em some good damage... especially fire!

HP: 5 · ATK: 1

Index No. #18

Hopping in and out of the cakes at China World are the Demaforks! These sharp pests try to land their business ends on teddy bears that dare travel near the cakes they love so much, and they can do some nasty damage if groups of Demaforks all slam into the bears at once. Fortunately, Demaforks are really fragile and always die in a hit regardless of who's battling 'em, and they can be reflected back to hit other enemies instead! Should they hit walls, the bears can use them as platforms and get a boost upwards.

HP: 1 · ATK: 3

Index No. #19

Hovering cheese-grater enemies in China World that will take any opportunity they get to mow down teddy bears they see. These pesky Fluffa-Graters actively seek out teddy bears in hopes of grating them to death, sliding their sharp sides against them. However, if attacked from below, they will take easy damage and whimper, becoming completely helpless before getting annihilated. They've always wanted the grate opportunity to shred down the teddy bears, for they can be used to create more of themselves. Let's make this hashtag a thing: #GiveFluffa-GratersFriends

HP: 3 · ATK: 2

Index No. #20

Ovenkills can get quite overkill in the heat of battle, hopping around recklessly and attempting to suck teddy bears into their lethal furnaces! While the flames they can spit out in waves can deal just small bits of damage, getting sucked in will result the teddy bear in taking a LOT of damage, enough to be insta-kill for some of the weaker bears! They tend to hop about like a "Tox Box" from that one game entitled Super Mario 64, just rolling about and minding their own business until they can see opponents get near them. They can be defeated by shoving something flammable inside of their bodies, blowing 'em up!

HP: N/A · ATK: 8

Index No. #21

These pesky little ghosts hide under the carpets of the Ersatz Mansion, sneaking around underneath and looking like boils of sorts. When stepped on, they will travel straight up and attempt to claw at the teddy bears! Fortunately, they evaporate quite easily if attacked with a liquid-like attack, causing them to vanish into thin air. They are mostly harmless, however, if the teddy bears choose to step away from 'em. It is said that they have become too shy of others to bother being outside the carpets anymore, but pop up through the floorboards if quite disturbed.

HP: N/A · ATK: 2

Index No. #22
Willy Wisp

Willy Wisps from the Ersatz Mansion always teleport around with their ghost-like powers, constantly flickering in and out of spots, spitting out waves of fire a few seconds after they appear. The flame waves they spit usually home in on the teddy bears, so they'll need to be quick with figuring out where they are and get away from the flame as soon as possible, for it can do plenty of damage. Willy Wisps aren't really made from fire, and are spirits that'll easily disappear if they feel they've been threatened enough.

HP: N/A · ATK: 3

Index No. #23

Vroompires are strange enemies found solely in the Ersatz Mansion. They stand up in a strange, unrealistic way that has their backs arch way backwards and have feet that vacuum up anything that comes near them! They have no attack power, but they can suck up trespassers and hold them to their vacuuming soles so they can get attacked by the other ghosts hanging about in the level! It is not possible to destroy a Vroompire or anything, but they can be scared off if approached by meanies... like Sabeuxo! (Sorry if you're reading this, Sabby.)

HP: N/A · ATK: N/A

Index No. #24

These chain-held candles at the Ersatz Mansion swing around a central point, with their flaming heads out and facing away from that point! Their fire quite hurts, so don't touch 'em! They may occasionally attempt to spring off their chain and ram into you, but shall they miss it'll be nothing to worry about as they'll just explode and die like every other innocent thing Endal takes over. If they do hit, though... YIKES! Their fire will be cursed onto your instantly, and you will have seconds to live if you don't find a pool of water quickly!

HP: N/A · ATK: 2

Index No. #25
Faker Door

The Faker Doors at the Ersatz Mansion are... unique! At first glance, they appear to be normal steel doors, but upon closer inspection they're alive! They slide across the magical walls, trying to line themselves up with one of the bears so they can open their wooden jaws and crush them into halves! As they can't jump or move away from the walls, they can be jumped over without fear, but passing in front of them directly just means death will come for 'em very soon! The doors can be defeated if they're faced with fire, causing them to vanish into thin air instantly!

HP: N/A · ATK: 3

Index No. #26

Stegollers reside exclusively in the Cretaceous Park, looking just like the actual dinosaurs but running about via two wheels located under the center of their body instead of feet, which they do not possess at all! They are also quite a bit smaller than the real thing, with their highest point lining up perfectly with Bowie's body frame. Stegollers make their move by rearing back before charging straight forward on their wheels, letting out exhaust as they go. Should they crash into something, they'll fall over and be vulnerable to defeat! Stegollers can be evaded via jumping over them... just find the perfect timing!

HP: 5 · ATK: 4

Index No. #27

Noahtorious enemies are found only at the Cretaceous Park, whereas they float upon the bodies of water that are ever-present at the flourishing jungle. These huge ships float above the surface, hosting several enemies of varying kinds that make all sorts of noise. While the enemies are essentially just giant platforms, the teddy bears need to progress by blowing up the ark cores and using the raising end of the sinking ship to gain just enough elevation to make it to the next platform. There are few arks in the level, but they are labyrinth-like in spite of their small size and the animals can fire all sorts of dung at the bears.

HP: ?? · ATK: 3

Index No. #28

Dactyloafs rest peacefully in the Cretaceous Park until they've noticed the presence of a fella like Bowie, which is when they draw out their talons and try to grab 'em! Once a teddy bear is picked up, they'll need to mash their way out with the analog stick as soon as possible, for each second spent in a Dactyloaf's claws forces the teddy bear to take a little bit of damage. If they're escaped, they will act confused before realizing what had happened to 'em! According to personal experience, Dactyloafs absolutely hate technology... so they're trying to attack me! Help!

HP: 5 · ATK: 1

Index No. #29

Megaloaders are ballistic missile sharks that look like the famed Megalodons that those Earth-dwellers are so obsessed with... Endal taking cues from other cultures, I see! Anyway, these sharks are shaped just like missiles, and they have launchers underneath their fins that let them fire out large amounts of missiles. These aren't really worth attacking as they're often held under the waters of Cretaceous Park, which are places you aren't really likely to be visiting anyhow. Just dodge their missiles and make quick getaways!

HP: 7 · ATK: 3

Index No. #30

Tyraniker are bike-riding t-rexes with bad attitudes! Fortunately, these are quite small enemies compared to the real things, and they're too fast to really control themselves! These enemies in Cretaceous Park move so fast that they're likely to die from crashing into walls, although if they can, they'll try to wheel back around and vroom right into the teddy bears! Their backstories are all the same: they fully remember how they were all wiped out, and adapted to modern culture in hopes of crushing all the small critters that got to live instead of 'em!

HP: 10 · ATK: 3

Index No. #31

Freezers in the Frosty Escapade are lined up along the ground and on the ceilings, mercilessly puffing out cold air to freeze the teddy bears and waste their time. If they're quick, however, they can evade the annoying wrath the Freezers present to them. Fortunately, being frozen deals no damage and is nothing more than a time waster. Break open the Freezers if you know they're ahead so you don't risk being frozen and wasting roughly eight seconds' worth of time. Good luck, friend!

HP: 3 · ATK: 0

Index No. #32

Freezetorches are very mischievous spirits indeed. When intruders are nearby on the Frosty Escapade route, it'll slot out of the ceiling and unveil its stoplight-like body! If it's flashing the red light, a door will suddenly open up and shut in front of the teddy bears, requiring them to take it out! Sometimes, the light may flash green at the expense of many ready-to-go enemies ready to take over anyone standing in their way! They get their name from the brightness of their various lights and ability to halt progress rather than from being icy torches (which they aren't...).

HP: 4 · ATK: 2

Index No. #33

U-Flakers are horrifying little enemies encountered during the Frosty Escapade that hide in the snow, taking on the appearance of the leader of the teddy bear pack of the time and jumping in front of them in hopes of knocking 'em down. U-Flakers have just a few of the teddy bears' talents, but fortunately they don't have as much health and their attack power won't matter if they're taken out fast. U-Flakers tend to get kinda melty after taking a hit, so the fakers can be taken out in just a hit!

HP: 6 · ATK: 3

Index No. #34

Ceiladrillers are enemies that may be encountered whilst on a Frosty Escapade. These robots tunnel through icy ceilings, causing several chunks to break off and fall straight down into those that aren't being mindful enough of their surroundings! While they have poor defense and can be destroyed with a simple zap or so, Ceiladrillers crawl fast along ceilings and are intelligent enough to attempt to trap the bears between big blocks of ice! Their icy projectiles must be climbed in order to reach the Ceiladrillers, unless the teddy bear in question can jump high enough to reach and attack the bot!

HP: 1 · ATK: 4

Index No. #35

Disknowmans on the Frosty Escapade like to toss the individual parts of their bodies forward like boomerangs, and have no problem picking up and pelting snow with their wooden arms. Two Disknowmans together can cause a lot of trouble as these sorts of robots are really competitive, and being caught between two can be very frustrating. Apparently they were built by children that didn't know better that just wanted to scare the crap out of older adults. Very fortunately, they dish out little damage due to their bodies not being able to support much strength.

HP: 6 · ATK: 1

Index No. #36

Appelbomb-n-Chains are fierce foes in Militia Canyon, with their mace ends plugged into their ground so the apple-like bombs can spin around violently. Simply touching the Appelbomb will cause an explosion that really stings, and touching the mace will deal the same amount of damage. When these enemies get really mad, the bombs will spin around violently before breaking free of their chains and heading forward at a horizontal angle. These ones aren't infested with worms, but they clearly want to avenge the ones that were.

HP: 3 · ATK: 3

Index No. #37
Toy Soldier

The Toy Soldiers down in the Militia Canyon all travel in a straight line, firing walnuts and attempting to really annoy you with their arc-traveling weapons. Take them out as soon as possible, for Toy Soldiers can do quite a bit of damage and are very annoying in groups. As their attacks are meant to hit from a distance, ground attacks are the best ways to take care of them. Fortunately for y'all, they're half the time stationed at small tower-like areas in the canyon attempting to beat you down one walnut at a time. Show those who's boss! 

HP: 2 · ATK: 4

Index No. #38

The Cannonolis flip forward throughout the Militia Canyon, attempting to catch up to the much-faster teddy bears as they flop their saucy bodies around. They leave behind trails of their tomato sauce as they flip around, occasionally opening up their soft noodle skin to launch meatballs at the teddy bears! These meatballs don't deal too much damage, but they can make for sticky situations and are really annoying! They usually don't fire straight ahead, however... they usually tend to fire upwards, as they are often laying down. Just be sure to take them out from the sides!

HP: 5 · ATK: 3

Index No. #39

Motobeetles are robotic rhinoceros beetles that speed around the Militia Canyon, sniffing the air for challengers and always standing in the position necessary to slam into 'em when the opportunity is provided! They move solely by charging around, and can't be beaten all too easily as their hard exteriors will prevent attacks from passing through for the most part! What needs to be done is that their foes need to attack and break their horns before they're able to hit the heads. However, keep in mind that when their horns are broken, they'll get erratic and start flying around with sudden pairs of wings! They'll then need to be defeated quickly.

HP: 7 · ATK: 2

Index No. #40

Dustbiters are Chinese Dragon-like robots that drift along the ground of Militia Canyon, slithering and sliding across the uneven ground and opening their jaws to chow down on unsuspecting fluffy bears! Their bites can do plenty of damage, but they can also swallow down the bears and bring them to their deaths! The teddy bears should climb these beasts and run across their backs to avoid taking damage and also get up to higher areas, as sometimes the Dustbiters' tails can be climbed to reach higher locations.

HP: 2 · ATK: 4

Index No. #41

The Boneidges in the Stone-Cold Bonelands are segmented bone worms that start out by standing up completely tall, slamming the lower ends of their bodies into the ground to bounce teddy bears up into the air... specifically in order for it to eat 'em up! The bears need to counteract by hopping atop their heads and crushing their jaw, which may take some tries but all the health will eventually drain from it. Once this is done, it will fall away and form a bridge across something hazardous in the bonelands. Nice!

HP: 6 · ATK: 4

Index No. #42

These spiked remakes of the Chemikiller enemies reside in the Stone-Cold Bonelands as uncommon enemies. Their bodies are spiked all over the place, and they can lift up their body segments to fire little bullets at any enemies that pass by them. They are often found slithering about on land, shaking their rattle-like tails when they're ready to strike, but can also be found in the quicksand present in the bonelands. Should they be defeated, their spikes will litter the floor!

HP: 5 · ATK: 5

Index No. #43

Transmuticity is a transforming capsule that can transmute into any enemy it wants to in its Stone-Cold Bonelands home, taking on the appearance of enemies and mimicking their attacks, although their much weaker attacks and higher amounts of HP should quickly expose the fact that they're actually Transmuticity in disguise. Once stepped on from the top, they will reveal their capsule-like shape and fire a large laser that can deal severe multi-hit damage! Once the laser dies out, however, the machine cannot work any longer and can easily be defeated.

HP: 10 · ATK: 1

Index No. #44

Gasiolent enemies are turtle-like in appearance and nature, with little vents atop their shells which allow them to spray out bad gas. This gas can actually be used as platforms to get to higher locations in the Stone-Cold Bonelands, but touching the vents themselves can cause some damage. If these enemies are ticked off, they will curl into their shells and spin around in an effort to knock the teddy bears away, but the gassy platforms can still be used in the meantime. They are not a big fan of pollution despite the fact that they consistently contribute to it.

HP: 6 · ATK: 2

Index No. #45

Wingbones are dwellers of the Stone-Cold Bonelands that happen to be prototypes of the massive dragon featured in the nearby Dragon's Crypt! However, they are merely skeletal versions of the robot, differing them from its paper-mache appearance greatly. It's said that its skeleton was built to serve as a design reference for the full dragon. Within the flying skeleton's body, one may see the many flames present in the body. The teddy bears will have to be ready to evade the flames that it chokes out from its mouth or stomach! To defeat the Wingbones, water needs to be tossed at them, which breaks them apart.

HP: N/A · ATK: 4

Index No. #46

Armoids are little army-like bugs that march over long distances in the Dragon's Crypt. These are super dangerous, with high attack stats that require them to be picked at from a safe distance! Multiple bugs can easily kill bears that aren't prepared, so they should be KO'd either individually or with weapons that can take down multiple enemies. The teddy bears don't have much to worry about, however, as the little Armoids only have 1 HP each, making them real easy to pick off.

HP: 1 · ATK: 7

Index No. #47

Spanks-a-Lots are really annoying knight-like enemies that should be disposed of as soon as possible. Dwelling in the Dragon's Crypt, these annoying enemies spank their rears, stick their tongues out, and lash out maces when their foes get too close to 'em! They're best avoided as they're often not guarding anything important and merely serve just to annoy you to death. But if you really want to focus on the dragon, you'll really want to cut these guys out of the picture as their teasing can overpower the dragon's breathing.

HP: 6 · ATK: 3

Index No. #48

Demaforks make an unfortunate return in the Dragon's Crypt as Goldeforks! Really, they weren't reinvented to be more like knives to fit in more with the medieval times? I digress. As always, these evil-looking forks rise up from only partially solid surfaces, rotate in place, and then launch their business ends towards unsuspecting teddy bears! They are faster than their original selves and attempt to aim at them as if they were missiles, which can be quite problematic at times. Whilst still fragile, they can still dish out a lot of pain, and like their boring cousins they can still stick into walls to be used like platforms.

HP: 3 · ATK: 6

Index No. #49

In the Dragon's Crypt, Medievullies are terible little critters that can pose a serious threat if not disposed of quickly. They specifically like to build up charges and then rush towards their opponents, knocking them backwards and perhaps towards the dangerous dragon! They are blob-like in structure and wear helmets that you'd see on knight suits. The annoying thing about them is that they fight in groups, and they all have plenty of HP and a genuinely threatening attack stat. I guess they just like to wallow in your frustration!

HP: 8 · ATK: 4

Index No. #50

Lancelots are highly aggressive robots that greatly resemble the legendary Sir Lancelot's suit of armor, with a shadowy mask hanging above their faces to protect their identity from being seen! These Lancelots are snobby and megalomaniac in nature, often not desiring to attack Bowie and friends with the thought that they're much too weak to really be worth their time. Should they be given a strike, however, they'll fume in rage and come right after their newfound rivals! They can be hit from any point, but they have some deadly sword swings and impressive range! They're best left alone, but may be blocking doorways! Stay alert!

HP: 6 · ATK: 6

Index No. #51

Chandelierlures are advanced, but vulnerable reincarnations of the Chandle enemies. They swing around the ceilings of the flying buildings in Tornadopolis, dropping flames in hopes of setting teddy bears on fire before the winds blow out their candles. Should a teddy bear hit it with a strong attack dealing at least 6+ damage, the enemy will shatter harmlessly, but any weaker attacks will bring it to fall and explode upon contact with the ground, setting it on fire! The building will have to be exited as soon as possible. Poor Chandelierlures, willing to give their lives away to stop some live teddy bears.

