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Boss Battles is a community game that is fighting game starring various bosses as the challengers and fighters. The game takes intentionally after ARMS, although is very distinct due to it's focus on boss battles, of which ARMS does not really offer. The project was created by Toroko, being a spiritual successor to B.O.K.O. It has currently launched on The V², Pharo, Nintendo Switch, and PC, and then on the Evo-Gem in 2022, with further releases on other consoles in the future imminent. The game is meant to feature both characters from various media like a umbrella, as well as fester in original content.


The game is similar to ARMS in that battles take place inside of arenas and you always have a third-person back view of your character. Characters can move, swerve, dodge, block, and attack using the controller. Each character has a left and right attack that they can swap out, and using both at once can result in a grab.

Arena Slugfest

Take on opponents in a 1-1 match or 2-2 match. Only playable characters can be used here, and players can either face off online opponents or local opponents.

Boss Battles

The player can take on Bosses in this mode, facing off a random set of bosses. The player can choose to take on either three, five, ten, fifteen, twenty, or fifty bosses, with higher rewards being rewarded the more bosses they take on and defeat. Each of the bosses is commentated over by Bart, Biff's evil twin brother.

Item Shop

Using coins earned over battles, the player can see the Item Shopkeeper to buy items to aid them in Boss Battles. These items can only be purchased and used on 10+ boss runs in the waiting area.

Here is a full list of items that players can purchase.

Item Info
Apple Bomb
ARMSToken-white 10

An apple that turns into a bomb. When bought, the Item Shopkeeper will bring the apple into the boss room, and then throw it at the boss for a small amount of damage.

Blast Cannon
ARMSToken-white 10

A cannon that fires a animate cannonball. When bought, the Item Shopkeeper will wheel the cannon into the boss room. She then clicks her fingers and the cannon is blasted at the boss for a small amount of damage.

ARMSToken-white 30

A inanimate being that fires off a laser beam. When bought, the Item Shopkeeper will drag the Vizorman into the boss room. She then charges the laser and fires it at the boss for a small amount of damage.

ARMSToken-white 50

A bugle that plays rainbow notes when played. When bought, the Item Shopkeeper will hold it while following the player into the boss room. She then plays the bugle, damaging the boss with it's rainbow notes for a average amount of damage.

Black Dog
ARMSToken-white 100

One of the forms that the Shopkeeper will transform into. When bought, the Item Shopkeeper will follow the player into the boss room. She then transforms into the Black Dog and bite the boss, dealing a lot of damage to them.

Large Lips
ARMSToken-white 100

One of the forms that the Shopkeeper will transform into. When bought, the Item Shopkeeper will follow the player into the boss room. She then transforms into the Large Lips and violently kiss the boss, dealing a lot of damage to them.

Big Fist
ARMSToken-white 100

One of the forms that the Shopkeeper will transform into. When bought, the Item Shopkeeper will follow the player into the boss room. She then transforms into the Big Fist and punch the boss, dealing a lot of damage to them.

Black Dragon
ARMSToken-white 100

One of the forms that the Shopkeeper will transform into. When bought, the Item Shopkeeper will follow the player into the boss room. She then transforms into the Black Dragon and viciously bite the boss, dealing a lot of damage to them.

ARMSToken-white 0

This one is free. It has no use except the Item Shopkeeper gets to show her cute smile.

Arcade Route

The player must go through a variety of regular fighters and bosses in this mode. They can also set their difficulty, which impacts the route they go through. On higher difficulties, they might come across Omega Bosses, which are even tougher bosses with extra phases and over powered attacks.

Stage Info

Stage 1
  • Easy - Face off a single opponent
  • Medium - Face off two opponents
  • Hard - Face off one boss
  • PummelNation - Face off three bosses with the player in a Mithril Headlock

Stage 2
  • Easy - Face off a boss
  • Medium - Face off a boss
  • Hard - Face off one boss and a single opponent at the same time
  • Deadly Light (In-Game as ???) - Only selectable if reached the Stage 2 in less than three minutes and completed Hard difficulty prior to this. Face off one fake boss who is actually Guramina in disguise, a special Omega Boss.
  • PummelNation - Face off a boss in a Bronze Hedlok against the player in a Mithril Hedlok

Stage 3
  • Easy - 2 v 2 match
  • Medium - 2 v 3 match
  • Hard - 2 v 4 match
  • PummelNation - Face off five bosses with the player in a Mithril Headlock

Stage 4
  • Easy - Break the Targets (Easy)
  • Medium - Break the Targets (Medium)
  • Hard - Break the Targets (Hard)
  • PummelNation - Face off a boss in a Silver Hedlok against the player in a Mithril Hedlok

Stage 5
  • Easy - Face off a single opponent with Bronze Hedlok
  • Medium - Face off a single opponent with Silver Hedlok
  • Hard - Face off a single opponent with Gold Hedlok
  • PummelNation - Face off three opponents with the player in a Mithril Headlock

Stage 6
  • Easy - Face off a boss
  • Medium - Face off a boss (30% chance of it being a Omega Boss)
  • Hard - Face off a Omega Boss
  • Furious Light (In-Game named as !!!) - Face off a fake boss/Omega Boss who turns out to be a stronger Guramina, with 50% buff, under the condition that the player only needs to avoid her before and completing all prior Stages in Hard Difficulty.
  • PummelNation - Face off five opponents with the player in a Mithril Headlock

Stage 7
  • Easy - Face off with rival
  • Medium - Face off with rival with 30% buff
  • Hard - Face off with rival with 60% buff
  • Heavy Metal - Face off with Neo Metal Sonic and rival. Can only be chosen if you complete stages 1-6 on Hard in less than thirty minutes.
  • PummelNation - Face off a boss in a Gold Hedlok against the player in a Mithril Hedlok

Stage 8
  • Easy - Face off with Max Brass
  • Medium - Face off with Max Brass with Silver Hedlok
  • Hard - Face off with Max Brass with Omega Hedlok
  • Demon - Only selectable if the last 7 stages are beaten with no damage taken, face off against Ravager Scoobs.
  • Cyberdemon - Only selectable if the last 7 stages are beaten with no damage taken, face off against Ravager Scoobs with Gold Hedlok
  • True Demon - Only selectable if the last 7 stages are beaten with no damage taken, face off against Ravager Scoobs with Omega Hedlok
  • PummelNation - Face off a Omega boss in a Omega Hedlok against the player in a Mithril Hedlok

Hedlok Types

In Arcade Mode, Hedlok will appear in Stage 5 and Stage 8 and boost the opponent with buffs and extra fighting power.

Stage Info
Bronze Hedlok
Only appears in Easy and PummelNation difficulty.

Boosts opponent's attack by 10%, and gives them 200 extra HP.

Silver Hedlok
Only appears in Medium and PummelNation difficulty.

Boosts opponent's attack by 20%, boosts defense by 20%, and gives them 400 extra HP.

Gold Hedlok
Only appears in Hard and PummelNation difficulty.

Boosts opponent's attack by 30%, boosts defense by 30%, boosts speed by 20% and gives them 800 extra HP.

Omega Hedlok
Only appears in Hard and PummelNation difficulty.

Boosts opponent's attack by 200%, boosts defense by 200%, boosts speed by 50%, and gives them 2000 extra HP. A weakness is also added in that attacks from behind do the normal amount of damage that they would usually do on Max Brass.

Mithril Hedlok
Only appears in PummelNation difficulty.

Unusual in that it doesn't boost the opponent but rather the player, giving them boosted attack by 150%, boosted defense by 150%, boosted speed by 50%, and 1000 extra HP. A weakness is however added in that attacks on the player from behind do twice as much as damage.

Max Brass

Max Brass is a character exclusive to Arcade Route at the moment, serving as the final challenge.

Image + Name Info

Max Brass
Added by Exotoro


The cocky champion of the Arcade Route, Max Brass is the head of the ARMS League (hence his nickname, 'The Commish') and the organizer for the Grand Prix.

Max Brass can pump himself up to resist being knocked down, as well as dodge oncoming punches and has the ability to maintain a constant charge while below 25% health.

Default Attacks Info
NADE ARM A straight forward ARM attack that does explosion based damage when it hits the opponent. Does 100 damage uncharged, 130 if charged.
Roaster ARM A straight forward ARM attack that inflicts Fire-based damage. Does 80 damage uncharged, 120 if charged.
Kablammer ARM While a slower attack, it hammers the opponent and does a explosion based attack. Does 110 damage uncharged, 130 if charged.

Ravager Scoobs

if you beat all of the matches in Arcade Mode without taking any damage, you'll be able to select one of 3 Demon difficulties for the final battle. These difficulties will have you fight Ravager Scoobs in place of Max Brass.

Image + Name Info


Ravager Scoobs
Added by Crunch

After him and Metal Gear HAROLD were destroyed, Scoobs had Velma rebuild him with the leftover weaponry from HAROLD and remove the inhibitors that were saving him from ferality. He is now Ravager Scoobs and you definitely dont want to Ruck with this Renator.----

Ravager Scoobs takes all of the properties of Senator Scoobs and cranks them up to 11. He has the Hyper Armour ability allowing him to shrug off even the strongest of blows. Due to his Metal Gear Gauntlet he has different attacks for his left and right hands.

Default Attacks Info
Ravager Chokeslam Ravager Scoobs dashes forward, grabbing the opponent by the throat and slamming them hard to the ground. Deals 140 damage uncharged and 210 charged
Shotgunner Ravager Scoobs fires shotgun pellets from his hand. It cannot be charged. Deals 20 damage per pellet
JUHI JUHI JUHI! Ravager Scoobs lets out a barrage of kicks. Each kick does 30 damage uncharged and 65 charged.

Default Attacks Info
Ravager Haymaker A powerful punch from the Metal Gear Gauntlet. When uncharged Scoobs simply dashes forward and punches, when charged Ravager Scoobs warps time itself to punch you with both his fist and the fists of his afterimages. Deals 240 damage uncharged and 240 damage on each hit charged.
Rising Dog Ravager Scoobs performs an uppercut, launching him and anyone caught in it up in the air. It does 140 damage uncharged and 200 charged.
Airstrike Ravager Scoobs fires several missles into the air, they will then fall onto where the opponent is. Each missle does 120 damage uncharged and 150 charged.


If you completed the required condition prior to either Stage 2 or to Stage 6, you'll be able to select Deadly Light difficulty if you reach Stage 2 or Furious Light in Stage 6. These difficulties will bring you to fight Guramina who uses a fake, weaker boss, and is a special Omega Boss to boot, but you had to face a fake respective regular or Omega Boss with only 500 HP.

Image + Name Info
Guramina (Final)

Added by Samtendo09


What the--- Oh no, its the troublesome Toadette witch from the future! Slanito's great grand-daughter, Guramina is a big specialist in magic, especially light-based magic. But how she gets so powerful this time!? Well, the EVIL League had found a powerful jewel in an attempt to make their own Omega Boss, but Guramina stole it and-- Oh ho.

250,500 HP
Guramina is a special Omega Boss in that unlike other Omega Boss, she starts to fight regulary like a playable character would, with boosted stats, and then immediately fight hard while she toys you with her various magic, and use her Omega Jewel to create a weaker (only 500 HP) regular or Omega Boss to aid her. When faced to Stage 6, her attacks deals 50% more damage, and she only makes Omega Boss imposters.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 250,500 HP - 250,000 HP

Fights the player by copying two of the playable characters' Attacks, and had the same capacity of a regular character except of infinite flight.

Phase 2 250,000 HP - 200,000 HP

Casts various magic of mostly light but also other elements, and each of them causes a various status problem. Each of them also makes 130 damage, so be careful. The Light magic cannot be bounced back, but the rest are safe to hit them with your attacks.

Phase 3 200,000 HP - 125,000 HP

She build columns of blinding light circling around the arena, forcing the player(s) to constantly move without getting blind and getting slown from those. She also use them to shoot fiery, icy or electric balls at the player, which while unable to harm her, can permanently deactivate each columns.

Phase 4 125,000 HP - 1000 HP

She cannot stand anymore hits and thus put up a magical barrier that nullifies all attacks and makes grabbing useless, and summon a Boss/Omega Boss imposter with 500 HP to aid her. The summonsed boss uses one of its random phrases, while she strikes with sea waves, tremor-inducing lava-ball and thunderbolts. Her barrier wears off when you defeat the boss.

Phase 5 1000 HP - 0 HP

Guramina grows into enormous proportion, to the point of her hand can cover 1/4 of the already large arena. While her defense had sky rocketed to truly high, the player(s) can deal unresistable 250 damage to her if they managed to throw a very elemental sphere other than light (which heals her instead) to her head. She attacks with a hand-slam, elemental rains and two-hand claps.

Neo Metal Sonic

Upon beating stages 1 to 6 in less than thirty minutes on Hard difficulty, you can choose the Heavy Metal setting when you reach Stage 7. This will activate the boss fight with Neo Metal Sonic, who will brainwash your rival and fight with them.

Image + Name Info
Neo metal sonic wip by srb2 blade-d2zu885

Neo Metal Sonic
Added by MeGa eXal
Neo Metal Sonic is an upgraded variation of Metal Sonic. After he left the Eggman Empire, he went off doing his own things and started developing plans for world domination. He's joined the Boss Battle tournament to find worthy fighters for his army.

2750 HP
Neo Metal Sonic starts the battle by brainwashing your character's rival, who will be buffed by 50%. Your rival will guard him, and it's best to make sure you get them out of the way before you try fighting this bad boy.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 2750 HP - 1500 HP
Neo Metal Sonic will send your rival to distract you while he charges an energy sphere. You can deflect these spheres with a charged attack; just aim them towards him and you'll deal some damage.
Phase 2 1500 HP - 725 HP
Now, he will fire lasers in the eight basic directions and shoot homing missiles towards you. Lure these missiles towards Neo Metal Sonic to blast him away, but watch out -- if you get too close, he'll grab you and you'll take damage with him!
Phase 3 725 HP - 0 HP
He transforms into Metal Overlord in his last attempt to destroy you. Fortunately, your rival will be free from his control and team up with you, triggering a 2-vs-1 battle. Metal Overlord will be buffed by 80%, and he takes less damage from your attacks. You and your rival will have to work together and combine your attacks to take him down.

Uncle Mario's Flying Fortress

If one beats stages 2, 5, and 6 in under two minutes, and beats stages 1, 3, 4, and 7 without taking any damage on the Hard difficulty or higher, the player will be able to square off with Uncle Mario's Flying Fortress.

Image + Name Info
Uncle Mario's Flying Fortess

Uncle Mario's Flying Fortress
Uncle Mario has apparently entered the tournament twice; once in his regular state and the other as... this. He pilots a Koopa Clown Car, and wears a Spiny Shell Helmet. Though it may not look intimidating, the Koopa Clown Car is crammed with weapons for him to use.

3000 HP
Uncle Mario wears a Spiny Shell Helmet at all times, so even if you do manage to get a blow you will still get damaged. To compensate, his Bill Blasters will sometimes launch Super Mushrooms, which heal the player. While the Koopa Clown Car doesn't need to be attacked to defeat the boss, damaging it will stop it from using projectiles for a short time.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 3000 HP - 2000 HP
Uncle Mario pilots his Flying Fortress, launching Bullet Bills, Cannonballs, Lava Bubbles, Wigglers, and others from the Bill Blasters in his Koopa Clown Car. One needs to avoid these projectiles until Uncle Mario prepares to launch a Banzai Bill - attacking it hard enough will reflect it, sending it back at Uncle Mario and damaging him.
Phase 2 2000 HP - 1000 HP
Uncle Mario will now fly closer to the player. Not only can he launch projectiles from his Bill Blasters, but now his Koopa Clown Car becomes armed with Chain Chomps he will swing around. While attacking the Koopa Clown Car can stun it so it attacks less often, Uncle Mario must be attacked to deal any actual damage.
Phase 3 1000 HP - 0 HP
Uncle Mario's Koopa Clown Car becomes angry, and begins using its weapons more often. It will also have the added ability to spit fireballs at the player. In addition, Uncle Mario now has a shield around the cockpit, and cannot be damaged. To attack, one must stun the Koopa Clown Car, opening the shield and leaving Uncle Mario open.

Punchbag Sid

Instead of facing off Max Brass in Arcade Mode at the end, during user-specific and short windows of time, Punchbag Sid will be fought instead. The time is generated through the player's User ID on their system and lasts 30 minutes. There are three randomly generated periods of time in which the player will be able to face off Punchbag Sid.

Image + Name Info

Punchbag Sid

Punchbag Sid is the brother of Punchbag Bob, who is incredibly overpowered and won't take beatings from anyone. He's also a incredibly rare sight... there's no common method to challenge him.

2000 HP
Punchbag Sid moves rather quickly and uses the Ultimate Chive Of Death fairly often, which can inflict damage onto the player when thrown down near them, exploding. He also can utilize the Grand Lightning Beam to viciously torch your character. Punchbag Sid doesn't really play around, with his three phases largely the same. While he outclasses the player in almost every aspect, he is beatable.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 2000 HP - 500 HP
Punchbag Sid zips around the stadium, throwing Ultimate Chives Of Death and shooting at the player with the Grand Thunder Beam. The player can knock his health down to 500 HP fairly easily even with his defense rather high if they punish him while attacking with the Grand Thunder Beam.
Phase 2 500 HP - 2000 HP
Punchbag Sid uses a Jade Scorchstone to restore his health entirely. After this he stands still for three seconds, allowing the player to punish him.
Phase 3 2000 HP - 0 HP
Punchbag Sid returns to attack the player, using a H4000 Helmet once to block any super move the player might unleash. He switches out the Grand Thunder Beam for Sword Of Skardsen, which unleashes punishing and poisoning dark moves and has less time for the player to punish him should he miss a strike with it. Towards 500 HP he only throws out Ultimate Chives Of Death which makes approaching him rather risky but intensely punishing.

Planet Trial




Chaos Campaign

Choose a character and take on opponents in a campaign mode inspired by the "EVOLVE" story mode in Kingdoms of Fighters. Unlike Boss Battles Mode, Chaos Campaign includes unique bosses, cutscenes, etc. for each character. There are also exclusive bosses called Chaos Bosses, that are either regular or Omega Bosses, but also capable to exploit the selected character's worst weaknesses as the last boss. Arcade-exclusive Bosses also appears in this mode.

Although some characters take place in only stadiums, others are solving a problem or searches for something else. A few playable character also meet up within another. It is also revealed that each Chaos Campaign are their own continuity and does not affect each others, or the gameplay, but all of them does explains the origin of several bosses, and some character's campaign crosses with each others to various extent.

There are ten stages for each character, each having a different boss to take on. The last stage always ends up with a powerful boss, be it a Chaos Boss that can simply take advantage of the character's worst weaknesses, or a different one that is powered up. The contributors can use bosses (including Omega Bosses and Chaos Bosses) added by other contributors as normal or final bosses if they wished to.

Take note that Samtendo09 is the first one who contributed to this mode, in order to help out MeGa eXal, thus the former's characters campaign will not have Chaos Bosses from the other contributors, but this might change at an update.

