Young Link's Ice Bow Move

Hero's Bow

Hero's Bow is Link's,Young Link's , and Toon Link's Standard Special Move attack in Super Smash Bros. Battle of Time. Even when the attack isn't charged up, the arrows fly far. Toon Link's arrows shoot at a very slight upwards angle and are noticeably "floatier" than Link's; it is slightly slower traveling through the air than Link's arrows.

Link can still hold the arrow in place when it's fully charged. A fully charged arrow is strong enough to KO a person in Sudden Death. A fully charged arrow also has great range, useful for stopping approaches.

Link can turn around in mid air, if the backwards direction is pressed right after the bow is taken out. However, if combined with the Quickdraw technique, a glitch may occur in which Link points his bow in one direction, but the arrow is fired in the other direction. This can be avoided if the bow is initiated in the air just before Link touches the ground, instead of the same instant Link touches the ground. This move is notable for being used in the Quickdraw technique.

Ice Bow

Ice Bow is a variation of the Hero's Bow, and it is Young Link's Standard Special Move in Battle of Time. With this version, Young Link shoots freezing arrows that do not travel as far as Link's and do slightly less damage. However, it has more hitstun than the other bows, and freezing the foe in place.


The Bow is one of Link's main weapons in The Legend of Zelda series. In Ocarina of Time, Link could use fire arrows, as well as ice and light arrows. In Battle of Time, Young Link's bow are based on the Hero's Bow from Majora's Mask. Link's Hero's Bow is derived from Twilight Princess, while Toon Link's is from The Wind Waker.