Boon is a member of The Death Squad. He is incredibely strong and super smart but not to fast. He is one of the of the three survivors from Marios attack. Other than that he is pretty much a big mystery. In his next appearance he is much stronge and much smarter and is way faster, Boon first appears with Rowland attacking the Mushroom Kingdom national news station, where Mario and Luigi quickly defeated him and his partner. Boon was then fought again as the self-proclaimed king of Bomb Bot Factory . He was beaten back by the Mario force. He is fought a final time in the Spirit Castle. However this is not really Boon this is just a clone made by Death Troop. Boon was thrown in to a deep pit in the factory. He was found by Marrow as shown in the ending credits. His next appearance well be in the game Mario: Crecent Moon Shards. Boon is a Bandit dressed in black.

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