Boo Castle
Greater Location Mushroom Kingdom
First Appearance Yoshi's Story (as Ghost Castle), Super Mario: An Evil Rising
Current Ruler King Boo
Boo TV Stage
The Boo Castle is a castle populated by the Boos. It first appears in Yoshi's Story as the Ghost Castle.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising


After the Boo population increased after the Mushroom Behemoth Apocalypse, the boos crowned King Boo king and they built the castle. Shortly afterwards, the boos claimed land of the area and began to invade the rest of the kingdom via haunting.

Boo TV

Shortly before the event of SM:AER, Boos acquired a contract for a channel and named it the Boo Television Network, or Boo TV for short.

Present Day

When Wario came to the area in search of the War Mage Sword, he was told by King Boo that he would have to fight him in sumo match on the Boo TV. Later, King Boo was defeated and Wario won the sword.

Boom Boom: Mystery of the Koopa Troop

Boom Boom is banished to the Boo Castle in this game. It remains the stronghold of King Boo, but this time, Lady Bow as well. The Boo Castle is a major location in Boom Boom's story.

Bowser Super Sluggers

Boo Castle appears as a Stadium as King Boo's Mansion.

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