Boom Box vs. the Evil Shapes is a puzzle platformer about a square known as Boom Box, who has to save his planet from the evl organization known as the Evil Shapes, whose leaders are Commander Circle and Traitor Triangle. Boom Box has to travel through his planet and find the pieces of the legendary Squared Shotgun, the only weapon capable to defeat the Evil Shapes.

Developed and published by Vector Gaming, Inc. and to be released for Nintendo eShop, the game is a part of the first Weekly Challenge.



The player takes control of Boom Box through out the entire journey. Boom Box has the ability of change size to pass through narrow passages and as his name implies, he can attack enemeis by using soundwaves and can also explode to destory barriers through out his journey. Each level is a small sized area in which Boom Box has to use the envoirment and his abilites to get through the Portal that leads him to the next level, in a similar manner to Super Meat Boy. Boom Box's soundwave attack can also be used as a way to get to higher areas by shooting it downwards.


Main Characters

  • Boom Box
  • Heroic Hexagon (playable in the co-op mode)

The Evil Shapes

  • Commander Circle - one of the game's main antagonists.
  • Traitor Triangle - one of the game's main antagonists.
  • Power Polygon - a recurring boss.
  • Hardware Henagon - the first boss.
  • Dangerous Digon - the second boss.
  • Destroyer Diamond - the third boss.
  • Paradox Pentagon - the fourth boss.
  • Omnious Optagon - the fifth boss.
  • Negative Nonagon - the sixth boss.
  • Deadbolt Decagon - the seventh boss.

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