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Bowie: House Havoc
Developer(s) Teddy Bear Enterprises
Publisher(s) Teddy Bear Enterprises
Platform(s) Wii U
Age Rating(s)
E+10 by ESRB
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Bowie Spinoffs
Bowie: House Havoc is a Bowie game in the spin-off series.  It stars Bowie and friends as they attempt to stop Bananas' plans once again - after being shrunk to the size of a raisin!


Chapter Zero

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve

The End


All game play is retained from BowieQuest II, plus new stuff!  During gameplay you can switch between three characters you selected at the beginning of the stage.  You can also use the R button which changed from a camera button to a move button.  You can now play minigames (see here).  More to come...

This game is an adventuring platformer. You use the control pad to move and press the A button to jump. If you are running and you press the A button, you will do a leap instead of a jump. If you press A in the air, you will double jump (except if you are Bowie or Paul). Pressing A when ducking will cause you to high jump.

B is your attack button. Pressing B while being still or walking will allow you to attack. Bowie will punch, Ashe will kick, Samantha will swing around her frying pan, Paul will toss himself, and Shelia will toss a mini-tornado. When running, your options are a bit different. Bowie will do his Punchdash, Ashe will do an uppercut with his feet, Samantha will do a cartwheel using her frying pan, Paul will break the sound barrier (despite average speed), and Shelia will become a tornado herself. In the air options are different again. Bowie will spin his fists in the air, Ashe will do a long-range kick, Samantha will toss a rusted frying pan, Paul will be forced down to the ground and will create shockwaves, and Shelia will become an air tornado. Ducking on the ground, options are once again different. Bowie will do an uppercut, Ashe will do a very speedy kick, Samantha will create fire around her, Paul will electrocute the ground three feet around him, and Shelia will create a tornado above herself that will damage near anything.

X is your special ability button. Rock fist will change Bowie's fists to rock and will cause more damage, Aqua Kick will liquidfy Ashe's legs and create softer kicks but will eliminate fire instantly, Flaming Frying Pan will power up the frying pan that Samantha has and will cause it to go on fire, Thunderdash will allow Paul to dash through enemies with electricity, and Tornado Toss will allow Shelia to toss a big tornado.

Introduced as playable characters in this game include Jonathan, a small bear with big brain, and Robert, a big bear with little brain. Simple? With B, Robert can punch, slide punch, air fist, and ground-punch. With B, Jonathan can strike, sword slash, uppercut, and do the slice tornado.

Y is the special attack button, and will only be activated when the special bar is filled. While still, Bowie will do an earthquake, Ashe will do a hurricane, Samantha will cause an eruption, Paul will create a large thunderstorm, and Shelia will create a very big tornado.

When running, Bowie will do a seismic stomp, Ashe will do a water burst, Samantha will run extremely fast on fire, Paul will electrocute the ground underneath him, and Shelia will continue running, but with a tornado trailing behind her. Robert can do a all-out slam while still, but while running he can do the same thing, but while running. Jonathan can do a black hole while still, but will become one while running.

While in the air, Bowie will come down instantly and strike the ground, Ashe will do an aerial hurricane, Samantha will do a volcanic spin, Paul will create a shield of electricity, Shelia will toss a tornado in the air, Robert will do a really big uppercut, and Jonathan will slash his sword long-range distance.

While ducking, Bowie will create a large earthquake, Ashe will flood the stage, Samantha will explode, Paul will also explode, but does more damage and damages himself as well, Shelia will create an upward-spiraling tornado, Robert will dig through the ground, and Jonathan will do a super-high jump.

Moves performed with R are the following:

  • Bowie can curl up into a ball and smash through cracked walls.
  • Samantha can curl herself in flames and break through grass blocks.
  • Ashe can do a quad jump with the power of water.  The dropping water can break through fire blocks.
  • Paul can create an electical shield with this button.  He can break through water blocks with this button.
  • Shelia can fly with this power.
  • Jonathan can minimize himself further and squeeze through tiny gaps.
  • Robert can ground-pound and break through cracked-up ground.
  • Gary can create an ice shield to protect himself from most obstacles.

