Boomleg is the fourth of the leg robots, the other threes being Megaleg, Digga-Leg, and Brakaleg. However, unlike the other three, he is ridden by Bowser Jr. 

Super Mario Galaxy: Bowser's Meteor Dome

Boomleg first appears in Super Mario Galaxy: Bowser's Meteor Dome in the World 3 galaxy, Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker. He appears in two levels:

  • A Booming Battle
  • Boomleg's Explosive Speed Run

In A Booming Battle, after Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, or Toad Brigade Captain lands from a Launch Star, Bowser Jr. appears and says this:

"You're really stubborn, you know that? Well, I'm not gonna lose this time, because I got a present from my papa that I'm egar to try on you. And I call it Boomleg! Nice knowing ya! Not!"

And after that, Bowser Jr. mounts his miniature Koopa Clown Car into Boomleg's cockpit, and the battle begins. Boomleg is fought on a planet in the middle of a ring-shaped arena. Boomleg will often slam his leg onto the arena, creating a shockwave which the character must jump over or duck under. He will also shoot Bob-ombs from his legs. The character must use his spin to pick up the Bob-omb and then quickly load it into a cannon. Aim the cannon and fire at the glass on his bottom, which holds a Grand Star. You must do this five times to defeat.

In Boomleg's Explosive Speed Run, it is the same, except you only has 4:00 to defeat him, and he only takes three hits to defeat.

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