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Boomerang Mario
Boomerang Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Appearance of Boomerang Mario in Super Mario 3D World
Original Character(s) Mario
Achieved By Boomerang Flower
Forfeited By Damage
First Appearance Super Mario 3D Land (2011)
Main Ability/ies
Throw Boomerangs, Return into shell, Dash in shell
Boomerang Mario is one of Mario's power-ups which can be obtained by collecting a Boomerang Flower. It first appeared in Super Mario 3D Land.

Once Mario has transformed into Boomerang Mario, he will be able to throw a single boomerang endlessly until Mario takes damage and loses the suit. The boomerang will be thrown forwards a certain distance, and then will come back to Mario, just like a boomerang in real life. He will then be able to throw the Boomerang once it has returned to him.

Boomerang Mario also returned in Super Mario 3D World with the same powers and abilities, however Luigi, Toad, Peach and Rosalina all had their own boomerangs as well as Mario in the game.

In some games, Boomerang Mario would also be able to return into his shell to protect himself from some types of damage, such as fire. He could also perform a dash inside his shell.


New Super Mario Bros. Omega


The Boomerang Flower that would transform Mario into Boomerang Mario.

Boomerang Mario also appeared In New Super Mario Bros. Omega. In this game, the player should collect a Boomerang Suit to access this suit.

Super Mario 3D World

Boomerang Mario appeared in the Fantendo version of Super Mario 3D World where it served the same purpose as the original. Boomerangs were thrown by shaking the Wii remote. It first appeared in the Piranha Sewers world. 

Super Mario Exploit

Boomerang Mario appeared in Super Mario Exploit but was obtained by collecting the Boomerang Suit. In this appearance, the player could also close into their shell to avoid taking damage.

Super Mario Evolution

In this appearance, Boomerang Mario could also throw boomerangs and return into his shell to hide from some attacks. The Boomerang Suit to transform into Boomerang Mario was rare to come across.

Super Mario World 3D

Mario would transform into Boomerang Mario in Super Mario World 3D through the Boomerang Flower, which would allow him to throw one boomerang at a time. He would also be able to dash with his shell.


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