L is now a camera button (R switched to a move button), and the plus button will act as a pause menu.


Image Name Stats Description Element Unlocked by:
BowieIcon Bowie

Power: 4/5

Jump: 2/5

Speed: 3/5

 Bowie is back in action after Bananas let a screw loose again!  The green dude is not ready to give up, even at the size of a raisin. Rock Starter
AsheIcon Ashe

Power: 3/5

Jump: 2/5

Speed: 4/5

Ashe returns to help his father after being shrunk to a tiny size!  He likes swimming, even in sinks. Water Starter
SamanthaIcon Samantha

Power: 2/5

Jump: 4/5

Speed: 3/5

She is helping Bowie totally!  She loves to use her fire powers for everything, including chickens bigger than her. Fire Starter
SheliaIcon Shelia

Power: 1/5

Jump: 3/5

Speed: 5/5

Shelia is a bit greedy but returns none the less!  She likes using her wind powers to transport herself between tables. Wind Starter
PaulIcon Paul

Power: 3/5

Jump: 5/5

Speed: 1/5

Paul is back with quite the attitude!  But he got tricked again?  After relearning a mistake, he can create electrical ladder to climb ledges! Electric Beat him in Radical Room
Robert Icon Robert

Power: 5/5

Jump: 2/5

Speed: 2/5

Robert is back to punch objects MUCH bigger than he is!  He is a fan of breaking apart gumballs found on the ground. Strength Find all of the Robert Tokens.
JonathanIcon Jonathan

Power: 3/5

Jump: 3/5

Speed: 3/5

The king of intelligence is BACK!  He likes using his dark powers to teleport through walls. Dark Complete the game once.
GaryIcon Gary

Power: 2/5

Jump: 3/5

Speed: 4/5

Gary makes his big debut here, and he's sort of ready to help Bowie!  After being saved from terror, he can make platforms with solid ice! Ice Help him escape a boiling river of lava.


Stage Theme Number of Levels Enemies Bosses Difficulty Icon
Supreme Salon Normal 8 Main, 4 Optional Walkin' Stool, Clamping Shoes, Penbirds, Pencildrives, Clothrags Captain BigShoe, Junior Training
Havoc Head Water 8 Main, 4 Optional Toilet Paper Mummy, Ted Torp., RoBuddy, Appple, MechaShark King Zipher, Whooping Worm Easy
Cake Cellar Bouncy 7 Main, 5 Optional CakeFake, Cereal Whopper, Surup, Icy Creamer, Browny Brown Surup Junior, Gary (story), Whopper King Easy
Radical Room Speed 7 Main, 5 Optional Movin' Racecars, Dust Mice, Eraserwhacks, Flies, PaperWhack MegaEraser, Paul (MechaPaul later on) Easy
Botanic Basement Plant 9 Main, 3 Optional Spiders, Ants, Lizards, Beetles, Suckerplants, Alligator (as obstacle) The Big Beetle, Robuddy II Medium
Outside Orchard Grass 9 Main, 3 Optional Grass Weed, Jumpin' Bug, Grasshupper, Crackit, Snaker The Crickit King, Snaker Medium
Dinner Diner Mechanical 8 Main, 4 Optional Orangetons, FloorTiler, Rawnion, Blowerana, BBQ Chipster Blowerana, Lays King Medium
Krazy Kitchen Volcanic 10 Main, 2 Optional Hot Pots, Warm Pasta, Appleton, Eggopus, Magmor Ultra Appleton, Crispy the Chicken Hard
Acrobatic Attic Horror 8 Main, 4 Optional Bats, Ghosts, Mice, Puppets, Scar-e-CLOWNS Spooky Puppet, Mecha-Bananas Hard
Poisonous Pipes Maze 11 Main, 1 Optional Tarantulas, Pipe Bullets, RoBuddy II W, PoisonTon, Maniacalloon Maniacalloon Monsteroon, Venomizer Hard
Monster Mountain Sky 12 Main All previous enemies Cloud Clud, ThunderClud Expert
Frozen Fridge Face-off Ice 5 Main, 7 Optional All previous enemies Armed Mecha Bananas, Mecha Bananas and X, The MX-ernanas Master




