Are you sure you want me to come with you? Really, you won't need me with you.
Boochler, Paper Mario: The Diamonds of Virtue

Boochler (pronounced BEWK - lur, with BEWK rhyming with "duke") is one of the partners in Paper Mario: The Diamonds of Virtue. As if it wasn't obvious already, Boochler is a Boo. He is the tenth (or eleventh depending on when you get him) and only optional partner in the entire game.


Default Attack: Super Chop
FP: 0
Description: Boochler chops an enemy on the shoulder and it may inflict the enemy with a status ailment with just the press of a button.
Action command: Press Z with perfect timing. An enemy may be electrified, on fire, frozen, stuck in an odd silver goop, or poisoned. But chances are 50/50 that the enemy will not be inflicted with a status ailment at all.
Weaknesses: If you happen to get fire when attacking a fire enemy, it will merely gain health.

Default Attack: Now You See Us…
FP: 3
Description: Boochler makes Mario and himself disappear. When an enemy tries to attack, it will be hit by one of Boochler's electricity, fire, ice, "goop", or poison. Action command: Use the guard action command (2 button just as the enemy is about to hit you) to harm the enemy. Weaknesses: If you happen to get fire when attacking a fire enemy, it will merely gain health.

Level A Attack: Paralysis Bombs
FP: 4
Description: Boochler throws time bombs that detonate the next and briefly paralyze enemies.
Action command: Press the 2 button with proper timing.
Weaknesses: None.

Level S Attack: Boo Stampede
FP: 10
Description: Boos stampede in and slap enemies crazy.
Action command: Rapidly tap the control stick left and right.
Weaknesses: None.

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