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Boss Rush (BBUF)

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Boss rush mode is an episode in Bubble Bobble Ultimate Fusion!.

List of stages

All the stages are a boss rush in the format of Kirby Super Star.

List of bosses in order

  • Super Drunk
  • Dark Dragon
  • SMS Miniboss rush (The giant Mightya who flys around chucking boulders, and the hidgeons who bounces aroung the screen firing 5 fireballs like the super drunk)
  • Angry Super Drunk (NES and arcade(?))
  • Enemy Bash! (All the enemies, where you fight 5 of the same enemies at the same time!
  • Zen-chan (The waddle dee in KSS of them.)
  • Hyper Drunk
  • Super Dark Great Dragon (FINAL!)

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