The Cockroach Leader
Full Name Bossroach
Gender Male
Species Cockroach
Location Trash Tooth
Current Status Deceased
Class Antagonist, Boss
Leader of the Roaches along with:
Tankroach (Deceased)
Psyroach (Deceased)
Main Weapon(s) Battleship
First Appearance Tak-Zac Bug World (2013)
Latest Appearance Tak-Zac Bug World (2013)
Ha! Do no more damage, huh? Tankroach and Psyroach are both dead because of you and your little gnat friend! So I decided to show you the consequences for taking out my two best Roaches!
Bossroach at Trash Tooth, TZBW

Bossroach is the leader of the Roach Trio and the empire of Cockroaches and the Teritary Antagonist of Tak-Zac Bug World. He is an ally in Tarko's scheme by giving him weapons and power to his Tarantula Tribe. He appears to be Tarko's most trusted minion as he often relies on him alot. After Tankroach and Psyroach died fighting Tak, Bossroach attacks the ant on top of Big Cheese Tower in his battleship.

Tak defeats Bossroach by damaging his ship which flies out of control and crashes into the Big Cheese Tower. The tower falls foward with Bossroach inside and it explodes into flames due the impact, destroying the tower and killing Bossroach.

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