001: Min Min
  • TBA
002: Over Justice
  • TBA
003: Nobium Sonic
  • TBA
004: Switch Barons
  • TBA
005: Belezasta
  • Intro: A Lurantis had Neon Evolved by the Team Pause to test their power, but had quickly escaped alongside Kyodaiyama. The two decided to go on their own and find a way to stay safe from Team Pause.
  • Stage 1: Belezasta comes face to face with Blossom Bowser. The latter taunted Belezasta as he gloats that his blossom power is superior to her Grass and Light power. Belezasta however proved herself and defeated him, causing Blossom Bowser to retreat, but not without giving a warning that he will have revenge.
  • Stage 2: Belezasta had found fellow Lurantis that are exploring the dungeon, although they seems scared does to the Neon Evolved Pokémon's appearance. However, Plague Knight had appeared and attempted to blast away the Lurantis with his bombs does to them getting into his dungeon, forcing Belezasta to defend them. As the Plague Knight get defeated, the Lurantis becomes grateful and worship her as their guardian.
  • Stage 3: Belezasta fought off multiple Bandineroes that attempted to steal her, but the Shake King noticed her presence and warns her to exit before she will get kicked out of his castle the hard way. Belezasta instead fought him, and emerge victorious, but not before getting caught by two Team Pause Grunts.
  • Stage 4: The two Team Grunts are quickly taken out by Blade Wolf, who wanted to take DNA of Belezasta. The Neon Evolved Pokémon retaliated and nearly destroyed him, but not before Blade Wolf warned her about the uprising of Desperado. Unfazed by this, Belezasta finished him off with a Solar Blade and moved into a large plain.
  • Stage 5: Belezasta had noticed a moving mountain, before realizing that it is Valus, a colossus. Although she was almost smashed by a stomp, she climbed into him and defeated him, allowing her to continue.
  • Middle: Belezasta meet up with Kyodaiyama, that seems to be bruised up. The latter decided to rest, but Belezasta warns him not to do so, as Team Pause might caught them in any minute. They noticed that they got a tracker on their back, and helped removed them from each others' back. They then go into a peculiar, dark cave.
  • Stage 6: The two Neon Evolved Pokémon had found Zygarde, who was into a rampage for unknown reason. Kyodaiyama and Belezasta had to team up in order to stop the rampaging Pokémon from destroying the environment, and once they did, they noticed that Zygarde had been driven into madness by a triangular being. The Zygarde thanked them, and decided to let them go across the Revolution Cave in order to reach the other exit.
  • Stage 7: A hole in a wall had been noticed, with a shrill roar heard behind it. Kyodaiyama told her (in Pokémon speech) that it is another Legendary Pokémon, but Belezasta does not wanted to fight another, the former wishing her good luck. Belezasta comes cross with the short-tempered Yosemite Sam, lamenting of not finding any gold, and threaten her to scram, only to get defeated afterward.
  • Stage 8: As Belezasta exits the cave, a wormhole had opened right in front of her as she walks by, and she came face to face with Enrico Pucci, the latter telling that her ability will never match the power of "heaven". He however did not expected her to put effort and defeated him, and Belezasta becomes increasingly impatient, wanting to find a place she can relax, but then found a large forest, filled with different Pokémon living in harmony.
  • Stage 9: As she rests in the forest, another Bowser had rampaged in the forest, namely Cosmic Bowser, and was about to attack Belezasta, believing that she holds the ultimate power. However, Belezasta retaliated and forced him out of the forest, but not before noticing that such ultimate power came from the top of the huge tree.
  • Final Stage: Once she climbed into the top of the tree, she became shocked to see Exa-Rumor, who wanted to put revenge on the EVIL League for betraying her. Seeing Belezasta as one of her potential new bodyguards, Exa-Rumor requested Belezasta to join her, but Belezasta was too frightened and instead fought back, and emerge victorious, although she becomes very tired afterward.
  • Ending: Even with the intense battle, Belezasta rested well, and the various Pokémon living in the large forest were impressed by her combat skill. However, Belezasta did not noticed, as she was sleeping too deeply too even notice, and dreams of being the queen of the Lurantis.
006: Pete
  • Intro: Pete was traveling throughout the sea in his steamboat, dreaming of finding a way to defeat his long-time nemesis Mickey Mouse once and for all. He then heard about the "Blue Energy" from a research news on his radio, and decided to find it at all cost.
  • Stage 1: Pete noticed that Neo Metal Sonic was about to crash into his steamboat, so he turned the steamboat away to avoid the impact. Pete yelled at him for not watching the road, but Neo Metal Sonic warned him to watch his mouth and called him primitive. Angered, Pete attacked him as Neo Metal Sonic summoned a random fighter, and he and the freed fighter defeated Neo Metal Sonic, with the freed fighter returning to his/her road, with Pete not caring one bit and prefers to keep going.
  • Stage 2: Pete had arrived in Crocodile Isle, and noticed an energy flow from the top of the isle. He however got hit by Kaptain K. Rool's cannonball, giving a warning that he shall not collect the energy flow as the isle needed it, but Pete challenged him instead. Kaptain K. Rool got blasted away and fall into the flowing energy, causing the isle to collapse, and Pete decided to move on as if nothing happened.
  • Stage 3: Pete noticed a cursed bottle that contains a malevolent soul. He knows that it is not Blue Energy so he decides to move on, but not before a random passerby broke it by accident and caused Mandy Soul to rampage throughout the bazaar, forcing Pete to stop her.
  • Stage 4: Pete noticed Wario in his D.I.Y. clothing searching for something. Pete decided to mind his business until he realized Wario's mumbling; "Once I get that source for the Blue Energy, I will be able to best Mario and show the others that I am the best!" Pete noticed that Wario have the same goal of him and decided to take him out. As Wario gets defeated, the greedy plumber furiously warns Pete that his Blue Energy hunt will end in a brutal way.
  • Stage 5: Pete noticed that the bosses are tougher than he thought, and decided to take on Mike Tyson on his stadium. The latter laughed as he thought a fat cat like him would not stand much of a fight, but he is ultimately proven wrong. Mike Tyson admitted that he underestimated him but warns that this is only a warms up, and that if Pete wanted to, he can take on his Awakened Form. Pete remarks in his mind that it means Blue Energy, but Mike tell him that he needs to take on other challengers, much to Pete's impatience.
  • Middle: Pete noticed that there are sixteen challengers left that will take on Mike Tyson. He decided that he had to train hard in order to take on Mike's Awakened form, as he heard that it is more difficult than taking on Mike Tyson himself.
  • Stage 6: Pete had heard a maniacal laugh as he trains in a training station, and the laughter was from none other than Bill Cipher. The latter gloats as he is the best Disney villain, period. Pete found him annoying and took him on, wins, and remarks "Best or not, you sure don't know who do you talk with!" and punched Bill Cipher into the atmosphere.
  • Stage 7: Pete saw a group of mercenaries, with the RED Medic leading the charge. Pete find this an opportunity to take on them, with the RED Medic warns that they are skilled, and that Pete needs to think again, but Pete laughed it out, took them on and emerge victorious. He noticed that
  • Stage 8: As he keep training, he heard from a radio that there will be a fight between him and the Awakened Mike Tyson at night, announced by Bart himself. Pete become both nervous and shocked, but since he had defeated a powerful triangular freak before, he quickly regains his confidence and prepares for a fight... but not before going into a one-on-two fight with Kaptain K. Rool and Shake King, the former wanting revenge.
  • Stage 9: After arriving into the colosseum, he smugly walk forward, but not before realizing the look and power of Awakened Mike Tyson himself. The latter even warns him that he might be hurt, and even killed, but Pete eventually emerges victorious, but Bart noticed that Pete have a "special friend" to have an extra fight with.
  • Final Stage: Pete had guessed it would be Mickey Mouse, but it turns out to be Wario himself, who quickly absorbed the Red Energy from a container, becoming Hyper D.I.Y. Wario. Pete had it enough and, despite the fight proving to be his most difficult fight, win once more, but the Blue and Red Energy had disappeared.
  • Ending: Pete gets furious as he feels that he is wasting time, but after the battle ended, Bart was about to congratulated him and ask him to join the EVIL League, but Pete reveals that all he wanted is to get the Blue Energy to defeat "that darn Mickey Mouse since years". Bart simply replies that the Blue Energy was from a Pokémon capable of producing such energy, and added that another similar Pokémon can also produce Red Energy. Pete ends the ending with this gem; "Well, ya know what? Blue Energy, Red Energy, or neither of them, I had beaten those creeps! And since I can beat them, I can beat Mickey Mouse!" Bart simply shrugs and wishes him good luck.
007: Kyodaiyama
  • Intro: A Hariyama had Neon Evolved by the Team Pause to test their power, but had quickly escaped alongside Belezasta. The two decided to go on their own and find a way to stay safe from Team Pause.
  • Stage 1: Kyodaiyama had noticed a Decepticon called Skyquake preparing to attack him for not being pure evil. The tough Fighting-type Pokémon had quickly crippled him, forcing Skyquake to retreat.
  • Stage 2: Kyodaiyama had later come to make a quick dual with Mr. L, and as the two fights, Mr. L summons the Brobot but eventually get overwhelmed. Kyodaiyama decided to take a look into Uncle Mario's world.
  • Stage 3: Kyodaiyama had found a Methril Hedlok ready to help him out, but not before meeting Uncle Mario and his Flying Fortress. While the battle proves to be tricky, Kyodaiyama eventually wins, but the Methril Hedlok had eventually fled.
  • Stage 4: The sumo Pokémon noticed Homer working on a power plant. Homer chuckles as he found someone fatter than him, before getting hit by radioactive paint. As Kyodaiyama punched him, he noticed that it does nothing and the newly named Hulk Homer launches into a rampage. As Kyodaiyama managed to defeat and calm down Homer, he get quickly caught by a Team Pause member.
  • Stage 5: Kyodaiyama had been fled, but it was because the cage was broke by a powerful Shokan called Goro. The latter warns him to get out of his way as he searches for someone to deal with, but Kyodaiyama does no take it well and engage in bruiser-to-bruiser combat.
  • Middle: Kyodaiyama meet up with Belezasta, that seems to be bruised up. The latter decided to rest, but Belezasta warns him not to do so, as Team Pause might caught them in any minute. They noticed that they got a tracker on their back, and helped removed them from each others' back. They then go into a peculiar, dark cave.
  • Stage 6: The two Neon Evolved Pokémon had found Zygarde, who was into a rampage for unknown reason. Kyodaiyama and Belezasta had to team up in order to stop the rampaging Pokémon from destroying the environment, and once they did, they noticed that Zygarde had been driven into madness by a triangular being. The Zygarde thanked them, and decided to let them go across the Revolution Cave in order to reach the other exit.
  • Stage 7: A hole in a wall had been noticed, with a shrill roar heard behind it. Kyodaiyama told her (in Pokémon speech) that it is another Legendary Pokémon, but Belezasta does not wanted to fight another, the former wishing her good luck. Kyodaiyama then meet up with the Abyss Watcher, and while creeped out, Kyodaiyama had managed to defeat them.
  • Stage 8: The sumo Pokémon had found a rock tower that gets quickly demolished by Cut Man, who had gotten huge and powerful. Kyodaiyama smashed back in retaliation, but as the match ends, Cut Man told him that he only wanted to smash rocks has he had enough to be beaten by those. Flabbergasted by this reason, Kyodaiyama decides to simply leave.
  • Stage 9: Kyodaiyama had noticed the Team Pause dealing with Senator Scoobs, who had gone absolutely feral. As Senator Scoobs was about the charge at him, Kyodaiyama fought back, and after a brutal fight, knocked him out. However a shrill roar had been heard again...
  • Final Stage: Thuggler shows up and attempted to punch out the Team Pause Grunts, but Kyodaiyama intervened. Thuggler gloated that his strength will surpass a simple sumo Pokémon, but Kyodaiayma proves to be smarter and defeated him. Team Pause becomes too intimidated with the event, not wanting to deal with Neon Pokémon anymore.
  • Ending: Kyodaiyama feels stressed up after the fights, and wondered what happened to Belezasta and the other forcefully Neon Evolved Pokémon. He decided to take a rest on the mountain, not wanted to get into problems for a long time unless if needed to contradict... but he also started to like putting a good fight and is interested with the Boss Battles tournaments.
008: Morrigan
  • TBA
009: Brick
  • TBA
010: Tiny Tiger
  • Intro: Having disappointed Doctor Neo Cortex for long, Tiny Tiger wishes to find a way to crush Crash Bandicoot once and for all. He noticed the rumor about the "EX Energy" and ran into it, believing that it would make him strong enough to defeat his longtime enemies.
  • Stage 1: Tiny Tiger had found Cut Man, who is shot with a special ray that supposedly makes anyone stronger, but ended up being exploded. Cut Man had grown into enormous size and feels far more confident, but not before taking on Tiny Tiger as a "test dummy". Hearing the word dummy, Tiny roared and beat the snot out of him.
  • Stage 2: Tiny Tiger had eaten a sandwich dropped on the floor, but it turns out to be Heavy Weapons Guy's Sandvich, the latter giving a calm but angry glare. Tiny is intimidated at first, but turn back into his usual angry state, with the RED Medic giving sign to Soldier, Demoman and Pyro to come in.
  • Stage 3: Tiny had found a wormhole that lead him to the stratosphere, with Stratos himself ready to take him on. Tiny Tiger wondered why Stratos attacked him but then fought back and win. "Tiny Tiger may be stupid, but at least Tiny is not crazy!"
  • Stage 4: Tiny Tiger had noticed a challenger match between Pete and Mike Tyson, with the former getting punched out. Mike Tyson then challenged Tiny Tiger, thinking that a dumb tiger would not take on him, but Tiny Tiger proves strong and alive and defeated Mike. Mike Tyson tell him that Tiny can take on his Awakened Form, but Tiny is not interested and said that all he wanted is EX Energy, much of Mike's shock.
  • Stage 5: The Tasmanian tiger jumps his way thorough a forest, which eventually reaches a theater owned by Phantom of Bwaphera. As Phantom give him a fairly lengthy diss track, Tiny Tiger gets furious and managed to beat him out, causing Phantom to quiver and run in fear.
  • Middle: Tiny Tiger roared in victory, with Cortex arriving and admitted that he wasn't this dumb after all. Tiny Tiger decided to ask where he could find EX Energy, but Cortex says that he have another doctor to deal with, and flied away, much of Tiger's confusion.
  • Stage 6: Tiny Tiger had yet again get into another stadium, this time having Max Brass in his training. He warns Tiny that he is disrupting his training, but Tiny hesitate and rudely asked where is the EX Energy. Max Brass genuinely said that he had no idea, but then noticed the brute's structure, and say that they could have sparing. As Tiny Tiger defeated him, Max Brass, bruised up, thought that he regretted his idea a bit does to Tiny's brutality.
  • Stage 7: Tiny Tiger had finally a source of EX Energy, but it turns out to be from Exa-Sectonia. Terrified at first, he nervously asks for some EX Energy. Exa-Sectonia only politely recline, and that she only use it for herself. Tiny is not pleased and defeated her, but Exa-Sectonia teleported away, leaving Tiny Tiger sad and confused.
  • Stage 8: Tiny Tiger, sobbing from losing his chance of collecting the EX Energy, eventually saw Dr. Eggman flying away in his Egg Mobile, with Tiny saw that it could be someone that Cortex want to deal with, but he is immediately attacked by Blade Wolf, wanting to gather data on his strength. Tiny Tiger roared and smashed him away.
  • Stage 9: The Tasmanian tiger regain his confidence, and that he thought he could simply keep trying and trying until Crash is defeated. He crosses with a team-up of Blossom Bowser and Cosmic Bowser, arguing who is the best Bowser around. Tiny decided to take them on, leading to a one-on-two fight.
  • Final Stage: Once Tiny Tiger enters a cave for some more training, he noticed that Thuggler inhabit in this area, the latter roared in anger. Tiny Tiger laughed as he remains confident this time, and fought. Tiny eventually become victorious, and saw Doctor Eggman retreating, and chased him with all his might.
  • Ending: As Doctor Eggman was about to fire a capturing beam at someone off-screen, Tiny smashed the beam and grabbed Doctor Eggman. Cortex caught up and congratulate Tiny Tiger for being very useful for once. Doctor Eggman tries to warn them about a beast but Tiny Tiger decided to strangle him, until the three realized that the beast in question is Exateno, who loudly roared in anger, causing the trio to flee in terror.
011: Doctor Neo Cortex
  • Intro: Doctor Neo Cortex is having a trash talk from Uka Uka to point out his bumbling failure as the reason of being rejected of the EVIL League, but eventually calm down to his sinister demeanor and warns him about a competing doctor, namely Doctor Ivo Robotnik aka Dr. Eggman, who is searching for a specific energy. Cortex decides to proves that he is not a bumbling failure and will chase after Dr. Eggman, although Uka Uka scoffed in doubt.
  • Stage 1: Going into training in order to practice his arsenal, he will take on a dummy found on the training room. He however remarked that it is Punching Sid, but he is considerably weakened does to the previous fight, and the battle will have him only his first phase. Once he is knocked out, Cortex finished him off.
  • Stage 2: Dr. Cortex noticed that one of his henchmen, Tiny Tiger, went missing, and the rest of the henchmen were too busy doing their routine. Cortex eventually decided to handle the mission by himself and head to the a dungeon, where Dr. Eggman was previously sighted. He only founded Plague Knight, who was preparing his next battle but taunted him for being declined from the EVIL League, but Cortex proved his skill and defeated Plague Knight.
  • Stage 3: Dr. Cortex had encountered Valus, a colossus. Dr. Cortex is confident about it and knows that a colossus like him have a weak spot and that colossi are sluggish. He is proven right as he defeats Valus.
  • Stage 4: Dr. Cortex had finally reached Dr. Eggman, the latter being surprised to see him. "Dr. Cortex! What a surprise to see you!" said Dr. Eggman in a sarcastic tone. "You see, I am searching for a big beast called Exateno, so I could use him for my latest world conquering quest... (Gruff) And you will not get that beast before me!" He shoots a ray that causes radioactive green paint to fall, causing a rampaging Hulk Homer to attack Cortex.
  • Stage 5: Dr. Cortex had found a forest, with a theater owned by Phantom of Bwaphera. The latter throw a diss track at Cortex for his bumbling failures, and Cortex himself, having enough to be insulted, challenges him. Cortex had eventually emerge victorious as the sobbing wreck of Phantom surrender, waving a white flag.
  • Middle: "Who is the failure now?", taunted Dr. Cortex. He then noticed Tiny Tiger searching for something. The doctor asked "Why in the world are you here?", with Tiny replying that he searches for the EX Energy. Cortex had quickly realized that the beast that Dr. Eggman searches earlier might have the EX Energy... and become shocked that the beast in question is Exateno, and according to Uka Uka, he shall never be messed with. He order Tiny Tiger to chase the doctor and Tiny head to the south, while Cortex heads to the north.
  • Stage 6: Dr. Cortex had found a building filled with honey, and by a rushing Yosemite Sam, Cortex got in by accident. Rumor Honeybottoms warns him that a crook like him is not welcomed in her building, thinking that he will steal the honey reserve. Cortex tries to explains, but Rumor is doubtful and attacked him in an attempt to boot him out, but Cortex won the fight, and simply asked a simple question before he leave; had she seen Dr. Eggman? She responded that she didn't in the recent time, but that she heard rumors (no pun intended) about his hideout being located in a railroad mine. Cortex thanked and leave the building in a hurry.
  • Stage 7: Dr. Cortex had noticed a thief in a thick hooded robe and thought that he could be some use for a henchman. However, the thief politely declined and reveal himself as the Giant Thief (Cortex: "Well, for a Giant Thief, you are not exactly taller than me!") and reveal his huge size (Cortex: "...Oh, curses.") and challenged him. Cortex won, and as Slanito is unmasked, Cortex just asked where he could find a mine. Slanito reluctantly complies, and simply answered that it is not too far, and is found between this dark forest and a desert.
  • Stage 8: Dr. Cortex had found Zephyr the Dragon in the railroad mine, and the former wondered if the dragon is searching for someone. Zephyr looked at Cortex with contempt. "Another doctor. Well look, I got Eggman to deal with, but I know that he is here." Cortex replied that he is also searching for Eggman. And then Yosemite Sam yelled at the two for making racket and threaten to shoot, forcing Zephyr and Cortex to take care of him. In this two-on-one battle, Yosemite Sam shoots twice as fast.
  • Stage 9: Yosemite Sam eventually surrender, but warns them that a certain giant beast is hiding in this mine. Cortex and Zephyr realized that it is Exateno, although the two become shocked that they also know the beast. However, the Shake King, who was stealing golds from Sam's minecart, decide to knock the two out, which he succeeded to do so with Zephyr, forcing Cortex to strike back in retaliation.
  • Final Stage: Cortex get deeper and deeper on the mine, and noticed Eggman becoming nervous. "If that trap failed, then Exateno would make me eggs for his breakfast...!! Cortex, you yellow flea!" Dr. Eggman prepares his Big Arms, with Cortex smugly readied his laser beam.
  • Ending: Cortex emerges victorious, with Uka Uka suddenly appearing. "Cortex, for once, you had succeeded. I never thought I will ever utter those words, but...! Watch out!!" Cortex become confused as Uka Uka shouts in horror, until he realize that Exateno had woken up. Fortunately, Zephyr the Dragon arrived, ready to take on the bigger dragon, and Cortex and Uka Uka, thinking that they might win, agreed to help Zephyr... right before Exateno throw them out for making such a racket.
012: Gunner
  • TBA
013: Senator Scoobs
  • TBA
014: Uncle Mario
  • Intro: Mario grabs a Weird Mushroom and becomes Weird Mario. However, a few Toads walk by and start laughing at him for his appearance, calling him "Uncle Mario" as an insult. Determined to show that his new skills can be used for the better in spite of his new appearance, he sets out to go to defeat Bowser Jr., who had just purchased a new castle.
  • Stage 1: Uncle Mario enters a pipe, which takes him underground. Here, he encounters Goro, who quickly engages him in a battle. Uncle Mario reigns supreme, kicking the defeated Goro into an abyss.
  • Stage 2: Uncle Mario exits the underground and enters a honeybee hive, though gets stuck in some honey. Rumor Honeybottoms sees this and thinks that he is stealing honey, and battles him as punishment. Honeybottoms loses, and Uncle Mario jumps on her, causing her to fall into the honey as he escapes.
  • Stage 3: After entering a Warp Pipe, Uncle Mario is taken to The Bronx, New York, where he worked for the WVBA as a referee for boxing. He enters the arena and sees that Mike Tyson is back, hitting King Hippo even though he is knocked out. Feeling the need to stop him, Uncle Mario challenges Mike Tyson to a boxing match, which the former quickly wins, knocking Mike Tyson off of the ring.
  • Stage 4: Uncle Mario's victory against Mike Tyson earned him an all-expense paid trip to the Kalos region. Here, he meets Zygarde, with the latter being eager to battle him. Zygarde ends up beng defeated however.
  • Stage 5: After defeating Zygarde, Uncle Mario takes a plane back to the Mushroom Kingdom. However, in his absence he sees that Peach's Castle is being taken over by Kaptain K. Rool and the Kremling Krew. Seeing Uncle Mario, the Kremling ruler challenges him to a battle, thinking that it will be an easy fight. However, he ends up being defeated, and the Kremling Krew retreats back to Crocodile Isle.
  • Middle: After scaring off the Kremling Krew, Peach kisses Uncle Mario on the nose (albeit on a stool) and welcomes him into the castle for cake. Just as he is about to accept the offer, he remembers why he went on a journey in the first place; to defeat Bowser Jr. in order to prove that "Uncle Mario" was a good name. He declines and heads off.
  • Stage 6: Determined on not being distracted again, Uncle Mario rushes towards Bowser Jr.'s new fortress, only to be stopped by D.I.Y. Wario. Looking to settle the score with his rival after beating him in a tennis tournament, he challenges Uncle Mario to a battle. He is, however, easily defeated.
  • Stage 7: After defeating D.I.Y. Wario, Uncle Mario enters a Pipe, which launches him into the clouds above. Here, he encounters Yosemite Sam, who makes fun of his lanky appearance. Enraged, Uncle Mario attacks Sam, defeating him afterwards.
  • Stage 8: Uncle Mario managed to make it back on ground, though is encountered by Awakened Mike Tyson, seeking revenge on Uncle Mario for defeating him and taking his title as the WVBA champion. He is defeated.
  • Stage 9: Uncle Mario can see Bowser Jr.'s castle in the distance, and quickly rushes over to it. However, upon entering he is encountered by Plague Knight, who was hired by Jr. as his security. Eager to best Jr. in battle, Uncle Mario takes Plague Knight and beats him to a pulp.
  • Final Stage: Uncle Mario reaches the top of the castle, where Bowser Jr. is. Surprised that Uncle Mario made it past Plague Knight, he decides to punish him for storming his castle. He then unveils his mighty mech, the Bowser Jr. Killer Mech, and does battle with Mario.
  • Ending: Despite his efforts, Bowser Jr. is ultimately defeated. The mech explodes, Bowser Jr. flies back into Bowser's Castle, and Mario destroys the fortress. The Toads that made fun of Mario earlier walk by, and see his victory. They are surprised that he could pull it off, and continue to laugh at his lanky body. Enraged, Uncle Mario chases the Toads around the Mushroom Kingdom.
015: Johnathan Joestar
  • TBA
016: Aqualea
  • TBA
017: King Boolstar
  • TBA
018: Bandanna Dee
  • Intro: Bandana Dee served King Dedede all his life, being the guardian of his castle along with his friend, Lance Doo. One day, he's just sleeping near the castle gate, guarding it, before waking up and releasing his friend, the rest of the King Dedede's army, and the king himself went missing. Realizing something is wrong, Bandana Dee sets out to find them.
  • Stage 1: Bandana Dee rushes into adventure to find his friend, the rest of the army and King Dedede, on the way he sees Mr. L, gloating about him being the self-proclaimed "green thunder" before noticing Dee hearing his boasting. The two engage into a fight, where the latter is victorious.
  • Stage 2: Mr. L retreats after being bested, but Bandana Dee chases after him, until the two come across a giant colossus creature, Valus. Mr. L continues his retreat while Valus takes his sights on Dee, who prepares to fight him. During the fight, Dee realizes that Valus has a weak spot that he could use to his advantage.
  • Stage 3: Valus is defeated and Bandana Dee continues his search for Mr. L. He comes across a dungeon, and enters it. He sees Plague Knight, who he asks the latter if he has seen Mr. L...though Plague could not decipher what he is trying to say, as Dee does not talk at all. Plague Knight challenges him, in which he loses.
  • Stage 4: In the depths of the dungeon he finds Mandy Soul, the spirit version of Mandy, who says she's her servant now, and asks to find the others, but he disobeys, fighting the diabolical spirit and wins.
  • Stage 5: Bandana Dee finds Mr. L while searching in dungeon. Surprised that he found him, he summons Brobot to quickly escape, but Dee catches up, and Mr. L decides to fight him. In this fight, Mr. L is in his second phase, albeit inside Brobot this time.
  • Middle: Brobot is destroyed and crashes downwards, exploding and launching Mr. L far away. Bandana Dee continues his search, but a distant figure with a lance appearing in the background.
  • Stage 6: Bandana Dee walks into a forest, and encounters Bill, however this is merely a clone of the real Bill, who challenges him. In this boss battle, Bill is in his second phase and has less HP than normal, though he is still tricky to hit and still dangerous.
  • Stage 7: Clone Bill is defeated, and the figure from before appears and slowly walks up, revealing to be Lance Doo, who is different from before, having being consumed by Shadow Energy, which is different from Blue and Red Energy, but is basically the same thing. Lance Doo attacks Bandana Dee.
  • Stage 8: Lance Doo is defeated, but is still consumed by the Shadow Energy. He quickly recovers and chases after Bandana Dee, who comes across a castle and enters it quickly, hoping to lose Lance Doo. He reaches to the top of the castle and enters the top floor room, where there are a lot of chambers, all of them having lots of Waddle Dees, Doos and King Dedede inside. Taranza is in the room, apparently working for the EVIL league (as a double agent, similar to Demon Dipper), who captured all of King Dedede's army, his friend Lance Doo and the king for his own goals. The Waddle Dees and Doo are let out, being charged with Shadow Energy, and Bandana Dee faces all of them.
