Pump up the Volume!
Boombox's official catchphrase.

Official artwork.
Full Name Boombox
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male programming
Species Robot
Main Weapon(s) None
Ability/ies TBA...
Vulnerable To Earth
Voice Actor(s)
Currently unknown
First Appearance Skylanders: Ancient Elements
Boombox is a Tech element Skylander introduced in Skylanders: Ancient Elements.



Boombox was built as the ultimate party machine. He could play music as loudly as people wanted, he had a built in disco feature, and he could also make a mean guacamole. One day he was ordered to attend a party at a suspicious address, which turned out to be a warehouse with trolls that actually wanted to dismantle him for new machine parts! That day, Boombox discovered that not only was he a good... well, boombox, but was also a pretty decent fighter as well. He managed to escape the trolls, and nowadays he can be seen among the Skylanders. Whether fighting for justice or just as the DJ for their parties.