HP: 6 · ATK: 4

Index No. #52
Plane Terrible

These enemies are just... plain terrible. No I'm sorry, I meant Plain Terrible. Ha, ha! Endal is a comical genius, am I right guys? Anyway, these plain terrible enemies from Tornadopolis will be hovering in the distance, with giant sunglasses and toothy grins on their fronts as they fire rapid bullet shots at the teddy bears! They can fire rapidly and do all sorts of damage in just a few measly seconds, so they should be avoided if possible. They have a lot of HP, so sticking around to try and hit them when they come near them won't really accomplish much.

HP: 12 · ATK: 1

Index No. #53

Haywyverns are really fragile, dragon-like enemies in Tornadopolis that rush towards the faces of their foes as soon as possible, unwilling to bother with the skin-cutting winds any longer. Haywyvern impacts will knock out the most fragile of teddy bears and considerably damage others, so they should be avoided at all costs as they will simply explode upon whatever they make contact with. In some cases, slower Haywyverns will be around that will explode on contact, but they can be swung from to reach higher locations if the teddy bear in question isn't a slow idiot.

HP: 2 · ATK: 8

Index No. #54

Peregerells reside alone in Tornadopolis, being vicious little enemies that can bring about rounds of bullet hell! They can fire all sorts of bullet ammo from their bodies to dent their enemies with and tend to extremely difficult to properly evade. Peregerells aren't common in Tornadopolis, but they tend to show up at the worst moments, which are often the ones where the teddy bears need to be very precise with where they step or otherwise they'll fall down into the really harsh winds of the tornado, where they'll be shredded to pieces! A few hits should take these guys out, fortunately.

HP: 4 · ATK: 4

Index No. #55

Rackuum, from Torandopolis, are vacuum cleaner enemies that have a tendency to rack up all sorts of damage. When they come near teddy bears, they try to rev up six hit points, one at a time, from their life count, making the need to destroy them all the more severe. They can be destroyed if they've given something to choke on, like sheriff badges or a shovel, that don't really fit into their bodies. That is the perfect opportunity to wreck them hard... bam! Destroyed!

HP: 4 · ATK: 6

Index No. #56

Lectorbs are electric orbs of doom that rotate and spin around in the Abandoned Goliath, searching for teddy bears that wondered too far off course and got stuck in the abandoned passageways of this giant creature. If they find a teddy bear, they'll stretch out their circular bodies and shock 'em to death with their inner shocker systems! If the teddy bears are fast enough, they can get away and retaliate with any weapon they find appropriate in order to finish 'em off. Lectorbs were hired presumingly to make activating the robot not take so much work.

HP: 6 · ATK: 3

Index No. #57

Virustan resembles a young man somewhat, except he looks really glitchy and childish... and has this really big head compared to the rest of his body! Worse, his head boasts a giant ego that causes his brain to get puffy and enable him to float up to heights you couldn't otherwise imagine! At least it's a weak spot... When he attaches to walls with his feet or forehead, he tends to bring shockwaves along the walls that can deal damage upon contact with the teddy bears! The teddy bears will have to move constantly to break free, or suffer an easy death real fast!

HP: 2 · ATK: 1

Index No. #58

Mototyrannars are modern remakes of the Tyraniker enemies, and they're a scary combination of the most ferocious of dinosaurs and the most hated of tyrants! These motorcycle-riding freaks strangely inhabit the Abandoned Goliath, speeding up and down the floors and walls of this massive creature as they release their exhaust smoke by the gallons into the atmopshere. They'll rev up and then try ramming into their opponents just to show 'em who's boss. You gotta give 'em the ol' one-two and knock them off the bikes, but you also gotta be aware that they have a tyrannamorous amount of health! ...That was bad. Sorry.

HP: 12 · ATK: 6

Index No. #59

Wormholes are only found in the Abandoned Goliath, and from their stationary places they will drop bouncing bombs of varying trounce power down in front of the teddy bears. These bombs need to be hit back before they explode, as they're the only reasonably powerful things that can quickly eat away at the Wormholes. These Wormholes, when defeated, open up pathways and rooms that couldn't be otherwise accessed, which means a lot of new space for the teddy bears to travel through.

HP: 20 · ATK: 2

Index No. #60

Guard-X are present throughout the Abandoned Goliath's structure, preventing teddy bears from reactivating it by guarding certain passageways with shocking power! Guard-X resemble a door with a single eye that's usually shut, but it must open its eyelids to fire out electric beams that dish out a bit of damage. With each hit they take, they'll close their eye before trying again, and start firing out lasers instead at low health. When the enemy is defeated, the door comes apart.

HP: 8 · ATK: 3

Index No. #61

The Cyanide Gardens feature Coffoles, which are magically floating coffins that will follow Bowie and his wondrous pals around until they're close enough to unseal their doors, which means sending out black holes! These black holes attempt to drag the bears in, meaning that they'll have to try and escape them quickly or suffer a huge loss of health. Coffole are really bulky and can take a lot of damage before they're successfully destroyed. It is said that their hosts were super mean to them, so they transformed their insides into black holes to shut them up.

HP: 14 · ATK: 6

Index No. #62

Disktonemans of the Cyanide Gardens are solid remakes of the Disknowman enemies, but instead being made of stone. They no longer toss snowball-like body bits at their opponents, instead throwing cannonball-like slabs of stone at the teddy bears. Especially given the fact that opposing Disktonemans are just as competitive as their Disknowman cousins, things can get hard to deal with when enemies are caught between them! They tentd to dismantle themselves on their own, but it's possible to defeat them by knocking their heads straight off with a strong attack.

HP: 4 · ATK: 4

Index No. #63

Loomstones start off by being hidden in the grounds of the Cyanide Gardens, but pop out when they notice any teddy bears approach. They will then get mad and hop towards the bears, with their jumps having high arcs that are really tough to avoid! If the bears can jump on them and avoid getting crushed, however, they can be used as platforms to get around places with, which can be at times necessary... these guys can only die if the teddy bears can hit the bandages on their backsides.

HP: 9 · ATK: 7

Index No. #64

Spinemats are strange enemies, with their incredibly flat bodies slithering slowly across the ground in search of unsuspecting teddy bears. When the moment arrives, they'll zip their spines straight up and violently stab their opponents for high-level damage! They only attack if they're stepped on, however... so it's safe to be around them as long as they're not getting rudely treaded upon. Spinemats also move by hopping about and drifting through the air, but they do not have the power to exert their spikes when they're floating, meaning they can be used as platforms. The weakspot is on their bottom, so waiting for it to jump is key to killing it.

HP: 5 · ATK: 3

Index No. #65
Hexy Stix

Hexy Stix, from the Cyanide Gardens, are really dangerous sticks that bear humanoid postures and figure! They can cause 20 damage with any attack, which means they can instantly knock out any of the teddy bears! To clear them off, they need to be attacked from a really safe distance, and quickly because these can see the bears as long as it shares the screen with 'em! Fortunately, they are extremely rare and can only be found on the really low paths, which contain high quantities of Magic Dust.

HP: 1 · ATK: 20

Index No. #66

Admiranks are promoted Toy Soldiers residing in the ever-dangerous Geargrind Madness, traveling in straight lines and firing barrages of walnuts of varying sizes and shapes! Compared to the older models, they are far more rare in number, but deal twice as much damage and are also found in groups! They tend to march through the more narrow pathways, making them very dangerous and potentially provoking claustrophobia to those not yet used to the factory's layout. As with the prior models, however, they can only attack in an arc... meaning that attacking them from the ground is safe! Have at 'em!

HP: 4 · ATK: 8

Index No. #67

Geargrind Madness holds severely improved Helicoptoil enemies: Buckeaks. These giant bucket-like enemies waddle around the place, dumping oil onto gears to lubricate them and make them work significantly faster, which can either spell good or trouble depending on the situation. And often the latter! These buckets are quite fragile, hitting them just enough will get them to break -- while also making them spill oil in the process. Hey, at least there's no lava around this time, or stuff would just get real heated!

HP: 10 · ATK: 1

Index No. #68

Squakeese are little critters that reside alone within the Geargrind Madness, being little wind-up mice robots that move around at high velocities, squeaking when they find enemies to viciously attack! In spite of having laughably low statistics, their noises trigger mechanisms within the factory that respond by attacking the teddy bears head-on themselves! Squakeese will attempt to help by charging up and shooting themselves forwards to maul the intruders, but fortunately just about any hit will kill them. Just look out for them when they're in groups!

HP: 1 · ATK: 1

Index No. #69

Tripagears are triplets of gears with eyes that grind against each other to generate electricity, which they can drop onto their enemies to paralyze them. This may not sound that bad as it's only temporary, but these enemies only appear above areas in Geargrind Madness where getting paralyzed would result in your body getting flung into hazards like beds of nails or into fiery pillars! Tripagears fortunately do not deal any actual damage and can be easily avoided if the teddy bears are careful. They can only be destroyed with an attack with enough force -- usually, only Dryle can cut it.

HP: 8 · ATK: 0

Index No. #70
Hands of Doom

The Hands of Doom are this annoying clock-based robot hiding out at the Geargrind Madness, with a remarkable size that is ten times larger than Bowie himself! The Hands of Doom refer to the Hour and Minute hands, which have different attacks and are horrible to get hit by. By attacking the hour numbers around the edges of the clock, the enemy will continuously lose health, and if they're all destroyed, then a new pathway is opened up. The Hour hand can fire a single blast of fire that deals 5 damage, but the Minute Hand can do five blasts that can deal between 1 and 5 damage!

HP: 12 · ATK: 1-5

Index No. #71
Happy Note

Happy Notes exist purely with Sour Notes, bouncing all over the Dark Melody stage haphazardly! Their jello bodies can deal great damage if they slap into the teddy bears, but it can become extremely difficult to avoid them if they're bouncing all over the place. Worse, they can collide into Sour Notes and reflect right off of them! Fortunately, Happy Notes are really easy to defeat due to their fragileness, with almost any hit outright knocking them out and preventing them from doing anything more. They can be bounced on to reach higher heights, but don't count on it!

HP: 2 · ATK: 3

Index No. #72
Sour Note

Sour Notes are rare little enemies that co-exist with Happy Notes in the Dark Melody area. These guys bounce lowly across the stage, singing low notes that deal great damage if they hit teddy bears with their jello bodies. These can be defeated simply by stepping on them enough times, as they ignore attacks to their faces... their faces have been insulted so much that blows to the face just won't faze 'em! Sometimes, however, the bears will need to bounce on Sour Notes to reach higher locations... especially above bottomless pits.

HP: 2 · ATK: 3

Index No. #73

These music-related amps will travel heartily around the Dark Melody, spewing out many arrows of fire towards the teddy bears in hopes that they can churn them to ashes. They have a surprising long range and are often seated atop ledges, ready to take lives as they please. It is said that they planned out their positions and strategies like this because the music they were always playing was stated often to be bad, so they started taking out their anger on others around them rather than starting arguments on popular media comment threads.

HP: 7 · ATK: 1

Index No. #74

Doublerdrummers appear solely in the Dark Melody area, and look like stereotypical 80's rockstars... just robotic and cold in personality. When they play their two drums, the two beats they make both do 3 damage... bears like you should be careful and jump over the waves that emerge from the drums. Attack the drummer, as if the drums themselves are attacked, they'll explode and take 6 hit points from your total stock! Ouuuuchh!!! Just be careful of where they are and plan on how to hit 'em.

HP: 8 · ATK: 3

Index No. #75

Totemidges rest in the Dark Melody area, being full-scale remakes of the Boneidges of the past. These are totem-like drawbridges that stand up tall and jump vertically upwards to slam into the ground, causing teddy bears to be tossed into the air so they can be fired at with lasers from the top totem face's eyes! Should the face get swiped at enough, the Totemidge will eventually fall, but unlike their Bonelands cousins they have a last ace up their sleeve! Once they hit the ground, their segmented bodies will crumble apart, requiring they're crossed as soon as possible!

HP: 10 · ATK: 4

Index No. #76
Boxer Box

Boxer Box is a boxer from the Mache Empire made out of boxes that shoves its boxy fists into the teddy bears to box 'em down and send them away in boxes to float down the river to death. Fortunately for the teddy bears, the boxing boxer box is a little too boxy to be a clean fighter, so when it's boxy shape is boxed it will be boxed straight down. If the bears are boxed, they'll take a bunch of damage as indicated in the HP box, so they shouldn't get boxed too hard by this boxing boxer box. The top box should be boxed off so the boxer can be safely boxed into a box to be sent down the river.

HP: 12 · ATK: 6

Index No. #77
Paper Trio

Paper Trios are just mache collections of Rock, Paper, and Scissors, each of which function somewhat differently in battle. The rock hand, for example, tends to shake its fist and pound the ground to create shockwaves, which can knock over teddy bears and make them into vulnerable prey for the other two hands. The scissor hand tries to snap with its blade-like fingers to cause massive damage when the bears are paralyzed whilst the paper attempts to get in the way by falling on them to block escapes via jumping. They need to be burnt to be defeated or be stricken with sharp utinsels!

HP: 6 · ATK: 4

Index No. #78

Dragavullys are the sequel models of the original Medievullys, being just as annoying and gruelling to deal with as before! They'll get riled up, build up impressive charges, and then slam right into their foes with no mercy! They fight in teams and attempt to bring down the intruders with sheer force, with their initial bumps dealing 4 points of damage but their charged ones dealing as much as 8! They're honestly not worth messing with in the Mache Empire, as there are far more annoying enemies to deal with in the area and they just serve as incredible nuisances if anything.

HP: 12 · ATK: 8

Index No. #79

Paper-Graters are the much tougher, much more hostile versions of their Fluffa-Grater relatives, popping in and out of the ground in an effort to saw 'em down. They specialize in shredding apart paper rather than fluff, and are responsible for shredding down unnecessary paper pathways in the Mache Empire that would benefit the teddy bears more than Endal. These guys only work for Endal under the promise of a generally high wage, but that's never given to 'em because they'd just shred up the money like the horrid monsters they are.

HP: 16 · ATK: 8

Index No. #80
Crafty Bear

The Mache Empire's "Crafty Bears" directly clone you in every way, although they're just papercraft versions of you. They got all of the same attacks and can deal as much damage as Bowie can, and also have pretty respectable amounts of HP! These guys are quite agile and can be paired with other Crafty Bears, and as such can become a royal pain to those that don't have quite as much defense as Ashe does... the best choice around them is to run! But sometimes, they may need to be defeated to open up new locations...

HP: 12 · ATK: 6

Index No. #81
Piercer Pawn

Piercer Pawns are vastly improved versions of the original Dummy #03s, they can deal a respectable amount of damage and slice open their foes with their karate chop actions. They're the weakest of the chessmen for sure, and also the most common of them, but these guys also have quite a bit of health and are often tagged with other pawns. These should be defeated quickly, as more often than not you will not have the health necessary to take on hordes of these scary foes!

HP: 5 · ATK: 5

Index No. #82
Rattler Rook

These robots, referred to as Rattler Rooks, rest atop pillars in the foreground and background of Chess Castle, aiming their cannons to fire away at any foes that come nearby! They actually do not take any damage when assaulted due to their defensive brick-like defenses, meaning that they should generally be evaded if they're not blocking any paths. They can be defeated if efforts are made to slash at them from underneath their walls, which deal above-average damage to them! Find a way to sneak your weapon in and make 'em go boom!

HP: 10 · ATK: 10

Index No. #83
Killer Knight

The Killer Knight is a full revamp of the knight prototypes introduced at the Formless Fortress, able to move in unpredictable and crazy patterns to stab foes mercilessly with their great spears. They have a lot of health and can deal enough damage to knock out some of the teddy bears instantly, so there is a lot of strategy that is necessary to avoid them. They only attack if they notice the teddy bears, so it is possible to sneak upon them and attack the weak point on their back to deal double the usual damage. They're encountered at Chess Castle.

HP: 10 · ATK: 10

Index No. #84
Battler Bishop

Battler Bishops reside safely in the Chess Castle, and move diagonally to zoom around the arena, utilizing their ruby-powered staffs to heal nearby allies, especially Queasy Queens. While they typically do 5 damage with their weapons, they often aim to attack twice and in extremely quicks uccession! The teddy bears need to tread carefully around the bishops due to the massive amounts of damage they can pull, but they should also be immediately destroyed before tackling other foes due to their healing abilities!

HP: 10 · ATK: 10

Index No. #85
Queasy Queen

It does not matter who the enemy is, the Queasy Queen is guaranteed to crush 'em down at Chess Castle. She can move in just about any direction at high speed and dish out so much damage that everyone goes down with one slap of her glove. Queasy Queens are best avoided due to their extremely high health and attack statistics, but the defeat of one will always result in temporary invincibility. They are generally known for being very vain, and therefore extremely annoying, so they should be taken with caution.