  • Stage 9: Bandana Dee bested all of them, and Taranza releases King Dedede, who is infused with lots of Shadow Energy and given a battle axe, to defeat him once and for all. The king attacks Bandana Dee furiously, and is defeated.
  • Final Stage: Taranza, now completely pissed off that Bandana Dee is somehow pulling through all of this, punches a container of radioactive Shadow Energy, breaking it and causing it to fall all over him. He is turned into a monstrous being and attacks.
  • Ending: Taranza is overwhelmed and slowly becomes even monstrous, however all the Shadow Energy causes him to eventually explode into lots of dark matter. Bandana Dee is happy about his victory, but is saddened that all of his friends, and his leader, King Dedede, are still mind-controlled by the Shadow Energy. They recover after the battle and slowly advance to Bandana Dee, as he readies his spear to fend them off again...
019: Tempo
  • Intro: Tempo is seen resting in his hammock, while Katy is practicing her dancing lesson. A loud ring had woken Tempo up and the ring had disrupted Katy's dancing steps. "Tempo, long time no see!", a voice of a familiar person who seems to know Tempo before. "Now listen up; in the next months, the Major Minor Show will be rebooted with new challenges and challengers. As our previous champions, I will advice you and Katy to train in order to be ready! Major Minor, over and out, and good day for you two!" Tempo and Katy become surprised and had to find a place so that they can train for the show reboot.
  • Stage 1: The duo had found a rusty colosseum where they could train with the wooden dummies. However, they had not noticed that Goro was training in there, and warns the two to get out of the colosseum before Goro will personally kill them. Disgusted with Goro's threat, Tempo and Katy had managed to defeat him quickly, but feels a bit groggy as they haven't fought for too long.
  • Stage 2: Tempo had noticed Wario training hard, although Wario noticed the duo and shakes his head as he laughed, acknowledging them for not having adventures for too long. Katy replied that Nintendo itself didn't give Wario any more adventure, causing Wario go angry and want the two to prove to see if they are skilled enough. Wario get defeated and throws a temper tantrum.
  • Stage 3: After hours of training, Tempo and Katy decided to put a camp on the calm forest. It was only until Mandy Soul show up, demanding them to surrender. Tempo refused to give up too early and fought back, and Mandy Soul is defeated.
  • Stage 4: As they were about to leave the camp as the sun rise, Cosmic Bowser suddenly show up and crashed the campsite. Katy wondered what is with the spatial Koopa King, with Cosmic Bowser demanding them to shut up. He attacked the duo but ended up to be defeated.
  • Stage 5: Tempo is increasingly frustrated. "Katy, I don't know what do you think, but if someone disrupt your way one more time, I will--" A maniacal laughter from none other than Dr. Eggman, and wanted to test his new Big Arms prototype. "And I even think that you two will be useful for my robots as two substitute for my animal prisoners!"
  • Middle: Dr. Eggman is fend off, and Tempo was about to throw a fit of rage. Katy had understood the situation. "I will not lie, it is becoming frustrating too. But things had changed the time we haven't adventured. Keep it cool and let's waste some more baddies!" Tempo eventually calmed down and replied "Okay, fine. I just really feels like we are behind the time..."
  • Stage 6: The duo had encountered Guramina, who seems to hold a jewel. Katy is attracted by the jewel and tried to get closer, but Guramina warns her that it is only for the Witch of the Future, which is the Toadette herself. Tempo and Katy are confused, but the villainous Toadette decided to engage a fight with them.
  • Stage 7: The duo saw a gigantic sized bee queen, flowing some dark blue and teal energy, and the people of the city panicked at her sight. The duo thought that if they stopped the kaiju-sized bee, they will be hailed as heroes. However, as they were about to use a biplane from Funky Kong's air service, Bill Cipher was attempting to bring terror for his amusement.
  • Stage 8: The duo eventually uses the biplane in order to attack the kaiju bee. The two were shocked to see how actually enormous the kaiju bee is, and turns out to be Rumor Honeybottoms, or rather Exa-Rumor. "Biplanes? Cuphead and his pal Mugman had fought in those before, and no way I will lose to drip-sized fleas like you!" roared Exa-Rumor before she slaps the biplane. As the duo quickly jump out of the biplane, they had to confront Demon Lord Dipper.
  • Stage 9: As the duo climbed a mountain, they quickly noticed that the mountain is moving. Much to their shock, it turned out to be Valus. In this battle, they begin in Valus' head, but the angered colossus attacks much faster.
  • Final Stage: The duo noticed that Valus was traveling forward the huge tree where Exa-Rumor awaits. She wants to have revenge on the EVIL League for double-crossing her and will do anything she deems necessary to conquer the island. The duo feels a bit bad for her, but still will not let her do her revenge and, despite proving to be overwhelming, get on the top.
  • Ending: After Rumor Honeybottoms willingly surrender and sacrifice the EX Energy, she reveals that she only wishes the EVIL League to fall. Tempo and Katy kissed each others, but also noticed that they had to pay Funky Kong for the rental damage. Rumor decided to pay them out as a thank, but warns them that they should keep it a secret, as she do not wanted to have trouble with the EVIL League again.
020: Dark Pit
  • Intro: Dark Pit was training hard and well in order to beat his rival, Pit, in the Boss Battles tournament. Viridi tells him that Pit is in the tournament, but did give him a mission about a suspicious jewel called the Omega Jewel. Dark Pit seems to refuse at first, but Viridi adds that it will help him to get an upper hand on Pit in case that Dark Pit would really want to defeat him. Dark Pit eventually accepts, but wonders what will Viridi would do with the Omega Jewel.
  • Stage 1: Dark Pit, with Viridi's Power of Flight equipped, flied into a military base which, according to Viridi, is where the Omega Jewel could be. Stratos, also infiltrating the base for his selfish needs, noticed him and attempted to kill him. Dark Pit retaliated and continues his research.
  • Stage 2: As he infiltrate the base, he was about to enter the security room, but now he have to take on virtual fighters based on Brick, Morrigan and Gunner. Dark Pit had dispatched them despite being outnumbered.
  • Stage 3: As he deactivated the security room and after dealing with security guards, Blade Wolf step him and warns him. "The data about the Omega Jewel is not 100% analyzed, but I had to warn you; it have devastating power, and is made from a combination of Red Energy, Blue Energy and EX Energy. This is your last chance to turn back, or else you shall be eliminated." Dark Pit arrogantly tell Blade Wolf that the mechanical mercenary will not stand a chance, and he proves to be right.
  • Stage 4: As the two fought, the Omega Jewel had already been stolen, and Dark Pit quickly noticed it. Viridi warns him that a certain mushroom woman had beat him to it, and Dark Pit become annoyed by it. Before he could escape, he is attacked by Abyss Watchers.
  • Stage 5: After escaping the base, Dark Pit hastily asks Viridi where could that mushroom woman run into. Viridi simply told him that she cannot watch everything at once, but did analyzed that the mushroom woman in question is Guramina, Slanito's descendant from the future. Dark Pit lamented why would a girl from the future want to help out an ancestor, only that he was about to be attacked by a raging Awakened Mike Tyson and Hyper Wario fighting each others, forcing Viridi to boost Dark Pit's attack by 500%.
  • Middle: Dark Pit doesn't seems to be grateful as he don't want Viridi to help, but the latter warns him that he could be killed shall he takes two Omega Bosses at once. Dark Pit then asked where Guramina could be, with Viridi revealing that she is at her personal, technological castle heavily guarded by the a special barrier that not even her Reset Bombs works against it. However, Viridi realizes that it can be taken down with four Forcefield-Breakers that can take it down, found in four random locations.
  • Stage 6: The first Forcefield-Breaker is held by Neo Metal Sonic, who also wanted the Omega Jewel. Dark Pit wanted it but Neo Metal Sonic refused to comply, and the black-winged angel fought him in order to take it.
  • Stage 7: The second Forcefield-Breaker is found on a mine, with a bickering fight of five RED mercenaries and Kaptain K. Rool going on. Dark Pit decides to take on them before safely taking the Forcefield-Breaker.
  • Stage 8: The third Forcefield-Breaker is seen in the Resolution Cave, where Zygarde is located. While risky at first, Dark Pit eventually prevails and take it away.
  • Stage 9: The fourth and final Forcefield-Breaker was on a stranded stadium, with a brawl between JoJo, Aqualea, Doormat and Giant Cut Man. Dark Pit had to defeat them all in order to take the final Forcefield-Breaker.
  • Final Stage: With all of the four Forcefield-Breakers collewer the castle. Guramina congratulates Dark Pit to infiltrate, but reveals that she will use it in order to prevent the EVIL League from going too far. Dark Pit reveals that Viridi wanted it, and will fight the Toadette witch to get it.
  • Ending: After a well-earned victory, Dark Pit flied away within the Omega Jewel. However, Dark Pit had become shocked once Viridi reveals her true intention; create a tree monster capable to defeat absolutely everyone, before realizing that the Omega Jewel starts to drain her energy, before nearly fainting from it. Dark Pit remarks that the jewel was a fake, with Guramina's gloating being heard. Viridi, getting back to her feet, swears revenge on Guramina... before smugly taunting Dark Pit for being naive enough for letting a Gaia's Vengeance happening if the Omega Jewel being real, but Dark Pit called her out for being spineless and furiously leave her territory, much of the latter's shock.
021: Kick Bottowski
  • TBA
022: Zephyr the Dragon
  • Intro: Zephyr the Dragon was training in the colosseum, before Dr. Eggman interrupted him. Zephyr asked what Eggman wanted, but the latter politely replied that he is simply searching for a beast called Exateno. Zephyr doesn't cares much and tells that he simply trains to become the strongest, but Dr. Eggman than boasts that Exateno is an ultra-powerful god that will always be more powerful than him, causing Zephyr the Dragon to resent his word and wanted to prove who's right and who's wrong.
  • Stage 1: Zephyr had encountered Cosmic Bowser, the latter calling him a little pincushion. Zephyr doesn't like the insult and challenged him, and won. Zephyr continues his search for Exateno.
  • Stage 2: Zephyr the Dragon had witnessed a fight between JoJo and Enrico Pucci. The former was about to collapse, and Enrico Pucci tell JoJo that he will never reach the "heaven". Zephyr, wondering what is this all about, get scolded by Enrico and being told that this is none of his business. Zephyr will take him on. Luckily for him, Enrico Pucci is only at his third phase and have 1000 HP, but he is still difficult to hit.
  • Stage 3: Zephyr flies through the city, not noticing Skyquake going to pin him out into the ground, with intention of killing him. Zephyr fought back and flies back into the air.
  • Stage 4: Zephyr decided to enter an ancient temple, with Rumor reading a book about the various energy found in this world. Rumor Honeybottoms is surprised to see someone else coming here, and simply told him that she will use the EX Energy just to protect herself from the Devil shall he come wide with the people again. Zephyr thought that she will use it for selfish use after that, and fought her. After learning that it was a misunderstood, Rumor lectured him for being too doubtful, but then was about to tell more about the EX Energy, but...
  • Stage 5: Stratos threaten those two to give the book about the EX Energy so that he will become more powerful than he ever was, with a Gold Hedlok equipped into him. Zephyr battled him and emerged victorious, but wondered why would an Adept would want EX Energy so badly.
  • Middle: Rumor eventually continue the explanation in that the EX Energy, while similar to the Blue and Red Energy, can also make anyone huge-sized and voracious, as well as causing the user to become more impatient to their goal. Zephyr, not wanted to cross the line, simply tells that he just wants to challenge Exateno, but Rumor warns him that even the most powerful gods are unable to defeat the beast, and even the Devil is scared of him.
  • Stage 6: Zephyr, quite puzzled with Rumor's hesitation, nevertheless decided to take on Exateno anyways. He saw that some EX Energy had flew away, but he got attacked by a rampaging Ravenger Scoobs.
  • Stage 7: Zephyr had entered the minefield, noticing Yosemite Sam digging for some gold. Thinking that Zephyr will take them away, Yosemite Sam threaten to shoot him, only to be beaten up by the strong dragon.
  • Stage 8: When Zephyr was about to enter the lower floor, he noticed five RED mercenaries mining some "Australium", and tend to fly away discreetly, before Demoman noticed him and warns his lads about it.
  • Stage 9: Zephyr the Dragon had noticed Mike Tyson making lightning jabs into stalagmites and stalactites without a break, and is having Blue Energy flowing through his veins. The Awakened Mike Tyson is losing his control and attempted to kill Zephyr the Dragon, but the latter survived. He also saw Doctor Eggman passing by, and give chase.
  • Final Stage: Before Zephyr the Dragon is able to catch up with Dr. Eggman, he reached the bottom floor where Exateno awaits. The latter is impressed by Zephyr's battle skill, but warns him that he will soon raise and put a stop into gods and abominations. Zephyr the Dragon replied that he only wanted to challenge him. Exateno, amazed by someone who had such boldness to take him on, complies, but not without a warning that it will be painful. Very painful.
  • Ending: Exateno is flabbergasted by his defeat, but decided to take his lost with dignity. However, he was about to be captured and mind-controlled by Dr. Eggman, with the intention of conquering the world ("As always. Ho ho ho ho ho!") but Zephyr quickly reacted and break the machine, allowing Exateno to quickly recover his power with the EX Energy leftover, and give swift chase at Dr. Eggman. Once Zephyr exits the cave, he wonders if he can enjoy his life even if it means to never becoming the strongest of Earth.
023: Funky Kong
  • TBA
024: Doormat
  • TBA
025: Bill Cipher
  • Intro: Bill Cipher is chilling out in his home dimension, but is having trouble doing so. He just can't relax knowing that annoying Kid and his stupid family are alive. He was just about to destroy his own couch when he suddenly feels something. Something that came from another universe. He opened up a all-seeing portal and discovers that this was actually an alternate reality version of Dipper Pines looking to destroy Bill. Wanting revenge but not wanting to overkill it, he clones himself and sends the clone to do his dirty work.
  • Stage 1: The Bill clone is sent out to Earth to find Demon Lord Dipper, but the clone decides to cause a bit of chaos first. And by a bit I mean burn a village down. While he's laughing, however, the Switch Barons arise and, really pissed at what Bill did, attack the dream demon in a 2 v 1 fight.
  • Stage 2: After Bill takes care of the Switch Barons, he decides to actually start his mission. Five seconds later he forgets it again to go blow something else up. This time, it was a boxing arena where Mike Tyson and some random guy where sparring. Long story short, kablamski. Before Bill could leave, however, Mike arose from the rubble and turned into Awakened Mike Tyson.
  • Stage 3: After Bill takes care of Awakened Mike Tyson, he finally decides to actually do stuff before looking at a toy store but then slapping himself and teleporting away before his temptations gave in. However, he teleported right into Dr. Neo Cortexes lab, who in a panic presses the "P A N I C" button, causing Tiny Tiger to bust in. Cortex then gains courage and pulls out his blaster to fight Bill.
  • Stage 4: Bill manages to knock out Tiny and Cortex, but afterwords he realizes that he's much weaker then his master. He gives the real Bill a phone call, asking why this is a thing, and Bill says "I MEAN, YOU WOULD DO THE SAME, NO?". Enraged, he demands more power. Real Bill sighs and summons three more Bill clones, saying if he can beat these guys, he'll get more power.
  • Stage 5: The Bill clone defeats the other clones as real Bill decides to give Clone Bill a bit more power. After he does so, the Clone Bill, satisfied, continues looking for Dipper. He winds up in the middle of the desert, and spots a robot fighting someone. That Robot was Niobium Sonic, and the someone was Demon Lord Dipper. Bill quickly teleports over to fight Dipper, but gets distracted by Niobium. Both then start to fight.
  • Stage 6: Bill rips apart Niobium Sonic as he turns around to face Dipper, then realizes that Dipper...looks different. Demon Lord Dipper explains that, where he comes from, he absorbed Bill's powers and rules over the world. He then claims he came to destroy Bill "once more" and states that, even though this Bill is only a clone, he'll be a nice training dummy. He then attacks Bill. (Note: this is playable Dipper you'r fighting.)
  • Stage 7: Bill manages to knock Dipper around, commenting that he is a hell of a lot stronger then he expected. Dipper grinned, claimed he hasn't seen the half of it, then continues fighting. (Note: This is now Boss Dipper you'r fighting.)
  • Stage 8: Though with difficulty, Bill manages to take down Demon Dipper as he slams him onto the ground. Bill then makes a speech on how everything is meaningless and stuff, yadda yadda yadda, and is about to deliver the killing blow until he is stoped by Real Bill, who wants to finish Demon Dipper himself. Both get into an argument as Demon Dipper gets up and makes clones of himself, then attacks the two.
  • Stage 9: Both Bills take out the Dipper clones as they continue arguing who gets to kill Dipper. Finally, Clone Bill snaps and tells Real Bill that he can do what he wants, and prepares to destroy Dipper only for Real Bill to attack Clone Bill.
  • Final Stage: Clone Bill, being no where near as powerful as Real Bill, gets decimated pretty quickly as Real Bill laughs at Clone Bill. The Clone however, seeing Dippers unconscious body, gets an idea and absorbs Dippers powers. Now being fueled by essentially twice the normal power of Bill, he attacks his master.
  • Ending: Clone Bill, with the powers of Demon Lord Dipper, defeats Real Bill, stating that it's now time for a new ruler of all of this. He then absorbs real Bills powers and becomes even stronger, have powers 3 times stronger then normal Bill's power. Real Bill pleads to stop this, but Clone Bill just incinerates Real Bill and then makes his way to Gravity Falls. However, he's stopped by Zephyr the Dragon. Bill grins (Or would of if he had a mouth) and prepares for a fight.
026: Demon Lord Dipper
  • Intro: Dipper Pines, the demon king, watches over Pinopolis from his throne, and chuckles at the thought of ruling the universe with Wendy Corduroy as his queen. Suddenly, one of his guards barges in and warns him of a resistance battalion approaching the palace. Dipper commands his army to take down the resistance and goes with them to find out who's in charge.
  • Stage 1: Dipper comes across Kick Buttowski, who has joined the resistance to defend his own dimension.
  • Stage 2: After fighting more resistance troops, he soon realizes that portions of it were assembled by the EVIL League, who want to get back at him for his double agent act. He fights Blossom Bowser.
  • Stage 3: Lord Dipper battles Brick and Aqualea, who say they are working for an unnamed boss.
  • Stage 4: He releases them from their brainwashed status, and they agree to help him take down the EVIL League as long as they get rewards out of it. Together, they fight Neo Metal Sonic.
  • Stage 5: Neo Metal Sonic transforms into Metal Overlord. After Dipper beats him, he tells him that Bill Cipher is searching for him.
  • Middle: Dipper decides to go after Bill and leaves Queen Wendy to rule in his absence. As he departs through a portal, Wendy begins drafting a scheme to get rid of him.
  • Stage 6: Dipper arrives in an alternate universe, where he fights Exa-Sectonia (who tracked him down for the EVIL League).
  • Stage 7: He meets up with Kaptain K. Rool, who seeks vengeance on Aqualea for using him for world domination. He finds out Dipper is on her side and tries to stop him.
  • Stage 8: After a while wandering around the desert, he finally finds a clone of Bill Cipher awaiting his arrival, and they fight.
  • Stage 9: The real Bill Cipher arrives and challenges his clone. Determined to gain more power, Dipper tries to take both their energy. The clone knocks him out and absorbs his power.
  • Final Stage: Dipper wakes up back at his castle, where Wendy looks down at him with guards surrounding her. She gives him some of her energy, but reveals that she has found a more powerful source -- Blue Energy -- and desires to rule the universe herself and destroy Dipper. They fight each other for the Blue Energy.
  • Ending: Despite getting a major beatdown, Wendy is able to banish Dipper to another dimension. Her guards help her up, and she gazes out the window of the throne room, laughing as she marvels at all the power she has now.
027: Queen Sectonia
  • Intro: After being revived by the EVIL League, Bart simply ask a request to work with them with promise of eternal beauty. Queen Sectonia refused, and boasts that she works with no inferior beings. Bart, worried that it will backfire horribly, orders several members of the EVIL League to take her down.
  • Stage 1: Queen Sectonia is taking on Blossom Bowser and Mr L., although the two sometimes attempt to attack each others shall they get into each others' way.
  • Stage 2: Sectonia vs. Kaptain K. Rool and Shake King. Unlike the first battle, the two gets along surprisingly well, and there are no friendly fire between them.
  • Stage 3: Becoming desperate, Bart gives warning to Plague Knight, Giant Cut Man and Yosemite Sam. However, Sectonia had managed to hijack a Mithril Hedlock to take them all on.
  • Stage 4: Bart, becoming intimidated by Sectonia's power and skill, calls four random fighters to stop her. The fighters have a 25% Attack bonus.
  • Stage 5: Queen Sectonia was about to give punishment to Bart, until Valus slapped her away, with the Mithril Hedlok deactivated, allowing Bart to flee. Sectonia called the colossus as insolent and take him on.
  • Middle: Queen Sectonia had started to have flashbacks longingly after an impact from Valus, having her original form and Taranza enjoying their time together. However, Sectonia slowly dismiss it as a puzzlement and proceeds.
  • Stage 6: In a vein attempt to chase out Bart, Mandy Soul was being controlled by a malfunctional Gold Hedlok, forcing Sectonia to quickly defeat it. After Mandy's defeat, Sectonia had another flashback that Taranza, with good intention, gave her the Dimension Mirror long time ago. This starts to make her believe that Taranza was at fault... or so what she thought it to be.
  • Stage 7: Sectonia took on Rumor Honeybottoms, the latter wearing an Omega Hedlok. Although Sectonia emerge victorious, she wonders if Rumor would put up another match as she fled from the fight.
  • Stage 8: Sectonia now have to fight with Max Brass and two clones of him, ready to take her on. While she lacked the Hedlok Mithril, she eventually defeats them all, but she have another flash back that it was Dark Meta Knight inside the Dimension Mirror that caused her madness all along. She slowly start to take conscience and will wonder if forcing others into sacrifice would worth it.
  • Stage 9: Rumor returned, this time becoming Exa-Rumor in another attempt to stop her. Although this proves very difficult to Sectonia, she eventually won, but just wanted to be alone, back to her kingdom where she is used to live and lead.
  • Final Stage: Bart noticed that he already had a Sectonia, which is Story Break Queen Sectonia, aka Exa-Sectonia. Bart warns the real world Sectonia that she better reconsiders, or else she will get the wrath of the more powerful but selfless Exa-Sectonia.
  • Ending: Despite her final victory, Queen Sectonia wondered if the sacrifice she will force upon the others will worth it. Exa-Sectonia, despite being depowered for a while, roared that even if she achieve her goal, it will not work in long term as the planet will eventually run out of energy and that the real world Sectonia cannot achieve eternal beauty that way. However, the brutal fight had Queen Sectonia collapsed from the injuries, and that with or without eternal beauty, she rather live in peace rather than suffering, and wishes that Taranza will one day meet her again. She degenerate back into a blue flower petal, with Bart deciding to throw it away.
028: Lance Doo
  • TBA
029: BLU Frost Man
  • Intro: In Snowycoast, a devoted BLU Engineer had successfully built a new prototype of Frost Man called the BLU Frost Man, but the BLU Frost Man woke up abruptly and eager;y prepares for a fight, despite the BLU Engineer's warning that he is not fully tested. BLU Frost Man took RED by surprise and even let the BLU Team win the match, but they did not expect for a sudden visitor...
  • Stage 1: Dr. Cortex had managed to kill out most BLU mercenaries by surprise with his Uka-Ukannon, forcing BLU Frost Man to defend the BLU Engineer. In this match, if the BLU Engineer is knocked out, the player loses, but BLU Frost Man can block the attacks.
  • Stage 2: Cortex calls Tiny Tiger for help, with the raging tiger ready to make a pile of scrap out of BLU Frost Man. The latter is unfazed, and punches his knuckles, ready to fight again. This battle is a one-on-two against Cortex and Tiny Tiger, but this time the BLU Engineer make a tactical retreat, so the player do not need to protect him this time.
  • Stage 3: Punching Cortex and Tiny to the twinkle sky, BLU Frost Man wonders where his creator go, only to have a telephonic call from BLU Engineer. The latter was impressed by the newly created robot's strength and skill, and tell him to find some Australium for Mann Co. that is reported to be found in a newly found volcano. Not being confident at first, BLU Frost Man obeyed and went to a newly discovered cave of Badlands. He had not expected Yosemite Sam digging from there, and the latter attacking him, thinking that the robot will steal his golds.
  • Stage 4: After taking care of Yosemite Sam, BLU Frost Man noticed that RED Medic, Heavy, Soldier, Demoman and Pyro are also digging Australium by order of Mann Co., and the RED Team doesn't want the bulky robot from beating them again, attacking him without warning.
  • Stage 5: Defeating RED Team again, the two sides noticed that the Australium had mysteriously disappeared. Turns out that a shady thief was behind the scene, and BLU Frost Man will not hesitate to chase him. The shady thief is bodyguarded by, unpredictably, the Shake King himself. The latter states that he works with the thief as such thief helped out a friend of his beforehand.
  • Middle: The Shake King, despite being beaten up, sent a lightning jolt into BLU Frost Man's face, which knocked the tough robot out. The King of Shaking then retreats, with the RED Team finding him out, but found that the Australium found there are not real Australium but is instead explosive variation, and hastily follows the Shake King to warn him, but he and his thief partner were too far. The BLU Engineer and several BLU mercenaries found BLU Frost Man and bring him back to Snowycoast to repair him.
  • Stage 6: After being repaired, BLU Frost Man is ready to chase out the shady duo. He discovered Giant Cut Man training in a mountain arena, but the latter mistook for the Frost Man that works for Dr. Wily and tried fought him.
  • Stage 7: BLU Frost Man advances in one of the EVIL League's hideout, but was challenged by a sneaking Queen Sectonia, who wanted to recruit some useful henchmen in order to slowly but surely recover her fallen kingdom. However, BLU Frost Man refuse to follows, and Sectonia had bring in the brainwashed Bandanna Dee and Lance Doo, leading to a one-on-three fight.
  • Stage 8: Queen Sectonia is impressed by BLU Frost Man's skill, but the robot does not waste time and knocked her out. This freed Bandanna Dee and Lance Doo from the mind control, and the two accepted to help out. On the road, the three had to confront a malfunctional clone of Min Min that had knocked out the Shake King.
  • Stage 9: After the Min Min clone exploded, the Shake King noticed that if a clone can result in the explosion, then it could result in disaster, and put his greed aside for once. However, the Giant Thief, who turns out to be the shady thief all along, said that the maker of the clone refused to listens, before quickly attempting to take out BLU Frost Man, Bandanna Dee and Lance Doo.
  • Final Stage: After the Giant Thief being taken out, the Shake King realized that something went really wrong. The maker in question turns out to be King Candy, or moreso Turbo, who prepares an atomic bomb made of explosive gold called the Explodium, in order to annihilate the island and eventually the world, out of pure revenge from his plan foiled by Wreck-It Raplh. This is divided into two parts; one part where his Explodium allows him to replicate himself and did managed to nearly kill BLU Frost Man, but comes the rescue of BLU Engineer who not only repaired him (while the duplicates are smacked by the Shake King and will smash anymore of it), but also gives two Sentry Missiles, allowing to sent rockets when BLU Frost Man attacks.
  • Ending: Shake King angrily grabs Cy-Bug King Candy, who was starting to get nervous. "Destroying the world, which means losing all treasures I can find and steal, is entirely out of question!", Shake King furiously shouted, and prepares for a beat out, with the Giant Thief backing him up. The BLU Engineer and BLU Frost Man took this opportunity to escape, and laughed as they happily run away... until the RED Team demand decides to take them on again. They actually regretted this time, as BLU Frost Man was eagerly jumping toward them the moment they show up, preparing his Knockout Rush.
030: Nepeta Leijon
  • TBA
031: Homestar Runner
  • TBA

