Boomerang Mario Story
Developer(s) SantiTech
Publisher(s) Pacheco Cara Floja
Platform(s) All xWC consoles
Age Rating(s)
KtoA for Kids to Adults
Genre(s) Shooter
Media Included SantiTech HWC software disk

Boomerang Mario Story is a game that comes bundled with the SantiTech HWC, you can play a DEMO (85% equal as the full game) in your PC here:

It is just a Space Invaders game with Mario made just because at SantiTech we thinked "What is a console without a game with it?". This game was made in Ludum Dare by a fan, and then we ported it to the HWC.

The PC demo was made just 'cause we felt like it.


The game at the console.


The demo at the PC, notice the message at the background.

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