Borderlands 3 (Stylized as Borderlands III) is a MMOFPS released for PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch in 20XX.


Several years after the events of BL2 and its DLCs, the Crimson Raiders have shifted from a small resistance fighting against Hyperon to an intergalactic corps who seek to control every Vault they can find. You are one of these Vault Hunters, a young rookie who now must traverse Pandora, its moon and its neighbouring planets to open vaults and get sick loot. Because of Borderlands III's more open-ended nature in comparision to previous installments there are many different storylines and mission flows a Vault Hunter can follow. Each planet has one main mission flow, usually based around the Vault on that planet

Pandora/Elpis: S&S Reborn or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Vault Key.

Izan: Church of the V

(DLC1) Aqetimis: Claptrap's Big Favour

(DLC2) Eden-6: Axton's Tour of Duty

Character Classes

Class Name Info
Commander  The Commander is a versatile gunner capable of taking any situation thrown at them and being able to survive and thrive. The Commando's three skill trees are the Soldier Tree, which has the Action Skill Scorpio Turret and is based around taking that Turret and making it kick way more ass than you ever could. The next one is the Commando Tree with the Sabre Turret which is based more around preparing you for every situation and having you and your Turret work in harmony and finally the Constructor Tree with the TRT Loader which lets you use many forms of Hyperion tech to swarm your enemies.
Eridites Due to Hyperion's testing of the effects of Slag and Eridium on human subjects there are several people running around with abilities similar to Sirens on a smaller scale, among other things. The Eridite has incredible destructive capability but only in short bursts, and can struggle to keep up in between those short sparks of high damage AoE attacks. The Eridite's three skill trees are the Proto-Siren Tree, which allows you to select either the Phaselock, Phasewalk or Phaseshfift Action Skills to unleash chaos on the battlefield. The second tree is Slaglord, which utilizes the Action Skill Purple Rain and other slag-based attacks to buff the damage you or your allies are dealing. The final skill tree is Eridian Descendant with the Action Skill E-Tech Overdrive who's users use ancient Eridian tech to augment their powers.
Zerker The Zerker is all about shooting stuff fast and dealing lots of DPS, whatever that means. The three skill trees of the Zerker are the Berzerker, based around melee combat using your Berzerk ability to buff up your fists, buzzsaws and more! The Gunzerker is based around guns (duh.) and can use their Gunzerk ability to dual-wield any two guns they have equipped. The Nadezerker is all about making your grenades super strong, and can use Nadezerker to throw supercharged versions of whatever grenade you've got equipped.
Hunter The destruction of specific targets quickly and cleanly is what the Hunter does best. The three skill trees the Hunter has each also come with an Animal Companion are the Falconer, using a bird of the same species as Bloodwing and Talon as well as accurate burst damage to pick off targets. The second skill tree is the Skagrider, a more close-range option allowing you to ride a Skag into battle. Finally the third tree is the Stalker Striker allowing you to use a pet Stalker to distract and sow chaos among enemies.
Mechanic The Mechanic works in unison with their tech to crowd control and efficently perform multiple tasks at once. The three skill trees of the Mechanic are the Mechromancer, who uses a D4TH-TP Unit to help them fight in combat, the second tree is the Enforcer, who uses Hyperion Surveyors to harass enemies and buff themselves. The final tree is the Cyber Commando, which can use a shoulder-mounted Auto-Cannon to dish out massive damage at the cost of speed.


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