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The Boss Collection series is a series about bosses from a long list of Nintendo Games.


There are 11 compilations in the series.

  • Boss Collection #001: The Beginning (Old Consoles [Nes, Snes, GB]
  • Boss Collection #002: Devastating Today (Nowadays Consoles [Wii U, 3DS/New 3DS]
  • Boss Collection #003: Travel to the Future (Future Consoles [NX...]
  • Boss Collection #004: Mid Boss is the Way (Various Minibosses from All Consoles)
  • Boss Collection #005: Old Bosses, New Fights (Most bossesare the same of #001, but in different games [Bowser: #001 SMB Bowser, #005 SMGalaxy Bowser for example]
  • Boss Collection #006: Portable Smash (Portable Nintendo Consoles [GB, GBA, DS, 3DS...]
  • Boss Collection #007: Another Portable Smash (More bosses from the same consoles as above)
  • Boss Collection #008: It's Coming (Various Bosses from all consoles)
  • Boss Collection #009: Genesis (Same as above)
  • Boss Collection #010: The Final Boss (Final Bosses from all consoles)
  • Boss Collection #011: Brave New World (Side-Quest Bosses and Post-Game Bosses from all consoles)


Bold means unlockable by beating certains circumstances or by simply beating other ones.

There are various types of boss. Important Boss (example: Whispy Woods), Mid-Boss (example: Boom Boom), Final Boss (example: Master Core), and Optional Boss (examples: Culex, Bonetail, Shadoo)

#001: The Beginning

  • Bowser Impostor 7- Super Mario Bros. - Important Boss
  • Kabula - Kirby's Dream Land - Important Boss
  • Gleook - The Legend of Zelda - Important Boss
  • Ridley - Metroid - Important Boss
  • Meta Knights - Kirby's Adventure - Mid-Boss
  • Boom Boom - Super Mario Bros. 3 - Mid-Boss
  • Kraid - Metroid - Important Boss
  • Trinexx - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Important Boss
  • Hewdraw - Kid Icarus - Important Boss
  • More TBA

General Informations

The series is full of boss fights from lots of games.

There are 3 ways to fight the boss: 1. Normal Mode (You fight the boss normally) 2. Championship (You fight the boss with a time limit. The less you did and the less you got damaged, the more you'll earn points. The most points you did, the most you can be rewarded) 3. Free Mode (You fight the boss with unlimited health, just for learning his attacks and weaknesses. You won't obtain rewards and you won't unlock other bosses).

Most of the bosses are unlockable.


  • Boss Collection #008, #009 and #011 are named after the TV Series "Heroes" (the one with Hiro Nakamura, Peter Petrelli, Claire Bennet, Sylar etc.)

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