Chaos Bosses

These bosses are mostly exclusive to the Chaos Campaign, are are generally designed to exploit the selected character's worst weaknesses. They also varies in strength, and Omega-type Chaos Bosses are marked with the Greek letter omega in parentheses (Ω). They are also marked with a minor "c" at the right of each number.

Image + Name Info
Big Arms

Big Arms
Added by Samtendo09


Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik's mobile, floating machine with big arms, as the name indicate. This deadly machine is capable to slamming down victim into the floor, and is fairly fast, making it crippling for fighters with slow projectiles and weak defense!

2,500 HP Big Arms is fast moving and can slam down anyone grabbed by the machine. While it lacked ranged attacks in the first phase, the mobility can make up for this, and the spiked top will hurt anyone touching it.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 2,500 HP - 1,500 HP
Dr. Eggman moves his Big Arms in S pattern, and sometimes swing the arms around. If he manages to catches a player, he slams it down the floor for big damage.
Phase 2 1,500 HP - 1,000 HP
The Big Arms now fires its arms away, like how Dr. Eggman's other final machine, the Death Egg Robot, used to do so. It can also have energy bolts surrounded that can hurt players if they had made contact with those.
Phase 3 1,000 HP - 0 HP
Big Arms starts to malfunction and goes out of control, slamming down the door randomly and shooting out missiles from the fingers. Once the machine overheats, the players can strike it, but it will soon start over the rampage. Dr. Eggman quickly exits the machine as it overheats the first time.

Added by Samtendo09


Thuggler is the Mighty Pokémon, a chimera-like Pokémon capable to demolish even a gigantic meteor without a scratch. This Legendary Pokémon is built to become stronger than most Legendary Pokémon, but it went aggressive and aim to defeat similarly strong fighters.

100,000 HP
Thuggler is both resilient, but also extremely strong in close combat. While only having Earthquake as its ranged attack, getting closer to Thuggler can be a death sentence. Close combatants can get into deep troubles if not attacking it strategically...

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 100,000 HP - 75,000 HP

Fights with Close Combat, Counter and Iron Tail. When using Close Combat, Thuggler will become more vulnerable for a while, but it can lock players out until the Close Combat finishes. It will use Counter when not attacking, although it only works against attacks that make contact.

Phase 2 75,000 HP - 65,000 HP

Starts to use Bullet Punch and Earthquake. Bullet Punch is the weaker of Thuggler's moves, but can help it to quickly catches up the players.

Phase 3 65,000 HP - 30,000 HP

Thuggler begins using its Steel-type signature move, Devastation, which is not only powerful, but also have a chance to break down one of the fighter's attacks. It also occasionally use Swords Dance, allowing it to deal as twice as damage for several seconds.

Phase 4 30,000 HP - 10,000 HP

Thuggler uses Gear Grind instead of Swords Dance, which while only giving 1,5x damage bonus for him, also grants doubled mobility speed. Thankfully, the attacking speed does not change, but it still allows Thuggler to quickly catch up the players, making it significantly more dangerous.

Phase 5 10,000 HP - 0 HP

Thuggler went through Regression Overdrive to become Giga Thuggler, giving a phenomenally huge Attack and a boost on the defenses. It will also uses Giga Impact, Fire Punch, Ice Punch and Thunder Punch, the latter three having a potential of making burning, freezing and paralyzing respectively. However, once it used Giga Impact, it is not able to move for ten seconds, allowing the players to freely attack Giga Thuggler.

Hyper D.I.Y. Wario

Hyper D.I.Y. Wario
Added by Samtendo09


While D.I.Y. Wario isn't too much troubles once you get used to predict his attacks, this enhanced Wario, powered-up by the Red Energy, making him significantly faster, stronger and resilient than even his Wario-Man alter-ego! He also take control of fire and electric power capable to shut down attacks, which can give troubles for those who relies on gimmicky attacks. He is gonna win, and he's not kidding this time!

300,000 HP
Hyper D.I.Y. Wario, shortly known as Hyper Wario, has mountainous amount of HP, comparable to Demon Lord Dipper and giant-sized Omega Bosses, but he also have weak spot that is his very own face, and unlike Exateno and Exa-Sectonia, he does not reduce damage when hit in anything other than his weak spot. He will try to use Wario Bite to counter this, and he can quickly demolish unprepared players in mere seconds if he managed to make a combo!

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 300,000 HP - 200,000 HP

Hyper Wario uses attacks he makes from Phase 1 and 2 from his normal Boss Battle, but they are much stronger and are given permanent Hyper Armor. His Headbutt Rush can even break out guards and leave players stunned!

Phase 2 200,000 HP - 150,000 HP

Hyper Wario will use hand-to-hand combat, using a combo of two punches and a headbutt from his Wario World game. The headbutt can stun the player. He also uses his attacks from Phase 1.

Phase 3 150,000 HP - 100,000 HP

Hyper Wario uses the Earthshake Punch in order to burn the bottom ground, with only him being immune to the floor, forcing the players to get into the top floor. He also attacks by flicking lightnings that can take down attacks. The players can attack him by redirecting homing fireballs back into him.

Phase 4 100,000 HP - 500 HP

Hyper Wario now cause metals to fall, while opening wormholes that he and the players can use to teleport around the arena. Falling metals will deal massive damage, but are slow and thus predictable, and can be pushed back with any attack in order to damage Wario if he is attacking. If he doesn't, he will grab the metal, regardless of size and shape, and throw it back to the attacking player.

Phase 5 500 HP - 0 HP

Hyper Wario grows a bit and his energy starts to spiral out of control. He keeps his attacks from Phase 1 and 2, but this time he also uses Power Throw, Wild Swing Ding and Piledriver, which can OHKO a few fighters. He also cannot be truly knocked out without finishing him off with a Super Move, or a charged attack when he becomes exhausted for a while.


Exa-Rumor Honeybottoms
Added by Samtendo09


In order to defend herself against the Devil or a god from outside wourld shall he come wide with the world, she had collected the EX Energy in order to become the ultra-powerful Exa-Rumor, but this caused her to be an enemy for both the fighters and the EVIL League does to her increasing intention to expand her "hive" for universal business.

335,000 HP
Although resilient does to her massive size like Exateno and Exa-Sectonia, Exa-Rumor takes 1,5x more damage when her antennas get hit. She is also demonically aggressive compared to the other Exa-Bosses, chaining one of her attack to another, but this also make her stubborn, and her antennas are easier to hit than the other Exa-Bosses' weak spot.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 335,000 HP - 250,000 HP

Her first phase combines the phase of Phase 1 and 2 of Rumor Honeybottoms; summoning multiple policebees and use one of her spells and another, while spitting out multiple bee-like bullets.

Phase 2 250,000 HP - 175,000 HP

She now flood the first floor with honey, forcing the player to take the second floor. She sometimes tilt the floor in an attempt to slip the players into the honey to drown them. She keeps her attacks from her previous phase.

Phase 3 175,000 HP - 135,000 HP

She starts to pop up and down around the stadium, and when her hand points the floor, she will either shoots a destructive beam of light, a tornado that whirl in spiral movement, or straight up attempted to crunch the players. She also summons policemen bees that uses honey-shooting bazookas.

Phase 4 135,000 HP - 85,000 HP

She uses the plane-wings of her abdomens to makes buzzsaw in order to cut the stadium into half, and then a quarter. The platforms solidify to prevent further cuts, but now she attacks faster, which involving making herself invisible, inhaling platforms and Star Spit them out, and hypnotize the players in an attempt to devour them, which the players must mash the buttons in order to get out of the control.

Phase 5 85,000 HP - 0 HP

Exa-Rumor's eyes starts to brighten, and she throws a fit of rage. Her hands becomes Buzz-ookas that shoots out explosive stingers, and the stadium become a raising platform as the players have to knock the chasing Exa-Rumor out, lest they will be bitten. They can counters by hitting pink-colored stingers which they redirect back to her, but she also uses all of her attacks from her previous phases.


King Candy
Added by Samtendo09


King Candy is an egoistical former ruler of Suger Rush, one of the arcades found in Litwak's Arcade, and his plan is to rule the entire arcade as it is not for Wreck-It Raplh and his friends' intervention. Although revived by the EVIL League, he had an even more dastardly intention and is kicked out of the league does to his worsened insanity...

1,200 HP While not a tough boss as first, King Candy is full of surprises; using his kart and uses various items from the Sugar Rush game. And as if it isn't troublesome enough, at phase 3 he becomes Cy-Bug Candy, becoming faster and stronger, but tend to be attracted powerful light sources and despite having Cy-Bugs as minions, they share the same weaknesses of his.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 1,200 HP - 1,000 HP
He rides on his deluxe kart and fires Sweet Seekers, Chocolate Puddle, Cherry Bombs, and Shield Crackers, where he randomly generate them as he rushes through the Sugar Boxes. The players can destroy the Sugar Boxes to use the items themselves, but King Candy can whack the players by simply riding over them.
Phase 2 1,000 HP - 500 HP
He wised up and only rides into the ring that circles the arena. He becomes much more difficult to hit, and gummy guards are summoned in order to provide distraction, but you can knock them out and throw them to damage King Candy. He still uses his attacks from Phase 1, outside of ramming.
Phase 3 500 HP - 0 HP
King Candy unleashes his inner virus and becomes a Cy-Bug, and summons multiple Cy-Bugs. While his tail swipe, claws attack and hand slam are painful, he becomes mindlessly distracted to a very bright lighthouse that you can activate by pressing four buttons of the arena. While the Cy-Bugs themselves are strong, as already stated, they can become distracted by the very same lighthouse.

Added by WC Sunamaru


Merasmus the Magician, often shortened to just Merasmus, is an enchanter and Soldier's former roommate. He also inderectly caused the loss of Demoman's eye, as he made him sweep the floors of his library, he read the bombinomicon, leading to his eye being possesed, which Merasmus had to remove. He mostly appears on Halloween maps and events.

Merasmus - 33,750 HP
MONOCULUS - 10,000
Much like in Team Fortress 2, his boss strategy involves stunning him to deal damage. Unlike TF2, however, he often changes up his tactics, meaning the player must stun him in a variety of different ways. Not only will he be easier to attack when stunned, all damage dealt to him will be critical hits.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 33,750 HP - 33,000 HP
Merasmus summons upon MONOCULUS, Demoman's giant haunted eye. Merasmus will not attack during this round, making MONOCULUS do all the work. MONOCULUS fires smaller, explosive eyes out of his pupil. The player must trick MONOCULUS into hitting Merasmus with these eyes, wich will stun him. MOMOCULUS will also explode into jarate upon death, which also stuns Merasmus, but also nullifies invisibility and extinguishes fire. Preforming a critical hit on MONOCULUS will make him angry, turning his iris red and increasing his range of fire. It is recommended that the player defeats MONOCULUS during this round, as Merasmus will teleport away before the eye projectiles can hit him, and the other round will be more difficult with a floating eyeball shooting explosives at you.
Phase 2 33,000 HP - 30,000 HP
Merasmus decides to attack himself. He will also dodge MONOCULUS's attacks by teleporting. He teleports around the stage, attacking the player with his staff. Every time he teleports (With the exception of dodging MONOCULUS's eye projectiles), the Bombinomicon will turn the player's head into a bomb. Bomb headed players have boosted speed, but cannot attack normally. During this state, the player must run towards Merasmus to stun him with the explosion. However, if the player does not reach him in time, the bomb will detonate normally, dealing 100 damage to the player.
Phase 3 30,000 HP - 15,000 HP
This phase is similar to the previous round, except Merasmus will have some new attacks. He will cast spells that set the player on fire and knock them into the air. He will also throw around bombs. His most rarely used attack will send bombs in all directions.
Phase 4 15,000 HP - 5,000 HP
Merasmus will teleport away and disguise as a prop, and add a few new props th throw the player off. These props will bleed a green liquid when hit. If the player chooses the wrong prop, it will drop a small healing item. If the right one is chosen, however, Merasmus will undisquise itself, and will be stunned for a short time. The cycle will then repeat until his health is low enough to initiate the next phase.
Phase 5 5,000 HP - 0 HP
This round is is similar to the last one. However, the events that happen when the player hits objects will change. Upon hitting the wrong object, the object will explode, damaging the player if they get too close. Upon hitting the right object, Merasmus will still appear, but he will fight you, and you must stun him by either tricking him into hitting a fake object or damage them yourself when he gets close. After being stunned for a bit, he will turn back into a prop, rearranging the fake ones repeating the cycle until his defeat.

Ram Woman
Added by WC Sunamaru


A modified version of Aradiabot, this robot master was designed by Nepeta's moirail Equius Zahhak after he was kidnapped by Dr. Wily. She was later built by Wily to achieve his goal of beating his long-time rival, Mega Man. She is more combat-oriented than Aradiabot, and is programmed with a brash and stubborn personality. Despite her power and skill, she has a tendency to think without acting.

90,000 HP
Like almost all robot masters, she has a weakness, hers being Tea Purrty (Due to it shorting out her circuits). However, don't think this makes the fight easy. She fights dirty with an unpredictable attack pattern.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 90,000 HP - 72,000 HP
This phase is pretty basic, with you having to dodge her attacks while dealing damage. She employs attacks such as punches and kicks and trying to ram into you. You can dodge her ramming attacks to make her hit things, which will make her temporarily stunned. Use this to rack up extra damage!
Phase 2 72,000 HP - 54,000 HP
This round is nearly identical to the last one, except Ram Woman will stop trying to ram into the opponent, making her harder to damage.
Phase 3 54,000 HP - 36,000 HP
Her health slowly falling, she decides to try out a new tactic. She flies up into the air, where it's impossible for most characters to reach. She fires balls of energy from her hands that deal massive damage. In order to damage her, you must deflect them with your attacks. She keeps this up until the next round.
Phase 4 36,000 HP - 18,000 HP
Aradiabot will continue flying, but stop using the energy balls. Instead, she homes in to the opponent. The player must use the brief period in which she is close in order to attack, as the homing nature of the charging Ram Woman means she rarely, if ever, hits another solid object. This is a risky maneuver, as the player will most likely get damaged if they miss.
Phase 5 18,000 HP - 0 HP
Aradiabot suddenly appears, and she is NOT happy about Ram Woman existing, to say the least. Ram Woman directs her attention to the new arrival, and calls out an army of Neo Metalls to distract the player while the two Aradia-based androids try and finish each other off. Most of the time the player must deal with the Metalls. Like in their home series, their helmets are indestructible, meaning the player must attack them when their face is exposed, mostly when firing projectiles. However, Aradiabot will sometimes knocks Ram Woman into the ground, which lets the player damage her. However, Aradiabot will still damage Ram Woman herself, meaning the only point to doing this is to make the fight go quicker, and so the player can damage the boss themselves. Once this round is over, you've won.


There are two types of characters. Playable characters have a variety of attacks at their disposable and can be controlled by the player; the other are Bosses, which have various phases in which they can attack. A character can be both a boss and a playable character if the creator wishes.

Adding Content

Although the game has a free to edit template on top of it, there are some rules.

  • Characters must be reasonably balanced, of course.
  • Avoid making too overtly jokey characters, and especially ones that are low quality for the sake of that being the joke.
  • Unfinished characters can be removed if they take longer than a week to finish.
  • Low quality characters will be removed.

Gameplay modes and other content will be added over time by the creator. The game will also take suggestions from commentators as well, so any suggestions you have should be in a comment form on this page!


Heyo, name's Biff! You here for the battles too? They get me all kinds of amped up! Each fighter is so unique and with diffrent attack load outs, there's really no saying who will win or lose!

Each playable character has a set of 3 default attacks to choose from and special attributes, usually up to three.

Image + Name Info

Min Min
Added by Exotoro

Rival: ???


A member of ramen royalty, she hails from the famed Mintendo Noodle House! Her spicy kicks are known to knock down her opponents' attacks. She is known as the ramen bomber and wants to win to save her restaurant.

Min Min can execute a kick on the ground or in the air which knocks down oncoming attacks, acting as a counter. She can also transform her left arm into a dragon, with those left attacks remaining charged until she gets knocked down.

Default Attacks Info
Dragon ARM It homes in on opponents, then freezes in midair to shoot a laser beam. Does 90 damage uncharged, 130 if charged.
Megawatt ARM While a slower attack, it deals more damage and has a chance to leave opponents paralyzed temporarily. Does 110 damage uncharged, 115 if charged.
Ramram ARM Has a curved path that leaves with a hot touch. Does 80 damage uncharged, 120 if charged.

Over Justice
Added by Exotoro

Rival: ???


General Manager of Over Justice is the head of Ogikubo's Space Patrol department. He acts without thought or judgement, and is quick to reverse his rash judgements is proven wrong, but is always chomping at the bit to arrest those he finds GUILTY!

While easily one of the slowest characters in the game, Over Justice takes no knockback from normal attacks and can charge when blocking attacks.

Default Attacks Info
Justice Over Fires at opponents with a skeletal gun. Does 110 damage uncharged, 130 if charged.
Under Arrest Throws handcuffs at opponents, ensnaring them temporarily if charged. Does 90 damage uncharged, 120 if charged.
OverKill la Kill Throws red webbing at opponents for a shocking attack that leaves them temporarily unable to use either their left or right attack, but is one of the slowest projectile attacks. Does 70 damage uncharged, 110 if charged.

Fake sonic render by nibroc rock-da32fyd
Niobium Sonic
Added by MeGa eXal

Rival: Brick

A replacement for the old Metal Sonic. Dr. Eggman sent him here so he can test his skills and get ready for his first battle against Sonic the Hedgehog himself.
Niobium Sonic absorbs damage more easily than other characters, and he is one of the fastest fighters in the game. However, well-charged attacks can send him flying back a bit.
Default Attacks Info
Razor Dash Niobium Sonic curls up into a ball and dashes towards the opponent with sharp spines sticking out. Deals 100 damage normally, 120 when charged.
Aquatana Morphs his hands into katanas and slashes the enemy. 80 damage uncharged, 110 charged.
Bomb Shoes His feet detach from his legs, with new ones taking their place, and home into the opponent before exploding on contact. This move deals 90 damage without charge, 110 when charged.


Variants of the heavily armoured Shovel Knight clones, these Spade Barons fight in pairs and have a psychic bond with their partner allowing them to chain their attacks together as one.

The Switch Barons can be tricky to play due to you basically controlling 2 characters at once but once you get the hang of them you will be in control of a powerful set of characters with slow but incredibly damaging attacks coming from different angles.

Default Attacks Info
Switch Spin The Switch Barons stand back to back and performing arcing sweeps with their Spade Halberds. Does 150 damage uncharged and 210 charged.
Double Strike One Switch Baron stabs forward with his blade while the other drags his blade along the ground while dashing forward before swinging it forward.
Relics One Switch Barons throws a Throwing Anchor while the other stabs forward with a Propeller Dagger.

Switch Barons
Added by Crunch

Rival: ???


Added by Samtendo09

Rival: ???


The Neon Evolution of Lurantis, intoduced in Pokémon Progress and Regress. She got beauty parallel of a certain Lusamine (it might be obvious why), but this Grass/Light Pokémon, while no where as evil, can demonstrate that not even beauty will hide one's true skill.

Belezasta combines speed and hard hits to overwhelm the opponent in a few seconds, as it specialize quick combos and punishments, but it quite frail and misuse of her attacks too many times will end her up to be overwhelmed.

Default Attacks Info
Lightspeed Punch It is relatively weak, but very fast which allows a quick combo if it hit the opponent often with the other Attack. Does 50 damage uncharged, 75 damage if charged.
Leaf Blade The power and speed are in middle between Lightspeed Punch and Solar Blade, but can also break the attacks quicker. Does 70 damage uncharged, 110 damage if charged.
Solar Blade A very powerful attack that can damage even blocking opponents, but needs to be charged first. Charged lightly will make 150 damage and fully charge will make it 200 damage.
Pete transparent

Added by Samtendo09

Rival: ???


The rough, tough nemesis of Mickey Mouse, and the oldest reoccurring Disney villain (he even predates Mickey himself by three years!) and one of the most famous Disney Villains as well. His role changes between installments, but one thing is for sure, most of the time, if not always, he is a fraudulent, greedy bully.

Pete may not have much speed compared to the others, but his endurance and fantastic strength will help him to win quick money-- eh, quick victory. He can even bust out the others' Attacks with his own when performing well, but recklessly using his Attacks will result him to get backfired or prone to punishment. When his HP is low, he becomes furious and get a slight speed boost and a bit bigger attack power.

Default Attacks Info
Dynamite-Spring A dynamite-glued springing glove that does not lock-on and chase on the opponent, but works the best to punish foes and take down other attacks, but if he get too nearby of his foe, he will hurt himself by the explosion, if only by little. 80 damage if uncharged, 125 damage if charged.
Yelling Megaphone A robotic megaphone that while it does fewer damage if uncharged, can push the opponent a bit far to give Pete some distance. This is the only attack that cannot be backfired against Pete. 40 damage if uncharged, 95 damage if charged.
Brick Punch A brick-patterned metallic fist that is the strongest of his default arsenal, but also the slowest (even if not by that much). It can only be damaged by a charged attack, and even then it will only stop if it hit or miss. 105 if uncharged, 145 if charged.

Added by Samtendo09

Rival: ???


The Neon Evolution of Hariyama, that first appeared in Pokémon Progress and Regress. It is even more resilient than Hariyama was and thus able to endure even a mighty punch on the lower frontal body.

Kyodaiyama is by far the slowest but also the most resilient fighter, having more HP than average fighters and cannot be flinched by weak attacks. He is also very strong, being able to severely damage his opponent with his default attacks. Such attacks are not actually slow, but can have a longer lag if spammed without changing strategy, but get faster after successful hits, allowing him to make dangerous combo if doing well.

Default Attacks Info
Power-Up Punch/Focus Punch Allows Kyodaiyama to temporarily boost his next attacks by 25% for the five next attacks, but only up to 50% can be stacked. 75 if uncharged, 100 if charged. It can be charged even longer for a devastating Focus Punch that while he lose focus if hit before hand, once the attack starts punching he cannot be stopped and hurt, and deals a whopping 195-215 damage, depended on how close he is near his target, but this is also the most difficult to use and should be kept against stunned or distanced opponents.
Force Palm Unleash an open-headed punch that can damage and paralyze (slow down) the opponent upon a fully charged shot. 115 if uncharged, 135 and guaranteed paralysis if charged.
Drain Punch A move that Hariyama couldn't learn before, but now possible as Kyodaiyama (and keeps it even after Neon Devolving). Each hit will lightly recover Kyodaiyama's HP by 20 to 50, depended on how hard it hit. Uncharged hit will makes 100, while charged will makes 120.

Added by Exotoro

Rival: ???


A powerful succubus that needed her power to be split into two beings known as Morrigan and Lilith, Morrigan is a playful seductive woman with immense power at her hands. While not evil, she is certainly not a good person.

Morrigan is able to float above the ground when moving, avoiding ground based attacks almost entirely unless she is attacking. She also can absorb attacks and power her own in addition to healing a little bit of her own health.