HP: 20 · ATK: 20

Episode Endal Exclusive
Index No. #86

These snail enemies slither annoyingly along the floors of the Scrap Jungle, working their way around it all at high speed and firing orbs that ricochet off of walls and surfaces in general. In splite of their slow speed, they're extremely annoying as they can fire several orbs out at once, and many of these orbs don't leave unless they've been hit or until they've hit at least five walls, meaning that groups of them can cause all sorts of claustrophobia in their opponents. They need to be hit so that they can be knocked over, revealing their weak innards.

HP: 16 · ATK: 2

Index No. #87

These stitched up yarn-like snakes mean business, able to coil around intruders that wander too far into the Scrap Jungle. They are highly aggressive and whip their tail-ends at their enemies to paralyze them before swallowing them whole. They are normally quite sturdy, but ultimately they can be kicked down within short periods of time and blasted into pieces before they become any sort of threat. Despite having been lost in production in the first climatic BowieQuest adventure, they respawned here due to being mass-produced by sentient plants.

HP: 12 · ATK: 3

Index No. #88

These frantic ape-like robots from the Scrap Jungle are masters with the drums, bashing upon them with drumsticks and at rapid speeds. These guys are like the Dave Lombardos of Endal's aged robots, able to play at rapid speeds and without remorse. Each time their sticks clash with their drums, they create shockwaves that need to be jumped over, and they can change and alter the patterns at will. Should the monkey and bounty hunter learn their patterns, however, they'll become easy to kill due to their unfortunate predictability. They have quite a bit of health, however, so they'll take a while to be put down!

HP: 24 · ATK: 3

Index No. #89

Paperbarkers are dogs made from mache and mache alone, running around the Scrap Jungle at high speeds. These dogs can launch spike-like missiles from their bodies to aim and target invaders of the trashed base, galloping about to decimate their threats. Fortunately, they are quite weak and go down in just a few hits, but their resistence to elemental attacks, even fire, can make them real pains to deal with. They're also notable for being able to bark up and shake trees in the jungle, swinging the anti-heroes out of their hiding spots!

HP: 12 · ATK: 4

Index No. #90

The Scriptrosity enemies are fragile paper-thin strands of life that float around the Scrap Jungle freely, frizzing their bodies about and generating all sorts of complicated code with the attempt of putting blockades in the way of both Endal and Alcyone. Their complex brains can generate code with the intent being to sap out health from opponents or create walls to block their path or create more enemies to frustrate them with. The Scriptosities can be destroyed only if their challenges have been overcome, causing them to explode into pieces.

HP: N/A · ATK: 6

Index No. #91

Monghrase rest at the Ghoul Zone, being mechanical wolves that also pose as masters of time. WIth their time-shifting abilities, they can speed things up so other enemies have a better shot of attacking their enemies, or slow things down to make dodging attacks all the more hell for their opponent. While Monghrase have weak defense and hang onto life by the skin of their teeth, they are not to be underestimated due to their time traveling mechanics, which can really make fighting a near impossibility if they're not taken out as soon as possible. It can swipe its claws and bite when foes come near to deal some damage by its own.

HP: 12 · ATK: 3

Index No. #92

Mausoloxers reside exclusively within the Ghoul Zone. These buildings, largely resembling mausoleums with exaggerated facial features on their fronts making them look quite monster-like, hop around the area whilst firing out tombstones from their mouths, which can deal a lot of damage. They are also capable of unleashing fire from their exhaust pipes, which can be difficult due to the great size of these magnificent beasts. They have an unusually high amount of HP, but can be whittled down extremely quickly with electricity attacks, which tend to burn 'em down fast!

HP: 60 · ATK: 6

Index No. #93

Ferricanes can only be found in the Ghoul Zone, being miniature Ferris Wheels spinning on their sides and floating in the air. They are possessed by mischievous spirits and the several carts are loaded with various cannonballs. When they approach trespassers at the Ghoul Zone, they'll get wild and start shooting their cannonballs everywhere! The Ferricanes don't deal much damage, but they have multi-hit potency and can cause a lot of pain within short periods of time if they're not taken out as soon as possible.

HP: 24 · ATK: 1

Index No. #94

These alive houses use their tree-trunk arms to make their way around the Ghoul Zone, using their carpet tongues to pick up and send unsuspecting prey into their wide-open mouths. These are dangerous mainly due to their ability to jump around, and their huge body frames can squish anyone they come in contact with, including Alcyone and her monkey pal. To dispose of the Horrouse, one needs to either set it aflame or knock its body down a ditch, which will cause it to get destroyed. But watch out! If it still has HP left, it will resurrect itself as a giant pile of wood and keep attacking with its mouth!

HP: 40 · ATK: 8

Index No. #95

Spookeats are rollercoaster carts haunted by mischievous spirits, running along the railway paths at the Ghoul Zone. These coaster carts loop around the Ghoul Zone, going anywhere that has rollercoaster tracks on the ground... which is a huge portion of the park! Should the coaster train come, it will come at high speed and deal massive damage to anyone that gets hit by its leading cart! Should the front cart get hit with a strong-enough attack, the train's carts will explode and be set aflame, affecting the wooden bits of the level! Ghosts are seated in the train, explaining the strange name of this haunted foe.

HP: 6 · ATK: 5

Index No. #96
Rusted Monkibot

Monkibots were abandoned due to being mere fodder for the teddy bears to be beaten, but they were resurrected in the Evil Ruin to turn on their master! Sharing looks with Endal and bearing fancy mustaches, these buggers fire very harmful explosives from their cork guns and also toss merciless numbers of explosives to break fragments of the ground to obscure the path of Bowie and Alcyone. As always, these Monkibots borrow and use extremely bad Mexican accents, almost as if they are unintentionally racist.

HP: 20 · ATK: 7

Index No. #97

Omegoids are scrapped Fandraxonian models that Endal created for surprise attacks on Bowie's forces. They highly resemble Omega Fandraxonians and fight similarly, with zany attack patterns and the ability to attack the bear family with their various arms. They may also spew sticky gunk that the bears may end up getting stuck to, making them into vulnerable prey for the Omegoids! One also must be mindful to evade their flamethrower attacks and their homing missiles. These enemies are rare in the Evil Ruin, but are still incredibly dangerous... and there's some instnaces where they fight in pairs!

HP: 32 · ATK: 8

Index No. #98

Whippots are alive mechanical plant pots that hop around the innards of the Evil Ruins, with their searchlight eyes shining over the horizon and searching for intruders not wanted by the mother plant. When it detects enemies, it'll zip out some vines in efforts to catch them and then strangle them for high damage output! These crackpots are best defeated via fire or with oversized amounts of water, which can help make their 32 HP look a lot smaller than it really is. Whippots, when defeated, send signals to the mother plant to drop in backup supplies, so it's best to run after one is defeated!

HP: 32 · ATK: 6

Index No. #99

Carnivaws reside purely in the waters of the Evil Ruin, swimming about peacefully when not disturbed. Should their territory be treated upon, however, things start to get rough! These piranha-like robots dive towards their foes in the water, snapping their teeth at them to deal fatal amounts of damage. While having low health, they are incredibly fast and are super dangerous in pairs. They need to be destroyed about as soon as they're found, as their speed will always override that of the monkey's or hunter's. Anything will deal damage to them, but electric attacks are the way to go.

HP: 8 · ATK: 12

Index No. #100

The "last resort" robot was last seen at the END-13 Colony, having crashed down to Stitchonia and being left to rot 'til plant infestation sucked up Endalofye's life, making it into a prime guardian of the Evil Ruin. This enemy detects where their prey goes, chasing after them at high velocities and going berserk when they detect their opponents. They are so damaged that they can only use claw swipes, but these have so much range and power that it's the only attack they actually need! This foe needs to be diassembled from a safe distance. Perhaps the fact it's the only remaining Endalofye model can make the fact it has 80 HP more forgiving.

HP: 80 · ATK: ∞


Bosses are basically like huge enemies, having complex strategies for players to learn and fairly large numbers of attacks that need to be memorized. Bosses typically have lots of health and are usually piloted by Endal, although they can be piloted by someone like Savast or Slate. Sometimes, there may be more than one pilot to face at one time. The main bosses are inspired by Inora characters, although Endal usually mashes them up with Robotnik-esque machines and boss design. Once all of a boss' health is depleted, the pilot (if there is one) retreats while the machine explodes.

In the case of a second player being at the lead's side, the boss will have twice as much health.

Enemy Description / Stats
Boss Index No. #01
Havoc Hills Mid-Boss

Havoc Hills boasts the first boss fight, with Thomas piloting the ball-shaped mech with a fearful experssion on his face, dropping a wrecking ball from the mech's bottom slot. Players are battling atop two spinning spheres that drag standing players towards the center as they engage Thomas' invention, having to avoid the swinging ball-and-chain. Unlike what you may be thinking, the wrecking ball will actually be flung off the machine after it swings, with its heavy weight slamming into the ground. Thomas will then have to go over to his weapon and lower the machine to pick it up, which provides a window of opportunity for the players to attack. After picking up the wrecking ball, he will swing it in a 360 spin into the ground, causing the mech to get stuck and fly down, which provides a second chance to hit him. The cycle then repeats, with Thomas' mech getting faster after losing half its health.

When the boss enters its pinch phase, the boss starts spinning its wrecking ball in continuous circles, completely shielding it from attacks. Thomas can then fire the ball at the player, although this can still be avoided and it leaves the boss just as vulnerable as it was before. The boss is really simple and has a simple strategy that applies to all characters. Just about any attack would damage it, and all characters can easily smash the boss down within a minute or less, although impatient players may find themselves getting hit by the boss quite often due to potential recklessness.

Boss Index No. #02
Havoc Hills Main Boss

Endal comes swinging right back into combat, hosting END-14 with the wrecked machine that Thomas was using not too far before. This time, however, the machine is equipped with a white face mask at the front and two giant golden orante mallets. The player is also fighting atop a bunch of Rebounding Yarn, so they should keep that in mind as they fight. END-14 can effortlessly swing these mallets horizontally through the air, often right above the yarn and through the middle of the screen, so jumps should be timed carefully. END-14 can also spew out rows of bullets from the mouthpiece that deal some damage if they make contact with the player's characters. Should the mallets swing into the yarn and the player avoids the attack, they will be bounced up in the air, giving them a chance to strike Endal's cockpit from above with any weapon they choose. After two consecutive attacks, Endal will automatically shield his robot's cockpit and force the player to bounce right back down, causing the robot to pound its hammers together angrily in disgust.

After taking enough damage, the boss will start flashing a vibrant red and recolor its hammers into black-and-red axes of destruction. The boss will swing the axes towards the player like boomerangs and can also slash them in diagonal directions, requiring players to be careful as the boss will be more accurate with where it swings its weapons. The mask in front of the robot will also spit out giant homing missiles, which will pop out of the mouth and auto-aim towards players and at infrequent intervals, so players should be watching the shape of the mask's outlet every time before it attacks. When the axes are swung into the yarn, the mech will become stuck near the platform, giving the player an opportunity to strike the cockpit head-on and deal plenty of damage. Once the mech has taken enough damage, it will explode and Endal will retreat from the destroyed machine.

Boss Index No. #03
Volcanic Redoubt Mid-Boss

Thomas pilots the mini-boss of Volcanic Redoubt, with TMS-02 being a prism-shaped mech with three drills hanging along its top. This bot's two legs enable it to move along the ceiling, and bend outwards when it attempts to shove its weapons into the ceiling. As players move across the flat, tough thready terrain of the battlefield, they must avoid the debris and junk that fall from the ceiling caused by Thomas. Thomas may also extend the legs of the machine to pop it off of the ceiling and onto the battlefield, with the drills facing the ground. If Thomas drills into the ground, he will cause lava geysers to pop out and damage unaware teddy bears. The teddy bears must use their weapons to attack the sides of Thomas' machine, which will get it to give up and move back to the ceiling, causing it to repeat the digging attack.

After some hits, the boss will enter its pinch phase and start digging into the ceiling more, causing more harmful debris to fall from the ceiling. Every spot that's drilled will bulge with lava before collapsing, dropping a torrent of extremely harmful lava onto the battlefield which needs to be avoided. The bulges are patched up within seconds, stopping the relentless flows. When the boss comes back to the ground, its drilling will be face, and the geysters will be twice as wide and tall as before, so players will need to be quick about shutting it off. When it takes enough damage, Thomas will retreat.

Boss Index No. #04
Volcanic Redoubt Main Boss

Endal drags END-15 into battle at the end of the Volcanic Redoubt's road, which resembles a humanoid made out of yellow, extremely durable metal. Its head is a mace that is connected to the rest of the robotic body by a strong metallic chain; Endal can swing out the head at a downwards angle towards where the player is standing in an attempt to crush them. Once the chain makes contact with a player or with a surface, Endal will attempt to heave the ball back up onto the robot's body. If the robot is too far from the player, it will launch its hands outwards and transform its fingers into guns, which they will use to fire away at the opposition. As the robot's armor is too thick to be damaged by normal means, the player must allow its mace to be aimed at them and then move so that it strikes the ground. As Endal attempts to pull the mace back onto the robot's body, the teddy bear should strike the mace so that it flies into the mech's body, damaging it and cracking its armor. Endal can be a little clever at times, however, jumping from side to side of the battlefield so it can fire its guns at the player, which can make approaching the boss slightly difficult.

Once the armor of END-15 breaks entirely, a mechanical skeleton will be unveiled, with Endal directly inside and piloting the robot. Endal's mace is gone, so he'll resort to using his gun-fingers like before and also jump around the battlefield in hopes of smashing up the players. For every two jumps it makes, the robot will fire eight blades in different, equally spread-out directions. The robot will also fire explosions from within to cause the whole flat floor of the pitless battleground to be set aflame for less than a second, which can deal great damage if players get hit by the fumes. Given that the machine no longer has armor, however, the boss mech can be struck with little consequence, though players must be careful to make sure that the boss isn't using its guns or explosive attacks. Once the boss' health bar is drained, it explodes and Endal retreats almost immediately.

Boss Index No. #05
China World Mid-Boss

Thomas' mech in China World resembles a teacup, with two elastic robotic arms extending out of the sides and a windshield present on the front of the machine. These two arms have a spoon in each hand, which they attempt to use to scoop up players from the small butter dish platform and toss them into boiling cups of tea. These hands may also attempt to crush players between their palms, which can cause heavy damage. The arms may attempt to grab the sides of the butter dish and tilt it, which can make precise jumping harder. But the tilting of the dish is the perfect time to attack Thomas' mech -- by climbing the higher end of the butter dish, the player can jump onto one of the hands and then hit the mech's windshield, which they can do twice before they're forced back down onto the dish.

When this boss gets into a frenzy, Thomas will start firing cannonballs from the teacup, which are actually giant chocolate balls that will deal damage should they fall onto players. The boss will still attempt to tilt the dish, but it will only do so by dropping chocolate balls onto it -- if the player heads to the opposite end of the butter dish that Thomas is not firing his weapon at, they will be flung a high distance into the air, which is how they need to attack Thomas again. Other than the chocolate cannonball attack, Thomas can fire lasers from the tip of the teacup, which can melt the chocolates.

Boss Index No. #06
China World Main Boss

This particular mech is the first that Slate pilots throughout the course of the game rather than Endal, with their inky demon body piloting a massive blue bird robot that he uses to fight the teddy bears at the end of the China World level. As the player positions themselves atop of six cups that sink if the player stands on any of them for too long, the zany robotic bird will be zipping around the battlefield at breakneck speeds, spitting bullet-like seeds from its mouth to attack the player. What the player needs to do is wait for SLT-01 to stop circling around the battlefield and come onto the main battlefield, which is when it'll start walking forward and slashing its claws at the player multiple times before flying back up into the sky. At this point, the player must strike the waterproof legs of Slate's robot with whatever they got; with enough force, the robot will tip over and sink one of the cups down, forcing the robot to enter the water and be paralyzed. As it attempts to get itself out, the player must strike the vulnerable head while it fires dangerous electric beams from its mouth. Once it flies out of the water or away from the player, the attack cycle repeats.

Once SLT-01 takes enough damage, the machine will electrocute and swim around the dishwater, flapping its flashing wings to spray waves of electrocuted water off of itself and onto the players. The splash attack can be evaded by jumping at the perfect time so the electric waves completely miss the player. When Slate feels their attacks aren't working, the machine will fire missiles at the player in hopes of decimating them as the mech charges a giant laser in its mouth. The missiles must be hit so that they rebound into SLT-01's face, halting the laser attack and causing the mech to take damage. Should the player try to hit the boss themselves, they will be electrocuted! SLT-01 may try to ram into some of the dish platforms so they can be sunken temporarily, so the player really does need to try and avoid making physical contact with it. After enough damage, the machine explodes.

