Note: this page talks about this character in Super Smash Bros. Devastation.

Boo Shy Artwork

Boo in SSBDevastation

Boo scares the competitions. Boo debuted in Super Mario Bros. 3, in 1988, so he's fought in the fifth level of the All-Star Mode.

How to unlock

  • Win 50 VS matches.
  • Complete Arena mode in 15 minutes or less.
  • Have him join you in the All-Star Mode.

With the exception of the third way, you must defeat Boo in Mario Paint, with Luigi's Mansion Series theme.


Boo is another unique character: in fact he can become bigger and heavier or smaller and lighter with his Standard and Down Special. When he's bigger he's also stronger and gives more knockback, when smaller he's faster and jumps higher. In his standard dimensions Boo has a problem in KOing opponents and he's also quite slow. Side Special is his only special move which inflicts damage.

  • Weight: 3/10, 6/10, 1/10
  • Speed: 5/10, 2/10, 7/10
  • Jump: 7/10, 5/10, 9/10
  • Throws: 8/10

Special moves

  • Standard: Boo-oom!. Boo calls to some other Boos and becomes bigger, heavier and stronger. Customization: Boo-omb/Flame Boo.
  • Side: Ghost. Boo summons a ghost from Luigi's Mansion. If summons a Greenie it inflicts 5% of damage hitting with a frying pan. If summons a Hider it inflicts 8% of damage shooting a sphere. If summons a Slammer it inflicts 16% of damage slamming its hands. If summons a Gobber it inflicts 22% of damage shooting some mud. The order is set. Customization: Extreme Ghost/Casual Ghost.
  • Up: Booport. Boo teleports himself. You can choose the direction. Customization: Flashport/Thunderport.
  • Down: Boo-lease!. Boo releases some other Boos and becomes smaller, lighter and faster. Customization: Lease-omb/Thunder Boo.
  • Final Smash: Boo Mansion. Boo calls some other Boos and becomes giant. This Final Smash is a clone of Megapuff, old Jigglypuff's Final Smash.

Technical facts

  • Air dodge: Melee
  • Wavedash: yes.
  • Traction: low.
  • Taunt: covers his eyes.
  • Entrance: exits from a paint.
  • Weight value: 78, 59, 97.


  • Boo is the first newcomer unlocked.

Palette swap

  • White (default)
  • Pink
  • Green (Green Team)
  • Blue (Blue Team)
  • Red (Red Team)
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Black

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