Boo Hoo Woods
Location: Mushroom Kingdom
Inhabitants: Various Ghosts
First Appearence: Paper Mario: The Color Thief (2017)
Latest Appearence Paper Mario: The Color Thief (2017)

Boo Hood Woods (Buu Huu Woods in parts of Europe) is a forest in the Mushroom Kingdom, it first appears as the main setting for Chapter 1 in Paper Mario: The Color Thief.

Description Edit

Boo Hoo Woods is a huge, dense forest near Toad Town, its trees are tall pines with dark green leaves, all flowers in the forest are purple or some shade of it. Inside of the forest, there are many clearings where foolish travelers tend to set up camp. Located at the heart of the forest is King Boo's Mansion, a large, black manor that is much larger on the inside.

History Edit

Boo Hoo Woods used to be known as Toad Town Forest, until Boos saw it as a good home and began to haunt the entire forest, giving it its dark coloration, so the Toad guards closed it off and it went on to be named "Boo Hoo Woods" after the forest's new inhabitants.

Game Appearences Edit

  • Paper Mario: The Color Thief

Inhabitants Edit

Bold signifies an important character.

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Into the Dark Forest (Boo Hoo Woods)

King Boo's Manor