Boss Index No. #07
Ersatz Mansion Mid-Boss

Before the player can access the Infinite Elevator, they'll have to put up with TMS-04 in the Ersatz Mansion! Thomas' mech will hang in the background of the elevator room in his spider-like mech, spewing sticky silk threads at the teddy bears to trap them, occasionally swinging into the background to come back full force to knock teddy bears into the foreground! Players need to evade this attack by jumping at the right time to avoid getting knocked off the elevator lift. Once Thomas slams his mech into the elevator, players can whip at it or do whatever before he retreats. After he recovers, he forces the mech to launch prototype enemies onto the platform. If the machine flashes the hourglass on its abdomen, a segment of air in the shape of the glass will be highlighted above the platform. After a few seconds, time will temporarily stop before the hourglass-lit location is blasted at. It deals really high damage.

TMS-04 is not very dangerous when it goes into its pinch mode, especially as it lacks the instant-KO attack it did in the first phase. It just starts spitting out enemies more often and spitting silky threads along the ground, making jumping in the air for dodging more reliable. Make no mistake, however: the mech can fire globs of fire from its mouth that can burn right through the platform! It has to get close to do that, however, so when it comes over to do that attack, it becomes a great time to hit the boss!

Boss Index No. #08
Ersatz Mansion Main Boss

The END-16 is a lizard-like robot that stands fully upright, with both darkness and plant powers at the ready by the time the player shows up at the end of the Ersatz Mansion! Endal can scamper around on the ground with the robot and attack with both the claws and rough-edged tail, able to hop on the walls and fire leafy blades in the cardinal directions at anyone that dares stay alive whilst Endal is around. The huge, looming robot can launch several replicas of its tail like spears at the player, which can hit and stick into any surface they hit! Using its darkness powers, Endal can make the robot rotate the room onto its sides or even onto its ceiling! The elevation of the four different standable surfaces varies, with the ground being completely flat, the walls featuring a few slopes, and the ceiling having a death drop in the center! Most notably, when END-16 is far enough from the player, it will turn the majority of the screen pitch-black, leaving the player with little to see! The player can evade taking damage if they watch END-16's shadow. Notably, as it doesn't expect to be attacked, this is the perfect time to strike the robot's body!

After taking a substantial amount of damage, END-16 turns the battlefield onto its ceiling and escapes through there, dragging the player through with them. The player will land on a freefloating platform, with END-16 landing on the platform and laughing menacingly! In this upside-down world, the lizard robot will attempt to hack and slash at the platform with its blades, which will break it into pieces and cause the player to fall off the screen! To prevent this from happening, the player must hack and slash at END-16's damaged body as many times as they can, and as long as they keep hitting it, it won't be able to sever the platform. It can, however, retaliate by firing barrages of spears down onto the platform to slow down the player! Once the mech takes enough damage, the player drops back into the Ersatz Mansion and can make it to the goal as Endal runs away cursing their soul.

Boss Index No. #09
Cretaceous Park Mid-Boss

In Cretaceous Park, Thomas operates a mech resembling the skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex! This skull, equipped with jet boosters to help it fly around, has rather explosive tendencies. There is a giant laser-firing cannon wedged deep in its mouth that Thomas can use to obliterate parts of the moderate-sized arena platform, which has gaps to both the left and right ledges. The skull also has a tendency to hop around and fire bombs from its mouth, which can deal some annoying damage to the teddy bears. During the firing of a laser, the player can whip the inside of the skull's mouth to damage Thomas from within. Should players be caught underneath the skull, they'll take massive damage! This battle is easy if players watch their step and jump over the split-second lasers when they come... it's all about timing.

During the harsh phase, TMS-05 gets frantic and drops the jaw off of itself, revealing its hot-air balloon-like base right underneath it which is seating Thomas. The boss will then frantically fly around, firing missiles around the battlefield and dropping bombs right after the missiles are fired simultaneously. The boss does not have much health left at this point, and attacking the base enough will cause Thomas to flip out of his machine and force him to leave the battlefield with his mech abandoned.

Boss Index No. #10
Cretaceous Park Main Boss

Fudgebuckets pilots his first mech, piloting the main boss of the Cretaceous Park: the FUD-01! This robot's skin is humanoid and is as clear as glass, showing Fudgebuckets very clearly piloting it from inside. FUD-01 is highly acrobatic and can trounce around the stage at unmatchable speeds, making it difficult to avoid its attacks and even harder to hit it altogoether. While it cannot exactly turn invisible, it can blend in with the environment in the auto-scrolling level and assault the player with brutal martial arts if they're not careful! The player will need to detect the "distortion" in the stage's background, which happens to be the whole figure of Fudgebuckets' robot! With a single strike, the robot will suddenly lose its camouflage, but otherwise won't be fazed at all. Naturally, FUD-01 will not take any damage if hit, simply bouncing players off of it and still moving as nothing happened, but a strong enough attack will bang it into the terrain and force it to roll over before it can get back up to lay down any sort of offensive strategy. To ensure that players try to keep up with FUD-01, a life-sized T-Rex will be chasing everyone from behind!

When it takes enough damage, Fudgebuckets will free himself from the exploding robot suit and attack the players himself, slashing his swords at them and hopping on the Tyrannosaurus' head to pressure players towards coming near this lethal obstacle to try and hit him. Fudgebuckets' catch is that he can electrocute his swords and slash them across the ground to fire shockwaves towards the players, which can paralyze them and easily turn them into victims for the huge T-Rex! With his swords, he can also slam back any projectiles thrown in his direction, so attempting to hit him with guns or whatever just won't faze him! Should the player pressure him enough times with a few attacks, however, he'll topple over and become bait for the dinosaur, which swallows him and enables the player to run ahead just fine. Fudgebuckets is soon spat back out, so he's not dead yet...

Boss Index No. #11
Frosty Escapade Mid-Boss

This frosty boss on the Frosty Escapade is just Thomas dropping bombs! Not a super creative idea at first, as TMS-06 seemingly only refers to his jetpack. As the teddy bears are on the run, they must put up with the bombs that explode when Thomas tosses them down and try to lash at him with the weapons they got. The little mech that the players have to try and put down in order to stop the glacier from exploding will also be following Thomas, aiding him by dropping upright nails onto the ground for players to evade. The Endal-like mech should be hit to keep the timer from reaching zero while players try to focus on Thomas, as defeating him is the only way that players can move on in the auto-scrolling icy level. Occasionally, the Endal mech may hop onto Thomas and weigh him down, slowing the action as they both toss harmful ice blocks towards the player.

If Thomas is hit enough, he'll eventually head into a giant penguin-shaped robot as the running all stops. This giant penguin mech can fire lasers, slice players with its claws, and attempt to impale the bears by making giant icicles penetrate from the ground. The boss is really weak though, and goes down in only some hits -- but to reach the head, the players need to bounce off of the Endal bot at the right time to attack the head of the true TMS-06. After it has taken enough damage, it will collapse and fall apart.

Boss Index No. #12
Frosty Escapade Main Boss

Instead of your typical machine fight, the teddy bear Gary betrays the player by the end of the stage and attacks them themselves. At the very least, no time limit is being imposed on the player anymore, so they have all the time they need to break Gary. This pessimistic bear is fought in a vertically ascending icy corridor with two solid walls at the sides. As the teddy bears move up, they must evade the rising spike pit moving up towards them as they attack Gary. Gary will be tossing icy boomerangs around the battlefield in an effort to attack the teddy bears, tossing them in several different directions in hopes of catching them off guard. Gary will also be tossing icy spears around the battlefield after generating them from his hands, hurling them into walls and using them as platforms to take him up to higher places. Unlike the robotic bosses, Gary has a very strong self-defense mechanism in his boss fight, with him forming a block of ice in front of players in order to block their attacks. The only way to attack Gary is to have the player lunge at him so that he goes backwards in an attempt to block the attack, only to land in the pile of spikes instead!

Should Gary get damaged enough, he'll abandon his defensive stance and go all out on the player, slashing his swords at them much more aggressively and not defending himself anymore, making it much easier to actually hit him. However, the scrolling on the level will get much faster and Gary's speed will receive massive buffs, with his fast movements leaving afterimages in his wake. The player will have to telegraph his movements so that they can hit him right, but this can be very tough as Gary won't stop moving as long as he's still on his two feet! When Gary takes enough hits, he will crouch down and make peace with the teddy bears before leaving, allowing the player to move past the Frosty Escapade and head into the war-filled Militia Canyon...

Boss Index No. #13
Militia Canyon Mid-Boss

TMS-07 features Thomas riding a giant tank in the distance in Militia Canyon, which spits out homing missiles and launches waves of sharp boomerangs which can deal impressive amounts of contact should they make contact with opponents. The stage the player fights the boss on is a continuously crumbling platform that's being eaten at on both ends by mechs controlled by Fudgebuckets and Savast. The player needs to hop against the missiles to send them towards either of the two monkeys, damaging them and forcing them to retreat backwards a little, stopping their platform-eating obstructions. Occasionally, the tank will spin off the battlefield and fly around in the air, swinging an improvised wrecking ball from TMS-01 through the battlefield's air to throw off air-playing fighters.

Should the boss enter pinch mode, the tank will start sputtering violently before its front breaks off, with several paper-mache cannons firing origami troops onto the battlefield for the player to fight. The tank will also launch cannonballs that crush Fudgebuckets and Savast's inventions, forcing them to leave and turning the abandoned robots into higher platforms that can be used to jump on and attack the flying tank's cockpit. This should be defeated quickly, however -- if the player is too slow, it will explode really violently, causing players to take massive damage!

Boss Index No. #14
Militia Canyon Main Boss

SVS-01 largely resembles the machine that Savast was using in the previous boss battle, and is infact an upgraded version of it. Savast will maddenly launch several homing missiles from her tank once the battle begins at the end of the Militia Canyon and jump around with the huge weapon, hoping to crush the player flat! As she hops about, she'll occasionally fire enormous lasers from her tank in an attempt to knock players down to the floor and sweep them away, but the lasers are what make the boss vulnerable: after firing a huge blast, the machine weakens severely and electrocutes, allowing the player to enter through the blaster's entrance! The player must navigate their way through Savast's tank, avoiding the electric currents found within and especially evading getting crushed between a wall and one of the huge missiles found from within the mech! When the player travels deep enough, they must attack the comically beating heart of the machine to damage it, and after giving it enough hell, the player will be spat back out! They will have to get into the tank twice more before the tank can break, initiating phase 2.

Once the machine has taken enough damage, it will explode and unveil Savast! Dressed in torn-up, dirty outlaw clothes and sporting blue armor and a pair of insect wings, Savast will bring out an electric staff and attempt to swing it mercilessly at the teddy bears. By swinging around her weapon, she can generate electric energy balls and hurl them around the battlefield via hitting them directly with her staff. There can be up to four of these balls bouncing around the screen at once, and they can deal a reasonable amount of damage shall they hit the teddy bears. Wearing just dirty armor, the player doesn't need to search for a weak point to strike Savast anymore, but must be careful to not come in contact with her electric weapon. Once she takes enough damage, she'll ditch the fight and let the player move on... for now!

Boss Index No. #15
Stone-Cold Bonelands Mid-Boss

Thomas starts taking a more creative approach with his battles, wearing a skeleton-like suit and pirate gear that are automated with machinery at the Stone-Cold Bonelands. With this pirate gear, Thomas will attempt to swing his swords at his opponents while also tossing smoke bombs to obscure parts of the battlefield. The battlefield starts out completely flat, but Thomas will press buttons often on a remote to make bones rise out from the ground as platforms, and players will have to scale the increasingly tall mountain in order to engage in combat with Thomas successfully. The machine making up his suit also likes to constantly pick apart bones from the tower to toss them at Bowie and friends as if they were Hammer Bros. hammers, making them really tricky to dodge. Distant attacks work best on Thomas, who can be attacked from any angle rather safely if Bowie and friends mind their distance.

If Thomas has taken enough damage, he will get off the bone mountain, still pressing buttons to increase the mountain's size as he comes up behind the mountain with a giant bone-made dinosaur, complete with the remains of TMS-05. The dinosaur will try to bite through the platforms and swipe at the teddy bears with its claws, so the player will need to wait for its arm to come and then hit it. Once the arm is hit, it will be swung off, breaking the balance of the robot, causing it to fall RIGHT THROUGH THE MOUNTAIN. If the teddy bear is under its shadow, they will be killed instantly. Hitting the head of the beast while it's down against the mountain will eventually cause it to break apart and shatter, ending this part of the level.

Boss Index No. #16
Stone-Cold Bonelands Main Boss

Returning with his rabbit-like END-17, Endal awaits the players at the end of the bonelands with his latest (and proclaimed "greatest") creation yet! While this mech is considerably smaller than anything he's shown off so far, the mech can blitz around the screen with its high and low jumps and prove hard to dodge with its reckless nature! The robot can descend out of its charging phase at any moment to toss some seeds, which transform into giant vines upon contact with the ground and constrict their way around the stage's footing! While brown-seed vines are safe to touch, red-seed vines are thorny and will primarily work towards sapping away at the player's health by whipping them! END-17 will hop to the top of the tallest-vine and toss harmful crystals down at the player, attacking with sharp talons if the bears are just in reach! Most of the time, the only reliable way to attack END-17 is with a ranged shot, but if that's not possible, the player needs to pick up one of the thrown crystals and hurl it into the machine! Unlike previous machines, this one is much more fragile and will reach its mid-way phase quite quickly.

Once the END-17 takes enough damage, Endal significantly boosts the mech's speed, with the rabbit-like foe hopping around faster and dropping obstructive screws and bolts from its body to slow down the player. The seeds it fires all have their vines go up in a straight line now; the player should aim to stand atop of where any brown seed may grow before the flowers grow up from the ground! The red seeds will have their flowers reach up and slam into the ceiling above whilst the brown seeds will only elevate the player a small distance, letting their attacks get into END-17's range as he tosses crystals recklessly around the battlefield. After enough of a beating, the END-17 falls aparts and Endal makes a hasty getaway, allowing the player to travel into the next level.

Boss Index No. #17
Dragon's Crypt Mid-Boss
Project X #1

After a series of failed TMS-themed battles, Project X faces on the player for the first time. They look just like Bowie, yet much more cybernetic and evil in nature, bearing both Western and dystopian elements in its design. This fearsome enemy attacks by extending its steel arms around the battlefield, with intents to slam the bears into the walls and drill its arms into them for massive damage. If these just hit the walls, it will open up compartments on its arms to release enemies into the room before retracting its arms back. It can jump around the room and swing around a rope with blazing speed, preparing to lock-on to players and lasso them with the rope, squeezing hit points out of them. If it succeeds, it will bring the players up and then slam straight down into the ground.

Once it gets into its second phase, it will start sparking electricity and shove its arms into the metal battleground to shock it, forcing players to time jumps well or they won't be able to evade the electric blasts. Project X can fire electric spheres from its chest to try and throw off its opponents and piledrive into opponents with its full body to try and deal massive damage to them. To attack Project X, one just needs to hit its body from any angle... any will do. Once it takes enough damage, it will retreat rather than explode.

Boss Index No. #18
Dragon's Crypt Main Boss

Slate awaits the player at the end of the Dragon's Crypt, piloting his SLT-02 mech! Slate's mech is covered in incredibly dense armor that prevents it from being easy to penetrate by any weapon, and its rose-red swords really mean business! Realizing that many of the previous main bosses follow similar strategies, SLT-02 plays differently by keeping its distance away from the player and striking from far away with its long blades! The player must keep away from SLT-02 to evade getting stabbed and watch out for its occasional offensive lunges. Should Slate get cocky, they'll order the mech to pounce upon the player, which would prevent them from moving temporarily if they successfully land a direct hit -- but should their swords pound into the ground, they'll get stuck and make the mech's weak point (located on its back) vulnerable to destruction! A unique thing about this boss that the player will need to be wary of is that the boss can take any damage it inflicts on the player to charge its batteries -- at max charge, it can unleash this energy with a huge sword strike that'll slice across the screen and do an OHKO should it land on the player!

SLT-02 becomes really dangerous when the player brings it down into its pinch mode. In spite of its armor being destroyed, the boss regains it entirely through magic and moves at the player with twice the power! With the armor completely restored and the weak point destroyed, all seems hopeless -- until the mache dragon returns! While the dragon will be aggressive towards the player, the player needs to lure the dragon so that its fiery breath will penetrate the boss' defenses and damage it whilst evading the long-ranged sword wipes from SLT-02! Fortunately, the boss gains no new attacks, so the player just needs to evade getting attacked from either side. When SLT-02's HP completely drains, it will melt away in the flames and generate a massive explosion, forcing the teddy bear to run away from the explosives as the mache dragon melts in the heat!