Item Use
Pretzel Heals a heart of your health meter.
Electric Ring You can use this to toss electric balls.
Aqua Ring You can use this to spit waterballs.
Fire Ring You can use this to breath fireballs.
Rock Ring You can use this to toss rocks.
Wind Ring You can use this to toss mini tornadoes.
Dark Ring You can create mini-black holes with this.
Power Ring You can use this to break walls.
Ice Ring You can use this to toss ice cubes.
Psychic Ring You can use this to pick up things without touching them.
Golden Pretzel It heals all the hearts of your health meter.
Flaming Cookie This beefs up your attacks, doing more damage to bosses.
Drown Coke If an enemy touches this, their defense will drop.
Green Ketchup If an enemy touches this, their speed will greatly decrease.
Pretzel Sandwich These will increase your speed once consumed.
Spicy Pretzel It fills all of your special meter.
E. Ring II It functions like the Electric Ring, but for 15 seconds.
A. Ring II It functions like the Aqua Ring, but for 15 seconds.
F. Ring II It functions like the Fire Ring, but for 15 seconds.
R. Ring II It functions like the Rock Ring, but for 15 seconds.
W. Ring II It functions like the Wind Ring, but for 15 seconds.
Halo It will float above your head, and it will prevent attacks from hitting your head.
Bowie Toy If bought, it will follow you around.  It will beep when you are around a token, and it will defeat enemies that try to attack you.
Fur Pelt This will add to your health meter.
Fire Shield This will surround you with fire.  It will prevent attacks as long as it lasts.
Darkness Badge This will reflect all non-physical attacks.
Tail Gun This will be attached to you, and it will fire upon touch of the "Z" and "R" buttons.  You can hold "B" to aim.
Arm Missile This will attach to your upper arm, and will fire missiles upon touch of the "Z" and "X" buttons.
Rocket Booster This will attach to your legs, and you can fly for five seconds when holding the "Z" button.
Rocket Drive This will attach to your back, and you can zoom at incredible speeds when holding the "Z" and "Y" buttons.
Metallic Armor This will halve the damage you get from enemies.  You can take this off/on upon pressing the "Z" and "L" buttons.


Candy Picture Teddy Bear First Move How it Works Second Move How it Works
Green GreenC Bowie Seismic Punch Hold B right after you punch, then release to do a long-distance punch. Rocky Spin Press B while in the air three times and then you will spin around, tossing rocks.
Red RedC Samantha Fire Spin Hold B when ducking and then you'll spin around like a tornado and throw flames for a couple of seconds. Fiery Dash Press B while running twice, then you will burst through the air at high speeds.
Blue BlueC Ashe Aqua Jump Press A when you land to do a super-high jump that is fueled by water. Aqua Slash Press B while attacking to do a long-range attack with your claws.
Yellow YellowC Paul Thunder Spin Hold B when ducking to begin spinning.  Release "B" to throw yourself like a bowling ball.  You will destroy any enemies (besides bosses) due to your electricity. Body Magnet Press B while still to attract coins and other forms of money.
Purple PurpleC Shelia Wind Kick If you press B five times in a row, you'll do a kick that goes 20 feet around you, knocking out any enemies in the way. Wind Ride Press B in the air to catch the wind, allowing you to ride it.
Brown BrownC Jonathan Black Bomb If you press B several times in a row, Jonathan will throw a bomb that will explode, destroying anything with its fifteen-feet radius. Sticky Climb Press B while near a wall to climb it.  Works for 10 seconds before you fall.
Black BlackC Robert UltraPunch If Robert presses B right after he attacks, he will do an explosive punch that will defeat most enemies instantly. Roberdig Press B while ducking to dig underground.
Grey GreyC Gary Icicle Toss If B is pressed when Gary is ducking on the ground, he will pick up a random piece of ice and toss it many feet in front of him. Ice Cube Ride Press B while running to slip on an ice cube and travel at high speeds.