Not to be confused with Boom Boom, the Mario boss of the same name.

Bring the Boom!
Boom-Boom's official catchphrase.

Boom-Boom (Skylanders)
Boom-Boom AE
Official artwork.
Full Name Boom-Boom
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Troll
Main Weapon(s) Dynamite
Ability/ies Dynamite Toss
Troll Smash
Troll Bomb
Vulnerable To Earth
Voice Actor(s)
Joey Camen
First Appearance Skylanders: Ancient Elements
Boom-Boom is the Mini counterpart of the Tech Skylander, Boomer in Skylanders: Ancient Elements.



The Skylander Minis started off as regular "Sidekicks", assisting the Skylanders on many exciting adventures. And what they lacked in size they more than made up for in courage. Ultimately determined to become full-fledged heroes, they trained at the Skylands Academy - honing their powers and skills until they were ready. Now, they stand side by side with their full grown counterparts, ready to defend Skylands against Kaos and his evil minions.