Boss Index No. #19
Tornadopolis Mid-Boss

TMS-09, looking much like a spinning sawblade, cuts right into the tornado where the player is standing atop three isolated floating platforms! Thomas will spin around the arena in his craft at a relatively quick pace, firing spines in all eight intermediate directions and occasionally ramming into the platforms to break them into more platforming chunks. At times, Thomas will charge up his mech and hurl it as an electrifying hazard towards the player's current position -- should he hit the player, they will take a lot of damage, but if Thomas hits the platforms, he'll become stuck! This is the perfect opportunity for players to smash up Thomas' windshield. Sometimes, when Thomas doesn't feel like spinning around at a hundred miles an hour, he'll go into the background and fire bombs from a Sinistar-like face.

When TMS-09 takes enough damage, the mech will turn 90 degrees and go on its side, becoming something of a spinning top. From the bottom of this new spaceship-like transformation comes a gun, which is used to fire bombs onto the platforms. Each platform hit with a bomb becomes toast, but the bombs are labeled "DON'T HIT ME" and have a harmless outside layer of rubber! The player must hit the bombs back at Thomas before he ends up destroying the footing of the battleground. Once his mech has taken enough damage, it blows up and Thomas flies away.

Boss Index No. #20
Tornadopolis Main Boss

Endal comes at the player at the end of Tornadopolis with this dual-ended machine, which always launches two attacks at one time! Piloted by Endal and Fudgebuckets, the mech resembles a double-pointed arrow with an orange end and a purple end, and both have cannons at their arrow tips. The orange end, piloted by Endal, can blow gusts that can easily sweep players off course and also alter the heaviness of gravity: the gravity can either be made lower to make jumping over obstacles harder or higher to make it more difficult to have precise control over the teddy bear! On the other hand, the purple end of the mech can fire beams from its tip, and the beams get larger depending on how long the machine's laser charges for! At times, the boss may split into halves so that Endal and Fudgebuckets can make full use of their power against the player, but this also drains at their health, requiring that they charge up so they can return to auto-healing. That's right, auto-healing! Fortunately, the boss is a rather fragile one; attacking at it from any angle will cause it to take damage, and attacking the cannons can help delay attacks.

On its pinch phase, END-19 loses its ability to auto-heal and increases the size of its cannons, and the boss moves around faster and occasionally spins around in the air so they can fire nearly unavoidable waves of gusts and beams at the player! The boss will occasionally electrocute itself and move around as a spinning ball of death, so it's heavily advised to not touch it whilst it's in that state! To disable its electrocuted state, the player needs to cancel out the electricity with a long-ranged attack or simply wait out the electric spurts. When one side takes enough damage, it will explode and fall off, but the other half will still need to be fought! As that part of the boss will recover some health, the player should choose whichever part of the boss they find more troublesome to defeat first so they can battle the healed weaker half! Once both pieces explode, the fight is over.

Boss Index No. #21
Abandoned Goliath Mid-Boss

Thomas uses TMS-10 -- a remote control -- to activate the head of the Abandoned Goliath! Most of its body is still in disrepair and not functioning, but the head is plenty strong enough without it. The head's circumference is much shorter than that of the robot's neck, and the players run around the perimeter of the Goliath's neck. The battlefield is fully rendered in 3D to support the circumstances of the battle. From its stationary position, the head of the Goliath can fire out really strong lasers from the eyes and melt down the edges of its own neck, and it will always try to fire at the location the player is standing. The lasers are continuous and do not end, meaning that they are a constantly dangerous hazard that has to be avoided. The Goliath can also breath violet fumes from its nose to spread flames among the ground. As Thomas is the one holding the robot's controller... the player actually has to direct the lasers so they hit Thomas, although they have to be reasonably quick about it.

Once Thomas starts taking a bunch of damage, he'll press a second button on the TMS-10 controller, shocking Thomas with the power as the head becomes stronger. The lasers become smarter, attempting to detect where the player is going and appropriately block when the time is right. The fires breathed from the robot become more intense and pillars of fire emerge when the fumes hit the ground. The Goliath can also send giant lasers from its mouth to completely obliterate players! Thomas still needs to be hit though, and once he's taken enough damage from the lasers, the controller is smashed and he runs away, with the bot completely deactivating once more.

Boss Index No. #22
Abandoned Goliath Main Boss

Unusually, Savast will drag out a huge, human-like robot with typical green-and-blue clothes and a huge "H" engraved into the center of his chest! With the huge robot's beefy arms, Savast will attempt to attack the Goliath with all of her might! This battle plays very differently compared to other bosses in the game, with the player taking control of the Goliath for the majority of the fight! With the rules almost completely changed, the battle follows the template of a combo-oriented fighting game more than a platformer. The player's Goliath can use punching combos to deal high damage from up close, fire lasers from its eyes to weaken Savast's shields, and spit fumes from its nose to set the opposing machine on fire whenever possible. The player is also capable of jumping and firing lasers directly downwards or kicking the opponent in place of punching, and also use their arms as shields to block attacks. Savast, on the other hand, can do some huge punches, release flamethrowers from the shoulders, and toss bombs along the ground to force the Goliath to jump. Savast can also block attacks. The player must use their lasers to break down Savast's shield and use their other attacks to deal as much damage to her as possible, though they should be ready to jump or defend when Savast is attacking!

Once SVS-02 takes enough damage, the muscle-packed machine will become twice as large and heal its shield! It will hop around its side of the field and launch barrages of missiles, which the player must defend against by punching or defending, and charge up energy every time the player successfully hits it! Once Savast's robot charges up enough energy, the player will have to duck as it fires a huge laser from its body! Once the laser dies out, the whole machine will be on down-time, allowing the player to strike it through the chest for an instant knockout! Savast will be knocked out of the machine, never to be seen again until around the end of the game, I'm afraid!

Boss Index No. #23
Cyanide Gardens Mid-Boss

Without warning, a giant 👌 hand rises from a pool of acid, except skeletal, and all the solid ground is on a single pillar! The giant skeletal 👌 will rotate around in circles, stopping ever so often to fire a beam of light from its hand to do high-level damage to the player. The player needs to time their jumps and watch the machine closely, as there's only a second's worth of warning before the laser fires. Occasionally it will clench up into a fist and move itself forward to bump into the pillar, hoping to push players into the lethal acid. The player needs to jump on the 👌 while it's clenched up to disrespect it, causing it to unfold and shake. Thomas will hit a button on a controller in the background, getting the 👌 to rise up into the sky and move around in circles on the right corner of the screen before traveling down to fire lasers -- it's like an advanced version of the Angry Sun from Super Mario Bros. 3. As it does this, the player will be forced to move past the acid puddle and play through the rest of Cyanide Gardens' first part while evading the 👌.

Once the player reaches the end of the Cyanide Gardens, the player will meet Thomas, who adds a giant skeletal 👍 to the battle! With a hand each on the player's side, they are trapped. The player has to evade the 👌 lasers and prevent themselves from being slammed into by 👍, and they also need to evade the acidic puddles on both sides of the battlefield. To win the fight, the player needs to strike the red bones on the center of both hands four times, causing them to collapse. When they're deceased, Thomas will be angry and flee the fight.

Boss Index No. #24
Cyanide Gardens Main Boss

Fudgebuckets, encouraged once again to annihilate Bowie, comes at him and friends with a new suit of armor! Counting this as the FUD-02, Fudgebuckets adapts a much more defensive fighting style in contrast to any of the former bosses, yet still goes on the offensive in an all new way! Fudgebuckets moves slowly in his cybernetic suit, but jumps when he comes near the player, firing two shots at the player, one after the other! The FUD-02 can transform its arm cannons into different weapons as well! Fudgebuckets can fire metal blades in any of eight directions, toss gusts to push players into the air whilst damaging them, and form a shield of junk to defend itself from the player's attacks before firing the shield's components in different directions. Fudgebuckets can direct the machine so that it climbs the walls and fires down weapons at the player from there, tossing its weapons down at the player one at a time! It can also dive down at the player to deal lots of damage! To damage the machine, the player must simply attack it with any weapon, but must hit it a lot due to its high armor stat! To weaken it, the player can reflect its powerful shots back at it to cause immense damage.

Once FUD-02 takes enough of a beating, the suit will electrocute and hop haphazardly around the battlefield, always facing in the direction it was in prior to going down to its last phase. FUD-02 now fires weapons more frequently, but the attacks it fires are much more scattered and harder to predict! Due to the suit being electrocuted, it cannot be hit directly by the player, requiring that they hit Fudgebuckets with one of its own attacks so that the electricity is canceled out. As FUD-02 attempts to get itself back together, the player can trash it with whatever attacks they have -- with a strong character, just a few attacks can finish it off! If teh player can't kill it in time, the electric force field will shoot back up and the robot will resume attacking. Once it's fully destroyed, Fudgebuckets will make a hasty retreat.

Boss Index No. #25
Geargrind Madness Mid-Boss
Project X #2

Project X returns at the Geargrind Madness level, descending from the top-right side of the battlefield and landing firmly on its feet, taunting the player. Project X will spin in a wheel of death in hopes of knocking players into the walls with sheer pain, shoot homing missiles from its mouth to overtake foes from a far distance, and extend its arms around the battlefield to pin teddy bears and release moderately strong enemies into the room. It can also launch lasers from the ports on its chest, lasso players with the rope, and jump around the room frantically in hopes of crushing innocent teddy bears. The boss is honestly quite tough, but it can once again be hit from any angle and it has little to defend itself with, meaning that it can be hit over and over as long as the player is close enough to it.

After having taken enough damage, Project X's systems will overload and it will electrocute badly, with its eyes flashing brightly and displaying static. The boss will hectically leap all over the arena, facing to the left permanently as it tries to crush the teddy bears with its heavy feet. As it hops around, it will send shockwaves to the ground that knock players over. Occasionally, the bot will spit out waves of missiles that are tough to dodge. The bot can only be hit if Project X comes in contact with its own homing missiles, temporarily shorting out the electricity and making it safe to hit. After a few hits, it will wildly retreat while nuts and bolts spring from its body.

Boss Index No. #26
Geargrind Madness Main Boss

END-20 is an unusual invention of Endal's, being a cyborg that has a lady's build, wearing protective orange goggles and wearing some bright red hair on top of strange ornate clothing. This cyborg will hover around the very flat boss arena and take a swing at them with a sword-like wrench, going to the sides of the pipe-lined arena walls and twisting some knobs to cause some chaos! Below the player's feet are five pipes, which are blocked off with corks, and when END-20 twists one of the knobs, the pipe that the player is standing on will very soon have its top pop up and go straight into the air! The player should stay off the cork as it will launch into the spiky ceiling, and getting crushed up there will result in immediate death! Each time that END-20 turns a knob, the mech will float either quickly or slowly to the other side of the arena, often swinging its wrench to catch survivors off guard. The player can determine the bot's speed by how quickly the knob turns; if it's taking longer to spin, the robot will fly over to the arena's other end quicker! By judging the timing of the robot's movements, the player can bounce off their cork and let it hit END-20 to cause some immense damage!

The player will have to keep in mind that for every pipe that has its cork hit END-20, that pipe will no longer become standable ground, with dirty chemicals leaking from it and posing an immediate threat if touched! The middle pipe cannot be popped. Once four of the corks have hit END-20 successfully, the boss will look immensely damaged and all of the valves will explode, and Endal will back his machine away and come up with a new strategy. The boss will grab some battles of chemicals from a shelf in the distance and fire them towards the player, and the boss will aim either up or down with them! Should the potions hit the player, they will cause damage. After a set amount of potions are filled, END-20 will charge at the player with the wrench -- if the player jumps immediately, they will strike the boss and cause it to explode! Players should keep in mind that this fight is timed; if they don't finish it in four minutes, horrible chemicals will flood the room and kill the player immediately!

Boss Index No. #27
Dark Melody Mid-Boss

TMS-12 is a grandfather clock mech that hangs around in the background of the flat boss arena, with Thomas residing behind the face of the clock. The boss has six detachable magic hands, which it uses to try and grab players in order to squeeze them into a fluffy pulp. When the hands are flat, they can be used as platforms, but they will try to spin players off so they'll have to be quick with ascending them. The unusual amount of hands means that there are several ways for the boss to crush the player, so they'll have to watch the position of the many hands to avoid getting smashed into walls or the other hands the boss possesses. The weak points of the boss are actually on the hands -- when they're all attacked, Thomas' body will be flung in and out from the clock's face, making him vulnerable to attacks! The giant pendulum makes the room bounce each time it hits either side of the cage it's in, which can disrupt movements and make reading boss patterns more difficult.

When the boss has taken enough damage, things start to really pick up. TMS-12 will occasionally flash its clock face. Every time it does that, 85% of the screen becomes covered in a dangerous red aura, and the players will have to flock to the non-coated area. Three seconds following each flash, the boss will stop time completely, then fire lasers that obliterate all the lit areas of the screen. Time will then resume normally. In its pinch phase, the hands will move faster and will gain the ability to slam into the ground repetitively to make players work hard to avoid getting crushed! When Thomas takes enough damage, the grandfather clock is torn down, revealing a tunnel the players pass into.

Boss Index No. #28
Dark Melody Main Boss

END-21 follows the example of the last END robot, being a cyborg that vaguely resembles an aged human male but with a business suit and a slender, imposing build! Once the player arrives at the flat arena with a pit in the center, the curtains blocking off the background will be unfolded, revealing an orchestra with Endal's robot conducting it with a baton. Endal will press a button from within the robotic body, triggering an event that ends the player tumbling down into the abyss! When the music fully kicks in, the screen will give the player button directions to follow so that their teddy bear can accurately follow the scripted event, which shows the teddy bear making it out of the bottomless abyss alive and using the different elements of the stage to escape the mayhem. Once the teddy bear hops out of the pit, the player will have to time yet more button presses so that they can give the END-21 a real beating, yet they must be quick with it as this robot will try to attack them first! Once the player uses all of the button commands required for this part of the boss, END-21 will be shown being knocked down, but Endal crawls out of the scrap parts!

After Endal escapes his robot's parts, the player will finally have a proper one-on-one battle with him, though the monkey's abilities aren't so excellent outside of his robotic suit. Deciding to not use his psychic powers, Endal focuses on pouncing around the arena and attempting to claw at the player to damage them, and may attempt to jump on them so he can strangle them personally! Endal may also grab onto the lights hanging about on the ceiling and swing from them to make him ridiculously difficult to hit. Once he swings down to dive at the player, that's the player's shot to knock Endal into the wall and cause him damage! Endal, who was weakened from the beating his most recent machine took, will not take too long to defeat: after taking just a few hits, Endal will give up and retreat, allowing the player to ambush his empire.

Boss Index No. #29
Mache Empire Mid-Boss

Thomas has almost nothing to show off anymore... in hopes he can finally gain Endal's respect, Thomas brings out the TMS-13: a jackal-based robot missing a head, which he remedies after crawling inside of it, wearing a black/grey/red mask to hide his face. This mech teleports around the flat boss arena, which is a conveyor belt that constantly switches its direction from left or right with the goal being to push the player into walls of spikes. TMS-13 can generate infinite numbers of red energy cubes, which it generates and sets on the conveyor belt and into the air for the player to dodge. The player must battle the direction the belts are going in to hit the jackal-like robot, with the intent being to knock them into the spikes to damage their armor. If the player makes contact with the cubes, they'll see illusions whereas a lot of Endal-like heads will zap them with lasers, giving them severe physical wear and tear. This boss is very tough to cope with due to its supposedly infinite power.

When the boss receives enough damage, the mask will break apart and Thomas will be very mad. Thomas will then hover to the top of the screen and send down waves of red energy cubes, always being in the center of the clean, cube-less path that the players will have to try and follow so they don't get hit with the cubes. The boss will descend more and more, eventually to the point where the boss will be low enough to be hit. Once the boss is hit, the robotic body will shatter and Thomas will run off bawling for his mom.

Boss Index No. #30
Mache Empire Main Boss

Slate's final true confrontation with the player is within their SLT-03 "SINN", the third and final powerful cybog of the recent bunch! Piloted by Slate instead of Endal, this is what they use when the player finally makes it to the end of the Mache Empire level. With the mech looking like a balding, aging businessman, it may not sound particularly fearsome, but never underestimate demons like Slate! Slate will hop around the battlefield relentlessly, swinging around the mech's arms to pummel the player with high-power thrusts and also firing out multiple lasers from its body to temporarily light the whole ground on fire. The player needs to do some expert jumps here and make the best use of their aerial abilities, as a single jump may not be enough to evade taking damage, and the bombs that SLT-03 can spit into the air from its mechanical jaws can explode in mid-air, meaning that a lot of the space in this epic fight is not safe! To damage this highly threatening boss, the player must strike its head, which will cause it to temporarily turn around and expose its weak point; the weak armor on the back of its head. Strike it hard to deal some damage!

SLT-03 will take a while before it gets to low HP, but once it does, it will become extremely relentless! When it jumps around the stage, electric shockwaves will be sent across the floor with each pounding, and flames will erupt from the machine's mouth for every single time its weak point is damaged. At times, the machine will hop into the air and surround itself with multiple blades before firing them all out into the sky, with them coming down like raining bullets. While it is very fast and difficult to predict in this state, it has very low HP and can't survive too many attacks before it finally goes down for the count. Slate will escape the mech, but should the player strike them quickly whilst the demon is weak, it will scream before melting into a puddle, weaking them for the rest of its life. The player can then finally proceed into the Chess Castle.