Default Attacks Info
Soul Fist Morrigan unleashes a bat shaped projectile at her opponent. Deals 69 damage uncharged, 101 damage charged.
Drill Pierce Turns her hands into drills, piercing through a opponent's defense if they're blocking. Deals 40 uncharged, 80 charged.
Shadow Blade A quick jab attack that turns her wings into blades. Deals 80 damage uncharged, 120 damage charged.

Added by MeGa eXal

Rival: Niobium Sonic

He's the leader of the Rowdyruff Boys, who were created by Mojo Jojo to rival Townsville's heroes, the Powerpuff Girls. He is brash, arrogant, and always filled with a desire to punch someone.

Brick is considered a "glass cannon"; he's good at dishing out damage, but bad at taking it in himself. As such, you'll need to be careful when using him -- otherwise, you'll be blasted away!

Default Attacks Info
Pyro Boost Brick dashes forward with a burning aura around him. You can choose to fly straight into your opponent (70 uncharged, 100 charged) or leap into the air and create a ring of fire (90 uncharged, 120 charged).
Soda Grenade He shakes up a soda can rapidly and tosses it a few feet forward. An umcharged explosion deals 100 damage, while a charged one does 140.
Turbocryoaeroblast Brick breathes out an icy wind that pushes opponents back while also slowing them down for five seconds. Does 90 damage uncharged, 110 charged.
Tiny Tiger
Added by Samtendo09

Rival: ???

Theme: Bandicoot 3 - Tiny Tiger Boss Theme (N. Sane Trilogy Version)

"Crash! Leave [the crystals] to Tiny, or Crash get CRUSHED!!" Those are his very first words heard in the Crash original trilogy games (and N. Sane Trilogy remake), and he is at first N. Brio's, then Cortex's one of the strongest minions with a small brain.

Tiny is a brick-tough, hulking Tasmanian Tiger mutated by the Evolve-o-Ray, who despite his comparatively tiny legs, is a powerful jumper who can dodge fast while being able to dish out fast, powerful hits. His attacks are short-ranged, so he need to get close to his opponents.

Default Attacks Info
N. Raging Tiny's comparatively weaker but faster attack, allowing him to catch opponents off and quickly break through the others' attack when done well. 75 damage if uncharged, 90 if charged.
Mighty Roar A roar that is loud and fierce enough to damage anyone on its radius, and pin down anyone who flies or jump to the ground. 60 damage if uncharged, but does 125 damage if charged.
Trident Strike Tiny pulls out a trident to constantly strike into the ground, but missing too many times will leave him stuck and make him prone to punishments. 70 damage for each hit if uncharged, or 100 damage if charged.
NeoCortexN. SaneTrilogy
Doctor Neo Cortex
Added by Samtendo09

Rival: ???

Theme: Bandicoot 3 - Dr. Cortex Final Battle (N. Sane Trilogy Version

Crash Bandicoot's most iconic nemesis, he had mutated several animals (including Crash himself) by the Evolve-O-Ray, and he (along with Tiny, his most loyal minion) to train on their skills, although this is more because Bart, or whoever owns the EVIL League, had rejected them does to Cortex's bumbling failures, and Cortex get on traditional players' side out of revenge.

Cortex is an unorthodox character that, being a doctor (or scientist?), relies on technology and trickery. Although not able to take too much damage, he relies on inflicting statuses to take down his opponent, tough or fast alike. This can make him very dangerous if you relies on just chasing after him!

Default Attacks Info
N. Sane Pistol His laser pistol that deals various statuses, but the green ones can be knocked back, although the rest are not. Uncharged will gives green shots that deals 50 damage and may cause poison, while charged will makes either purple or blue that causes slow down or lowering defense, respectively, and deals 95 damage.
Uka-Ukannon An arm cannon modeled after Uka Uka, his true master. This cannon can deal powerful damage, but the projectile are bouncy and might harm Cortex himself if the player spammed it without thinking. Uncharged makes 80, while charged would make 110 and may inflict health drain.
Nitro Attack Cortex's rushing attack, using his jetpack to hop high and drop a Nitro Box. He can summon up to three Nitro Boxes at a time, and any contact will cause an explosion that is harmful for both Cortex and his opponents. Uncharged will make a normal-sized Nitro Box that causes 75, while charged will make a larger Nitro Box with bigger radius that takes a bit longer to charge than average, but deals a whopping 130 damage to anyone who get hit by its explosion.
EtrianMysteryDungeon Gunner
Added by IncarnateParanoia

Rival: ???

Theme: The First Campaign

Hailing from High Lagaard, the Gunners are one of the many "classes" that the adventurers drawn to the Yggdrasil Labyrinth in search of adventure can be divided into. As their name suggests, they're primarily firearm-wielding attackers who specialize in offensive abilities from the back row, but their versatile skillset lets them do pretty much anything that needs doing in their party, including healing and bind inflicting. This particular Gunner is the mascot of Etrian Odyssey 2, and can be recognized by her hat's Jack Frost pin.
The Gunner is a glass cannon through and through. Her low health and slow movement speed can leave her especially vulnerable to enemy fire, but she herself is able to leave her opponents reeling with her powerful and versatile weaponry. She is even capable of Binding enemy weaponry to help protect herself.
Default Attacks Info
Fire Rounds An attack that travels directly forwards at high speed. Does 100 damage if uncharged, 130 if charged.
Ricochet An attack that cannot be charged. It pierces through the enemy's body and bounces off of walls, allowing it to hit an opponent multiple times or from behind obstacles. Does 90 damage, and does 15 less damage with each enemy or surface struck. Shots from this weapon vanish after their damage reaches zero.
Arm Sniper The most valuable weapon in the Gunner's default arsenal. After a short delay, it fires off a swift round that cannot be charged and deals a flat 70 damage. Most importantly, it Binds the attack currently equipped by the enemy, forcing them to switch it out and preventing them from using it for a short time. Only one of the enemy's attacks can be bound at a time.

Senator Scoobs
Added by Crunch

Rival: ???

ron't RUCK rith this renator! Scooby Dooby Dooooo!

Scooby Doo having reverted to his feral ways after worsening hallucinations eventually caused Velma to use the Book of Schöl's knowledge to turn Scooby into the ultimate weapon. Now enfused with Nanomachines and bionic enhancements, Senator Scoobs will destroy any and all challengers.

Senator Scoobs is a slow but extremely hard-hitting character with the unique ability of Hyper Armour, he will not flinch from any attacks even ones that would byass Super Armour.

Default Attacks Info
Chokeslam Senator Scoobs grabs his opponent by the throat and slams them to the ground. 90 damage uncharged and 140 charged
College Ball Senator Scoobs steps forward and punches his target in the gut, before curling them into a ball, throwing them into the air and kicking them away. does 130 damage uncharged and 190 charged.
RORARARARA! Senator Scoobs lets out a barrage of punches that cant be charged. Does 30 damage per punch.

Weird Mario SMM

Uncle Mario
Added by Pokerninja2

Rival: ???


Uncle Mario is the main protagonist of Pokerninja2's Uncle Mario series, a series of levels made in Super Mario Maker where it is encouraged Mario uses a Weird Mushroom to become Weird Mario. Anyways, Uncle Mario is far skinnier and lankier than normal Mario.

Uncle Mario is overall pretty average in terms of stats. He does, however, possess great jump height that allows him to dip in and out of the action. He does, however, have some pretty bad traction and has a difficult time stopping after running. Other than this, his most notable attacks, uniquely, have diffrent functions depending on if the attack is charged or not.

Default Attacks Info
Bill Blaster Uncle Mario will place a Bill Blaster in front of him, which will fire a Bullet Bill that flies forward and deals 200 damage on impact. If charged, Uncle Mario will shake the Bill Blaster to make it red. It will instead fire a Bull's-eye Bill, which targets opponents, albeit only deals 100 damage.
Shell Helmet Uncle Mario slides forward while putting on a Shell Helmet. If uncharged, he will put on a Buzzy Beetle Shell Helmet, which will deal 130 damage on impact and reflect projectiles. If charged, Uncle Mario puts on a Spiny Shell Helmet instead, which deals 260 damage but loses its reflecting ability.
Mystery Door Uncle Mario summons a door, which he will open and suck in opponents. While in the door, the player will take 70 damage every second, and will need to button mash in order to be freed sooner. If charged, he will summon a P-Switch Door instead, which sucks in opponents and simply deals 130 damage before spitting them out.
Jonathan jojoeoh
Added by IncarnateParanoia

Rival: ???

Theme: Jonathan Joestar Battle (EOH)

Born in England in 1868, Jonathan "JoJo" Joestar was the sole heir of a vast fortune. But his life was changed when his adoptive brother Dio Brando, his sights set on power and fortune, used a stone mask found by Jonathan's dead mother to become a vampire. After training in the power of Hamon, JoJo took it upon himself to defeat Dio, unaware that his battle would only mark the beginning of a destiny that would span centuries...

JoJo's specialty is pushing through attacks without flinching to strike enemies mid-blow. Many of his attacks possess Super Armor or even Hyper Armor, and his high health and attack output compliment this combat role rather nicely. However, his melee-oriented skillset leaves him more predictable at a distance.

Default Attacks Info
Zoom Punch A homing punch attack which lacks the range of similar attacks, like Min Min's ARMs, but deals more damage. Deals 115 damage uncharged, 140 damage if uncharged.
Luck & Pluck A wide slashing attack with a sword. Its range is somewhat minimal, but it sends the struck enemy hurtling backwards. Deals 90 damage uncharged, 115 damage if charged.
Overdrive Barrage An unusual attack that launches a flurry of punches at the enemy. The more its charged, the more punches in the attack. Fires 3 punches uncharged, 10 if charged, and each punch does 20 damage.

Added by MeGa eXal

Rival: ???

Theme: ???

Aqualea was one of the inhabitants of Wario's Woods before Toad came and took it back. She's joined this championship in hopes of winning cash so she can buy her own land, thereby proclaiming it as her own "woods". This mermaid is no different to competition, and she's ready to strut her stuff!

She is a quick and nimble fighter, albeit slightly weaker than most of the others in terms of hand-to-hand combat. To compensate for this, Aqualea uses strong projectiles as her main weapons.

Default Attacks Info
Rainbow Bomb Aqualea throws a bomb onto the stage, and it will stay there for ten seconds before exploding. Rather uniquely, charging this move changes the color of the bomb, thus increasing its damage output; red bombs deal 65 damage, green ones deal 80, and blue ones deal 95. Connecting multiple bombs of the same color will add to the damage output.
Woodsman She summons one of the inhabitants of the woods and launches them in the direction she is facing. Deals 85 damage uncharged, 100 damage charged.
Bubble Wrap Aqualea "swims" around the opponent, trapping them in a swirling storm of bubbles. Charging this move increases the amount of time it lasts; 25 damage is done per second for up to five seconds.
King Boo - Fera

King Boolstar
Added by Pokerninja2

Rival: ???

Theme: Barkley's Slamsion Medley

King Boo is the king of ghosts and had decided to enter this shindig... wearing a costume? Rumors are going around that he found a helmet someone on the far-off planet of Terra wasn't using anymore, and took a spare spear and shield too. He also for some reason entered as "King Boolstar".

King Boo's a pretty nimble fighter, though has a lot of range thanks to his spear. He can also guard a good number of projectiles quite effectively with his shield too. He additionally has the abilities of any other regular Boo, such as turning invisible and teleporting.

Default Attacks Info
Spear Charge King Boo spins his spear around and stabs it forward. A basic attack, but deals decent damage, especially at the spear's point.
Light Heal The helmet King Boo "borrowed" has an adrenaline booster in it, which will heal King Boo's damage slightly when this attack is used. Although the healing process will take longer, King Boo can hide himself behind his shield to avoid taking hits from projectiles while healing.
Spear Beam King Boo's spear's point converts to a small blaster, which he uses to fire a large beam forward. It can pierce through opponents and deal heavy damage, though it can be difficult to hit opponents with.

Bandana Dee
Added by OwtheEdgehog

Rival: Lance Doo (friendly)

Bandana Dee dedicated his entire life serving the self-proclaimed king, King Dedede. Wielding a spear which can turn into an umbrella and a beam rod, Bandana Dee differentiates himself from the other, worthless Waddle Dees and Doos.

Bandana Dee's mobility is on par with the rest of the cast, but what makes him outstanding is his spear. While being able to throw it so he can pin down opponents, he can also turn it into a parasol to deflect enemy projectiles and a beam rod to send out a beam of electricity or an even stronger electro-ball.

Default Attacks Info
Spear Toss Bandana Dee tosses his spear forward, which pins down grounded opponents when it hits them.
Parasol Dash Spear turns into a parasol and Bandana Dee dashes forward with it, in hopes of hitting the opponent and deflecting projectiles.
Beam Rod Spear turns into a beam rod and Bandana Dee fires a short ranged beam. Can be charged to fire two spheres of beam energy.
Tempo (Samtendo09)
Added by Samtendo09

Rival: Queen Sectonia

Theme: Make It Funky

Tempo (not to be confused with the other characters with the same name) is a funky grasshopper from a very obscure game simply named Tempo, from the Sega 32X console. His girlfriend is a butterfly called Katty. Should I tell you how adorable he actually is?

Tempo is a type of a fragile speedster who focuses on hit-and-run tactics. He can slowly descend his falls with his wings, and able to pull out a funky combo with weak but fast Dancer's Kicks. His Katty Combo is by far his strongest arsenal, but he needs to rack up enough good combos in order to charge it.

Default Attacks Info
Dancer's Kicks Tosses a forward kick when uncharged, or a double backward kick when charged. While short in rage, Tempo accelerates and leap at his opponent. 25 damage when non-charged, 60 when charged.
Note Flick Tempo snaps his fingers to flick a note. While small ones are weak and slow fire rate, they are very fast and can stop almost any attacks on any fighters. Charged one instead makes an explosive that can even stuns certain bosses! 25 damage when non-charged, 80 when charged.
Katty Combo His strongest attack. He summons his girlfriend Katty for assistance, which she spins around and make a head dive, especially when charged by Tempo. However, Katty can become stunned and must be recovered by Tempo by touching her in order for her to fight again. Tempo must also make good combos in order to make their combo to be chargeable. 115 damage when non-charged, 175 minimum and 200 maximum when charged.
Dark Pit Obliteration
Dark Pit
Added by Samtendo09

Rival: TBA

Theme: Dark Pit's Theme

Dark Pit is a dark-winged doppelganger of Pit, after the latter had took a look with the Mirror of Truth. While surely more serious and aggressive, Dark Pit is not evil, and actually cares about the right and the wrong, and when something went really wrong, he is ready to join Pit... to mostly save himself.

Dark Pit is, fitting to his character, a downright aggressive character, having below-average health but all of his arsenals can bring painful when making a combo. That is to say, aggressiveness can comes with recklessness, so common sense and focus are the keys. Which Dark Pit himself does thankfully have.

Default Attacks Info
Silver Bow A slow but high damaging weapon that penetrates the enemy's blocking, and can be controlled to any direction for a short while. 75 damage when uncharged, 125 damage when charged.
Black Club A strong club weapon that have a slow projectile, but is large and highly damaging. A charged melee attack can even cancel out other projectiles! 100 melee damage or 80 ranged damaged when uncharged, 165 damage when charged.
Dark Pit Staff This staff works best at long range, as it deals less damage when used in close combat. 50-80 when uncharged, 100-150 when charged.

Kick Buttowski
Added by MeGa eXal

Rival: TBA

Theme: TBA

This bad boy is ready to "kick buttowski"! (cough, bad joke, cough) Filled with pride and determination, Kick tries his hardest daily to earn fame in the world of extreme sports and one day be up at the top with all the professional skateboarders, dirtbikers, etc.

Kick Buttowski relies on an all-in-one extreme sports machine in battle. He is one of the game's fastest fighters, if not the fastest. His health is lower than average, but his attacks are great for combos.

Default Attacks Info
Dirtbike Mode Kick's dirtbike can be used to ram into opponents, similar to Wario's motorcycle in the Super Smash Bros. series. This attack cannot be charged, but racking up speed increases the rate of impact, and as a consequence, the amount of damage done to the opponent.
Skateboard Mode In skateboard mode, Kick can pull stunts to dish out damage. Ollies deal 50 damage normally and 80 damage with a charge; donuts deal 70 normally and 90 charged; and other collisions vary in damage depending on how many stunts you pull.
Sports Mode Kick equips himself with a machine gun-like weapon packed with basketballs, footballs/soccer balls, and hockey pucks. Damage ranges from 30-120 points depending on which equipment you use and how long you charge it. Basketballs bounce, foot-/soccer balls roll, and hockey pucks slide.
Zmey the Dragon
Zephyr the Dragon
Added by Samtendo09, Character by Drybones157

Rival: TBA (Exateno, but this does not mechanically counts as he is an Omega Boss.)

Theme: TBA

Zephyr the Dragon is a somewhat antagonistic (but not evil, there's a difference!) dragon who aims to be the strongest being of Mobius/Earth. This is his first appearance, much to everybody's surprise, and he seems to have a dent with... another more powerful dragon not from the Sonic world.

Zephyr the Dragon is actually a fair fighter despite his spiked decoration. But surely, like any strong dragon, Zephyr can dish heavy damage and his electric attacks can leave a dent to anyone getting to close to him. He can also fly, but not hovering, which is more useful for air approach than just getting over the ground so constantly.

Default Attacks Info
Fire Strike Zephyr breath fire which deal continuous damage, but weakens as he keeps using it and ends up in a harmless but blinding black smoke. As this attack cannot be charged, each 0,5 second of that attack will deal 25 damage, which can rack up to 150 damage.
Lightning Punches Zephyr's hands surrounds with electricity to strike ahead and punches forward. While short in rage, each punches deals 50 damage, and can be delivered quickly. Charged punches will deal 175 damage each, but each punch had to be individually charged, but can be very useful when dealing with Bosses.
Thunder Tornado He flips his wings and whirled a tornado which moves in spiral motion. Not only it deals 80 damage (135 damage if charged), but it also leaves the opponent and even Bosses (except the biggest Omega Bosses such as Exateno and Zygarde) to slightly disorient for a few seconds. But this attack is slow, which makes it easy to dodge for players that can quickly react.
Funky Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Funky Kong
Added by Pokerninja2

Rival: TBA

Theme: Donkey Kong Country Returns (Vocals)

Funky Kong is a member of the Kong Family and one of Donkey Kong's closest friends and allies. Unlike his friends, Funky actually loathes adventuring, and prefers to help his allies through services such as Funky's Flights and Funky's Fly 'n' Buy. He does, however, take a big interest in sports, often competing with the other Kongs in kart racing and baseball.

Funky Kong is a "lightning heavyweight", meaning that he has quick speed and hard-hitting attacks. His long arms also give him good reach, and is additionally one of the game's heaviest characters. However, a lot of his attacks take a long time to actually perform, leaving him open to attack often.

Default Attacks Info
Pineapple Launcher Funky Kong takes out Chunky Kong's Pineapple Launcher and fires it, launching a pineapple forward. This will explode on impact, dealing a good amount of damage to opponents in the way.
Funky's Flights Funky Kong takes out his Barrel Plane that he used for Funky's Flights and flies forward. The plane explodes on impact, heavily damaging opponents in the blast radius. The plane can also be steered left and right while flying, though it will eventually explode on its own.
Konga Beat He takes out a pair of bongos and begins beating them, sending sound waves around him that damage nearby opponents. The theme of Donkey Kong Country Returns also plays while beating the drums, and pressing the A and B buttons to the beat will make the sound waves stronger.
Added by Poisonshot

Rival: TBA

Doormat is a robot said to have been built to open doors; however, he just ends up smashing them to pieces instead. He now has an obsession with breaking doors in all kind of unorthodox means. Although he's a robot, he's able to feel emotions just like a regular person, and he's generally a nice guy, although he has a competitive spirit.

Doormat is incredibly fast, seeing as he was the fastest character in his debut game. His attacks are also pretty powerful, although not extremely strong either, and they can combo pretty well. He can, however, swap between two modes to change some of these attributes. He's not without flaws, though; he lacks projectile attacks, making him very vulnerable to foes with Area of Effect attacks. He is also quite frail; his tough-looking armor is actually almost completely hollow, making him take a lot of knockback from attacks.

Default Attacks Info
Mode Switch Doormat switches between his Rush Mode and his Power Mode, being in Rush Mode by default. In Rush Mode, Doormat's speed is at his top, but his attack isn't as strong as in his Power Mode. In said mode, his attack is stronger, but he's not as fast as he usually is. While switching modes, Doormat may "accidentally" slash nearby foes, dealing 20 damage regardless of the conditions.
Dash Slash Doormat dashes forwards while slashing in front of himself, dealing 80 damage (100 when charged) in Rush Mode and 100 damage (125 when Charged) in Power Mode. This move allows him to easily approach foes and/or dodge attacks thanks to the "Dash" part of the move.
Grinding Slashes Doormat slashes the area in front of himself 10 times (14 times when charged) in very quick succession. Each hit deals 9 damage in Rush Mode for a total of 90 damage (126 charged) if all hits connect. In Power Mode, they deal 10 damage per hit for a total of 100 damage (140 damage charged).
Bill Cipher
Added by Golden-Sans78

Rival: TBA

Theme: TBA

Bill Cipher is an egotistical maniac god who wants to spread chaos throughout the world. This technically isn't the real Bill, however: It's merely a clone he created for fun to have someone of equal power to face off against. He may regret that, though....

Bill is one of the games floatiest characters, and hits really hard too. However, he mostly uses tricks and reality warps to finish his opponents. He also is a glass canon, a failsafe Bill put into the clone, and if not careful could go down easily.

Default Attacks Info
Eye Lasers Bill shoots a laser from hi eye. He can charge this up to have a more powerful blast and can aim in any direction.
Teleport Bill uses his reality warping powers to teleport to a different location on the stage. Has a short cooldown after use.
Growth If Bill takes enough damage, he'll become enraged and grow bigger, making his attacks harder hitting but becoming a larger target.
Tumblr ns4czdaZwl1uu8vwzo1 r1 500

Demon Lord Dipper
Added by MeGa eXal

Rival: TBA

Theme: TBA

This alternate universe variation of Dipper Pines rules the world with an iron fist and the help of his queen, Wendy Corduroy. He's entered the tournament to find worthy additions to his army, and is working as a double agent for the EVIL League. He has especially set his sights on a certain triangular demon to greatly increase his power...

If you play as Demon Lord Dipper in Arcade, any instances of his boss battle are revealed to be holograms set up by the EVIL League.

Demon Lord Dipper uses black magic in battle. He is one of, if not the most powerful playable characters in the game.

Default Attacks Info
Crimson Fireball Dipper launches a fireball at the opponent. Deals 90 damage normally, 130 damage charged.
Black Chain Wraps a chain of darkness around the opponent, sapping their HP. Cannot be charged.
Chaos Portal Sucks the opponent into a black vortex where they are slashed by dark blades. Deals 100-140 damage depending on how long it is charged.
Sectonia Artwork Transparent
Queen Sectonia
Added by Samtendo09

Rival: Tempo

Theme: Dirty & Beauty (Kirby: Triple Deluxe)

The narcissistic and tyrannical Queen Sectonia is one of Kirby's many nemesis. After being discreetly revived by the EVIL League in hope to recruit her, she instead join the tournament out of selfish needs, in hope to find another source for eternal beauty.

For clarification, Queen Sectonia and Exa-Sectonia are not the same character; the latter is from an alternate dimension similarly to Queen Sectonia DX.

While her attacks are fairly slow, they are useful to punish anyone and everyone at any opportunity, and she is also one of the far more resilient and agile fighters, despite being a beautiful queen bee. She also have long reach, giving her an advantage against close-combatants.

Default Attacks Info
Rapier Stabs/Rapier Slash Rapidly launches forward stabs with her rapiers. Each hit will cause 30 damage per hit. The charged version is the Rapier Slash, which she slashes downward after unpredictably warping around, and causes 120 damage.
Light Ring/Dark Lightnings She use one of her staffs to cast a light ring, which launches downward before levitating back upward, and causes 95 damage. Charging it will make her to use Dark Lightnings instead, launching multiple dark lightnings that cover a small part of the arena, but can be controlled and can quickly deal 45 damage per hit, which can rack up for a whopping 225 damage.
Diamond Crush/Diamond Shield Slams downward with her staffs to send a three-way waves of diamonds that will deal 95 damage per hit. The charged version of this attack is the Diamond Shield, which causes four floating diamonds to circle her which takes 50 damage maximum from any attack, but she is still vulnerable to grabbing moves.
LanceDoo OwColors
Lance Doo
Added by OwtheEdgehog

Rival: Bandana Dee (friendly)

Lance Doo, like Bandana Dee, devoted his life into serving the great King Dedede. Lance Doo wields a lance that can fire beams of electricity and can use to pierce his opponents.

