Borderlands V


V is for the vault you gonna open with your awsome crew of Vault Hunters.

Hundreds of years after the Vault was opened, and Hyperion was destroyed. The Vault Hunters used eridium to get thousands of dollars to make the N.V.H.A. (National Vault Hunters Association). They used the organization's members and map of the universe to find all the Vaults on each of the planets and save each of the worlds from the monsters hidden within them.

Character Classes

Class Action Skill


Wild Animal
Siren Phasewalk/Phaselock
Berzerker Berzerking
Soldier Scorpio Turret
Commando Sabre Turret
Gunzerker Gunzerking
Assassin Deception


Psycho Bloody Rage


Split Heads
Nomad Riot
Goliath Enrage
Bandit Superbad Mode


Hacker Mini M.I.N.A.C.


Borderlands used to have you exploring Pandora, but now there is multiple planets to explore!






The various powers that can help you literally melt someone's face off.

Fire - A element that burns the target and is good against non-armored enemies.


Corrosion - A chemical that can wither away health and hurts armor more than anything else.

Lightning - A electric ability that can wither away shields extremely fast.

Slag - A element that, when in effect, makes other elements do more damage.

Antimatter - After affect is activated, enemies near the target get pulled into a black hole that later explodes.

Ice - An element that can slow down/stop enimies by freezing them.

Earth - Has the ability to make bullets travel through enemy cover.

Plasma - A element only appliable to surfaces, not enemies. When touched if damages the target continuously.


You need weapon makers to make weapons!

Atlas - Above average damage and magazine capacity.

Dahl - High recoil reduction, at the cost of accuracy.

Eridian - Alien weaponry, deals generally high damage with unlimited ammunition but often suffers from slow recharge.

Hyperion - Very high recoil reduction and accuracy.

Jakobs - Never manufactures elemental weapons. Very high damage, but with lower fire rate and recoil reduction.

Maliwan - Only manufactures elemental weapons, which have much higher tech regeneration rates. Also benefits from marginal increases to accuracy and reload speed.

S&S Munitions - Very high magazine capacity. Usually manufactures elemental weapons.

Tediore - Extremely fast reload speed, with a slight compromise on damage and accuracy.

Torgue - High damage and slightly higher fire rate, but suffers from much lower accuracy and recoil reduction.

Vladof - Very high fire rate, good recoil reduction, but suffers from much lower accuracy.

Anshin - Transfusion grenades and rapidly recharging shields.

Pangolin- Rubberized Grenades and high-capacity shields.

Corazza - Shield recharge grenade mods and bullet recharge shields.

Vanty - Manufacturer using the name of Borderlands V's development studio. All weapon types have a Vanty variant and statistically have increased damage and slightly higher recoil.

Ultima - Perfect weapons, with there being few of them, they have very high aspects in every stat and only being given out at special events such as E3.