Boss Index No. #31
Chess Castle Mid-Boss
Savast & Slate

Instead of an encounter with Thomas or Project X, the player gets to battle the unlikely tag-team of Savast and Slate! Savast will always be on offense, always attempting to swing at the player with her cutlass in any of the intermediate directions as Slate rises inky pillars from the ground to limit the player's movement options, and touching the ink itself will result in instant death. Slate will continuously mess with the floor, making inky creatures rise from it to give the player trouble as Savast attempts to directly pressure them. The player needs to climb the pillars in the room to avoid the inky messes and swing their weapons at Savast to cut off her chances of attacking them. Once she's taken enough damage, a cutscene players where she falls into the inky masses, causing her to melt away into the ink... perhaps to not be seen again.

Angered with the loss of Savast, Slate takes on the player itself, flooding the bottom half of the room and making inky waves rise from it in an effort to catch players off the stable footing of the pillars. It will rise from the ink and attempt to fire inky blots at them, which can cost instant death as well -- players need to actually use their weapons to hit back the blots, which can knock Slate away and make it take damage. It can also make spikes fall from the ceiling in hopes they'll slam teddy bears into the seas of ink below. Once Slate is defeated, he'll disintegrate into the ink and disappear with Savast.

Boss Index No. #32
Chess Castle Main Boss
King Endal

Faced at the end of Chess Castle's second segment, King Endal will provide an incredible fight! This monkey, with his size temporarily doubled up, will hop around the battlefield with his heavy body, with all players on the floor being tossed a bit into the air with each landing the monkey makes. Endal jumps low, then high, then low, low again, and then high before stopping his jumping pattern, bringing out a sword that he swings in front of his body at a rapid speed. This sword will block all of the player's attacks as four psychic orbs zip out from his body. Endal will use his sword to fire at those orbs, sending them in the player's direction one at a time before he jumps on them himself! Should the player roll away in time, Endal's sword will just thrust into the ground and cause no damage. After this move, he'll either levitate up into the air and swing his cape to send waves of harmful stars towards the player, split the flat battleground into two halves and form a bottomless pit in the center, or swipe his tail in a complete circle, making the edges of the stage the only safe ground. After he does any of those three attacks, he'll hop around the stage again, but with the reverse order: high, then low, then high, high again, and then low. To damage Endal, the player needs to hit the jewel embedded into his chest, which grants him this stunning and unusual energy.

Once his gem takes enough damage, Endal replaces his attack cycle with an entirely different one! He'll hop from edge to edge of the stage in a loop three times before slamming down in the center, swinging his tail around the stage's floor completely and forcing the player to jump over it with each tailspin he creates. Here comes the twist; a crosshairs will follow the player around; the player should evade making direct contact with it for the rest of the fight! If the player fails to evade this, Endal will use his psychic energy to toss the bear around the room, causing them immense damage and potentially KO'ing them at even an okay level of health! While the player attempts to evade the crosshair, Endal will attempt to keep the player busy by tossing his huge sword like a boomerang around the room and stomping on the floor to create shockwaves. The player needs to hit the gem on Endal's chest only a few more times, but doing that can be very difficult due to the fast-moving crosshairs threat and Endal's widely ranged attacks! Once Endal takes enough damage, however, his gem shatters and forces him to shrink in size, forcing him to retreat towards the final boss machines.

Boss Index No. #33
Final Boss 1

After making it to the end of the Chess Castle, Endal starts off with his END-22 "QUIMBLE"! This robot is angel-like with blades in the cybog's blonde hair, and is immensely powerful. Endal starts off the battle by opening several powers, charging himself up in his psychic energy and disappearing into the portal. Several portals of varying colors will be formed around the stage, with Endal diving into and out of them at a high speed. To plan where Endal is going, the player must study the portal rings: if Endal zips into a red portal, he will emerge from a different portal of the same color. Endal may stop traveling through these portals and move them around, tossing his robot's blades through the portals like boomerangs in hopes of hitting the player and really messing with their head. Endal can also form white portals, which he can use to summon almost any enemy in the game, or form black portals so the player can battle against any one of Thomas' machines (with each starting in their pinch phase). To damage the END-22, the player must make it so that one of the blades goes into a portal and brutally strikes Endal from behind, but that can be challenging!

Once this boss gets down to its pinch phase, END-22 will really get down to business, moving the portals and player off to a different platform and dropping the teddy bear into one of the portals. As END-22 floats around the arena, Endal will make it toss its blades through the portals so that they hit the player. The player must move around the circle of portals whilst they're a spinning, damaging ball of death, evading the blades when they come near and bumping into END-22 when possible! If Endal's mech is bumped far enough, they may come into the path of one of their blades and take considerable damage, angering Endal considerably. END-22 is quite weak by this point, so the most it can do is fire its two blades around the portals, but the player doesn't have much control over where they're going! Once Endal's mech is hit enough times, it will explode

Boss Index No. #34
Final Boss 2
Project X #3

Following the defeat of END-22, Endal will treat the player to a battle with "Project X", which has considerably improved since its last appearance at the Geargrind Madness! Descending from the top-right area of the screen, it will hover down with a menacing pose, taunting the player angrily as it gets down onto its feet. The robot will dash left and right across the field as a spinning ball of death, occasionally jumping to toss shurikens in the eight cardinal directions or toss itself brutally at the player at supersonic speeds! Project X can fire several homing missiles from its mouth, eight at a time, and fire a constantly-burning laser from its chest to split the room, ensuring that the player has less room to dodge all of its missiles. Occasionally, Project X may swing out its rope and attempt to grab a player so that it can bring them straight down to the ground, slamming their heads into it without any sort of mercy. Project X can also stretch out its arms so that it can grab onto the ceiling of the Chess Castle, swinging back and forth whilst dangling from it, launching several bombs and scattering them across the battlefield. The player can damage this boss with any weapon they have from any angle they find reasonable.

Project X will short-circuit once more, but after being dabbed in a bit of Endal's magic (who remains nearby), Project X will fall off the stage -- and come back up as a much bigger, much more menacing figure with two metallic appendages! Project X will cause the right side of the arena to fall apart, forcing the player to camp out on the left as they face the giant nemesis head-on! Project X can spread its arms about to trap the players within a small amount of space as the huge mech spits out missiles or bombs at them, and the appendages can be used to stab and damage any player they come in direct contact with. Project X's chest will fire huge lasers on occasion, but this is where the boss' weak point comes in! When the boss is about ready to aim, the player needs to ascend the appendages and jump to evade the huge laser. Once the laser dies out, the robot will temporarily cancel out its electric defense, allowing the player to strike the head to damage it. After enough damage, Project X collapses and a bridge forms over its collapsing body, allowing the player to proceed to the end.

Boss Index No. #35
Final Boss 3
END-23 "END"

END-23 "END" is the final boss of the main adventure, and it is an incredibly tough enemy to defeat! Once the player crosses over the bridge over the destroyed Project X, they will be on a single, really thin platform out in the middle of the spacious darkness, and the bridge will crumble right behind them! The player hears very loud rumbling, and sees the final boss emerge from behind their last platform! An amalgamate of every single mech the player has faced to date in the first BowieQuest and this game, the whole boss is a disfigured machine that looks to be about twice the size of the Abandoned Goliath. With dark, ominous music playing in the background, Endal will raise his machine's four main arms up into the air, and then drop them right down onto the final platform, absolutely destroying it. The player tumbles down onto an illusion-created Ironworks garbage heap, with the enormous machine dropping down right near the player, with Endal's high-pitched monkey screams flying into the player's face! With one HP left, the player must endure the boss' attacks for three wholes minute without dying.

This creepy mech combination flies around the flat arena, with the camera rotating so that the player will always see where this huge abomination is at. The boss' most dangerous attack is its ability to shove its arms down onto the battlefield at rapid speed, and there is no safe ground available for the player to be on for them to fully evade the boss' attacks! The player must read the target markers that show up on the stage to figure out where the boss is going to attack; it will always strike each of the arena's equally divided four sections two times with this attack! The robot can also discharge several electric spheres into the air as well as knives, which will fall down onto the battlefield for the player to attempt dodging. A lot of the bot's minor arms have very different weapons which can affect the player's life as well; some arms may have missile launchers, some have sawblades, some have lasers they can fire, some can cover the battlefield entirely with ice. This boss can also fire some seeds from its mouth which work as they did with the "RESERVANCE" battle, and the boss can also summon the Mache Dragon to temporarily give the player some trouble.

After two minutes, the machine will go decidably more wild, with several cannonballs being launched from its back and flames being spread along the ground of the stage. Occasionally, one of the boss' main hands may transform into one of the game's earlier bosses and use one of its attacks to give the player some major trouble. Two Project X's may be spawned to use their different attacks from the first and second fights only, and they'll be extremely difficult to evade! This boss can also clone Savast's staff and the attacks that the Abandoned Goliath had, with the punching combos being especially present with this omnipotent machine. Given that the player has not damaged the boss yet by this point, all hope may seem lost as END-23 keeps mercilessly kicking away at the battlefield and attempting to squash the 1HP player. Once they're three minutes in, Endal's machine will suffer downtime at literally the worst moment: right when it looked like he was ready to crush the teddy bears, Endal used up all of the machine's power and has to recharge it! With the abomination shut down, the player enters the boss' mech.

From within, Oscargen tells the protagonist that the Abandoned Goliath is locked in there, and tells them to break it through! Once the player ascends the huge mech a second time (with hazards flying about), the Goliath will break out of the back of the END-23 and cause it to go somewhat unstable, for it turned out that the Goliath was powering the whole machine! The player must assume control of the Goliath again and brawl Endal's amalgamate as quickly as possible! Unlike before, the player can now damage the boss via hitting its chest, but must evade the machine's four huge arms and all of the projectiles it can throw at the player's mech! This part of the battle will be very enduring, but with patience it can be done with in a reasonable amount of time. Once the machine takes enough damage, the Goliath will hurl the player to the top of the END-23 -- from there, the player must climb the machine's neck whilst evading the huge mechanical arms and go into the head to damage Endal's cockpit! Once Endal is hit, the entire END-23 stalls, and when the player annihilates the motherboard, the entire machine falls, causing Endal to fall into oblivion and his entire machine to burst into flames. Don't worry, he'll be back!

Boss Index No. #36
Extra Boss

The END-24 "Supersonic Toboggan" resides in the eponymous stage named after it, being a super-challenging boss that the player will be battling with the transformed jeep that Oscargen has been operating for the entire game! With the camera at a slanted top-down view, the player will be moving the jeep up and down across a vertical axis as they take on Endal's heavily bulky final invention! Endal will move his mech up and down across the screen, shooting bombs that will split into eight equal pieces that'll travel across the screen and sending out machines that'll fire several lasers across the screen in an effort to kill the player! Endal will always be filling up the screen with multiple weapons like those atop of flamethrowers and raining arrows, and the only way that the player can fight back is by sending attacks back at the Supersonic Toboggan! The player will have lasers equipped that they can use to shoot away at the toboggan with, and can also use a chargable laser to pierce through the mech's occasional "invincible" force field with. While the laser is powerful, it takes a full 30 seconds to charge, so it should be used wisely!

After taking enough damage, the toboggan gets severely weakened and the teddy bear will jump out of their space gadget! An automated sequence plays whereas the player must hit the buttons as instructed on screen to inflict damage onto Endal's machine in a unique 3D action sequence, with the camera showing the player running along Endal's ship to lay punches down on him. The player must be speedy with their button presses, however, as Endal will attempt to fire at the player with split-second timing! Once Endal's mech takes enough of a beating from the several assaults, the player will be able to use a final attack, which depends on the character:

  • Bowie will use his rope to lasso Endal and wrestle him into his ship's core, breaking it and causing Endal to plummet down!
  • Ashe will inflate himself with water prior to jumping up and slamming down on Endal's mech, cracking it open and sending Endal flying!
  • Flare will set Endal's machine on fire with two fiery fists causing Endal's machine to spiral out of control towards Stitchonia!
  • Windi will charge up a powerful gust, causing Endal's machine to whizz down to the planet at mach speed!
  • Sabeuxo will overcharge Endal's ship, causing his ultimate attack to break him out of his mech and send him flying!
  • Dryle will simply stab Endal's motherboard, causing him to go down towards Stitchonia while crying "mayday! mayday!"
  • Malvio will hold Endal's ship with her psychic energy before causing him to hurl down towards Earth at mach speed!
  • The Avatar will imitate any of the above animations by random!

​After Endal is sent down to Stitchonia or hurling into space, the boss battle ends and the player can enjoy the good ending.

Episode Endal Exclusive
Boss Index No. #37
Scrap Jungle Boss

"ALCHEMY" is a simple, transforming humanoid android robot that can hop from side to side of the arena and fire barrages of laser beams and wide-range bombs at the player. As with the other four bosses, it does not pose much of a threat due to being worn and shaky over the years, but the electricity bolts it fires after getting hit can cause quite a bit of damage! To defeat UKW-01, the player needs to wait for it to come near, and then punch it with all they've got! However, it may be hard to hit because it'll always jump backwards when the player directly attempts to approach it.

It has no second phase, so after it takes enough hits, it will crumble down into nothing.

Boss Index No. #38
Ghoul Zone Boss

"WIZARDRY" is a copy of the last boss, but with a grey color scheme rather than a green one and has the new ability to fire homing missiles, replacing the bomb attack strategy. Due to it being rusted, it is not that much of a threat and tends to fall over if it attempts to do anything remotely close to running. However, its missiles can do quite a bit of damage if it makes contact, and its temporal short circuits can make timing hits against it quite difficult! As with the previous boss, it'll jump away if the player attempts to approach it.

With no second phase, it breaks down after being hit enough by the player.

Boss Index No. #39
Evil Ruin Boss

"SORCERY" is a more aggressive red varient of the previous two bosses, having both the bombs and missile attacks while having vines try to snap at the player from up close. Being regarded as the mother of the plants now after having rusted over the years, the player will have to evade cotton spores as they attempt to damage this boss. It does not short circuit, making things slightly easier, but it can fire electric shots from its mouth should the player get too close to it. For it is more aggressive, it'll attempt to jump towards the player and slash at them when possible.

Once it takes enough damage, the machine explodes violently.

Boss Index No. #40
Wretch's Hollow Boss

UKW-04 is the last of these bosses, and is a purple varient that happens to be a clone of "SORCERY", but carries the defensive manners of the first two UKW bots and also happens to short-circuit once more! This boss has twice the health of any of the previous bosses and puts up much more of a fight, but it's still simpler compared to the main game's boss battles. There is a pit in the center of the battlefield, so the player has to try and not fall into it! This boss can be very tricky to defeat due to the amount of mechanics it carries from the previous three bosses.

After taking enough damage, Endal can collect the last weapon and the player will win the game.

Note: Enemies and bosses in the DLC stages are not logged. When the player attempts to log them, the game denies them access to their information, claiming that they are "otherworldly" and as such cannot be properly scanned. However, context as to what the enemies and bosses are can be discovered by playing the individual games that the DLC stages represent.


In-game, there are several licensed tracks that are used for the game's atmosphere. These come from a variety of different artists and bands and also with their permission. The soundtrack is varied in style and flavor, but each track has something to do with something in the game. These were all released on an album acknowledged as "The Best Cuts: BowieQuest 2 Official Soundtrack". The first part of the soundtrack is focused on classic-sounding instrumentals while the second part is filled with rock n' roll based songs that play in cutscenes.