Lance Doo has practically the same play style of Bandana Dee, but is not a clone of him. He is slower than him, has different attacks and is more powerful than him, albeit some of his attacks are highly punishable if they miss. Lance Doo can create beams of electricity and charge up to fire a single, double-electrical ball projectile and dash forward with his lance outstretched to pierce opponents.

Default Attacks Info
Lance Dash Rushes forward with his lance to stab his opponents with it, dealing 40-95 damage depending on how far Lance Doo travels. Lance Doo is hard to control when he is in the dashing frames, so use this move at your risk, as it is highly punishable if it misses.
Beam Wave Uncharged, Lance Doo fires a beam of electricity forward, dealing 15 damage rapidly, bringing up to a total of 60 damage. Fully charged, Lance Doo fires two beam waves that revolve around each other, dealing 80 damage.
Jumping Lance Stab Leaps from the ground and stabs downwards, pinning opponents to the ground and dealing 85 damage. Lance Doo is left punishable if it misses, so use this at your risk.
BLU Frost Man
BLU Frost Man
Added by Samtendo09

Rival: TBA

This prototype of Frost Man is developed by a devoted BLU Engineer, being made for advanced combat purpose, and unlike the original Frost Man, he is able to resist bullets, explosions and to an extent, flame... but not a Spy's Electro-Sapper.

BLU Frost Man's ground movement speed is very slow, but his jumping speed are very fast to compensate. While being by far the largest fighter (only a bit taller than Kyodaiayama) thus easy to hit, BLU Frost Man's strength and resistance are outstanding, and two of his attacks can penetrate Super Armor, but not Hyper Armor. While taking slightly more damage from electric attacks, he takes slightly less damage from bullets, explosions and fire-based attacks.

Default Attacks Info
Ice Wave BLU Frost Man's only ranged attack, and while it can be avoided with a sidestep, getting hit will make flight-type fighters to be stuck on the ground. Uncharged makes 75 damage, while charging it will make 125 damage.
Frost Punch Freezes his hand to deliver a devastating icy punch. Capable to penetrate Super Armor. Deals 105 damage when uncharged, 130 when charged.
Knockout Bash Uses a shoulder charging attack to tackle the opponent. It can penetrate Super Armor, and have his own Super Armor when using it. Slow and only deals 110 when uncharged, but when charged, it becomes furiously fast and deals 150 damage, and deals an extra 45 damage when the opponent is pinned into a wall or other solid structure.
Nepeta Leijon
Added by WC Sunamaru

Rival: TBA

Theme: Theme

Nepeta Leijon, also known as arsenicCatnip, is an olive blooded troll. But don't let her appearance fool you. She hunts animals larger than herself on a regular basis But she also has a passion in relationships, roleplaying, and her friends. This isn't the Nepeta from the Alpha Timeline, however, but another version who was unable to beat her Sgrub session due to being caught up in one of Dr. Wily's evil schemes.

Despite her small stature, Nepeta has high damage. She also has high damage and long jumps. However, her defence stat is low, her jumps don't have much vertical height despite their range.

Default Attacks Info
Power Pounce She lunges into the air like a cat, knocking the enemy forward, as well slamming airborne characters into the ground, and temporarily keeping flying characters unable to get back in the air for a few seconds.
Leo Slasher Nepeta delivers several slashes with her claws in rapid succession. It deals 105 damage when uncharged, and 133 when fully charged.
Tea Purrty Nepeta pulls a pair of teapots out of her Sylladex, which fire out streams of scalding hot tea. It deals high damage and knockback, but has low range.
Homestar Runner
Added by WC Sunamaru

Rival: TBA

Everybody loves the Homestar Runner. He is a terrific athlete. Originally from a parody children's book, he later became the star of an animated webseries. He is a kindhearted but dimwitted fellow and one of the many dumb animal characters that inhabit Free Country USA. He has a fondness for Athletics, Marshmallows, and all that cwap.

Homestar is an extremely mobile character who benefits from quick combos. He also has high damage. However, his low defense means he can get the crap beaten out of him if one is not careful.

Default Attacks Info
Bennedetto Blast He pulls out the Third-Style Private of the Homestarmy, Frank Bennedetto (Who, by the way, is a hot-air popcorn maker). He spews out popcorn in, dealing damage with a chance to burn and potentially hitting multiple times. He somehow manages to do this until either Homestar puts him away (Via grabbing him) or he takes damage, which will shatter his top and make Homestar cry out over the "death" of his colleague. Once destroyed, he cannot be used for the rest of the current match.
Spin My Buzzer Homestar spins the propeller on his cap, which he refers to as a "buzzer", fast enough to make a mini tornado above him. Press the attack button again to launch the tornado.
Assist Pom-Pom Homestar calls for his friend Pom-Pom, who gives the opponent a pummeling. This is Homestar's most powerful attack, and can even pierce super armor, but it takes a while to charge.


Bart here with the EVIL league! These guys are no joke... even if they seem like it sometimes... anyway. Hope to see you in the Boss arenas... we'll be waiting.

Bosses generally don't have to follow the confines of playable characters, but instead usually have about three or so phases they go through, depending on how much damage they have taken.

Image + Name Info

Blossom Bowser
Added by Exotoro


Don't laugh, this pink version of Bowser is a rather nasty brute once you get to know him! Resurrected using cherry blossoms, Blossom Bowser uses wind and earth attacks to battle.

1000 HP
Blossom Bowser is a rather simple boss at first with his attacks able to reflected back to him, but the battle becomes about his raw power with fewer and fewer opportunities to redirect his attacks to himself.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 1000 HP - 750 HP

Fires off balls made from cherry blossom petal, exploding when they reach the target. Players can deflect these using attacks. Each ball does 50 damage and Blossom Bowser can fire off three at once.

Phase 2 750 - 500 HP

Sends out a pink gale of wind between trying to ground stomp you from above. Quickly dodge his ground pounds when they happen and punch his gales of wind back towards him.

Phase 3 500 - 0 HP

Blossom Bowser surrounds himself in cherry blossom tree branches, guarding. He will occasionally send out pink gales of wind which can be used to destroy his shield and get some hits on him as he prepares his last stand. He will sometimes jump high into the air to ground pound, so watch out for those attacks and dodge them.

Mr. L Artwork (Super Paper Mario)

Mr. L
Added by Exotoro


Mr. L, also known as The Green Thunder, is a brainwashed version of Luigi enlisted by the EVIL league.

1000 HP
Mr. L uses the same powers as Luigi, being able to jump and run around the arena freely, occasionally stopping to attack using thunder powers. Later on in the fight, he summons a mech called Brobot to help battle.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 1000 HP - 500 HP

Mr. L mostly plays defensively in his first phase, running and dodging attacks. The easiest way to punish him is to hit him when he stops to attack with thunder balls.

Phase 2 500 - 250 HP

Mr. L sends out Brobot and floats around the arena, stopping more often to fire green missiles. These missiles can be hit to redirect them at Brobot and Mr. L.

Phase 3 250 - 0 HP

Brobot and Mr. L get angry, giving them a red tint. Their missiles can no longer be reflected and are given a red coloring. The player must attack them when they get low to the ground, but also must be quick to get out of range of their sucking attack, which will suck the player in and do major damage.

Art by TwoQuarters Abyss Watchers
Added by Crunch


The troops of the Undead Legion of Farron, turned hollow and tained by the void have been enlisted by the EVIL league.

2548 HP (Main Watcher)

1367 (Other Watchers)
Although the Abyss Watchers seem to have a lot of collective health this is split up among all of the watchers. At the start there will only be one Abyss Watcher. As the fight progresses other Abyss Watchers with less health will rise and will attack both the player and the Main Abyss Watcher with unpredictable strikes. As the phases progress more and more Abyss Watchers spawn

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1

2548 HP - 2500 HP
Only the main Abyss Watcher is at play here. He will throw out a barrage of attacks with his Farron Greatsword and Dagger.

Phase 2 2500 - 250 HP

More and more abyss watchers rise up to attack both you and the main abyss watcher. The other Abyss Watchers have identical attacks but less health.

Phase 3 500 - 0 HP

Abyss Watchers begin rising up at a much faster rate and attack more frantically. There will be more of a semblance of teamwork between Abyss Watchers but not by much.


Giant Cut Man
Added by Samtendo09


Cut Man is one of the Robot Masters from the Mega Man Classic series and use his large scissor to-- Wait a minute... How did he get a lot of bigger!?

2000 HP
Cut Man-- Hmm hmm, Giant Cut Man is unusual in that he is very large for a boss, making him easy to get hit but also allows him to dish more damage and makes only charged or powerful attacks to even flinch him. His Rolling Cutter is predictable (at first) but will deal the most damage shall the player gets too distracted, and he got several tricks from the arcade game, Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters. Thankfully, his defense is not that good, but alas, you need more than brute force to defeat this once-weak Robot Master this time!

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 2000 HP - 1350 HP

Giant Cut Man simply (attempt to) chases you, jumps and throws his scissor for a Rolling Cutter attack. Each hit will makes 50 damage, which can deal up to three hits of 150 if the players were being careless. Fortunately, it can be easily dodged.

Phase 2 1350 HP - 800 HP

He starts to swing his scissor as a literally double-edged sword, dealing 75 damage per swing. This can become dangerous when he swings it wildly, but the players can quickly cancel his attacks with a well-timed charged attack to stun him.

Phase 3 800 HP - 0 HP

Giant Cut Man had enough and resorts using his Cut-Out Holes, one per side, to use various tricky attacks from the Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters arcade game. It can become difficult to predict until he shows up, but when he decides to foolishly pull a grimace on the players, they can strike back with charged or powerful attacks. Each tricky attacks are ranged from 25 to a whopping 150 damage, the latter one only possible as a rare attack of him throwing Akuma-like projectiles.

Wario DIY

D.I.Y. Wario
Added by Samtendo09


Mario's greedy rival wearing his business-man attire from WarioWare D.I.Y. (and its sequel for the Evo-Gem) and Super Mario Maker D.I.Y., where he is the main antagonist in the latter during Wario's Malicious Revenge adventure mode.

1250 HP
Wario is a resilient boss than can deal powerful damage and able to (lightly) modify the arena by using his Portable Ultra MakerMatic 32, as well as using various transformations from the Wario Land series. If the player hold the Block Button while selecting him, or in a rare chance, he dons his classic yellow plumber attire instead, but his attacks remains the same.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 1250 HP - 950 HP

Wario uses his classic Shoulder Rush attack and his various transformations, the former one dealing 110 damage and the latter ones had various damage, ranged from 40 per hit to 150. Each transformations can be countered correctly with attacks, but some attacks will trigger him a new transformation.

Phase 2 950 HP - 600 HP

Wario starts to see you as a threat and decide to upper his game, with his Portable UltraMaker 32 to modify some of the arena's zones to his advantage (or sometimes, disadvantage), and starts using his Headbutt Rush from Wario Land 4 to deal a more powerful 90 but can be avoided with a dodge.

Phase 3 600 HP - 0 HP

Wario had it enough, and combines both of his previous phrases and consume a Super Garlic to become Wario-Man, and his strength and speed is amplified to near-infernal level. With that said, he become much more cocky, and will occasionally taunt if you get hit, but don't overdo it by letting yourself get hit by his attacks, as they deal +100 more damage to all of his attacks.

Tf2 medic.preview

Team Fortress Medic (aka Medic)
Added by Samtendo09


One of the nine classes of the Team Fortress 2 game, the Medic specializes on healing his teammates and unleash Übercharge of invincibility, guaranteed Critical Hits, even faster healing or better resistance against bullets, explosions or fire. Here, he is with the Heavy, the Pyro, the Soldier or the Demoman, but he and the surviving class must both be defeated to win.

Medic - 750 HP
Heavy - 300 HP
Soldier or Demoman - 200 HP
Pyro - 175 HP
While the Medic have less HP than average bosses, he will be helped (or rather, he help out) another mercenary to bring down the player. His stock Medigun will deliver healing, so he must be stunned before taking on the more dangerous class, but the Heavy will become more aggressive if you attacked the Medic first.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 750 HP - 500 HP

He will often stay behind unless if his patient is knocked out, which in this case will attempts to strike back with his Syringe Gun or his Übersaw. The Heavy simply shoot ahead with his Minigun, named Sasha, or aggressively attack the player with his fist, the Soldier shoots rockets and attacks with his shovel, the Demoman shoots grenades and attacks with his bottle of Scrumpy, and the Pyro, while more dangerous to approach does to his flamethrower and his axe, had limited distance. The Medic will use his Ubercharge to make him and his patient invincible, but they are still vulnerable to knockback and can be pushed into ring-out to make them damaged.

Phase 2 500 HP - 250 HP

The Medic saw that the situation is not good for him, so are the other classes, so they starts to use various weapons, such as the stronger but near-immobility Brass Beast for the Heavy, the multi-rockets shooting Beggar Bazooka for the Soldier, the Stickybomb Launchers for the Demoman in addition of wearing the Bootlegger and the Eyelander, and the Pyro uses the Axetinguisher and the Flare Gun.

Phase 3 250 HP - 0 HP

The five mercs are becoming furious, and two of them, in addition of Medic himself, get together in a last attempt to take the player down, but the non-Medic mercs can be permanently knocked out this time. However, the Heavy's Killing Boxing Gloves can become dangerous, as if he knocked a player out, he will receive a Crit-Boost that makes his upcoming attacks even harder, so he must be taken out first. This phrase can also end quickly if the players decide to just attack the Medic.


Shake King
Added by Exotoro


An evil pirate captain that took over the Shake Dimension during the course of the events in Warioland: Shake It!. He intends to rule more dimensions, training through the EVIL league and it's cohorts as they fight through the heroes sent to the boss arenas.

1550 HP
The Shake King has a charge attack that he can use to damage the player very severely, but leaves him open for a punishing grab attack from the player. He later throws enemies and shock waves into the mix during his later phases. He uses electrical magic in his third and final phase.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 1550 HP - 1000 HP

Shake King will attempt to charge at the player, with the player needing to dodge so he rams into the wall and can be punished by a grab attack. He will sometimes summon a low level Bandinero with 50 HP.

Phase 2 1000 HP - 500 HP

The Shake King now sends out shockwaves when in the center of the arena and sends out Bumbleprods that have 80 HP and can be tossed to do damage at him. Every so often he'll do a fast and very damaging dash attack that needs to be dodged and can be punished, although the time to punish him is much shorter.

Phase 3 500 HP - 0 HP

Using electrical magic powers, the Shake King will attempt to send thunder from the sky to hit the player. The player can dodge them at the last second. He also charges towards the player, with a electrical path being generated behind him. The player cannot touch this path or will be harmed.

Kaptain k rool transparent by pavlovs walrus-d9bmj5x

Kaptain K. Rool
Added by Samtendo09


King K. Rool in his pirate attire, Kaptain K. Rool is a ruthless pirate captain in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, where he wised up a bit and kidnapped Donkey Kong himself. His boss battle is also more difficult than King K. Rool's first game final boss battle, and this game's boss battle against him is not any less easy!

2500 HP
Kaptain K. Rool uses his Blunderbuss as his main weapon, that he uses it to fires multiple kind of projectiles. Approaching him without stunning him first will only cause him to quickly counterattack with a swing of his Blunderbuss, so brute force alone may not be enough. However, he can be punished if the player throw a cannonball back to his inhaling gun.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 2500 HP - 1750 HP

K. Rool fires his cannonballs in sporadic timing, and attempt to tackle the player when using his Blunderbuss as a rocket. He will be badly damaged and stunned if the player(s) had managed to throw a cannonball back at his inhaling Blunderbuss. He can also be damaged by throwing the same cannonballs, but if he isn't attacking, he will simply catch it.

Phase 2 1750 HP - 800 HP

K. Rool starts to disappear and reappear, shoots status-modification blobs, and jumps to crush the player. The blobs can be harmlessly knocked back at him, making him vulnerable to upcoming attacks. However, the blobs themselves can also seriously give the players troubles if they ever get hit by these.

Phase 3 800 HP - 0 HP

K. Rool had become furious, giving him a red tint, and runs like crazy, as well as starting to use his Blunderbuss as a long-range flamethrower or calling various Kremlings such as Kritters, Krushas (including tougher gray ones) and Klumps. Their amount of HP varies between 75 to 100 depending on enemies, while the rarer but tougher Gray Krushas have 150 HP and resist weaker moves.


Mandy Soul
Added by MeGa eXal
Mandy is already a diabolical girl normally, but when she enters this ghostly form, she becomes even more menacing than ever.

3000 HP
Mandy Soul mainly relies on her supernatural abilities. She can summon demons to attack you for her as she prepares one of her dark spells. Don't focus on fighting the demons -- try to run past them and attack Mandy Soul herself, then get a fair distance away from her spell.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 3000 HP - 2000 HP
Mandy Soul will first try to grab and pummel you before throwing you down to the ground. Instead of trying to run away, wait for her to get close to you, then dodge the grab and attack her.
Phase 2 2000 HP - 1000 HP
Now she will summon her demon soldiers to fight you as she sets up a spell. Avoid the demons while she is busy and attack her as many times as you can. Then, escape the boundaries of the spell so she can't hurt you.
Phase 3 1000 HP - 0 HP
Mandy Soul decides to use her "last resort" powers. She will release large orbs of energy and pound on the ground, creating shockwaves to throw you off. These shockwaves are released in patterns that you will have to memorize to survive; jump over these waves and dodge the orbs, then unleash a charged midair attack.

Added by PabloDePablo
Skyquake is a diabolical Decepticon with a pathological hatred for any Cybertronian who isn't pure evil; even his own allies. He suffers from a mysterious affliction known as Gold Plastic Syndrome, but that won't stop him from fighting.

2250 HP
Skyquake is a versatile fighter who attacks from a distance, switching from robot to a Cybertronian jet as the battle rages on. As he loses health, he succumbs to Gold Plastic Syndrome, making him far more fragile while also giving him new weapons to work with. The key to defeating this Decepticon is to counterattack when he closes in.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 2250 HP - 1500 HP
Skyquake attacks at mid-range in robot mode using his Predator Missiles. After deflecting a few of these with heavy attacks, he'll jump into the air and attempt to drop down on you in jet mode. If this attack misses, Skyquake is temporarily stunned.
Phase 2 1500 HP - 750 HP
Skyquake transforms into his jet mode and carpet bombs the arena at various angles, requiring players to sidestep. After finishing three bombing runs, Skyquake attempts to run into the player, getting stuck in the wall and taking damage if he misses. There's a roughly 1 in 5 chance that Skyquake will also drop a chunk of gold plastic that deals heavy damage and must be maneuvered around until Phase 2 ends.
Phase 3 750 HP - 0 HP
At 750 HP, Skyquake's gold plastic shatters like glass and triangular shards begin orbiting him in robot mode. These act as a shield, but he'll toss them multiplying projectiles or use them in a pincer attack; while his pieces regroup afterwards, there's a huge window of time to attack. With split-second timing, you can destroy the plastic shards as they come at you to instantly deal 100 damage.

Added by Pyrostar


A psychic Adept with an insatiable hunger and little remaining mental capacity, Stratos takes on the form of a horde of fly-shaped particles, able to congeal into a massive insectoid behemoth. Be on your guard!

2000 HP
Stratos is an agile boss, warping from place to place and lunging violently at the player to catch them off guard. While his attacks are powerful, many of them leave him open to easy counterattacks from the player- this is best exemplified with his ultimate technique, Nemesis Fang.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 2000 HP - 1000 HP

Can dodge attacks by turning into a swarm of fly particles and appearing elsewhere. Attacks by transforming into a large jaw-like object and lunging violently at the player, changing back and becoming vulnerable afterwards. He can also summon small fly-like drones to attack the player; these only possess 10 HP and are easily disposed of.

Phase 2 1000 - 250 HP

Gains the ability to charge his hand into a jaw and fire a swarm of flies forward in a tornado-like fashion. This deals massive chip damage, but Stratos is vulnerable while firing, making it opportune time for a counterattack. Also gains the ability to sink into the ground, emerging under the player as a flytrap-like construct, dealing heavy damage if not dodged.

Phase 3 250 - 0 HP

Stratos begins charging his ultimate technique, Nemesis Fang. His hands enlarge and become large jaws which begin charging power, while Stratos's body stops moving and begins firing energy shots at the player. While extremely vulnerable and unable to move while charging this attack, if one of the hands is not destroyed or Stratos himself is not killed, Nemesis Fang will activate and the player will most likely be one-hit-KOed.

MGRising BladeWolf

Blade Wolf
Added by IncarnateParanoia

Theme: I'm My Own Master Now (Instrumental)


Also known as Interface Prototype LQ-84i. He was created to replace cyborg soldiers, and to achieve their adaptability and conscience he was given an incredibly advanced AI capable of learning and "emotion." For a long time, he has slowly been becoming more and more "human," with his biggest step so far being his newfound ability to overwrite his directives.

900 HP
Blade Wolf doesn't have much in the way of health compared to most other bosses, but to make up for that, he is nimble and relies heavily on hit-and-run tactics. His attacks come in the form of several attacks chained together which can potentially deal massive damage if all of them hit.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 900 HP - 700 HP

Blade Wolf's fighting style mainly involves getting up close to the enemy and cutting away at them with vicious combos from his chainsaw or claws. He may also fire off high-frequency knives at the enemy from afar. At the end of this phase, Blade Wolf will take a short rest, summoning three soldiers to take his place. Each soldier possesses 30 HP. Once they are defeated, Blade Wolf returns to the fight in Phase 2.

Phase 2 700 - 500 HP

Blade Wolf's attacks remain mostly unchanged, but when cornered, he will leap off of the walls of the battlefield to get behind the player. At the end of this phase, Blade Wolf will take a short rest, summoning two Gekkos to take his place. Each Gekko possesses 75 HP. Once they are defeated, Blade Wolf returns to the fight in Phase 3.

Phase 3 500 - 0 HP

At the beginning of this phase, Blade Wolf will swap his chainsaw out for the HF Murasama katana, boosting his original attacks' power and speed as well as granting him new attacks. In this phase, he can use his new blade to slash into the battlefield, creating fissures that spew forth lava to hinder the player's movement. He will also begin charging at high speeds into the player multiple times for a sequence of powerful tackle attacks.


Mike Tyson
Added by Exotoro


Mike Tyson is the final opponent in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, a tough opponent known for his lightning jabs and killer uppercuts. Against a small man like Mac, Mike Tyson could instantly slug him out. He is no joke but has a low amount of health, however hitting him without being hit hard back will be hard.

220 HP
Mike Tyson has a very low amount of health, but can heal some of it while he is knocked down, making him deceitfully easy at a first glance. For much of the first part of the fight, he mainly charges in with uppercuts. Mike Tyson can ignore most blocks, making him especially dangerous in this state. Afterwards, he does more manageable blows and lightning jabs which are incredibly quick.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 220 HP - 200 HP

Mike Tyson attacks with a constant stream of uppercuts, which have to be dodged by the player. He will do this for a solid minute before relenting for a moment, which is when the player needs to hit him square in the face. He then proceeds to Phase 2.

Phase 2 200 - 100 HP

Mike Tyson exchanges blows with the player, getting knocked out when he is at 150 health. However, when he is knocked down, he heals 50 health and then recovers less and less health with each proceeding knockout. After he is down to 100 health, Phase 3 begins.

Phase 3 100 - 0 HP

Mike Tyson begins to throw in some Lightning Jabs and Uppercuts again, which require the player to dodge and watch for Mike Tyson blinking, as that is when he is open to attacks. After a couple more knockouts near the 50 HP area, Mike Tyson nears defeat and can be defeated in a single charge attack.


Plague Knight
Added by OwtheEdgehog


Plague Knight is one of the few knights in "The Order of no Quarter", who serve the Enchantress, their leader. Plague Knight uses mostly bombs in his arsenal, but he can also become a whirling ball of destruction once he is weakened enough, so beware.

340 HP
Plague Knight, while having low health, is very tricky for first timers, with his bombs being able to break the terrain when they explode, being able to teleport and bounce around the room and able to create clones of himself and, when at a critical health state, can turn into a fast, whirling ball of destruction to deal heavy damage. Plague Knight can also drink some Ichor of Boldness to negate all damage and Ichor of Renewal to regain all damage should he not be harmed.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 340 HP - 220 HP

Plague Knight starts tossing bombs forward, which will explode after bouncing a bit. Plague Knight will also jump around or teleport around the arena after throwing some bombs. These bombs can destroy the terrain to create holes that the player can fall in for instant-death. After a while, he will run out, so you can have the chance to attack him. Knocking him to 220 health will begin the next phase.

