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Boo (character)
Boo New
Official art of Boo
Full Name Boo
Date of Birth October 11th
Gender Female
Species Bear
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Varying

Boo is the main playable character in an upcoming game currently codenamed as Apples. She is a typically silent heroine who makes many allies to stop the faux from conquering the world.


Boo looks like a simple bear-like creature consisting of three colors. Her head is yellow, her arms and feet are blue, and her ears and body are orange. She has two beady drop-shaped eyes on her face, and no other features.


While Boo is a largely silent protagonist, it is shown that she is headstrong and a smart person who takes the events of the game seriously. She is shown to be slightly secretive to her allies as she frequently acts on her own and does not explain her reasons.



Relationships with other characters


Eastmund is shown to be a good friend of Boo's. He gives her advice and helps her out throughout the game, and they appear to have been friends before the events of the game as well. Eastmund frequently makes quirky remarks about Boo's seriousness and secrecy in her actions.


Being the antagonist in the first part of the game, Anastacia is on bad terms with Boo and will try to fight her without paying too much attention to her, thinking little of the young bear. After they join forces to rebel against the faux peoples, they are at first shown to have trouble in trying to cooperate, but their relationship develops throughout the game and have real trust in each other near the end of the game.

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