The Monkey's Writ... BowieQuest 2 Original Soundtrack

No. Title Description Length
Disc One: The Story and Menus
1 Papercraft Mischief ...for Title Screen A short, climatic theme representing the theme of "Degree in Origami". Starts off with acoustic guitars before breaking into a short, rocking jam with overdrive play. Starts off slow with bells and whistles, but follows with wild guitar play and a rapid drum solo immediately afterwards. Ends with the sound of a page being turned. 0:30
2 Wastin' Time ...for Menus The theme for the game's menus is filled with woodwind instruments, with specific emphasis on a jazzy feel. A slow drum beat accompanies the theme, emphasizing the slow, relaxing nature of the game's menus. 0:48
3 Paper Shredders ...for Character Select Kicking off with a bongo solo, old jazz music fills the atmosphere as the player is required to select a character. Music is slow, as with the previous theme, making it just as relaxing and full of chill. 0:34
4 Goin' on an Odyssey ...for Level Select Continuing the jazz aspects of the previous themes, going out of one's way to select a level is joined with a theme filled with clarinets, flutes, and other varying woodwind instruments. Attempts to give off an adventurous feel, as if the player were really on an odyssey. 1:53
5 Degree in Origami ...for Adventure Mode The theme "Degree in Origami" is slow and orchestrated, giving off the "epic" feel of the game's story and flow. Light, fluffy instruments fill the length of the track, with horns and tubas making up the general meat of the instrumental present here. 2:18
6 Breaking the Records ...for Trial Mode The determined light track for "Trial Mode" is fluffy and encouraging, powering the player to try and break records for score or time in the game's various stages. Despite the emphasis on light instruments, there are the occasional metal beats featured in the music. 1:29
7 Toughening Up ...for Challenge Mode Audience cheers, hand claps and bone crackling noises make up the theme for Challenge Mode, accompanied with underlying drum beats. A bit of the Punch-Out!! main theme is incorperated into the song. 0:53
8 No Fear for Forever ...for Endless Mode The theme to "Endless Mode" has creepy ambiance mixed over acoustic guitars and synths, yet carries the feeling of determination through its upbeat solo found almost at the end of the theme. A choir can be heard during the solo, though the choir is only a minor part of the theme. 1:39
9 Last Man Standing ...for Versus Mode This war-related theme is accompanied by cannon noises, the barking of machine gun fire, and revving car engines. Plays to the twisted beat of "The Washington Post" marching music, which is rebranded with rock. 1:52
10 Dystopian Crusher ...for Butcher Mode Unlike the other themes, this one contains crushing metal beats from a low-toned guitar and loud pounds from Ward-like drums. Think of arena themes when you hear this theme... the intent of "Dystopian Crusher" is to pump up players for the bosses they'll have to smash. 0:55
11 Build-A-Bear ...for Workshop Mode An odd mix of mechanical and lullaby music makes up the theme for Workshop Mode, with whirring noises and computer clicks and beats making up the entirety of the track. One may say that the theme sounds sort of like a lullaby of sorts. 1:09
12 Data Labs ...for Options Mode This can hardly be considered music, as the theme for Options Mode is really just a bunch of mechanical noises and sounds mixed up together to create a theme. Carries a very industrial approach to it. 0:40
13 Endal Strikes Back ...for Episode Endal For the theme "Endal Strikes Back", tubas and distorted guitars both open up this marching music, signifying Endal's triumphant return. Some mechanical noises in the track aid the fact that he is accompanied by Alcyone throughout the entirety of Episode Endal. 2:10
14 Cowboy's Panel de Pon ...for Bowie's Puzzle League This remix of Panel De Pon's main theme is used to open up Bowie's Puzzle League, which remains slow and light as is. However, this reincarnation of it carries a Western approach, with accordians, maldolins, and banjos being part of the full track for this theme. 1:07
15 The Ape's Revenge ...for Endal's Conquest Despite "Endal's Conquest" not being a reskin of Puyo Puyo, it is a soft remix of that theme, being given mechanical vibes and piston-churning noises to make it match the feel of the aged reskin named "Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine". While being soft, there is a creepy, echoing vibe to the music. 1:15
16 Relaxation or Something ...for Neutral Mood The neutral mood theme is just a simple collection of beats that are mashed together to create a melody that doesn't slant in any emotional direction, making it useful for a scene that doesn't necessarily have a mood to it. 1:56
17 Glory in the Air ...for Happy Mood A remix of the prior theme, but with loud, happy-sounding piano and xylphone melodies that help illustrate a happy mood. Plays when things tend to look up for the protagonists and evil isn't necessarily afoot. 2:14
18 Seas of Misery ...for Sad Mood A slower version of "Relaxation or Something", played in low key noise and with a lack of cheerfulness whatsoever. Theme comes equipped with several woodwind instruments to emphasize the sadness. 1:49
19 Fists Clenched ...for Angry Mood An angry revision of the same theme, but with an angry, drum-pounding approach to it. Comes with a variety of brass instruments to help players fully illustrate the tone and noise that defines the anger of the moment. 2:32
20 Weight of the World ...for Tense Mood When things go wrong, this final remix of "Relaxation or Something" is creepy and full of tension, and carries a lot of anxiety-like siren wails. The theme never has a straight pace, shifting between slow and fast. 1:42
21 Realizations ...for Epiphany Mood When someone realizes something important, this track plays. It is an entirely separate track from the others and is light-hearted and very slow in tone, carrying a Mayan feeling to it, combined with an Aztic flow. 2:34
22 The Briefing ...for Episode Start Radio static and distorted voices make up the majority of this track's design, with occasional vocals from the playable protagonists being heard. Carries a teechno beat, with Jet Set Radio-inspired beats and jams heard in this track, named "The Briefing". 0:28
23 End of Evil ...for Bowie's Epilogue This orchestral, natural-sounding theme is used to end the stories for any of the playable characters outside of Episode Endal. Starts off slow and keeps going with that pace in mind, with piano solos and choirs included. The second half of the track has bird whistles, signifying the good ending. 3:37
24 Mission Complete ...for Endal's Epilogue This theme is a remix of "End of Evil", but it's shorter and has a metallic flair to it. It can be compared to the soundtrack featured in the 2005 video game "Shadow the Hedgehog". Crushing guitar tones and violent drums clash together to create this hard beat. 3:12
25 Fin to the Story ...for Credits This theme is a jazzy remake of "The Ecstasy of Gold", playing when the player beats the game. It applies to both of the main stories featured in "Degree in Origami", and is present regardless of what character is used to beat the game with. 3:30
26 A Surprise Catch ...for Bad Ending "A Surprise Catch" plays when the "Supersonic Toboggan" is shown eliminating the world's inhabitants and making it into a world of Endal's own. This theme is short and 8-bit, with a chilling melody and depressing drum clashes. 0:07
27 Restored Paradise ...for Good Ending "Restored Paradise" implies that the whole ordeal is over and shows all of the origami inventions being removed from the world. This theme is a remix of "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly", but is a jazzy reincarnation of it. 2:47
Disc Two: The Ambiance
28 Fluff-Shredding Hills Zone ...for Havoc Hills The theme for Havoc Hills has a frantic vibe to it, with a fast-paced electronic instrumental that mashes well with an orchestrated version of the track. The theme sounds haywire and full of peril and suspense, which is fitting because that's what Havoc Hills puts players through. The music gets slower and considerably more jazzy mid-way in, and speeds up near the end, with turntables and static noise representing the epic climax of the stage. 6:13
29 Lava-Pumping Pistol Paradise ...for Volcanic Redoubt Volcanic Redoubt's level features a slow, industrial track that is mostly full of mechanical ambiance and sounds, with R&B noise sticking to the theme of the music. In the middle, a choir gets added to the theme as it slows down, with computer beeps and related noises being added to the melody. The final part breaks out into a fast rock rhythm, with guitars lifting the song's mood to new highs and representing the fever of the redoubt's final sequence. 7:28
30 Cleaning Up the Evil ...for China World China World's music is noticeably happy and cheerful in tone, with guitars playing a lighthearted, simple melody that goes on for much of the track. A little bit of jazz comes into the theme as well to give it more of a distinct flavor, too. The music can be favorably compared to that of JPN Palmtree Panic's music from Sonic CD. The halfway point drops the rock and gets more jazzy, with multiple sax types being added to the mix, and the finale brings back the rock and brings with it the flavor of escaping. 6:50
31 Pennywise Influences ...for Ersatz Mansion The theme for Ersatz Mansion is fittingly creepy and strange, with forboding bell chimes and floorboard creaking adding atmosphere to the theme. The theme incorporates woodwind instruments into the tune, making them its most prominent instruments. Unlike typical spooky themes, the theme for Ersatz Mansion is somewhat upbeat and has dance-like elements in its music, though things temporarily slow down for the mid-section. Drum clanging plays on the last segment in a hypnotic rhythm as the music speeds up again. 8:19
32 The New Dino Age ...for Cretaceous Park Heavy drum sounds are played in all sorts of rhythms in this cryptic, slow tune, with religious-like beats giving the Cretaceous Park theme a breath of unusual life. Choirs play fairly quietly in the background of the tune as maracas shake, and guitars add a bit of modern feel to match the appearance of the mechanical dinosaurs. Things get a little techno in the center before emerging in the climax segment as a slight remix of Iron Maiden's "Empire of the Clouds". 7:11
33 Unfitting Happy Music ...for Frosty Escapade Frosty Escapade, in spite of its threatening nature with bombs threatening to go off soon, features a surprisingly upbeat rock rhythm, to the beat of "Jingle Bells" and sliding into other Christmas themes as the music goes. Instead of different music for different sections, the music continuously speeds up in-game and becomes more of a blur, but on the soundtrack it remains at the same speed and is listenable in its entirety there. 6:41
34 Hungry, Hungry War Pigs ...for Militia Canyon Militia Canyon features rapid drum rolls, army claps, and disgruntled soldier shouts, as well as riffs and remixed sections from Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" track. Whistles and brass instruments play alongside the metal of the stage throughout all three parts of the music. The middle section removes the guitars and becomes entirely drum-roll based, and the last section gets quite fast and brings along the beat of certain segments from Metallica's "Disposable Heroes". 8:32
35 Antarctic Displeasures ...for Stone-Cold Bonelands The tune for Stone-Cold Bonelands is dark and forboding, featuring a metallic rhythm and lowly-tuned guitars. In spite of the circus-like segments of the music, there is nothing fun about this music, with mechanical razing noises aglore. With the piano playing menacingly in the background to bring forth the chilly feels of the stage, the theme is one of the game's scariest. The second part introduces horns and extra brass and the climax brings forth this jazzy, almost strangely sultry element to the music. 7:35
36 The Legend of Bowie ...for Dragon's Crypt The melody for the Dragon's Crypt is soothing and slow, with woodwind instruments and strings composing the majority of this medieval music. At the same time, the melody carries a serious, moody tone to it, and is intended to intimidate the player into evading the dragon when possible. The first part of the stage has a strong emphasis on the flute, harp and violin instruments, while the next two parts build into an epic, choir-filled melody that takes on the challenging parts of the level's music. 9:24
37 That Tornado is Carrying a City! ...for Tornadopolis A heavy remix of Sonic the Hedgehog's "Crisis City", this stage makes use of all four parts of the original theme. The first and most recognizable track, "The Flame", plays in the first third of the stage alongside "The Skyscraper", whilst "Whirlwind" plays for the second, slower part of the level. The final part of the theme, "Tornado", plays at the climax of Tornadopolis. What makes these themes different from the originals is the Western take on it -- it makes the whole stage sound funny and serious at the same time. 7:09
38 The Unlikely Transformer ...for Abandoned Goliath The theme for the "Abandoned Goliath" is significantly more "country-based" than the rest of the game's music, with acoustic guitars playing during the teddy bears' ascent up this massive Goliath. When they go inside of it, however, the music becomes severely techno based, with the country parts of the music becoming much more rare as the insides are explored. As the player advances through the Goliath's end, both country and techno music play for an unusual climax. 8:53
39 Living Dead Outside ...for Cyanide Gardens "Living Dead Outside" is a Western instrumental remix of Metallica's "Cyanide", starting with the S.O.S. riffs and diving into the first half of the melody before looping again. The second part of the stage has a fully original melody whilst using the same Western elements of the first part of this stage's theme. During the final phase of the music, the music is a remix of the second half of the aforementioned "Cyanide". Should the player be playing as Sabeuxo, the lyrics to the song can be heard somewhat. 6:38
40 Security Alert, Security Alert ...for Geargrind Madness Starting with sirens, this incredibly fast-paced song is the most feverish in the whole game, with supersonic-speed metallic clanking and robotic beeps playing in the background of the tone. Guitars are cranked up in the mix, with an overdrive guitar playing constantly through the theme. The music never slows down, with the second part of the melody coming with cranked down screams and "religious" elements to the music. The last part of the theme gets even faster, with breakneck piano playing. 7:49
41 Monochrome Rainbow Land ...for Dark Melody This full instrumental is completely orchestral, and is intended to sound like a Beethoven piece, although isn't particularly one. The music is slow, but peaceful and mysterious in nature, accurately reflecting the oddity of the stage's setting. "Monochrome Rainbow Land" is joined by a jazz band about halfway in, which is present throughout the second and third sections of the level's music. Note that the instrumental does not contain the different versions of the whole theme that can be heard in-game. 10:19
42 Going General Offensive ...for Mache Empire This aggressive music represents the sabotage that Bowie and his friends lay down on the Mache Empire, which they come into at high speed and trash up while they can. The first part of this theme is a speed metal remix of "Skydeck a Go Go" from Sonic Adventure, while the second section is more peaceful and carries the orchestral elements from the previous stage's theme. The last segment of the theme is a beautiful clash of elements between metal and orchestration, with some Western piano playing. 7:21
43 The Dark Souls of Levels ...for Chess Castle This chilling, mystic theme plays for the aggressive Chess Castle, and is the longest track in the entire game. The theme is entirely techno, with some rapping spread throughout the whole track being spoken by Endal regardless of the chosen character. "The Dark Souls of Levels" carries an aggressive, playful nature to its music, with underlying drum beats playing under some harsh piano play. The music remains constant throughout, and does not change regardless of where the player is. 12:59
44 The Fate of the World ...for Supersonic Toboggan "The Fate of the World" plays during the game's extra boss battle, carrying an epic feeling along with it! Played intentionally to sound like a Japanese anime opening (except much longer), the theme is much lighter than the dark Chess Castle music and intends to encourage the teddy bears rather than put them down, with a woman's voice in the music's background intending to encourage the teddy bears. As with "Chess Castle", the music does not change regardless of where the player is in the level. 7:12
45 Sewage Swamp Life ...for Scrap Jungle "Sewage Swamp Life" is a slow theme that carries an industrial approach, with low guitar plucking and urban sounds filling in the meat of this theme's music. The first part of the theme contains some sludge metal-rooted music, but never directly goes in that direction and simply keeps the genre's ambiance; it sounds slow and dirty. The second and third parts are just as filthy, but also gain mechanical elements to the music. A recurring theme between Scrap Jungle's theme and the other four Episode Endal tracks is that Endal raps in all of them. 5:32
46 Fright of the Gladiators ...for Ghoul Zone "Fright of the Gladiators" is a freaky remix that incorporates elements of both "Entry of the Gladiators" and Sonic 3's "Carnival Night Zone", being a falsely happy tune with freaky screams and laughter going about as well as Endal's laughter. The second part incorporates elements from Gorillaz's "Carnival" and the third part takes elements from all of these different themes whilst also adding an aquatic ambiance to the music. 6:15
47 A Side of Sector 2 ...for Evil Ruin As with the other "Episode Endal" themes above, the music for Evil Ruin includes elements from other video game music -- this one in particular carrying the ambiance and emotion of Metroid Fusion's "Sector 2 (TRO)". As such, the theme is slow and gives off the feeling of being lost in a deep jungle, and carries a foreign, creepy feel to it. The second part includes a choir and some guitar bars whilst the climax part becomes a freaky remix of Super Metroid's mid-boss theme, with added distorted guitars to apply pressure. 5:28
48 The Last Task ...for Wretch's Hollow The last stage of Episode Endal has its theme full of mysteriousness and dark ambiance. Instead of the music changing for the different sections, the music continuously gets faster as the player drags through the level, with the initial orchestral arrangement transforming into a scary woodwind tune that attempts to carry along the dread and emotions of the dead. The most prominent instrument for this music is the harp. 7:49
49 Thomas' Anger ...for Mid-Boss Battle "Thomas' Anger" plays in every battle involving Thomas, and carries a Classic Sonic tone to its music, with those classic Genesis claps and that old-fashioned synth playing alongside modern instruments in a tightly-knitted theme. The music isn't too aggressive or serious in nature, instead being a bouncy dance floor theme that represents both the mysteriousness and wackiness of Endal's assistant "Thomas". 1:18
50 Large-Scale Threat ...for Big Boss Showdown Playing for almost every main boss in the game, "Large-Scale Threat" is a far more intimidating theme with quick acoustic guitar playing and occasional maniacal laughter being heard in the mix. As with many themes in the game, there is a strong emphasis on quick drum beats and Western bar sections. This theme is played usually for when the player battles Endal, Fudgebuckets or Savast, and as such can be associated with the monkey species in general. 1:49
51 Cyberbear Brawl ...for Versus Project X Starting off with some cybernetic whirls, "Cyberbear Brawl" is a menacing, mechanical theme that moves slowly but is intended to spook the player into being cautious about their enemy. Nothing here in this theme is traditional; all of it is mechanical and artificial, with computer-generated noises and old Genesis-styled sounds making up the majority of the theme. This theme plays during all three battles against Project X, including his finale battle with absolutely no changes. 1:34
52 Splatterplot Mastermind ...for Versus Slate "Splatterplot Mastermind" is a fully organic remix of "Cyberbear Brawl", with dark ambiance running throughout the music. Loud distortion controls, quiet piano playing, and cold notes play throughout the theme in place of every single techno instrument. The song opens up with a piece of Slate's extremely distorted laughter. Even though the player battles Slate multiple times in the game, this theme only plays during the player's battle with them in the Mache Empire level. 2:48
53 Some Kind of Monster ...for Versus King Endal Playing during the King Endal fight, this theme is a speedy metal remix of both Metallica's "Some Kind of Monster" and Yoshi's Island DS' "Vs. Boss" theme, starting off with the latter and using the former as like a bridge of sorts before the whole song loops again. The choirs and guitar notes are completely original for the final boss' track. As with "Large-Scale Threat", loud maniacal laughter can be hard in the mix for the music. 4:51
54 All Within Your Hands ...for Versus Final Boss "All Within Your Hands" plays during the third phase of the final boss, being an amalgamate of all of the song types introduced in the game. The song starts with a speed metal introduction before breaking out into a dual metal/orchestral section, breaking into a melancholy-themed Western section and breaking into a techno/metal solo before rising back up with a pop/rap mix that is used as a bridge to loop back towards the beginning of the music. The fate of the world is in the player's hands with this theme. 8:40
55 Sigh of Relief ...for Area Clear A short, catchy jingle that's composed of quick drum beats and several Western instruments, giving the feeling of a theme composed in the early 1900's. A semi-remix of the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 act clear jingle. 0:12
56 A Good Victory ...for Stage Clear Another jingle that is a slightly extended version of the previous jingle, but with loud hand claps and an underlying, positive rhythm that abuses the overdrive and distortion guitars. 0:14
57 Game Over, Psycho! ...for Game Clear This jingle is a slight remix of the first section of the "The Fate of the World" theme, being remixed into a jingle that is yet again a semi-remix of the "Sigh of Relief" theme. Has a very spacy feel to it as well as a positive atmosphere. 0:31

Licensed instrumentals

No. Title Artist Length No. Title Artist Length
1 "The Ecstasy of Gold"

This track is used during the opening sequence and also right prior to the final fight. A short instrumental of the song plays when the last area of the game, Chess Castle, is unlocked.