Phase 2 220 - 110 HP

Plague Knight takes out an Ichor of Renewal and starts drinking it to regain his health. He must be attacked during this or he will regain all health, starting the battle over from Phase 1. Plague Knight will now aim his bombs in hopes of hitting you. He will also drink some Ichor of Boldness to gain tempo-invincibility and create fake clones of himself. Other than that, it is the same strategy as the previous phase, hit him when he runs out of bombs, but not when he is invincible. Knock him down to 110 health to begin the last phase.

Phase 3 110 - 0 HP

Once again, Plague Knight will drink the Ichor of Renewal to regain all of his health unless he is harmed. This time however, he will not use any bombs, but instead, will turn into a whirling ball of destruction to heavily damage his opponents. After doing this for a while, he will enter a tired state, where you can freely harm him, but after this he will drink an Ichor of Boldness to gain invincibility for a while. Shave his health to 30, and he will then only resort to teleporting and drinking Ichor of Renewal. Attack him even more to finally defeat the scum.


Yosemite Sam
Added by Samtendo09


Yosemite Sam is a reoccurring antagonist of Bugs Bunny's classic cartoons, with far more various antagonistic roles that even Elmer Fudd, the more frequent nemesis, ever have. With a tendency to explode in rage, and his shooting skill and rudeness, Yosemite Sam is quite an intimidating nemesis... if it wasn't for his lack of common sense.

1000 HP
Yosemite Sam have average HP for a Boss, but his battle style is all aggressiveness. His short structure and tendency to shoot on the group to lift himself also makes him difficult to hit, but a patient attacker can punish him when he is on a temper tantrum.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 1000 HP - 500 HP

Yosemite Sam throw dynamites and shoots his pistols, and his bullets are fast and painful to get hit by. The dynamites are more damaging but can be thrown back, but Yosemite Sam can throw them back at his turn if the dynamites are not about to explode (when they turn red). He also levitate himself by shooting his pistols down the floor, and he can damage the player(s) if they tend to get into his path.

Phase 2 500 - 250 HP

Yosemite Sam resorts of using his other attacks from his alter-egos, including a saber, an alien laser pistol, a large minecart based on the elephant he used as a Viking, and a small plane version he used in Dumb Patrol. Each of those weapon or vehicle can be disarmed, but which will be used next will be random. When he misses too much, he throws a temper tantrum, allowing the player(s) to hit him.

Phase 3 250 - 0 HP

Yosemite Sam burn out in rage, and shoot his pistols without even looking, causing anvils hanging on the stage to fall out. The anvils can severely damage the player(s), so they have to dodge them. His bullets can shut down weak projectiles, but he himself can be damaged by an anvil. Once he is struck by one, the player(s) can finish him off with a charged attack.


Cosmic Bowser
Added by OwtheEdgehog


This is another form of Bowser, created in the fine cosmos, rather than being created from a near-dead Bowser. Cosmic Bowser claims to be the ruler of all cosmos and uses stars to attack anyone who opposes him.

1,350 HP
Cosmic Bowser, similar to Blossom Bowser, is a simple boss. Players simply can just dodge any of his starry attacks can throw back any stars he leaves on the ground to damage him. Though he can use these stars to heal himself.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 1,350 HP - 800 HP

Cosmic Bowser taunts the player before battling, using a constellation of stars raining from above to attack his opponents. Cosmic Bowser will walk around the stage, attempting to harm the player by firing stars from his hand palm. Some stars falling from the sky can be used to throw back at him to deal damage, although they can be used by Cosmic Bowser to heal himself.

Phase 2 800 - 400 HP

Stars from the sky fall more frequently now as Cosmic Bowser uses a ground-pound move that produces stars similar to Yoshi's Yoshi Bomb from the Super Smash Bros. games. Same strategy as before, use any stars falling from the sky, along with some produced by his ground-pound move, to damage him, though he can still heal himself using them.

Phase 3 400 - 0 HP

Stars from the sky fall faster and are now covered in purple flames, so you cannot touch them. Cosmic Bowser now curls up into a spike ball and starts rev-rolling into opponents to heavily damage players. This time, players must lead Cosmic Bowser into the falling stars to damage him. Enough hits should defeat him.

Valus SotC

Added by IncarnateParanoia

Theme: The Opened Way


One of the sixteen mountainous colossi, and the first slain by Wander as part of a deal with the shadowy being named Dormin. Each colossus contained a fragment of Dormin's power, and when he regained his original strength, he would uphold his end of the bargain and resurrect the dead woman named Mono...

999,999 HP
Technically, Valus could be the most powerful boss in the game. He is massive enough to warrant a stage of unparalleled scale, even his weakest attacks send struck players hurtling away, and his health and defense makes him tougher than even the toughest Omega Bosses in a standard fight. But he is held back by a few glaring weaknesses. Most notably is that he has a weak spot - a Magic Sigil at the back of his head. Striking this Magic Sigil deals incredible amounts of damage, and focusing attacks on it can drain his abnormally high HP at impressive speed. He is also incredibly sluggish, making his mighty and wide-reaching attacks easy to read and evade. In other words, Valus is as tough as an Omega Boss in a standard fight because players are not meant to handle him like a standard fight. Targeting his weak spot is highly encouraged to ensure a swift victory. He is also unique in that his phases are based on the player's position rather than how much HP he has left.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 On The Ground

The player begins the fight on a truly gigantic battlefield, opposite Valus. His first phase is focused on ensuring that the player does not get close enough to climb onto his body. His attacks will consist mainly of sweeping blows with his club, guttural bellows that push the player back, and gigantic stomps that crack the earth. All have wide range to make full use of the battlefield's giant scale, but can be easily evaded with due caution during the approach.

Phase 2 On Valus' Body

Using a Grab on Valus' leg will cause the player to cling to it, allowing them to climb up and reach the highly vulnerable Magic Sigil on the back of his head. While the player is on Valus' body, he will forego his wide-hitting attacks from before and focus solely on trying to get the player to fall off. This means trying to brush them off, shaking wildly, and sometimes even charging recklessly into the walls surrounding the battlefield to try and crush the player. Remember that falling off will cause Valus to revert back to his original tactics, but will not undo any damage inflicted on him.


Added by OwtheEdgehog


The undefeated champion of Mortal Kombat for many generations, Goro is a four-armed Shokan creature who packs a huge punch on his opponents.

2,200 HP
Goro is a powerful opponent, makes sense since he won 9 consecutive Mortal Kombat tournaments and remained undefeated for 500 years. Goro can shave off good portions of the player's health with ease using most of his moves, making him a deadly boss. Goro however, suffers from poor mobility and his attacks are pretty predictable at best.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 2,200 - 1,000

Goro roars before the battle even starts. After that he starts roaming around the area, shooting green projectiles from his hands, jumping high into the air and crashing back down and, when the opponent is close to him, grabs them and either throws them or pounds them with multiple punches for his attacks. Goro occasionally roars during the battle, causing him to be open for free hits.

Phase 2 1,000 - 500

Goro's roaring gives him a temporary boost, and he now equips himself with his Dragon Fangs, giving him new moves. Other than that, he is the same as before, and the strategy remains the same, attack him while he is roaring.

Phase 3 500 - 0

Goro now slams his fists on the ground to bounce any player nearby and damage distant players as well. Goro is the same as the previous phase, albeit he is faster now and his attacks are less predictable.


Rumor Honeybottoms
Added by Samtendo09


One of the many soul debtors Cuphead and his pal Mugman had faced. Despite being fled from the Devil himself, she works with the EVIL League in order to expand her business.

2,800 HP - Rumor
500 HP - Policeman Bee
Rumor Honeybottoms is a clever queen bee; she first brings in the Policeman Bee in order to attack the player in order to analyze the player. She then attacks with magic, and then becomes a buzz bomber at her final phase.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 Vs. Policeman Bee

The Policeman Bee brings out spiked timed bombs that explodes, sending stingers away. Pink stingers can be destroyed, but the stingers of other colors can stop an attack. Worker bees also passes by, and while they can only budges the fighters, but can become hinderful if not defeated.

Phase 2 2,800 HP - 1,200 HP

Rumor finally shows up and attacks with magic of various shapes, and she can also chain her own head to drop it and spit out bee-like bullets, moving in S-patterned movement, horizontally or vertically. She also will swing her scepter shall the fighters get too close.

Phase 3 1,200 HP - 0 HP

She rapidly reads her spellbook before transforming into a buzz bomber. She surrounds the arena and launches fist-shaped missiles against fighters. She also makes one of her wings into buzzsaw for a more direct assault. The arena starts to be filled with honey, which seems harmless at first, but can drown anyone daring to splash into there, so the fighters must stay on honeycomb-shaped platforms.


Metal Mario
Added by WC Sunamaru

Theme: Meta Crystal


Metal Mario is, as his name implies, a metal version of Mario. Unlike his fleshy counterpart, however, his metallic body make him much tougher and heavier, for better and for worse.

300 HP As mentioned before, Metal Mario's weight both benefits and hinders him. He has constant super armor (Though this can be penetrated with certain attacks), but cannot stay airborne and falls quickly due to his weight. He also has low health, but makes up for this with his ridiculously high defence stat.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 300 HP - 250 HP

Metal Mario starts by mostly walks around, but delivers simple punches and kicks in self-defence. This continues until his heath is dropped to 250 health or lower.

Phase 2 250 HP - 100 HP

Metal Mario, realising the true power of the enemy, drops his old tactics and starts fighting for real. He will start approaching the player at a slow pace to attack them unprovoked. He also adds Super Jump Punches and Mario Tornadoes into the mix, in addition to basic attacks.

Phase 3 100 HP - 0 HP

This phase is similar in gameplay to the previous round, except he will become more unpredictable instead of simply going towards the player and attacking them. Thus, the player must be much more prepared.

King Kube KiloBot

King "Cube" KiloBot
Added by Samtendo09


This robot is sure is ugly, but don't let it fool you; King "Cube" KiloBot is Tobor's strongest robot, and Meta-Form's reoccuring nemesis. While not seen in the New Fantendoverse, he is one of the few sympathetic villains out of the Fantendo-only villains. He do cares about his men, you know.

2,000 HP Not only KiloBot have hyper strength (bigger than super strength), but he can even break Hyper Armor with just his fists! He is also very resilient, as weak attacks cannot damage him, while in turn he have his own Hyper Armor. He is also too heavy to be grabbed, so attacking when he gets angry will do the trick.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 2,000 HP - 1,000 HP

KiloBot attacks with his punches, an occasional kick with higher knock back, a grab and slam, and throwing trucks. A charged attack can redirect a thrown truck back at him for heavy damage.

Phase 2 1,000 HP - 500 HP

KiloBot realized that the enemy is not kidding around, so he charges up his electricity power and starts shooting thunderbolts. They are fast and powerful, and penetrate the guard, but can be side-stepped. He also calls out some of the Bad Bots minions, one that punches, another that kicks and yet another that shoots arrows, each of them having 50 HP.

Phase 3 500 HP - 0 HP

KiloBot's armor break, and he loses his Hyper Armor, but now he starts using the Giga Devastator, which deals tremendous damage, but can be telegraphed thanks to the target icons. He can also be grabbed... but attempting to grab him, unless if he is stunned, will cause him to swing you around and throw you back.

Strong Bad

Strong Bad
Added by WC Sunamaru


Strong bad is a character from the Homestar Runner universe, and may as well be the star at this point. He enjoys checking emails, pushing everyone around, and pretending he's better than he is.

Strong Bad - 500 HP
Strong Mad - 750 HP
The Cheat - 350 HP
Strong Bad, while having little heath, is assisted by his accomplices Strong Mad (His huge, wall-like brother who looks nothing like him) and The Cheat (Some weird animal who, as his name impies, often helps Strong Bad cheat). However, Strong Mad does not appear until round 2 unless the player KOs the cheat. Each character has their own fighting style. Strong Mad prefers to attack directly with brute force, The Cheat relies on trickery and hit-and-run tactics, while Strong Bad (Until round 3) mostly lets the others do the work until the player gets too close, when he hits them with his boxing gloves or burns them with his lighter.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 500 HP - 250 HP

Strong Bad calls for The Cheat, who promptly comes onto the battlefield. The Cheat then starts attacking the player, while Strong Bad only attacks when they get too close. If The Cheat gets KO'd during this phase, Strong Mad will enter the battle early to beat up the player for hurting his friend.

Phase 2 250 HP - 100 HP

Realising the foe's true skill, Strong Mad gets Strong Mad into the ring (If he wasn't already) to help him out. Additionally, Strong Bad will start running away from the player, but will still attack in self-defense.

Phase 3 100 HP - 0 HP

Strong bad starts to think he's gonna lose for sure, until Merasmus gives him a hand and casts some spells. He revies anyone who has been KO'd, making Strong Mad and The Cheat invincible and making Strong Bad stronger. While the others use the same strategy as before, but Strong Bad uses his newfound strength to attack the player directly.

Omega Bosses

U-uh, B-Bart here, standing just outside the Omega Bosses... do you know what you're d-doing? These guys are Omega Level! You won't stand a chance against these bosses! I-i'm gonna just go!!

Omega Bosses are incredibly hard and difficult bosses with five phases and a lot of health, far more than the usual boss. These are incredibly overpowered but are beatable... just really hard to beat.

Image + Name Info
Exateno SI

Added by Samtendo09


The very first Omega Boss, who is nevertheless no less dangerous than the other Omega Bosses. Exateno is an interstellar conqueror who will bring peace to all beings... but also by making sure to slay out all war-making beings. This dragon is a god, and the ultimate darkness slayer, as even the Dark Matter fear him!

350,000 HP
Exateno is both powerful and complex; he always changes his attack to make himself unpredictable, and is resilient, only taking half damage unless if you struck the orb of his tail which makes 1,5 more damage instead. He also summon (and revive) his minions, the Stardle Dees, and other various Kirby enemies, to break your pace. He can even (although temporarily) inhale you and Star Spit you out to copy your attacks! He is notable for being one of the few bosses capable to outright OHKO any characters in his last phase.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 350,000 HP - 250,000 HP

Fires off multiple rainbow-colored stars that explodes on impact, and that can be sent back to him by hitting them, but Exateno is savvy enough to eat them up and fires a powerful white beam if the player overdo.

Phase 2 250,000 HP - 200,000 HP

Swing attempts to bite the player(s), and control the light to lighten or darken the arena, making him more difficult for the player(s) to detect, and sometimes inhale, which can only be avoided if you throw an exploding star right back to him, or dodge constantly. Flying will only worsen the player's situation.

Phase 3 200,000 HP - 150,000 HP

Exateno starts to summon Stardle Dees (larger, bluer Waddle Dees) and various enemies from the Kirby series, as well as revive them after fifteen seconds if they knocked out. They can be thrown as ammo against him, but if the player constantly use them as ammo to attack him or moreso his orb, Exateno will inhale them all and Star Spit them back at you.

Phase 4 150,000 HP - 100,000 HP

Exateno saw that the situation gets desperate, thus he power-up himself into his EX form, Star Exateno, which retains his previous attacks but also swing his tail wildly and fires player(s)-seeking missile-claw attacks. He also get a little faster with his attacks.

Phase 5 100,000 HP - 0 HP

He had enough, and use his last resort transformation; Infinite Exateno, which while he loses his resilience and becomes much more vulnerable if his orb, now located in his frontal body, get hit, but his attacks become absolutely merciless and the player(s) need to stay on the move and dodge constantly until when needed. His extra attacks are his falling stars, which are larger but more easy to avoid, and his spiked tail that launches spikes which, while comparatively weak, slows down the player(s) if hit too many times. At 150 HP or lower, his last attack will be attempting to completely devour the player, but if the player(s) use a strong attack at his orb or his teeth will permanently stop this attack.

Giant Thief (PPDoD)

Giant Thief aka Slanito
Added by Samtendo09


This shady thief from Paper Mario Drawing of Disaster who once served a Shake King-lookalike called Monsieur Masteurpiece, a mastermind who have huge passion for work of arts, and is a feared and fierce one at that. Just the name "Giant Thief" will gives you a clue of his size. Take a guess how big is he. Although he seems to have his own agenda rather than just serving his threatening yet bumbling master...

200,000 HP
Although the Giant Thief had comparatively fewer HP than other Omega Bosses, but makes up for it by having multiple status ailments that will greatly hinders the player. As "cute" he looks, he fight dirty and roughly, because he knows how much skill alone may not be good enough, as all he wanted is to make his goals done. Say, that's sounds familiar...

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 200,000 HP - 175,000 HP

Attacks with his shadowy "eyed hands" to smack down the player(s) and covers some of the arena into darkness that steadily saps the player(s)'s HP if not getting out of those shadowed areas. Does to his immense size, the player can only attack the two shadow hands.

Phase 2 150,000 HP - 125,000 HP

He uses Teleport Spook in order to catch the player(s) off guard and attempt to use one of their attacks to make the player(s) to have a taste of their own medicine. In other words, he will use a bigger version of one of the player's attacks if his Teleport Spook is not successfully dodged. He also starts to build up Dark Doppelgangers (based on various playable characters) in order to ambush the player(s).

Phase 3 125,000 HP - 95,000 HP

The Giant Thief now attempts to strangle the player(s), dealing massive damage, and also disable their attacks for a short while. However, it is now possible to grab one of his "fists" and throw it back at him, but it only deals significant damage when thrown at his face. He also starts to attack by biting some of the battlefield out, which not only severely damages the player(s) if hit by this attack, but also makes the arena smaller until its size get halved.

Phase 4 95,000 HP - 50,000 HP

The hood fall off, revealing his true identity as Slanito, and becomes angered, but remained calm afterward. He uses the Ominous Laugh to power his attacks and defense up, but can be interrupted and cancel his boosts during his nobleman laugh. He also multiplies his "shadowy arms" into four, making the battle all the more pressuring.

Phase 5 50,000 HP - 0 HP

The Giant Thief had it through, and eventually uses the Darkness Overwhelm which can OHKO characters with weak HP and Defense, and still massively damage those who can survive it, but can be only interrupted by the strongest charged attacks or a Shadow Fist thrown into his face. His Dark Doppelgangers also occasionally becomes one big Dark Doppelganger that have 500 HP. His previous attacks also starts to be executed faster and inflict more damage.


Awakened Mike Tyson
Added by Exotoro


Awakened Mike Tyson is the Omega-ized version of Mike Tyson, with Blue Energy pouring through his veins and streaming out from his eyes. Incredibly powerful and incredibly strong, defeating him is a challenge even a small fry like Little Mac couldn't even fathom. You are puny and will soon be dead.

22,220 HP
Awakened Mike Tyson acts pretty similarly to how he did in his original boss fight, at least for the two phases. He has has a new Phase 3 and 4, with Phase 5 being a harder version of his original Phase 3. He's even more challenging with his huge amount of health but has a weak point in the gap of his teeth.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 22,220 HP - 22,000 HP

Awakened Mike Tyson attacks with a constant stream of incredibly damaging uppercuts, which have to be dodged by the player. He will do this for a solid minute before relenting for a moment, which is when the player needs to hit him square in the face multiple times before he goes into Phase 2.

Phase 2 22,000 - 14,999 HP

Awakened Mike Tyson exchanges blows with the player, getting knocked out when he is around 150,000 health. However, when he is knocked down, he heals 999 health and then recovers less and less health with each proceeding knockout. After he is down to 14,999 health, Phase 3 begins.

Phase 3 14,999 - 10,000 HP

Awakened Mike Tyson proceeds to slam the ground and cause water to flood the stage, walking above it as the player begins to drown. The player needs to defeat bubble-shaped enemies to replenish air and then proceed to head towards his feet to attack them while maintaining their air. Mike Tyson can whistle for carnivorous Cheep Cheeps to attack the player, which they need to avoid or somehow redirect them to Awakened Mike Tyson's feet.

Phase 4 10,000 - 5,000 HP

Awakened Mike Tyson's water turns into concrete and proceeds to gain orange gloves that are glazed with napalm, giving him explosive uppercuts that the player needs to avoid while Awakened Mike Tyson gets bigger and bigger. After the uppercuts, Mike Tyson proceeds to slam the ground, allowing the player to punish him before the cycle repeats.

Phase 5 5,000 - 0 HP

Awakened Mike Tyson begins to throw in some Napalm Uppercuts and Lightning Jabs again, while the concrete begins to split with lava under it, requiring the player to move to high and stable platforms and then leap onto Mike Tyson when he's blinking. After a couple of attacks, Mike Tyson will destroy the platform the player was on and require the player to traverse to a new one to jump off and attack Tyson with. After a couple more knockouts near the 50 HP area, Mike Tyson nears defeat and can be defeated in a single charge attack.

Phantom of the Bwahpra

Phantom of the Bwahpra
Added by Pokerninja2


Phantom of the Bwahpra, otherwise called Phantom for short, is the end boss of Spooky Trails in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and the sixth boss overall. Though he may not look like a fighter, he should not be taken lightly; this ghostly Rabbid can punch, scare, and slam, all while dropping a diss track on you. It will take a lot to defeat him.

18,000 HP
Phantom of the Bwahpra doesn't necessarily attack at first. Instead, he sends out his minions, including Ziggies, Smashers, Bucklers, and Peek-a-Boos to attack the opponent instead. Meanwhile, he will sing songs that will grant strength to his minions if they are not defeated quick enough. He is invincible while teh spotlight is on him, which must be destroyed to actually deal damage.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 18,000 HP - 15,000 HP

Phantom will summon some Ziggies and Smashers to attack the player. After the spotlight on him is destroyed, he will begin throwing ghostly music notes that damage the player. He will also continue summoning Ziggies and Smashers, and will sometimes sing to make them stronger.

Phase 2 15,000 - 10,949 HP

After enough damage, Phantom bring up some new spotlights that make him invincible again, and he will summon Ziggies, Smashers, and Peek-a-Boos. Once these spotlights are destroyed and Phantom is open for attack, he is able to teleport around the stage while firing projectiles. He can additionally fire red projectiles, which will deal less damage but stop the player for some time giving him a chance to sing.

Phase 3 10,949 - 7,000 HP

Once again, Phantom will have new spotlights shining on him, making him stronger. He no longer summons Ziggies nor Peek-a-Boos, but instead Smashers and Bucklers. Once the spotlights are destroyed, the player can once again attack Phantom, who will move significantly faster. In addition, his singing now not only improves his minions's strength, but also his own.

Phase 4 7,000 - 4,000 HP

At this point Phantom becomes enraged. He calls several Peek-a-Boos to grab the spotlights and float around while carrying them. This makes the spotlight significantly harder to destroy, and Smashers, Peek-a-Boos, and Valkyries will begin appearing. Phantom is once again open for attack once the spotlights are destroyed, and he will begin using stronger attacks, such as using waves of energy that cover a lot of area as opposed to projectiles. Once the spotlights are destroyed, he also can fire purple projectiles which create Ziggies, which are even stronger than regular Ziggies enhanced by Phantom's singing.

Phase 5 4,000 - 0 HP

For his last stand, Phantom takes out the phonograph from inside of him and replaces it with a spotlight, making him completely invincible. Phantom will also begin attacking right at the beginning of the phase, using wave attacks and other projectiles. Now Bucklers, Peek-a-Boos, and Valkyries are summoned, and Phantom will sing to enhance their powers a lot more. To actually damage Phantom, one must wait for the spotlight inside of him to shorten out, leaving him vulnerable. The player must be quick to attack though, as the spotlight regains power very shortly to make him invincible again.

Exa-Sectonia by Drybones157

Added by Samtendo09, Art by Drybones157


Story-Break Queen Sectonia, also known as simply Exa-Sectonia, is a more beastly counterpart of the original Queen Sectonia, and is introduced in Kirby: Story Break as a bonus boss. Similarly to her original counterpart, Exa-Sectonia is vain, but there are plentiful of differences such as being very impish and voracious, the latter being shared with Exateno. Despite not looking all that scary, her unpredictability, devastating power and being real savvy makes her a truly dangerous foe to date.

