Boomer Caballero
Boomer Caballero
Full Name Boomer Matt Caballero
Current Age 20
Date of Birth 9th November
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Cincinnati, Ohio
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Skye Caballero (sister)
Ability/ies Extreme strength
Nationality 25px-Flag of USA
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 7'6"
Booming Boomer

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Boomer is a human from Ohio. He is best known for having very high levels of strength.


Boomer has a blue Mohawk, a grey baseball jersey, blue jeans and black sneakers.


Boomer has strength in spades. While he was younger, he wasn't that strong, but when he started to get older, he started to work on his strength and slowly got to the point where he claimed he could bench press 750lbs. He has a sister with PSI from an unexplained accident and he has a career in basketball starting up, with his 7'6" height being sought after quite a bit. He usually has to take care of his parents, as they apparently struggle with many things, although his sisten does usually help him out with them.


Boomer is either clumsy or rather crafty. He usually ends up being clumsy, but he has intelligence in spades.



  • Boomer's name is a bit of a joke reference to his strength.