Ennio Morricone 3:23 2 "Cactus Desert"

An instrumental by Brandon Fiechter that captures Bowie's nature with no lyrics, only sincere yet calm music that reflect the properties and characteristics of the wild, wild west. It's also reflective of his battle stance. Plays when Bowie is the focus of the story.

Brandon Fiechter 3:15
3 "Gold Rush"

This instrumental by Derek Fiechter reflects the patient, calm nature of Ashe, yet reflects on his occasional greed for things like gold. Ashe can sit out anything yet is determined to do anything he can to be helpful. Plays when Ashe is the story focus.

Derek Fiechter 4:17 4 "Glowing Ember's Inn"

The instrumental by both Derek & Brandon Fietcher is synonymous with Flare's nature as a mayor and as a burning force of nature with a very warm heart. This song plays whenever the story happens to be focusing on Flare or her child.

Derek & Brandon Fiechter 3:41
5 "Shadow Ninja"

This instrumental by Brandon Fiechter that reflects the silent, yet mysterious qualities of Windi. There's a strong Japanese aura in this theme that also reflects Windi's various qualities as a character. Plays when she's the story focus.

Brandon Fiechter 3:50 6 "Arabian Nights"

An instrumental by Brandon Fiechter that captures the sinister, unpleasant aura of Sabeuxo as well as the strange, unsettling feel of the actual Arabian Nights. This song always plays whenever Sabeuxo is the central character of a story.

Brandon Fiechter 3:45
7 "The Old Train"

The short instrumental by Derek Fiechter is synonymous for Dryle's age and his personality... Dryle plows through whatever he can and releases steam when he moves, and his shovel can really hit like the front of a train at times. Plays when Dryle's the story focus.

Derek Fiechter 3:26 8 "Silverdawn Village"

An instrumental by Brandon Fiechter that is super soothing and captures the feeling and emotions of Malvio, and who also happens to be different and far more mysterious than the other characters. This theme plays whenever Malvio is the focus.

Brandon Fiechter 3:51
9 "Dark Astronomer"

This malice-filled instrumental by Derek & Brandon Fiechter is the theme for Endal in this game, focusing on the dark and lethal traits of the character. It tends to not always fit though due to Endal's crazed personality... plays whenever Endal is shown to the player's cast.

Derek & Brandon Fiechter 3:47 10 "The Headless Horseman"

This creepy instrumental by Derek & Brandon Fiechter plays whenever Slate is present on the scene as the main center of attention. It very rarely plays, but has a lot more significance near the end of the game.

Derek & Brandon Fiechter 3:10

Licensed tracks

No. Title Artist Length No. Title Artist Length
1 "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?"

The track plays soon after Bowie and family wake up from being flung across the world, agitated by Endal's success and the fact that they'll be late when it comes to catching up to the monkey overlord.

Creedence Clearwater Revival 2:41 2 "I Wanna Rock"

Plays right between the first stage ("Havoc Hills") and the first boss fight. "I Wanna Rock" plays to capture the essence of playful the teddy bears feel after the first level, right after warming up.

Twisted Sister 3:03
3 "Rock You Like A Hurricane (clean)"

Continues the joyous emotion and positive vibe pattern the previous song had, playing between the climax section of Volcanic Redoubt and its main boss fight. It helps power up and pump up the cutscene in-between.

Scorpions 4:11 4 "Born To Be Wild"

Follows the trend of the previous two songs of being an arm-pumping theme meant to show the excitement of the teddy bears as they prepare to face off against China World's boss fight.

Steppenwolf 3:32
5 "Bad"

While the full track is available in the soundtrack, the track starts in-game at the chorus. Continues the pace of the prior three songs and plays in Ersatz Mansion, although this time it's from the boss' perspective.

Michael Jackson 4:06 6 "Danger Zone"

Sandwiched between Cretaceous Park's climax section and boss fight, the song is supposed to emphasize the villains' step out of their comfort zone, putting up resistance against the teddy bears' forces.

Kenny Loggins 3:32
7 "Paranoid"

Plays during the buildup to the boss fight of Frosty Escapade. The usage of the song reflects the cold, bitter nature of the boss character, talking from their point of view in a world that's going to be blown away from land.

Black Sabbath 2:48 8 "Back in Black"

Militia Canyon's boss fight cutscene contains this very song, depicting the villain Savast for the first time in the game. The song references the fact that she came back from a 3-year hiatus on Fantendo.

AC/DC 4:12
9 "We Will Rock You"

The Stone-Cold Bonelands' main boss has this song playing on their radio in preparation for the teddy bears, proclaiming through the usage of the song that they will crush the heroes and come out victorious.

Queen 2:01 10 "Another Brick in the Wall"

Right after the Dragon's Crypt is cleared, this song plays while Bowie and friends communicate with the rider of the dragon, who has very clear intents to destroy the teddy bears with their psycho-like personality.

Pink Floyd 3:49
11 "Seven Nation Army"

Right after having made it through most of the hellish tornado, seven nations of origami soldiers join up and go against the teddy bears in the whirring tornado. This theme could be used as the theme for the boss, General Origami.

The White Stripes 3:59 12 "Stylo"

The whole theme of "Stylo" plays during the boss battle of Abandoned Goliath and during the cutscene that occurs right before it. The two giant robots fighting seem to be personalifying the two different things in the song.

Gorillaz 4:30
13 "Welcome to the Jungle"

This explosive, metal-rooted song plays when Bowie and family encounter the guardian of the gear-grinding factory just up ahead, while attempting to escape the Cyanide Gardens. The song is full of heavy emotion and is described from the boss' point of view.

Guns 'N Roses 4:30 14 "Smoke On The Water"

Between Geargrind Madness and Dark Melody plays this song, which occurs during the cutscene that proceeds the thirteenth level's boss fight. The song reflects the smoky nature of the Geargrind Madness and the polluted water right outside of it.

Deep Purple 5:42
15 "Dream On"

This unusually chilly song late in the game emphasizes the power of the Dark Melody's master and player, and the players should know by this point that the game is starting to take its seriousness up by a serious notch.

Aerosmith 4:25 16 "Crazy Train"

This hard-rockin' song plays as Bowie and his friends onlook Slate atop his throne in the Mache Empire, just blocking off the entrance of the Chess Castle, where the final battles are supposed to take place.

Ozzy Osbourne 4:56
17 "Princes of the Universe"

This song plays close to the end of Chess Castle, during a cutscene that depicts the teddy bears between the forces of evil and the world they had just managed to cross over successfully. This song is sung from the view of the teddy bears.

Queen 3:31 N/A "Untitled"

Blank track at the end of the CD, with strange garbling heard in place of actual music. It is unknown what this space was meant to be used for or if it serves an actual purpose.


Pre-release and unused content

During development, the game was originally known as BowieQuest 2: Epitome of Evil, and a single trailer of it was officially released into the public domain. Very unlike the game it was intended to be a sequel to (BowieQuest), Epitome of Evil would have had a much darker, grittier atmosphere and would have featured nuclear attacks and terrorists running amok. Reception to the trailer was negative from fans and critics alike; the video received over 21,000 dislikes and just 5,500 likes on YouTube within the first day of its announcement, and was subsequently pulled off of YouTube. Not wanting to put their game to waste, TimeStrike employees reused several elements from Epitome of Evil as they reworked both the game's engine and aesthetics. Here are the elements reused from the original concept, based off of both the trailer and official Twitter tweets:

  • Sabeuxo and Malvio, whom were playable in this version of the game according to the trailer, were kept and reused for Degree in Origami.
  • "Episode Endal" was revealed in a post-trailer tweet, though as the game never progressed much beyond the trailer, what this Episode Endal could have been is unknown. The concept of an Endal-based story episode was reused for the final product.
  • The primary terrorist character, named Screamer, was aesthetically reworked into the inky demon "Slate". As "Screamer", they wanted to nuke the teddy bears and rid them from the world without remorse. It seems as if their character was incomplete here.
  • The stages shown in the game's trailer were "Desert Dazzle" and "Smoky Waters". While some of Desert Dazzle's concepts were reworked into elements for the Militia Canyon and Dragon's Crypt levels, Smoky Waters remained entirely left behind.
  • There were three tribes shown off in this game: the Western Tribe, Undersea Tribe, and Modern Tribe. While the Western Tribe remained for the final product, the middle one was scrapped entirely and the Modern Tribe was reworked into the Volcanic Redoubt's "Genius Tribe".
    • The genius tribe was shown in what could have been a third possible level, which was based in what looked like a mechanical jungle setting.
  • The jeep overworld concept originated from this version of the game, and was reused for Degree in Origami with slight redesigns. All nuclear references in the vehicle's design were removed.
  • According to a tweet released after the release of the final game, "Tornadopolis", "Abandoned Goliath", "Cyanide Gardens", and "Dark Melody" were reused from Epitome of Evil in order to add extra meat to the game. The first and last stages in that set were surprisingly early-game locations.
  • Another tweet revealed that a character named "Quarry" was intended to be in the game as an extra child for Bowie, but was scrapped so that they could keep Bowie's family simple. Elements of them were placed into the Avatar character, however.
  • One more tweet unveiled that Bowie was supposed to be the murderer of Endal's tribe exclusively, but this concept was forbidden from entering Degree in Origami. While Bowie does retain that title, it is unveiled only subtly through Endal's rant in the present-day Episode Endal.

Experienced hacking with BowieQuest 2: Degree in Origami found some information that was left unused:

  • A leftover image in the game consists of a nuclear background and a level select menu, which means that it was put together while the game was still known as Epitome of Evil. The level select reads as the following: '"Desert Dazzle", "Smoky Waters", "Urban Jungle", "Heaven Aflame", "Tornadopolis", "Dark Melody", "Graveland", "Bullet Express", "Hyper-High Base", "Abandoned Goliath", "Cyanide Gardens", "Forever Cavern", "White Mansion", "Marine Kingdom", "Air Annihilator", and "Silent Valley". There is no mention of an extra level, meaning that Supersonic Toboggan was planned beyond Epitome of Evil.
  • Several concept arts exist whereas the teddy bears are shown grabbing ahold of colored gems and supposedly showing off new attacking moves with them. This might have been scrapped late in development, as there are unused (and incomplete) animations in the game that reflect the artwork. The only complete example is one where Bowie holds a gem and sets his rope on fire, swinging it across the full length across the screen. It is complete to the point where the animation has solid hitboxes set up on it.
  • Several tile assets from both the original BowieQuest and Epitome of Evil remain in the game, completely unused. Given how much of certain stages remain (particularly Western Village and Sapphire Quarry), it is possible that some stages were meant to be reused for Degree in Origami.
  • A few unused tracks in the game are either creepy in ambiance or overly dark compared to the official soundtrack release. Given that a few of these tracks were used in the Epitome of Evil trailer, they were likely intended for that version of that game.
  • Several images of the game were used for menus in the original BowieQuest. They all go unused.


As with the first title, TimeStrike released a ballot based on Degree in Origami to collect data from responders in order to further flesh out the future of the BowieQuest series. According to director Athena Hawkins, she wants to figure out the elements of the series that the players love the most so she can incorperate only the best of elements into the upcoming BowieQuest 3. The results for BowieQuest were well-received by the dev team and they hope that votes are almost evenly spread along the question responses and that they get handy suggestions from fans. The future of the series once again relies on responses to the ballot.

The ballot can be found here.


  • The original game was intended to be a darker, more serious sequel entitled BowieQuest 2: Epitome of Evil. However, themes such as nuclear assault were thought by director Athena Hawkins to not really work for the series, and it was deemed too violent and strange a sequel to be continued. Degree in Origami was formed as a response to that.
  • The secondary villain of the game, Slate, was inspired by the final boss of the 2017 video game Cuphead as well as the villain Brushogun from the 2006 film Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo.
  • Some of the items and their functionalities were inspired by items from DoReMi Fantasy: Milon's DokiDoki Adventure.
  • The bestiary was inspired by the one featured in the Nintendo DS title Wario: Master of Disguise.
  • Several of the mini-bosses were inspired by specific Sonic the Hedgehog enemies.
    • TMS-01 was inspired by the very first Sonic the Hedgehog battle in world history -- the wrecking ball fight at Green Hill Zone. It also carries techniques and strategies from the Sonic the Hedgehog 4 fight.
    • TMS-02 takes notes and inspiration from the Ice Mountain battle in Sonic Advance.
    • TMS-06 takes cues from the Ice Paradise battle in Sonic Advance 2.
    • The Abandoned Goliath's head battle was inspired by the Egg Golem battle in Sonic Adventure 2.
    • TMS-12 is somewhat based off of the final boss battle in Sonic Advance 3.
    • TMS-13 is a complete reworking of Sonic Forces character Infinite, being a straight-up jackal wearing a mechanical monochrome mask. It even has the cube attacks and effects.
    • The Chess Castle midboss was inspired by the Whisker & Johnny fight in Sonic Rush Adventure.
    • Project X takes a lot of notes from Metal Sonic, Silver Sonic, and Mecha Sonic from across the classic Mega Drive titles.
  • Similarly, almost all of the main bosses are based off of Inora characters.
    • END-14 is based off of the character Shy Dude and borrows moves from the Super Mario enemy Snifit.
    • More information on this is to come.
  • The different playable characters have cartoons and Disney films in mind when it comes to their gameplay designs:
    • Bowie's rope-swinging, sheriff-badge tossing gameplay is inspired by Woody from Toy Story.
    • Ashe's ability to turn weight and size gain into his advantage was somewhat inspired by the bottles from Alice in Wonderland that let Alice grow and shrink in size.
    • Flare's fast, chaotic nature was inspired by the fast, fun-loving pace of the Tom & Jerry cartoons.
    • Windi's fighting nature and gameplay style were both inspired by Randy Cunningham from Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.
    • Sabeuxo's abrasive, strong gameplay was inspired by the strong, damage-racking Wreck-It Ralph.
    • Dryle's aggressive, yet humorous and self-encouraged behavior were inspired by a number of Disney villains, however his primary personality inspiration is actually Carl from UP.
    • Malvio's psychic powers were inspired by Piper from Disney's Star Darlings, although a majority of her moves and aesthetics are borrowed from TimeStrike character Pierce Hazel.
  • Multiple features in the game were taken from BowieQuest titles of the past.
    • Several stages are redone versions of stages from past titles.
    • Several characters were taken out of old BowieQuest titles, as well. "Savast", for example, emerges from a game known as BowieQuest α.
    • "Bowie's Puzzle League" was inspired by the title Bananas' Vengeance, which had a very similar premise... with the difference that the game was starring Endal the Monkey and that the core gameplay was Puyo Puyo, a different puzzle game.
    • "Endal's Conquest" is a remake of the old title Bananas' Puzzle Arena, revamped entirely in terms of gameplay and execution, although the focus remains on Endal and keeps some similar ideas.
  • Pumpkin Hill from Sonic Adventure 2 was chosen as a DLC stage due to the serene qualities of it and also to beat in the fact that the BowieQuest series was, as a whole, inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Toroko director Helena Harper (tbc) is largely responsible for the game's artwork and art direction.


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