Booter is a Boo and a partner in Paper Mario: The Lemon Kingdom. He is the guitarist of the B-Teales. He joins Mario to help solve the mystery of the vanishing bands, and eventually helps him save the day. He can turn Mario invisible so enemies won't notice him. His HP is 15/20/25.


Booter is a black Boo with white diamonds around his eyes, and black pupils. He also has black hair, and carries a red guitar by his side.


Guitar Jam

  • FP: 0
  • Effect: Plays guitar, sending out sound waves that damage enemies.
  • To attack: Press the 3 random buttons that appear on-screen.
  • Power: 4/6/7
  • Initial

Outta Sight

  • FP: 1
  • Effect: Makes Mario invisible for a turn so all attacks will miss
  • To attack: Press the random button that appears on-screen.
  • Power: None/none/none
  • Initial


  • FP: 3
  • Effect: Licks an enemy, sometimes making them immobilized or confused.
  • To attack: Press the buttons as they appear on-screen.
  • Power: 4/7
  • Super Rank:

Rock Out

  • FP: 8
  • Effect: Does a lot of damage and hits multiple times
  • To attack: First Booter will take out his cell phone and start talking into it, then the rest of the B-Teales will rush in and they will start jamming together. Press the buttons in the order they appear. If you do this correctly then you can do it again for more damage but if you mess up the enemy takes no damage. There are up to 3 strings of buttons, increasingly harder with a shorter time limit.
  • Power: 6 (once)/10 (twice)/15 (three times)
  • Ultra Rank

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