Boo Battleground
A Boo Soldier protecting the Boo base.
Greater Location Mushroom Kingdom
Current Capital Ancient Booriual Grounds
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
Current Ruler Emperor Boo
Current Inhabitant(s)
Notable Resident(s)
War Mage, Emperor Boo
The Boo Battlegrounds was an area in the Mushroom Kingdom around where the Boo Castle is today. It's main inhabitants are Booacotta Warriors and the War Mage.


The area has been littered with bones, weapons, and armor. Deciding to go into hiding, Emperor Boo and the Boos all went into hiding in an underground area, while War Mage tooken over their buriual grounds.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

Luigi comes to the land to defeat the War Mage and gets a hint of his current hideout by the Emperor Boo. After Luigi goes and transforms the War Mage into the War Mage Sword, Luigi heads back to the Toadus Castle.