300,000 HP
While she have less health than Exateno, she does shares the resilience and weak spot, but her attacks are different aside of her inhale attack (despite her mouth not being visible most of the time!) and Star Spits. As already stated, she is also far more unpredictable and savvy, which means that players should outwit her instead of constantly deploying brute force. She also summons Sectra Guards to attack the players, while also having Story-Break Taranza to control a fighter not selected by the players. The chance of hitting her orb is even slimmer than when facing other Exa-Bosses.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 300,000 HP - 250,000 HP

Exa-Sectonia starts the fight with creating multiple floating diamonds of various colors, which then she employs dark lightnings, rainbow-colored stars, light rings, and smaller diamonds that falls as projectiles, while smashing with her scepters or slicing with her rapiers. She also summons basic Sectra Dees and Parasol Sectra Dees, but they do not did anything actively harmful unless if the players had collided with them. The players can climb into diamonds to avoid some of her attacks, or getting under them when she uses dark lightnings, although Exa-Sectonia may attempt to smash those diamonds if they stand there for too long.

Phase 2 250,000 HP - 200,000 HP

Exa-Sectonia starts using her inhale attack, which then spat back anything she does not want to munch. If a player get caught, she will munch them out and then Copy Ability. She will not chew if she caught any robotic character. Her other added attacks are a swift stinger attack (where her orb can be attacked, but only with an extremely precise timing), slam down the floor with her hands, grab a player and throw them at a further distance, and fires rainbow-shining laser beams from her wings.

Phase 3 200,000 HP - 150,000 HP

Exa-Sectonia starts to summon Sectra Burts and various Antrs in an attempt to keep the players busy, while she took distance and uses her projectiles and throws diamonds from a distance. The players can throw back unexploded stars and diamonds back at her with a charged attack. She tend to dodges when not attacking, and even catches the more damaging diamonds back, so the players had to wait for her to attack. She also starts to revive her troops, albeit she becomes annoyed when she had revived her troopers the third time or further.

Phase 4 150,000 HP - 100,000 HP

She summons Story-Break Taranza, who uses strings of silk in order to control one of the fighters that are not used by any of the players. The fighter can be defeated, but Taranza will just brings another one. This Taranza have 1000 HP, and Exa-Sectonia will slowly recover HP (200 HP per minute) shall the players failed to damage her for too long. While the Sectra guards had become less frequent, Exa-Sectonia power them up which also slightly enlarge them. Story-Break Taranza can be defeated, but Exa-Sectonia will becomes angry and jumps immediately into Phrase 5, while also reviving her poor little Tarnaza.

Phase 5 100,000 - 0 HP, or if Story-Break Taranza is defeated once

Exa-Sectonia get even bigger and sprouts flower bud around her hands, which is similar to the original Queen Sectonia's Moonstruck Blossom form, and shoots destructive beams that completely destroys the main arena, leaving the remaining floating diamonds that continuously appears but that Exa-Sectonia can destroy (or even devour to make her completely invulnerable for a while). The players now had to climb into her and reach her orb to finish her off, but she will attempts to swat the players away. She also summons more Sectra guards, and Story-Break Taranza now manipulates three CPU-controlled players at a time.

The players need to fled the computer controlled fighters in order to get more people to damage Exa-Sectonia. When she reached 150 HP, she resorts to completely inhale all fighters, similarly to Kirby's Hypernova Ability, forcing the players to finish her off, as this attack can OHKO absolutely every fighters.

Hulk Homer (Official Image)

Hulk Homer
Added by Samtendo09


"Homer Mad! Homer Smash! Get revenge on world!!" Okay, this sounds silly, but this is not made up. Homer get painted green and then behaved like the famous Incredible Hulk in a fit of raging rampage, which is actually a funny gag in Season 13 Episode 18, "I Am Furious (Yellow)". Only this time this is a real deal, and not a paint... and its going to hurt, both for himself and for everyone trying to fight back!

1,000 HP
As of this writing, Hulk Homer had the lowest amount of HP to date. That is to say, unlike in the episode where it happened, the green paint is radioactive and made him a bit stronger. And by "a bit", we mean tremendously! The players had to stun him or let him clumsily get himself hit by any obstacles or hitting a wall, but he goes back into rampage after just one single hit. He seems simple compared to the other Omega Bosses, but he can punch so hard that the fighters will still remember the pain tomorrow morning.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 1,000 HP - 950 HP

Hulk Homer "menacingly" stomps forward the players, and attempts to deal a heavy punch. That heavy punch can be easily dodged does to being fairly slow, but this deals tremendous damage, and can OHKO the most fragile fighters. If the players did managed to survive it, the massive knockback can become detrimental. He also attacks with downward arm slams and a rushing attack. Incoming attacks will just be deflected back and makes him angrier, so try to mislead him into smashing into exploding barrels or a solid wall, where he can be stunned for five seconds or until he get hit by anything.

Phase 2 950 HP - 800 HP

Homer stomps the ground harder in frustration as he walk, causing earthquake. Falling debris must be avoided, or lest he will try to grab you and strangle you in a classic "Homer-Strangling-Bart" style. Attempting to throw a barrel into him will instead cause him to throw it back at you. This means that the players will have to play "avoid-the-bull" and let him hit a metallic wall, or mislead him into a falling debris.

Phase 3 800 HP - 500 HP

Homer grabs a downright big metallic pipe and wildly swings it. Getting hit by this is almost fatal, so avoid it at all cost. Fortunately, exploding barrels can work against him again, but it requires proper timing getting too near him will cause the pipe to collide with the barrel and both of you and Homer will get hit by the explosion. He can also smack a wrecking ball like a baseball in a attempt to flatten you!

Phase 4 500 HP - 100 HP

Homer get more and more furious, to the point where his eyes starts turning red! He starts to move faster and his attacks from Phrase 1 becomes a lot faster. He also starts jumping around at far distance and cause a tremor which can trip the players. He will even attempt roar so loud that it will send the players away from him, which is dangerous if they are nearby the exploding barrels or other hazards!

Phase 5 100 HP - 0 HP

Homer starts to become exhausted, but he picked up the big pipe again and make vein attempt to flatten you with it. He will also throw back barrels like he did in Phrase 2. Worse still, the arena is starting to be flooded with toxic water, and Hulk Homer is immune to it, and touching it will gradually damage you! Hulk Homer can only be attacked if he becomes exhausted, so the players had to charge their strongest move to finish him off.

New Pucci

Enrico Pucci
Added by IncarnateParanoia

Theme: New Moon Pucci Battle (EOH)


An Italian-American priest currently working as a chaplain in Green Dolphin Street Prison. Nearly twenty-five years ago, he befriended a vampire named DIO who miraculously healed his disfigured left foot. Eventually, DIO shared with him a plan to create a "perfect world." If DIO were to die, Pucci was to achieve this plan in his stead. Now nearly forty years old, Pucci is finally nearing the end of his quest to avenge DIO's death and complete his vision of "heaven"...

60,000 HP
Pucci has less health and significantly fewer phases than other Omega Bosses, but this is for a good reason - he is very difficult to hit in all of his phases, whether it's due to moving at impossible speeds, or shifting gravity, or completely vanishing altogether. Defeating him is an exercise in prediction and outmaneuvering. Fortunately, he doesn't deal as much damage as his fellow Omega Bosses, but he is still a very dangerous opponent and should not be underestimated.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 60,000 HP - 37,500 HP

During this phase, Pucci uses Whitesnake, the Stand he originally received from the Stand Arrow. Every thirty seconds, Whitesnake will steal one of the player's attacks in the form of a DISC. During this time, it becomes unavailable to the player, and Whitesnake will use it against them. Only one attack can be stolen at a time. Pucci will also use Whitesnake's illusion abilities to cloak himself for brief periods of time in an attempt to flank his enemy. Like with all phases, Pucci will mainly attack with powerful punches and rapid barrages.

Phase 2 37,500 HP - 15,000 HP

During this phase, Pucci uses C-Moon, a Stand created using the bone and diary of DIO during Pucci's attempts to "achieve heaven." During this phase, Pucci can alter the gravity of the stage to alter the layout of the battlefield. By default, the player is drawn towards whatever wall Pucci is standing on as if it were the floor, but he can also willingly force the player onto one of the surfaces adjacent to it to create some distance between himself and the player. He will sometimes also use a counter that reverses attacks, causing them to fire right back at the user. Like with all phases, Pucci will mainly attack with powerful punches and rapid barrages.

Phase 3 15,000 HP - 0 HP

During this phase, Pucci uses Made In Heaven, the Stand created at the end of Pucci's attempts to "achieve heaven" using DIO's plan. This Stand can accelerate the flow of time, with seemingly no upward limit, without affecting any living beings other than Pucci himself. What this means is that Pucci essentially gains the power to "teleport" from place to place in the blink of an eye and attack the enemy instantaneously. His third Phase has the least amount of HP, but it also makes him the fastest character in the entire game, and hitting him with an attack can be quite a trial. Like with all phases, Pucci will mainly attack with powerful punches and rapid barrages.


Added by OwtheEdgehog

Theme: Pokémon X/Y: Vs. Legendary (Remix by RetroSpecter)


Zygarde is a dual type Dragon/Ground Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation VI, who is a part of the Aura Trio along with Yveltal and Xerneas. Zygarde has been described as the "guardian of the ecosystem", who seeks out and destroys any threat to the ecosystem. Zygrade has up to five formes, though two of them are not considered Pokémon. In Boss Battles, Zygrade starts off by using its 50% Forme.

90,000 HP
Zygrade does have lots of health, but not as much compared to the other Omega Bosses. Zygrade keeps on using its signature move, Land's Wrath, to attack. Land's Wrath involves in it creating green fissures on land to heavily damage players, enough to shave off a huge fraction of the players. This does not help as when it reaches its second phase, it will transform into its Complete Forme, where Land's Wrath becomes even stronger, and giving it new attacks.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 90,000 HP - 45,000 HP

Before the battle, in its Core Forme, Zygarde spots the player, turns into its 10% Forme, then its 50% Forme and starts the battle. Zygarde will then perform Land's Wrath to attack players, causing major damage, even OHKOing fragile fighters. Zygarde remains stationery during this time, so feel free to attack it, up close if you dare. Knock it down to 45,000 to start the next phase.

Phase 2 45,000 HP - 20,000 HP

The music comes to a halt as Zygarde starts transforming into its Complete Forme, giving it three new attacks, Dragon Pulse, Earthquake and Dragon Breath, which, along with a boosted Land's Wrath, deal even more damage. Zygarde now moves around aimlessly, and still, you can attack it freely. Knock it down to 20,000 HP to start the third phase.

Phase 3 20,000 HP - 1,000 HP

Zygarde uses Dragon Dance to boost its Attack and Speed stats to make it even more deadlier. Now, Zygarde's green shades get even more less saturated and darker, and its aesthetics now match that color too. Other than that, it is the same as Phase 2, albeit even more dangerous. Knock it down to 1,000 HP for the fourth and final phase.

Phase 4 1,000 HP - 0 HP

Zygarde now transforms into its 10% Forme, giving it a dog-like appearance. Zygrade is more faster, but slightly weaker in this Forme. Zygrade can now bite at the opponent to flinch them, and loses its Dragon Pulse and Earthquake moves. Zygrade is way trickier to hit in this Forme, but it does get tired over time. After tanking enough damage, it will transform into its Cell Forme as the music comes to a complete halt and it starts to scurry away. Attack one last time to finish it off for good.

Tumblr ns4czdaZwl1uu8vwzo1 r1 500

Demon Lord Dipper
Added by MeGa eXal
In an alternate reality, Dipper Pines used to be a defender of the small town of Gravity Falls. After a swarm of goblins murdered his twin sister Mabel, he became filled with rage and took total control of Bill Cipher. With his new power, he went on to enslave the world and force the girl of his dreams, Wendy Corduroy, to be his queen. Dipper maintains a dictatorial grip on Earth and is currently planning on conquering other worlds.

250,000 HP
Demon Lord Dipper relies on black magic and his monster soldiers in battle, and he has the fourth highest HP of any Omega Boss in the game so far (behind Bill Cipher, Exateno and Exa-Sectonia).

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 250,000 HP - 100,000 HP
This phase plays out a lot like the second phase of Mandy Soul's battle. Try to avoid the monsters and attack Dipper before he casts his spell.
Phase 2 100,000 HP - 75,000 HP
Dipper sends out holograms of Bill Cipher to fight you. These holograms will launch blue fireballs in a certain pattern; memorize the pattern and block the fireballs, aiming them towards Dipper.
Phase 3 75,000 HP - 50,000 HP
In this phase, Dipper will cause pillars to rise out of the ground in an attempt to launch you into the sky so he can pummel you. You can determine where a pillar will rise via cracks in the ground; once it rises, use a charged attack to smash it, sending the fragments towards Dipper.
Phase 4 50,000 HP - 25,000 HP
Dipper will shapeshift into a clone of your character. You must use your own weakness to your advantage against the king.
Phase 5 25,000 HP - 0 HP
Dipper summons his queen, Wendy, to help him. She will summon a massive army of zombies from various franchises -- including, but not limited to, Adventure Time, Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Gravity Falls itself. Wendy will form shields around Dipper, and the only way to destroy them is with attacks charged all the way. Plow through the zombies and break through the shields until Dipper is finally defeated.
Gf bill cipher render by markellbarnes360-d9zq5kt
Bill Cipher
Added by Golden-Sans78
Bill Cipher is one of, if not the, strongest being in the Gravity Falls universe. Bill is an egotistical and insane yet cunning god-like being who has one goal: take over the world and destroy the Pines Family. He most likely would have won by now if his ego, some weaknesses, and a bit of trickery from Stanford Pines hadn't beaten him for good...until now, that is...

400,000 HP
Bill is a tricky boss, opting to screw you over via trickery and magic rather then attack up close. He has quite a lot of HP as well, meaning he can soak up attack easily.

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 400,000 HP - 300,000 HP
In his first phase, Bill opens a hole into his reality as monsters jump out and attack you. You'll need to defeat the monsters while Bill sits in the background, occasionally shooting fireballs.
Phase 2 300,000 HP - 200,000 HP
Bill decides that he's gotta do this himself and teleports to the stage. He then protects himself using a magic shield which you need to break while he tries to destroy you via magic and more fireballs.
Phase 3 200,000 HP - 90,000 HP
After breaking the shield, you'll need to beat up Bill himself. He won't go down easily though, as he will shoot even more fireballs, a gigantic eye laser, warp the stage to throw you off, etc.
Phase 4 90,000 HP - 25,000 HP
Enraged, Bill grows to be gigantic. He repeats attacks from the previous phase, but with two differences: 1), he's gigantic making the attacks harder to avoid, and 2), they do a lot more damage.
Phase 5 25,000 HP - 0 HP
Now completely pissed off, Bill teleports off the stage into the background and grows even bigger, then tries to squash you with his fists. In order to finally beat him, you'll need to attack his weak point (his eye) while avoiding his lasers, fist slams, fireballs, and reality warping. Once you beat this phase, you've won.
Added by Samtendo09
Susanna Patrya Haltmann, also known as simply Susie, is the daughter of Max Profitt Haltmann and the secretary of the Haltmann Works Company. She works on the EX Energy in order to study more about it in secret, because neither Exateno and Exa-Sectonia will want to let something like this to happen. However, this ended up working too well, as she had become Exa-fied does to overdose...

250,000 HP
Exa-Susie, despite her massive size, is surprisingly agile and can quickly dodge an incoming attack. Her weak spots are her horn-shaped antennas, but she can quickly read the players' attacks and attempt to block them. Her technology-powered arsenal deals various status ailment. Exa-Susie stands out from others as instead of using phases, she is using different forms, which are called Haltmann Armors. Just like the other Exa bosses, she only takes halve damage when hit on anything other than her weak spots.

Boss Phases Info
Armor 1 Regular
This is not exactly an armor, but it is indeed the default form of Exa-Susie. She can performs attacks similar to when she was riding her own mech or taken from President Haltmann, such as a swirling bomb-diving, and summoning Susie-shaped drones.
Armor 2 Frostbite
This Armor gives her attributes of both fire and ice, allowing her to scorch the floor with her fiery attack, and freezing the platforms and some of the floor with her icy attacks. She can also use both at once to result a scalding waterfall, or a blinding mist.
Armor 3 Enchantress
Your typical cute witch costume, but in her own technological style. She can cast various status ailments, moreso than the other Armors can do, and even able to turn most attacks back against the user when her eyes glows for three seconds. In addition, she can summon a few robotic Bonkers, dressed as the Frankenstein monsters, as reinforcement.
Armor 4 Warrior
Uses her laser blade to directly attack the players, and her iron-plated armor can make her to take a quarter damage to all upcoming attacks, unless if her face, hands or her antennas get hit. She can also cause a temporary rift that will cause Cosmic Clones of Galacta Knights to attack the players, but they can be taken out in one hit.
Phase 5 Illusion Mistress
This Armor focuses on putting the players into paranoia and overwhelm them in a different way; there are four Exa-Susie when she wears the Illusion Mistress Armor, but only one of them is the real Exa-Susie. In addition to her orb attacks and damaging wormholes, she also make holograms of unselected fighters that independently attack the players, and they cannot be knocked out, but become stunned instead. They will vanish when Exa-Susie change her Armor.
Gold Mildeberg
Empress Goldeberg
Added by Samtendo09

Empress Mildeberg is adopted and currently owned by Pokerninja2
While not evil by herself, Empress Mildeberg had entered the EVIL League in order to put up a big show, showing her mischievous side. Powered up by Gold Flowers (and nicknamed as Empress Goldeberg as such), this mighty ghost girl cannot be stopped... until you figured out that she can be beaten, but not in a traditional way!

100,000 HP
10,000 Coins must be collected to defeat her.
Defeat her all you want, but as an amortal ghost, she cannot be defeated; she will get back up with the same amount of HP after ten seconds. However, you can collect enough Coins to permanently disable her Gold form (at least until the next match), but that is no easy task. It does not help that not only she is massive, giving her even more massive melee range, but also surprisingly more agile compared to other giant bosses...

Boss Phases Info
Phase 1 0 - 100 Coins
She throw golden fireballs that explode when they hit a wall or one of the players. While they produces coins afterward, Empress Goldeberg can also collect them quickly if more than ten Coins are scattered. She can also swing her stretchy, ghostly arms, scare off the players by making a creepy face (this can be avoided by not letting the players into looking at her), and a loud soundwave.
Phase 2 100 - 500 Coins
She surrounds herself with golden rings, which caused uncharged projectiles to be bounced back. She also starts to vanish, and only her golden glitters can be seen. While she retained her attacks from Phase 1, she also started to lob a bigger golden fireball that explode on impact.
Phase 3 500 - 1000 Coins
Her golden rings merge into a larger one, which can deal damage to players who touched it, but can be knocked back to produce more Coins. However, Empress Goldeberg can also knock the ring and at the same time, slam the ground with her hands to cause an earthquake that spew out silver Coins that must be avoided, lest they will subtract your collected Coins.
Phase 4 1000 - 5000 Coins
Goldeberg construct four golden statues out of the Coins she had produced. The statues will create a barrier for her, but destroying them will makes a worth of 500 Coins. Once the players had destroyed the statues, she noticed that it would hinder her in long run, and instead throw them to make significant damage. Her other new attacks are casting a golden shadow that will immobilize the targets for a while, and making a magical, smaller illusions of her throwing more golden fireballs.
Phase 5 5000 - 10,000 Coins
Empress Goldeberg become increasingly frustrated, and resort into sprouting more arms in order to overwhelm the players. Now the players can only collect Coins when she gets stunned (which is by using a Charge Attack of when she is about to use one of the newer, stronger attacks), otherwise she will quickly swipe them away. Her new attacks involve a shower of platinum Coins that will stun the players and subtract their current total by 250, a hypnosis attack that will cause the player to surround their Coins but can be shaken off by rapidly pressing the buttons, and stealing one of the players' attack, which can stack when there are more than one player.
Last Resort 10,000 Coins or more
Once the players had collected 10,000 Coins or more, the battle is not over; they still need to knock out Empress Goldeberg as normally, but they can quickly knock her out by bouncing her gigantic golden fireball back to her. Having less than 10,000 Coins will instead cause the gigantic fireball to explode, even when hit by a Charged Attack, and even if they survived, their Coin Counter will reset to 9,000, thus returning to Phase 5.

Game Over Quotes

Bosses' Game Over Quotes, also known as simply Game Over Quotes and according to Bart, Bosses' Mockery, are quotes given by bosses as a quick mockery or other type of quotes that addresses to the player character (sometimes even the player himself). Boss Battles/Game Over Quotes

Update History

Here is a complete overview of all the updates made to Boss Battles. As of writing, the game has had a total of 25 official updates. The update numbers are internal. The current version is Version 3.2.3.

  • Version 1.0.0 (July 6, 2017‎): Game launch.
  • Version 1.1.1 (July 7, 2017‎): Pete is added as a playable character. Team Fortress Medic and Shake King are added as bosses.
  • Version 1.2.2 (July 8, 2017‎): Kyodaiyama, Morrigan, and Brick are added as playable characters. Kaptain K. Rool is added as a boss.
  • Version 1.3.1 (July 9, 2017‎): Arcade Mode, Brawl Ball, and Planet Trial are added into the game internally as modes. Tiny Tiger and Doctor Neo Cortex are added as playable characters.
  • Version 1.4.5 (July 10, 2017‎): Arcade Mode is fully integrated into the game with Max Brass, Ravager Scoobs, Guramina are all added as bosses exclusive to Arcade Mode. Rival system is integrated into the game internally. Gunner and Senator Scoobs are added as playable. Mandy Soul and Skyquake are added as bosses.
  • Version 1.5.3 (July 11, 2017‎): Neo Metal Sonic is added as a secret boss into Arcade Mode. Stratos is added as a boss. Omega Bosses are introduced with Exateno being the only one introduced at this time.
  • Version 1.6.2 (July 12, 2017‎): Uncle Mario's Flying Fortress is added as a secret boss into Arcade Mode. Uncle Mario is added as a playable character.
  • Version 1.7.1 (July 13, 2017‎): Character themes are added. JoJo is added as a playable character. Blade Wolf is added as a boss.
  • Version 1.7.3 (July 14, 2017‎): Bug fixes. Added themes for Dr. Cortex and Tiny Tiger.
  • Version 1.7.5 (July 15, 2017‎): Bug fixes. Added theme for Uncle Mario.
  • Version 1.7.6 (July 20, 2017‎): Bug fixes.
  • Version 1.7.7 (July 21, 2017‎): Bug fixes.
  • Version 1.7.8 (July 28, 2017‎): Bug fixes.
  • Version 1.8.2 (August 10, 2017‎): Aqualea added as playable. Item shop added to Boss Battles.
  • Version 1.9.1 (August 11, 2017‎): Punchbag Sid added as a secret boss in Arcade Mode.
  • Version 2.0.6 (September 12, 2017‎): Mike Tyson added as a boss. Giant Thief, Awakened Mike Tyson, and the Phantom of the Bwahpra are all added as Omega Bosses.
  • Version 2.1.1 (September 13, 2017‎): King Boolstar is added as a playable character.
  • Version 3.0.1 (November 30, 2017‎): Nintendo Switch and PC Launch. A new difficulty mode is added into Arcade Mode called PummelNation, which sees the player fight through a Arcade Route with Mithril Hedlok.
  • Version 3.1.1 (December 1, 2017‎): Exa-Sectonia is added as a Omega Boss.
  • Version 3.1.5 (December 2, 2017‎): Hulk Homer is added as a Omega Boss.
  • Version 3.1.8 (December 8, 2017): Enrico Pucci is added as a Omega Boss.
  • Version 3.1.9 (December 10, 2017): Tempo, Dark Pit, Kick Buttowski, and Zephyr the Dragon are added as playable characters. Zygarde and Demon Lord Dipper are added as Omega Bosses.
  • Version 3.2.0 (December 11, 2017): Pharo port is released.
  • Version 3.2.2 (December 12, 2017): Funky Kong is added as a playable character. Cosmic Bowser and Valus are added as bosses.
  • Version 3.2.3 (December 13, 2017): Doormat is added as a playable character.



  • The game was originally intended to be a spinoff of the ARMS series but Toroko didn't think that a umbrella community project would fly well if it was listed as a spin-off of the series, so it remains mostly as it's own thing. That said, all elements from this early version are still present.
  • Min Min and Blossom Bowser are only two characters featured in promotional materials for The V², PC and Nintendo Switch as they are the original playable character and the original boss that kicked the game off. The non-Toroko releases feature new cover art with more characters.
    • For the Evo-Gem and Pharo releases, they do not conform to the original branding. For the Evo-Gem release, Exateno is in the cover behind Min Min and Blossom Bowser, as he is the first Omega Boss and the cover was made and added by Samtendo09, the creator and director of that console. The Pharo boxart, which was created by Mega Exal, is meant to represent the game as a whole and thus includes more characters.
  • Bill Cipher was the first character to be both a boss and a playable character. To explain this, it said through one of Bill's Boss Quotes that the playable version is a clone of himself he made.

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