Boo Island is a dark, sinister looking island which is the home of the Boos. It is confirmed that King Boo is the ruler of the island and the four Gold Boos protect the island. Boo Island is the main Boo homeland.

Super Smash Bros. Stars!

Star Island

The beginning Boo stage.

Star Island 2

The "King Boo" stage.

This area appears as a stage in SSBS.In this game, Boo Island is a small-sized stage with platforms.Boos guard the sides like a fencing but can be attacked by using far-away attacks (Mario's Fireball,Link's Boomerang,throwing an item etc.)After awhile, the boos leave and King Boo appears and throws Blue Fireballs,Bombs or Boos at the players.You can break the Brown Brick Blocks.Every match, on the pipe either Sad Luigi (see left) or "Picture Mario" (see right) appear.The big pit can fill up with water at times (you would know, you can hear the Poltergust 3000 in the background and Luigi say "Oh yay! Time for water!"

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